50th Wedding Anniversary Messages from Son and Best Wishes for Parents

These happy 50th wedding anniversary messages from my son and best wishes for my parents are letters to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents

Parents should be cherished. Their contribution towards making us who we are is valuable. Here is a 50 years felicitation speech by the son and best wishes to parents during their 50 years wedding anniversary.

This felicitation speech is a golden wedding speech and wedding anniversary toast for parents. Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Loved Ones

You can consider this speech to be the 50th wedding anniversary speech from grandchildren. Elevate your parents and celebrate them while they are still alive. Valentine's Love Messages for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Felicitation Speech by Son for Parents 50 Years Wedding Anniversary

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are gathered here today in honour of our incredible parents who by all standards inspired not only us the children but our community, the Church and everyone around them.

50 years of partnership obviously have values worthy of celebration. It means so much to us that you have travelled from far and near to make it here today to share memories with our Mum and Dad. Your presence is not only a declaration of how blessed Mum and Dad are with enduring friendships. But it’s also a testament to the type of people you are. You all make wonderful friends. There is a saying that goes “to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides”

Now, for the few of you that do not know me and for those I haven’t seen before, I am the first son of the celebrants speaking on behalf of my siblings.

Before I continue I would like to say a big congratulations to Mom and Dad. Fifty years of doing anything is a long time and Fifty years of happy married life is really quite remarkable.

In our lifetime, we are gifted with a limited number of truly landmark moments learning how to do different things from the preliminary stage and off-course grows in power and significance. There is that perfect landmark moment when you look into the eyes of the most loving, caring and giving individuals you have ever known and realize you have found true love, a love that is a companion and melts your very soul. The moment and commitment which follow should be celebrated to its fullest. And so, my siblings and I, together with our children wanted to ensure that this particular moment, 50 years ago in the lives of our Mom and Dad do not pass unrecognized.  

Some of you can remember looking back to where Mom and Dad began their relationship, especially those coming from our village. You may have the opportunity to see them as there were in the beginning, as they anticipated the days ahead of them wondering what they will find in each other. This anniversary is a perfect time to live through those memories they have made together, still anticipating and still writing the pages that they will remember tomorrow. 40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Mom because of your grace and beauty, it is not difficult to see why Dad fell in love with you. You were especially attentive to all the details which make a family thrive and our house became a home while you are present. You gave us life and let us live. You kept us all happy, rich with love and fun. We still remember the sacrifices you made to ensure we grow to become responsible which we are today. Just like when we were children, you are still there for us when we look over our shoulders for a reassuring presence.

And Dad there is something captivating about your obvious affection for Mom, your patience and kindness are something that has kept us grounded. You stood up as one of our biggest protectors when life became overwhelming, and your closeness to God became a source of encouragement to us. You have always inspired us to move forward and continue to strive to be the best. You have always been a great influence in our lives and we are very thankful that we have such a role model to learn from. It’s no wonder that our family’s love continues to grow because of the constant encouragement and support from both of you. Happy Wedding Anniversary Blessing Wishes
I stand here today on behalf of my siblings to say we are so proud of you. The wonderful children you are blessed with are a reflection of your love for each other.

May I close by wishing you the very best. But then you already have each other, there’s a lot more to say but we are here to celebrate and not to listen to me.

Happy 50 years wedding anniversary to you our Mum and Dad. We love you dearly and would always wish you the very best today and always.

Best Wishes for Parents 50 Years Wedding Anniversary

Best of the best, here are some collections of 50th wedding anniversary wishes and sayings for lovely parents who are celebrating a Golden wedding anniversary celebration.

[1]. Happy 50 years wedding anniversary to you. It's from glory to glory.

[2]. Many more years together in love. Happy wedding anniversary to your parents.

[3]. Happy wedding anniversary my beautiful people. The best is yet to come, and more bliss ahead. Cheers!

[4]. Congrats and more blissful years ahead. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to your family. More new wine in your union.

[5]. Happy wedding anniversary to you and your lovely wife. It's perfection in every area and prosperity with absolute peace. Congratulations!

[6]. Happy wedding anniversary to your parents. Wishing them blissful years ahead.

[7]. Praise the name of the Lord Jesus to whom you testify today. To Him be glory, power, dominion and honour forever. The immortal, invincible, the only wise to whom you anchored your hopes and faith. He has proved himself good in your life and that of your parents. Happy wedding anniversary to your lovely parents.

[8]. Happy wedding anniversary to Daddy and Mummy. More beautiful and glorious years together forever.

[9]. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma. Such a lovely family. May God continue to uphold and shower His grace on you and your family.

[10]. Happy wedding anniversary, your path keeps shining brighter. Congratulations!

[11]. Happy wedding anniversary to Daddy and Mummy. Your union would remain a blessing to the Body of Christ. Grace will continue to abound for you in health, wealth and superabundance shall you thrive.

[12]. Congrats my Daddy and Mummy. You inspire us. Your marriage will always be nourished with God's oil. Your home will always testify of God's favour. Happy anniversary!

[13]. To the two beautiful people, happy anniversary! Congratulations!

[14]. Congratulations and a very happy anniversary to your parents. Many many more years of excellent anniversaries ahead.

[15]. Happy married life Sir and Ma. God continues to bless your union.

[16]. Congratulations to Daddy and his beautiful wife. May the good Lord continue to uphold you both. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead.

[17]. Wishing your parents many more blissful years ahead.

[18]. I pray for Mummy to keep managing her home as she has been doing. Happy anniversary to Daddy and Mummy!

[19]. Congratulations to a beautiful couple who together have built a most beautiful family.

[20]. Happy wedding anniversary to Daddy and Mummy. May God grant you many more happy and healthy years ahead. You are truly blessed.

[21]. Happy anniversary. This union is a model and God's blessings are evident. Congratulations!

[22]. Happy wedding anniversary. Keep living triumphantly. Cheers!

[23]. Enjoy the Lord's goodness. Wishing you many more glorious years of marital bliss.

[24]. Happy wedding anniversary Papa and Mama. More years to celebrate in the land of the living.

[25]. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma. May your home be blissful always.

[26]. You are blessed Daddy and many have been laid unto righteousness by you Sir. Shine on and happy wedding anniversary to you and your family. I love you so dearly. Congratulations!
[27]. Wish you both many more joyful, healthy and God-led years ahead.

[28]. Happy wedding anniversary, the good Lord will continually uphold and bless your family.

[29]. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Sir and Ma, wishing you and your family many more fruitful years of togetherness ahead in good health and prosperity. Happy wedding anniversary.

[30]. Happy wedding anniversary. Continue to live in His bliss.

[31]. Congratulations Sir! Happy wedding anniversary. May God continue to bless your home.

[32]. Congratulations. Keep enjoying all you both have in Christ.

[33]. Wishing you many more favoured years together. I tap into these blessings.

[34]. Congratulations to you both. More blessings to come.

[35]. Congratulations! I am sure your marriage has been an encouragement to many that in spite of the devil's battle against the institution of marriage, there can indeed be happy marriages. Happy anniversary!

[36]. Happy wedding anniversary, it was always destined to be successful. God bless you and your family always.

[37]. Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma! May God continue to bless your union.

[38]. Happy wedding anniversary great man and woman of faith. May God continue to bless you and your family.

[39]. Happy anniversary Sir! Many more years of bliss. May God keep blessing you and your family.

[40]. Congratulations to both of you. Happy wedding anniversary! Many more happy, blissful years.

[41]. Congratulations. May God continue to bless your union.

[42]. Happy wedding anniversary. From glory to glory. Grace and peace are multiplied unto you.

[43]. Happy wedding anniversary and many more joyful years ahead.

[44]. Congratulations. May your home continue to blossom today and always.

[45]. Happy anniversary. May the Lord bless your family. The best husband and wife of this time. 50 years and counting, may the Lord add to you many more years. Congratulations!

[46]. Amazing and amiable family. Keep flourishing and keep enjoying your marital bliss Daddy and Mummys.

[47]. Your steps shall not slide nor shall your wisdom diminish. Happy wedding anniversary!

[48]. Happy anniversary to you and your beautiful wife. God bless you both.

[49]. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma, and more blissful years ahead in love and peace of mind.

[50]. Congratulations and best wishes for the years ahead. Happy wedding anniversary to the best couple in the universe.

[51]. Congratulations Sir and Ma. Happy beautiful and perfect anniversary. God bless your home.

[52]. Congratulations and happy anniversary to your family. May you be strengthened for greater years.

[53]. Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma. more blissful years ahead and may you live to eat the fruits of your labour.

[54]. Happy wedding anniversary, wishing you two more fruitful years together in love, good health and happiness.

[55]. Happy wedding anniversary! Your home is mightily blessed. You will never walk alone.

[56]. Happy Anniversary Sir and Ma. Continue to enjoy uncommon blessings. Congratulations!

[57]. Happy wedding anniversary Daddy and Mummy! It's from glory to glory. May you always shine.

[58]. Congratulations. Wishing you more blissful years ahead in good health and everlasting peace of mind. 

[59]. Happy wedding anniversary, many more beautiful years ahead and sound health are my wishes for both of you.

[60]. Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma! God will continually bless your union and keep you in love always.

[61]. Happy wedding anniversary, and may God continue to bless and favour you. 

[62]. Happy married life and wedding anniversary. More peace and grace in your home.

[63]. Many more years of bliss shall forever be your portion. Happy married life.

[64]. Congratulations my beloved Daddy and Mummy, happy Wedding anniversary, and more grace to carry on in love.

[65]. Happy anniversary to you, may God continue to be kind and gracious to you and your family.

[66]. Happy wedding anniversary. More grace to your union. May you always enjoy the bliss of marital life.

[67]. Happy anniversary to you. Many happy returns of joy. Enjoy!

[68]. I demand lasting peace and harmony to continue to abound in your family.

[69]. Happy wedding anniversary! From glory to glory shall always be your portion. You and your family are so inspiring.

[70]. More blissful years Sir and Ma. Happy marriage anniversary. May your home be continually blessed.

[71]. Congrats Daddy and Mummy. Your marriage is blessed and it is from glory to glory.

[72]. May God continue to uphold and bless your marriage. Congratulations. Happy wedding anniversary. 

[73]. Congratulations to you both. Glorious things are spoken of in your marriage.

[74]. Congratulations to you Sir and Ma, God will keep blessing your home.

[75]. Congratulations! Wishing you both many more blissful and blessed years together in marriage.

[76]. Happy Anniversary! More years together in a stronger bond; deeper understanding and fresh oil lavished upon you both in Jesus' precious name!!!

[77]. Wow! Congratulations! Many more blissful years ahead! Be blessed!

[78]. Happy wedding anniversary to you! God would continually bless this union today and always.

[79]. Congratulations to my great people. Many more years in love and good health.

[80]. Happy wedding anniversary. New and sweet wine every day. Bliss and blessings and tales of God's goodness. Happy anniversary Daddy and Mummy.

[81]. Congratulations to you and happy anniversary to you. May you always be happy and live a life that would always bring glory to God.

[82]. Happy wedding anniversary to a very inspiring couple! May your love grow stronger and deeper always!

[83]. Congratulations Daddy and Mummy. Wishing you many more joyous years ahead.

[84]. Beautiful family! Happy wedding anniversary, the beauty and bliss of marriage are renewed in your home. Keep shining!

[85]. God bless your union. May God grant you many, many more amazing years in good health and prosperity.

[86]. Happy wedding anniversary. May celebration never cease in your home. I wish you many more blissful years ahead.

[87]. Happy wedding anniversary, more blessings and the grace of our Lord be upon you and yours.

[88]. Indeed you and yours are epitomes of God’s supernatural grace and perfection. Continue to function in His grace and purpose for you. Happy marriage anniversary. 

[89]. Wow! Truly it's a glorious one. I celebrate you and your family greatly. Enjoy Heaven's best. Remain a blessing.

[90]. Happy beautiful anniversary Sir and Ma. May God continue to bless your union.

[91]. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family. Happy wedding anniversary keep shining!

[92]. Happy wedding anniversary. Your home remains blessed. Many more years ahead in wealth, riches, prosperity and good health.

[93]. Happy Wedding Anniversary Sir and Ma, may the Almighty God continue to bless your union and grant you His peace and joy always. Congrats!

[94]. Happy wedding anniversary to you, praying for God's abundant blessings always in your life and home.

[95]. This is great! I wish you God's best both now and forever. Congrats Sir and Ma!

[96]. Congratulations to you and your wife. Happy anniversary to you and your lovely wife.

[97]. Greatness, congratulations! God bless your home more! Happy wedding anniversary to you. Wishing you many more blissful years.

[98]. Wow! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Beautiful blessed family. Congratulations! Happy wedding anniversary and many more great and impactful years together.

[99]. The Lord shall continually bless and keep your home. Happy anniversary and congrats.

[100]. Happy wedding anniversary and congratulations to you and your family. Wishing you more blissful years ahead. God’s blessings always.



Poetic Messages: 50th Wedding Anniversary Messages from Son and Best Wishes for Parents
50th Wedding Anniversary Messages from Son and Best Wishes for Parents
These happy 50th wedding anniversary messages from my son and best wishes for my parents are letters to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Poetic Messages
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