Tribute to a Woman Who Passed Away

These collections of tribute to a godly woman who passed away are some of the best christian tribute to a mother who passed away.

 Sad Tribute to a Woman Who Passed Away

Deep down within our thoughts, we seem to lose comfort but still within our mindset, we know we can pull this through. How is life gotten when all that we struggle for, will one day be useless to us considering that those we love are no more here to share in the joy of our living.

We are weak with thoughts that seem not to birth any positive outcome but there we are comforted that the giver of life has taken home that which belongs to Him.

Let us be comforted that one day, we shall meet with those we love that transcend to the world beyond. And until we meet, life is still a mystery to uncover that which is hidden in her.

Tribute to a Mother Who Passed Away

We have here a sample of a tribute to a woman of God, a tribute to a devoted Christian, a tribute to a Christian wife and a tribute to a godly woman poem. 

Daughters and Sons Emotional Tribute to a Mother Who Passed Away. These short tributes to a mother from her daughters are an emotional tribute to a mother who passed away, a Christian tribute to a mother who passed away, a tribute to a mother who passed away quotes, a tribute to a mother by a son and daughter and free tribute to a mother who passed away from the daughter of the deceased mother.

Tribute to My Role Model 

Mumsy said as a fondly called you, 
it's still hard to believe 
that you are not here again. 
Every Sunday afternoon is usually sad since your demise. 
Those calls that set me on for the new week 
haven't come for some months now. 
I have never seen an industrious woman and entrepreneur, 
the one who can't accept defeat, 
the one who's ready to sell anything as long as our children 
are well-fed and are going to school. 

Mummy did not just provide food, she nourished us. 
She did not just manage the house 
and help give us a roof over our heads, 
She gave us a loving home. 
She did not just instruct us on what to do, 
she took the time to teach 
and sculpt us and let us drink 
from our deep reservoir of wisdom and experience. 
She sent me on my path. 
Whenever time got tough, she helps us up a lantern 
that I may see my way forward and she encouraged me as a loving mother. 

I learnt entrepreneurship from you, 
I emulate your roles in the life of my father. 
I saw you become the woman I want to be, 
the mother who would go far and bring food to her children, 
the wife the husband would walk head tall in the presence of his friends, 
a sister who will serve God passionately, a counsellor, 
a giver and a woman whose smiles will heal and comfort everyone.

Mummy, I am happy to be that woman. 
Thank you for being an exemplary embodiment of a virtuous woman. 
You were a pillar, the strength behind my father. 
For all that my Dad was, it was you who sacrificed your life, 
time and energy to make my Dad's vision stand till now in God's vineyard. 

Mummy was many things to different people, 
she will advise you for Africa, 
and would follow you up to ensure 
that all her expectations of you come to fruition. 

Chai! I've lost a gem. 
An angelic, dutiful, responsible woman. 
Even before your death, 
I didn't know that you saw Heaven just like your husband 
and you were singing your way into the greater beyond. 

My dear Mother, you've left a vacuum in us. 
Though you have already taught us the principles of wealth creation, 
we'll keep emulating you to remain resilient, dedicated 
and focused on our pursuit of God, our marriage and our business. 

Mother of all, a great women leader, 
your names are too numerous to count. 
We will miss you. 
Thank you so much for the memories you've left behind, 
it'll be our path to greater heights. 

Live forever in my heart! 

Tribute to My Mother

Today I finally summon the courage 
to overcome the mind-riddling and sad events 
that occurred some months back. 
The demise of my beloved mother. 
Certainly, death is inevitable! 
Every living soul has its death coupon 
already issued depending on when, where and how. 

Indeed, the sorrow of losing parents, especially a mother 
is to the extreme and emotionally severe. 
I am really saddened and grieving at your demise, 
it has made my siblings and me a full-blown Orphaned 
with the loss of her lovely Dad about some years ago. 
I am just wondering where else we can get 
the heartfelt love and care you lavish on us! 
My dear mother, you are being the source of my progress, 
cheerfulness, and a strong pillar upon which I rest. 

A dutiful disciplinarian, you did not spare the rod. 
You did not take a no for an answer when it comes to our education. 
You never joke with your service in the church and your love for the saint. 

A bridge builder, you brought everyone together. 
You were a torch bearer, a trailblazer, 
who set standards for her generation. 
She dares where her peers demurred. 
She believes that hard work and character 
should be the only path to the top. 
She was a woman of great courage, strength and versatility. 
Diction fell in providing the right words 
that will correctly describe your sterling qualities. 

The measure of our lives 
is not the length of our years 
but the life in the years. 

Mummy, you are loved and cherished, 
my greatest joy and confidence
is that we will meet again. 

Thank you, Lord, for making me pass through this angel. 
Live on! 
My sweet mother! 


Tribute to My Beloved Mother 

Mummy you were such a loving mother to me and my children. 
No one knows the pain of going through life without you. 
Sometimes I pick up my phone to call you to tell you 
what is happening to me only to remember that you are no more. 

Where will I get another mother like you? 
My children miss you so much. 
Why did you leave us at such a time like this? 

I hope life is better where you are now, 
I miss you so much and my heart aches 
each time I remember that you are no more. 

Goodbye Mummy. 
Till we meet all the resurrection morning. 


Tribute to My Beloved Mother 

It took me some time
to finally accept this reality I'm faced with. 
It is said that time heals every wound 
but your death leaves a wound 
that will be impossible to heal in time. 
You are a woman that was graced with seeing the best in people, 
it was so sad to see how our regular calls 
and visits became irregular because of your death, 
when you finally left, I must say a part of me left with you. 

Your smile was literally contagious 
as you were always ready to do anything for me 
and anyone at any time and any place. 
Who do I run to in times of need and advice? 
Sacrifice a word you held dear to your heart. 
I am so proud to say that for everything I am today 
your love showed me the way, 
your love for me was not passive nor fractured, 
it was all unreserved and unrestrained. 

Only God can take away the pain I feel right now, 
I love you, Mummy, keep on resting in the place 
God has prepared for you till we meet again to part no more. 

Thank you for teaching me how to be a good father.
Thank you for teaching me how to be responsible for my actions. 
Thank you for teaching me how to treat people as I would love them to treat me. 
Thank you, Mummy! Adieu, Mum! 


Tribute to My Angel Mum 

I love you dearly. 
I am utterly heartbroken that you are gone forever. 
I thought it might get easier as time went by, but it does not. 
In my worst state, you gave me your shoulders to lean on. 

Just a few months ago when I almost gave up, 
you made me see reasons to leave and push on. 
In my jobless years, you ensured I lack nothing. 
Your words, "my daughter as long as I'm alive you will never suffer". 
Oh! My dear mother, you were one in a million. 
Who do I share my pains with, as well as my joy? 
My heart bleeds. 

I do not know how to come to terms with reality, 
but I know for sure, you are the best mother 
a daughter could ask for in so many ways. 

To keep you alive, 
I would have done that for another hundred years 
but I believe your Maker has need of you in Heaven. 
Send me hi to Dad when you see him, 
I will miss you forever my beloved mother. 

Sleep on my lovely mother. 


Mother Like No Other 

I remember when I first came into your home 
at a very tender age, you took me in, adopted me 
and you call me your third son. 

You gave me everything I could ever desire 
even when I don't ask. 
You made so many promises 
to me even at the time of your illness. 
I never knew that death will come 
and steal you away from me, 
you always stay awake whenever I'm out 
making sure I'm back home safe and 
you will wish me a good night 
and tell me to say my prayers before I sleep 

I miss you, Mum, 
no one will call me the sweet name 
you used to call me, 
no one will care for me 
how you used to 
no one can give me what you gave me 
you were a sign of big courage and intercessor. 

I miss you, Mum, I pray I see you again. 


Tribute to My Irreplaceable Godmother 

Just like a candle 
I saw you dimming like beautiful flowers, 
I saw you fade away. 
Oh, death! The music plays no more but the memories linger 
and cannot be forgotten in a hurry. 
Why do you have to take my Godmother away from me? 
I was shocked when I realise that you are no more on this earth. 
Mummy, you were like a real mother to me. 
It is difficult for me to put down a tribute for you. 
What a sad departure you left without saying goodbye. 
It is so painful for me to erase your memories. 
You left a very big vacuum in my heart that no one can fill it. 
I cannot stop crying till now when I remember that death has taken 
my wonderful and irreplaceable Godmother. 

Mummy your memories will forever remain in my heart, 
you were like a real mother to me and all 
who came across you regardless of your stature, 
and you never discriminate. 
You treat everyone the same, and you left remarkable memories 
and impeccable footprint on the sand of time. 
You were indeed a wonderful mother to me, 
and I will never forget you. 
You were the type that always sacrifice yourself 
just to make sure I'm happy. 
Who will be calling me the pet names you normally call me? 
Each time I remember the name, I am always heartbroken 
to know that no one will call me that name again since you are no more. 

I don't know the best way to start describing you, 
but to conclude, you were indeed a wonderful mother to me 
and all those who we were privileged to come across you. 
You were a mother of nations because of your kind gesture. 
Who will be advising me? 
Death why? Why have you decided to take a loved one away, 
my one-in-a-million Mummy, my great adviser 
who left me at the time I needed her advice most. 

Mummy, you were always ready to give out to the needy 
you were always prepared to risk your life just to make sure 
that people around you are happy. 
Mummy, you fought a good fight of a great fighter in a battle line. 
I will never forget the last piece of advice you told me, 
"that I should never hope in anyone on this earth, 
I should always chase my dreams and the world will be my limit" 
which I believe, not knowing that you are going 
to leave me alone in the wicked world. 
You left me and the world when your humanitarian service was needed most. 

Well, I missed your folktales, advice and gist. 
I am only consoled by the word in Hebrew 9:27 which says, 
that it is recorded in the Bible, 
"that it is appointed unto a man once to die 
and after that is judgement" 
I can't question God, 
but I know that you are up there watching over me. 
May your soul rest in perfect peace. 
Best Godmother till we meet again. 


Grandchildren Rest in Peace Tribute to My Grandma. These emotional tributes to grandma are a death tribute to my grandmother, a goodbye message for my grandmother who passed away, a Christian tribute to grandmother, a tribute to grandmother quotes, a short message for a grandmother who passed away and in memory of grandma short quotes from her beloved grandchildren.

Tribute to Grandma 

You truly were a special woman, 
a loving grandmother to me. 
You may have passed on 
but your memories still live within me. 
Her love towards me was unique, 
God gave us grandmothers 
to lift up our lives and make them complete. 
She played a huge role in my life. 
She told me a lot about family. 
She wasn't just a grandmother 
but also a guardian and an inspiration. 
She was so dedicated to God and Church 
And she also taught me in her own way 
the true meaning of Christianity. 

Still can't believe she was taken from us. 
She lives on in me and those she has touched with love, 
strength, wisdom and finances too. 

Wherever you are I know you are in a much better place. 
I will forever be grateful and thankful you are my grandmother. 

Rest in peace Grandma, 
I will always love you forever. 


Tribute to Grandma 

Death changes everything, and time changes nothing. 
I still miss your voice, your smile, your love and care, 
the wisdom in your advice, the stories of your life. 

Plug-in watchword to my every step 
I miss just being in Your presence, 
I still miss you as I missed you the very day you died. 

Nothing has changed, 
how much you're coupled with both youth and old age. 
At 70, you could still speak your humourous English,
Making conversation with you meaningful and impactful. 

You did forever be in my heart, Grandma. 

Love you, Grandma! 


Tribute to a Woman Helped by God 

Grandma, I'm still speechless 
about how you left so soon without a word. 
We are still expecting to see you. 

I saw tenacity in you, 
determination and a resilience spirit. 
The same you have transferred to my mother. 

A good heart has stopped breathing, 
a good woman has gone to her Maker. 
We will always remember you. 

Goodbye, my beautiful Grandma!  


Tribute to Grandma 

I would not say we spend a lot of time together 
but the little childhood memories will always be remembered, 
the joy that feels me whenever you wanted me to come to stay with you. 
You were an epitome of beauty even in old age, 
the love you always showed I and my siblings will always be remembered, 
the funny look you have on your face whenever we did something wrong, 
the taste of every delicious meal you prepared, 
the fun and the adventure we had whenever we visited on Christmas. 

I would not say I am mourning 
because I am celebrating the wonderful person that you were. 
You have left us but the memories of you will always remain. 
I am so grateful to God Almighty who made it possible 
for you to be part of my family. 

May your soul rest in peace, 
I love you, Grandma! 


Tribute to Grandma 

All the lessons that you taught me still remain right here. 
I am left here wishing to hear your voice one last time, 
once more to hear you sing that I am your sunshine. 

You were more than just a Grandma. 
God broke our hearts to prove to us that He only takes the best. 
I am forever grateful for your love. 

Good night Grandma! 


Tribute to Grandma 

Grandma's room is empty, she moved away. 
She closed her eyes and took her leave. 
My grandma was one sweet, loving soul. 
We all knew Grandma walked with God 
and was bound for Heaven to get her reward. 

No way we can know the lives she touches 
because that gracious soul gave so much, 
she would share her flour, sugar, sobo or meal. 

Now we must let you rest calmly 
We say goodbye 
As tears roll down our eyes. 


Tribute to Grandma 

Time spent at Grandma's house 
is often marked by love, laughter and commitment. 
In fact, Grandmothers are often responsible 
for bringing the whole family together, 
because Grandmothers are such 
a source of joy to their grandchildren. 

I am forever grateful for your love 
and I know you are looking down from above. 
Good night till the resurrection morning. 


Tribute to Grandma 

Love you, Grandma 
You truly were a superwoman. 
You may have passed on, 
But your memories will always live on within us. 

Thank you for your sacrifices, 
your care and concern, 
your love and everything 
that you have done for me. 

Your memory shall forever 
dwell in our hearts. 
I love you, Grandma. 


Tribute to an Adorable Grandmother 

Grandma your absence has left us broken, 
as our weekends and holidays are becoming boring. 

Our caregiver, 
the emptiness you have left in our lives is so deep 
and will be difficult to feel 
because every moment spent with you was often marked with love, 
so much affection and laughter and we became so used to it. 

A day without hearing from you, 
was like a year without hearing from you. 
Oh! Grandma who will tease us 
and call us those sweet names you used to? 
Now your room is empty and we were told you move to Heaven. 

We honestly could not have asked for a better Grandma than you. 
Thank you for teaching us how to love, share and respect. 
We promise to always keep your memories alive. 
We love and miss you. 


Tribute to Our Grandma 

You truly were our special Grandma 
you may have passed on, but your memories 
would live with us. 

Thank you for your sacrifices, 
your care and concern, your love 
and everything that you have done for us, 
wherever you are I know you are 
in a much better place. 
Rest in peace, Grandma. 


Tribute to My Dear Grandma 

Grandmother, whom I adore so much 
is no longer here on earth, but in the Heavens. 
Oh! How I will miss your delicious meal, 
your abundant hugs and kisses, 
and your insistent desire to spoil me. 

Thanks spent with you was fun and lovely. 
I will really miss you, dear Grandmother. 
Goodbye till we meet on the resurrection day. 


Tribute to My Grandmother 

I never knew I wouldn't grow up to spend holidays 
with you my beloved Grandmother, it's so painful. 
During my first few months of life, 
you enveloped me with love and care 
when my mother was in this distress. 

Thank you for all you did for me, 
your kindness and beautiful life will never be forgotten. 
I will forever miss you, Grandma. 
Continue to Rest in Peace, till the restoration day. 


Son-in-law Tribute to my Mother-in-law. These son-in-law tributes to his mother-in-law are a tribute to a mother-in-law who passed away, a letter to my mother-in-law who passed away and a special tribute to my mother-in-law.

Tribute to my Great Mother-in-love 

It is saddened and painful thing in life 
to lose and enable, a beautiful mother such as you. 

When I remember your impeccable human qualities, 
I turned and asked death why are you so fond of grappling good people. 
Mumcy, as I fondly called you, you were a good mother 
and a mother-in-love indeed, caring, humoured, prayerful, a constant caller, 
I will not forget easily the name you used to call me and teased me. 

But one thing is sure, you died in the Lord, you were a counsellor, 
you preach the gospel, you continue your late husband stopped, 
you for a good fight and the crown have with you. 
Rest in peace till we meet on that glorious morning.


Tribute to My Mother-in-law 

You were more than a mother-in-law to me, 
the truest Mother-in-law I could ever have asked for. 
I call you a friend, adviser, and precious gift from God 
with much grace, love and patience. 

You touched my heart in many ways, 
your strength and smile even on dark days 
made me realise that God give me 
the best mother-in-law in the world. 

I miss you, my beloved Mother-in-law, 
death takes the body, God take the soul, 
our mind holds the memories, our heart keeps the love, 
our faith lets us know that we will meet again. 


Tribute to the World's Best Mother-in-law 

Still, like a dream, you are the mother I received 
the very day I met your lovely and loving daughter. 
And I'm privileged to be your son-in-law. 
So I just want to say 
thanks a million for everything you have done. 

For you wholeheartedly accepted me and gave me a gracious, 
wonderful, loving and virtuous daughter, with whom I can share my life. 
The special events and moments we spend together are now memories, 
they will always bring a smile that will never fade. 
Your life has given us memories too beautiful to forget. 
Audio Mama! 


Daughter-in-law Tribute to My Mother-in-law Who Passed Away. These short tributes to a mother are Christian tribute to a mother who passed away, a tribute to a woman who passed away, a tribute to a mother who passed away quotes and emotional tribute to a mother-in-law who passed away from her daughter-in-laws 

Tribute to My Beloved Mother-in-law and Support System 

My heart is picked with pain 
as words alone cannot describe how I'm dealing with your demise. 
I wish I could have you back for a while for your grandchildren 
to know you better because to know you is to love you. 

My prayer partner, my mentor, my gossip mate! 
My emergency number, my preacher of love. 
The kid asked after you every day 
and I still don't have answers to your where about, 
because Grandma is not in her seat at Church 
and her room is still locked and she's still not back from Heaven. 

Your demise is really heavy to bear 
but we are consoled in Christ [2 Cor 1:3], 
Mummy, the memories you have made with us will never fade. 
As your teaching will never depart from us. 

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 
Thank you for always making me feel special, 
in life I loved you dearly, death I do the same. 
Rest well, my friend and confidant. 

Good night my support system. 
Until we meet on the reservation morning. 


Tribute to My Beloved Mother-in-law 

A loving mother, a caring mother for all, 
you were one in a million and a million in one. 
You may have passed on but your memories will always live on 
and stay in our hearts. 

Thank you for the sacrifice you made, 
the care you gave, the concern you showed, 
and the generous love you gave to us all 
most especially to my daughter and my grandchildren. 

I know you are in a better place now 
as you dwell at the bottom of the Lord. 
I am forever grateful and thankful 
that you were a special and sweet Grandmother to my grandchildren. 

We will always miss you and your motherly advice 
Good mother, as you enter your new heavenly home 
may your soul rest in peace. 

Adieu, Mama! 

[Daughter-in-law's Mother] 

Cousin Tribute to My Departed Aunty. This heartfelt tribute for my departed aunty is a tribute of what do you say to an aunt that passed away?

Dearly Beloved Aunty

Thank you, my Aunty. 
Thank you for the exemplary life that you live. 
Thank you for being a mother to everyone that came around you. 
Thank you for all the selfless love, care and support
that defined your heart of kindness.
You were a great woman of faith, 
one who never allowed any challenges in life 
to take away the valour and pride of womanhood from you. 
You stood forth and raised a generation 
that would forever call you blessed.
You were a mother among mothers. 
A mother who could go to any length to put a smile 
on the face of anyone who was passing through 
the narrow path of life. 
Your words of advice were always heavenly 
and sent to comfort those who were going through their trials of faith.
Aunty, your labour of love and the many fruits it bears
in the body of Christ would forever be 
a living testimony to the very life that you live.
Sleep well my dearly beloved Aunty. 
You were a good woman.


Family Relation and Friends Tribute to a Godly Woman Who Passed Away. These short tributes are a tribute to a woman who passed away, a tribute to a woman of god who passed away, short tribute messages, an emotional tribute to a mother who passed away, a Christian tribute to a mother who passed away, Christian tribute to a friend who died, a tribute to someone who passed away and tribute to a Christian sister who passed away from family friends and relations. 

Tribute to My Beloved Mum 

The news of your demise 
was received with great shock! 
You left without even a farewell bid. 

Who do I run to in my moments of distress? 
You were such a loving and caring Mum 
Whom I ever had, is there any who will replace you? 
I know you have gone to rest with the Lord. 
Rest on sweet Mum, we will meet to part no more. 


Tribute to Grandma 

Grandma is gone so soon. 
I wish it wasn't that soon. 
The years will always roll on by 
and time will always pass, 
but every memory I have of you 
will definitely always last. 

Thank you for your sacrifice, 
your care, and your love, 
you took care of me like your daughter 
without reservation. 

I will forever be grateful 
and thankful that I met you. 
Goodbye Grandma! 



A popular scripture says; 
by their fruits, you shall know them. 
I never got to relate with you personally as desired 
but my affection towards you surged with every encounter 
I had with your children from the first day I made them 
to this very moment, all I see are the sacrifices of a super Mum. 
I remember the peace I felt the first day I had the opportunity 
to meet you even without any conversation, 
I feel peace like an embrace. 
Mama, beyond the fact that I will miss you, 
I regret never saying this word to you. 
Rest in peace, super Grandma. 

[Family Friend]



Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Tribute to a Woman Who Passed Away
Tribute to a Woman Who Passed Away
These collections of tribute to a godly woman who passed away are some of the best christian tribute to a mother who passed away.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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