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Blessed Easter Wishes, Sayings, Quotes and Greetings Messages

These collections of Easter messages are wishes, sayings, quotes and greetings that you can share with friends.

 Best Easter Wishes, Sayings and Greetings Messages

The joy we have in our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation of our souls are one aspect of our life that would always bring us joy. Thank You, Lord, for the joy of Easter. We are grateful for the ultimate price that you paid for our sake. Thank You for loving us so much even when we didn't deserve it.
 We bring you messages, greetings and quotes that you can share with your loved ones during this Easter season. Remember that Easter is the most important feast of our faith because it is the feast of our salvation, the feast of God's love for us.
These Easter sayings are religious Easter messages, Easter messages for handmade cards, Easter messages for friends, samples of Easter greetings and lots more for you to send to your friends just to wish them a Happy Easter celebration. 

Easter Wishes, Sayings and Greetings Messages

Easter is a symbol of hope, renewal and new life. Here are Easter messages for you to send to the people you love. Happy Mother's Day Wishes to all Moms

[1]. Wishing all my sisters and brothers a very Happy Easter filled with joy and togetherness. 

[2]. “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.” [Matthew 28]. I send my best wishes to you for a blessed Easter to all who greet the empty tomb with full hearts. He is Risen! Happy Easter!

[3]. I extend my greetings on the joyous occasion of Easter. May this day bring peace, hope and happiness. Best wishes.

[4]. Easter symbolizes a sense of joy, renewal and new beginnings. Warmest wishes for a joyful and blessed Easter this Sunday! Sending you all an abundance of sweet thoughts this Easter and beyond! 

[5]. Greetings and best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Easter. May this Easter bring joy, and peace in everyone's lives and give them strength to overcome difficulties.

[6]. Good health, good fortune and best Easter wish from my family to yours. May you have continued blessings today and always!

[7]. Wishes you a holiday celebration filled with family, friends, love and laughter! Happy Easter!

[8]. Sending bright Easter wishes, with love and gratitude.

[9]. A very happy Easter to everyone! Wishes of a relaxed weekend to all! Warmest wishes for a joyful and blessed Easter Sunday! 

[10]. On this Goodest of Fridays and blessed of Sundays, I wish you all a Happy Easter. He has risen.  He is the way and the light.

[11]. I join you in expressing my appreciation for Christ's death and the Easter season's joyous renewal it gives to all of God's children.

[12]. I wish you happiness this Easter and every day because it's such an optimistic time of year.

[13]. Easter greetings! May you have a day that is as unique and lovely as you.

[14]. On this Easter, Sunday, may God's heavenly love fill you with fresh hope, joy, prosperity, and abundance.

[15]. I send you my best wishes for the promise of better days as well as the hope and beauty of spring.

[16]. I hope you have a happy, sunny, and enjoyable Easter.

[17]. Knowing someone as amazing as you make Easter just a little bit more joyful.

[18]. On this unique day, I'm thinking of you! Happy Easter and best wishes for the coming season.

[19]. Warmest regards for the holiday to you and your family. Easter greetings!

[20]. As we commemorate our Father's greatest offering through his Son, Jesus Christ, we wish you and your family a happy Easter. Happy Easter, everyone!

Religious Easter Messages

Wish you, your family and your friends, a Happy Easter with these religious Easter messages for cards. These are thoughtful wishes from the heart to the people you love during this season of celebration. Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

[21]. Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating across the globe! I want to extend my warmest wishes during this restoration season and hope we can all find time to rejoice and be grateful for one another.

[22]. Wishing you all a happy Easter as we celebrate the event that confirmed and solidified the Christian faith. HE IS RISEN!" 

[23]. Warm wishes and love to you and your family on this day and in the days to come. Happy Easter!

[24]. Best wishes from me to everyone, for the Easter Season.

[25]. May this Easter bring an abundance of peace and progress to you and your family. Wishing one and all a Happy Easter once again!

[26]. Best wishes to you as well for a blessed holy week and a very happy Easter! Happy Easter to you and all.

[27]. My best wishes to all on this Holy Day of Easter! May all glory be to Christ and may His grace bless you all.

[28]. Happy Easter friends. May the entirety of our risen King, Jesus Christ find continual expression in all ramifications of our lives. Jesus Christ is Alive! Best wishes!

[29]. We wish you and yours new aspirations and new hope. Have a blessed and meaningful Easter! Be joyful!

[30]. I and my family are sending Easter wishes on this holy weekend. May God bless your family. Peace be with you. 

[31]. May you reflect on God's perfect love for all people as you celebrate Easter and may that love give you hope for the future. Easter greetings.

[32]. Giving someone forgiveness is like releasing them from prison. May you be set free from all that keeps you in chains and makes life difficult as you celebrate Easter. May you be glad that you have everlasting freedom. Easter greetings.

[33]. Easter is a time to celebrate, so laugh and have a wonderful time. The Son of God has truly set us free. Easter greetings.

[34]. Christ's empty tomb serves as evidence that whatever how hopeless things may appear to be, there is always hope for a new day. This Easter, may God renew all of your hopes and dreams. Celebrate Easter.

[35]. Now is the moment to rejoice in fresh starts and new life. I wish you, everyone, a happy Easter.

[36]. May the Easter Spirit fill your hearts with joy and pleasure and give you the strength to persevere even in the face of adversity. Easter greetings.

[37]. I hope your love and optimism are both rekindled this Easter. I wish you and your family every success you can imagine. Easter greetings.

[38]. Never lose sight of the fact that Christ has already defeated death, no matter what lies ahead. He has also given us fresh life for the present and all of eternity by defeating death. Easter greetings.

[39]. Let your hearts rejoice, shout for delight, and toast this wonderful day. Easter has here, along with hope and new life. Happy Easter, my friend.

[40]. May God grant you insight into the true meaning of Easter this year so that you can confront the world with hope and courage. Easter greetings.

Short Easter Poem for You

Short Easter Poem

This short Easter poem is a thank you poem for our Saviour. Lord thank you for coming to die for us. Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

"Hosanna to the Son of David!"
"Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!"
"Hosanna in the highest heaven!"
Jesus, our Lord, our Savior, our Hope.

Easter Card Sayings Religious

These are collections of one of the best religious Easter wishes for friends and family. Go ahead and send these Happy Easter wishes to the people around you. Christian Religious Wedding Anniversary Wishes

[41]. My best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful Easter to all those celebrating.

[42]. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.

[43]. Warmest wishes to you and your families for a joyful and blessed Easter Sunday! 

[44]. Wishes all those celebrating Easter peace, joy and hope.

[45]. Spring is in the air and a new day is dawning. May all of your Easter wishes come true!

[46]. Wishing everyone a happy Easter weekend, with lots of reading, rest and chocolate!

[47]. Best wishes and warm greetings to you and your families. Wishing you all a happy, peaceful and blessed Easter! Be safe, and stay healthy!

[48]. May the love of Jesus Christ to mankind on the cross and His resurrection bring peace and unity to our life. Happy Easter!

[49]. Have a wonderful morning and a happy and great Easter with your family. Love greetings!

[50]. Happy Easter to everyone. A time to reflect and create new beginnings!

[51]. You won't ever need to worry about the future again. Because of Christ's resurrection, your future is certain. He is your past, present, and future. Easter greetings.

[52]. Easter is a time to ring the bells and enjoy life. You should celebrate your freedom because Christ has set you free. Easter greetings.

[53]. You will be shocked by the realization if you take the time to consider what Easter actually signifies. You have life, you are forgiven, and you are free, so make the most of it. That is one way to honour the One who gave His priceless life in sacrifice for you. Easter greetings.

[54]. Easter led to the abolition of slavery in all its manifestations. For Christ, let nothing ever again enslave you.

[55]. Never underestimate yourself since Jesus' Precious Blood shed on the cross has already rescued you. You are worth saving. Enjoy Easter with the awareness that God loves you very much. Easter greetings.

[56]. This Easter, let's think about more than just eating and drinking. Consider the meaning of Easter and develop the ability to see everyone as deserving of God's unconditional love, regardless of race, colour, or creed. Easter greetings.

[57]. Consider all those who are less fortunate than yourself as you celebrate Easter, and do whatever you can to improve someone else's situation. Easter greetings.

[58]. God's anger was subdued by Easter and was instead directed toward Jesus. Now that you are God's cherished child, may the realization that God is your Father give you a sense of profound security and wholeness. Easter greetings.

[59]. Christ, who took on all of your sins and died in your place, has made you whole. Enjoy the certainty that nothing will ever be able to take His love away from you. Easter greetings.

[60]. Remember that Easter is a time of sacrifice-giving because Christ gave His life to free you. Love your family and friends unconditionally, and follow in the footsteps of the Greatest Friend. Easter greetings.

Good Friday Wishes Quotes for You

We have here the best Good Friday wishes quotes for you to send to your friends and loved ones during this Easter celebration. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." [John 15:13]. Inspirational Wedding Anniversary Wishes

[61]. May Lord Jesus instil hope and happiness in our hearts! May He give us the courage to endure all! May He be with us all the time! Wishing you a happy Good Friday.

[62]. Good Friday reminds us about the struggles and sacrifices of Jesus Christ. A perfect embodiment of compassion, He was devoted to serving the needy and healing the sick. Good Friday wishes to you and your family.

[63]. May the crucifixion of Christ inspire us with His sacrifices and new hopes in life. Happy Good Friday to us all!

[64]. Mercy, peace, and love. May the grace of the Lord surround and be with you on Good Friday and beyond.

[65]. For the son of God has said, It is Finished! Have the best of Good Friday.

[66]. I'm praying to the Lord that He keeps you safe always and surrounds your life with eternal love and happiness. Wishing you a Holy Good Friday!

[67]. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. [John 3:16-17]. Have a blessed Good Friday.

[68]. May the Lord bless you with joy and peace on this auspicious day of Good Friday and always.

[69]. Wishing all my fellow Christians a very happy Easter. May God bless you and yours.

[70]. May the blessings of the Lord shine upon you on this Holy day and may He always keep you in His loving care. Happy Good Friday!

[71]. On this Good Friday, reach out and give selflessly to those in need in remembrance of God's selfless love for you in sending His one and only Son to die for you. Good Friday to you.

[72]. May Good Friday inspire you to express your sincere gratitude to God for the liberty He has granted you and your loved ones. Christ freed us from all forms of servitude, sin, and the devil's afflictions. Sing God's praises with halleluiah and rejoice! Good Friday to you.

[73]. Celebrate Easter's radiance, the victory of good over evil, the victory of inner light over spiritual darkness, the victory of hope over despair, and the victory of love over fear. I wish you a happy Good Friday.

[74]. On this auspicious day and always, may the goodwill of Good Friday be a blessing to us all.

[75]. On this holy day, may God bless you with goodness. Good Friday to you.

[76]. Good Friday greetings! May God provide you with a happy beginning to your life on this Good Friday. On this holy day, may God bless you with goodness.

[77]. I ask the Lord to keep you safe at all times and fill your life with unending love and joy. Happy Holy Good Friday, everyone!

[78]. As you commemorate Good Friday, think back on all the favours God has given you throughout the years and pass those blessings along to those you know are in need. Good Friday to you.

[79]. On this Good Friday, take some time to think about all those who selflessly serve others, including members of the armed forces, medical professionals, nurses, volunteers, educators, and all those people who never consider the price they pay to bless others. Ask God to bless them and 

[80]. I pray that the love of Jesus will always fill your heart with divine joy and pure desires. Have a blessed Good Friday, my buddy!

Best Good Friday Wishes to Colleagues

Good Friday Wishes to Colleagues

These ones are for your colleagues at work. Do well to send them these Good Friday wishes to make them feel the essence of Christ's death. "I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death." [Revelation 1:18]. Love Messages for Someone Special

[81]. It's not only about the feast of Easter. It's about the journey; the whips, the thorns, the cross. This day, the people who welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, shouting "Hosanna!" are the same people who would scream "Crucify him!"

[82]. By His wounds, we are healed. [Isaiah 53:5]. Have a blessed Good Friday.

[83]. A blessed Good Friday and Easter Weekend to you all.

[84]. "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed." [1 Peter 2:24]. Have a Blessed Good Friday! 

[85]. You don’t need to be perfect to be loved by a Perfect God! Happy Good Friday.

[86]. On this Holy Day, may His light guide your path and His sacrifice strengthen your soul. Have a blessed Good Friday.

[87]. May His sacrifice warm your heart and purify your intentions! Happy Good Friday.

[88]. We did not deserve His sacrifice, but He came and suffered an awful, painful death to save us all. Words cannot express it. Jesus, thank You. 

[89]. May your faith in God bring peace to your heart and new hope in your life. May God always bless you! Have a blessed Good Friday!

[90]. May the blessings of the Lord always shine upon you like diamonds. May you stay happy and joyful in your life. Happy Good Friday! 

[91]. I pray that you receive the blessings of the Almighty. I'd like to wish you a blessed and joyous Friday.

[92]. When you're feeling worn out from working hard, remember that the Almighty has given you amazing talents. Sacred Good Friday!

[93]. We are reminded of our Lord, the Almighty, on Good Friday. May you constantly be blessed by His heavenly favour.

[94]. Good Friday greetings! May God grant you a happy beginning to your life's journey on this lovely Friday.

[95]. On this Good, Friday, may your faith in the Almighty be strengthened and bring you serenity. Good Friday greetings!

[96]. A lovely and wonderful Good Friday to you and your family. May your devotion to God only increase.

[97]. On this auspicious day and always, may God grant you the holiness of Good Friday. Enjoy Easter and Good Friday!

[98]. I hope that the love of God fills your heart and soul on this lovely day. Good Friday greetings!

[99]. Good Friday greetings! I'm sending you and your family my very best wishes today. May the Lord always keep you safe from harm.

[100]. I hope this Good Friday brings you all you've been hoping for. Happy Friday to you and your family.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Blessed Easter Wishes, Sayings, Quotes and Greetings Messages
Blessed Easter Wishes, Sayings, Quotes and Greetings Messages
These collections of Easter messages are wishes, sayings, quotes and greetings that you can share with friends.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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