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Motivational Quotes for Work Success to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Here are the best motivational quotes for work success which are motivational quotes about success and achievement that will inspire you.

 Best Motivational Quotes for Work Success to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Great quotes have the power to motivate and inspire. You can utilise quotes to inform your choices in life, in work, and in relationships. Here are the top everyday success motivational quotes to inspire you.

It's safe to argue that we can always work harder. No matter how well we are doing, there is always room for improvement! Here are a few inspirational sayings that will make us want to do and be more.

These amazing inspirational quotes are among the most potent and motivating that you can use for yourself or send to friends, family, and coworkers to brighten their day while they go about their everyday tasks at work.

Best Motivational Quotes for Work Success and Achievement

If you are searching for the best motivational quotes on life, success and achievement, then these collections of motivational quotes for work success are what you need as a guiding path to your greatness. Positive Affirmation Quotes to Say Everyday that You Can Use Daily

[1]. Put A Value On Your Person. If there is something you should value, it should be your person and how you deal with others. These will help you go a long way in life.  What you value, you cherished and what you don’t, you never do. If you value yourself, you will cherish others but if not, you will value nothing. Every man of a sound mind places value on his person. It is this value that will open doors even where it seems to be closed for others. Sound values, breed integrity with a sound mind that harbours no negative but positive thoughts with no room for failure. The true value of a man is not defined by the amount of wealth he acquired but by the number of needy lives, he touched through his wealth. Do not fool yourself that the little within you is all that is to you or what you should have. Never settle for second best. The energy you take to settle for second best is the same as you need to settle for the best.

[2]. A Brave Mind And The Call Of Destiny. Never be limited to the call of destiny. Destiny belongs to the brave mind. It is then that will possess their possession in the land of the living. Braveness is no child’s play you have to consciously build your mind at all times to become brave in other to overcome life's many turbulent times. You can never kill a lion by coming soft at heart but rather by becoming brave with a will-heart that it can be done no matter the risk at stead. Brave men look for many battles to conquer but the lily-livered looks for the slightest fault to make an already mountain look mountainous. A brave man’s perception is to go all out and win but that of a lazy man is to complain even when he sees the opportunity to win. Great minds are never bordered about what comes their way but all they do is worry about how to overcome them no matter the price to be paid. A brave mind sees life as a battlefield that must be conquered no matter the cost but a Lilly-levered man feels life is all a bed of roses.

[3]. Take A Dose Of Self-Esteem. Give more concentration to how you feel about yourself. It is you and only you that will tell yourself the hard truth. A positive mind is a self-esteem mind that can stand the valley of depression any day, any time and over them as there comes. The day you start feeling self-esteem within yourself, know for sure, that no growth can shut you down. The value of your worth is embedded in the amount of self-esteem you carried within yourself. You lose a battle not because you’re not good but because you fell to carry along your worth which is self-esteem. If your feeling and behaviour are at par, then know for sure that you have gotten the self-esteem to make the world dance under your feet. When you blessed others with your gift, it makes you worthy within yourself.  

Powerful Motivational Quotes for Work Success

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

There is no need to try to define time here because time is too limited to be defined. If there is one thing we should dread, it is time.

“When you fail to move with the moving time, expect to reach your destination when it is late, that is if that will be possible.”

There is a popular saying that time waits for nobody. How true this is, is better left to our imagination? We live in a world that is like a marketplace where we all as humans are here with our wear to sell and thereafter, go back home to give an account of our stewardship. If truly we have this at the back of our mind, we would put in our best never to waste any little time we have to make our wear a living commodity that all should strive to purchase.

We might have heard or come across this popular saying that we don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. I would add to it that we don’t have a second chance to add up to the number of years wasted in ignorance. Rightly, you may say there is a second chance to make a first impression. And rightly, I might seem to agree with you only in that context. But permit me to say that it can never add up to the number of years wasted. Again you might say that you can catch up with the years wasted. You might also say that age is nothing but just a number. But if I might ask, considering the number of the maximum age one should spend here on earth, you will realize that you don’t have any minute to waste because the scene of the unknown can take you up at any time without notice. So in all you do, do not play with time. Time is too precious to be wasted because it is limited within the number of our years that we have to spend here on earth and we all know that we don’t have any control over it.

“Make time your best friend and move when you ought to without procrastination.”

Steve Jobs the late Apple founder gave a good account of this in one of his quotes as captured above in this write-up. And to go with his saying, time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. As good as this simple advice, believe me, you would still find people living someone else’s life all in the name of wanting to be like that fellow. Here there is a very big question mark? And what is this big question mark you may ask? Let me tell you in simple terms. People actually do not want to discover their God-given talent and strive towards making it a life-changing fulfilment which is the first instant, the purpose for which they were created.

“Discover who you are and move with time to actualize your dream.”

In today’s world, it is so easy to find people tailoring their life to suit someone else’s dream. And they forget that no matter how they tried, they can never be life who they seem to imitate. 

“Tailoring your life against someone else’s pattern is one of the best ways to waste your time.”

If you could look carefully, at the end of it, you will never be like or better than that fellow. We all are unique in our own ways. And what gives us that uniqueness is the ability to discover ourselves and tailored our life towards making that a reality. But along the path of this fulfilment, there are obstacles that will constantly draw us backwards, that is if we give in to them. The obstacles are not to break us down but to strengthen us towards achieving our aims without delay. Even if you come across this, do not waste time or put off your dream. Keep on moving and you will realize that those common things you felt could hold you down are actually what you need to get this done the right way.

If we still look at it, the problem of wanting to be like another is something that should not be part of our thought or line of action. We should know that everybody has a measure of talent but the problem is we spend our time trying to make use of another person’s talent and we end up not using ours.

“Use the talent you have to get all that you want.”

If you find a man who actualizes his talent, then there you will see a man who is focused and never gives in to imitating any person. If such a person finds someone who has his kind of talent, all he does is learn from that person and add up his creativity to make it so original. He wouldn’t want to copy all and lose his focus on his own track. Some people just want to copy all without adding their creativity to it. And the time you spend copying every move of another person’s talent is enough to define yours. If seem to copy all, you lose focus and waste more time. You should know that anyone who already got there has an edge over you and seem to control the market in that option.

Sometimes, we sincerely do not see some of these things that draw us back as an obstacle till there are too late. Looking at procrastination, you may not even consider it to be an obstacle but sincerely, it is one of the biggest problems of our time.

“Nothing wastes our time like procrastination.”

In fact, it is one of the major killers of destinies. I will get it done; I will follow my dream, one excuse or the other without putting action to it. And in the long run, we actually do not get it done and time is running out. Simply what we have done is procrastinate without taking any action to actualize our dream. As I said, nothing kills a dream like it.

“Procrastination makes us forget that life is too short to waste our time waiting for tomorrow instead of starting today.”

If you are with me, brave up and put your dream to work. Another thing we seem not to give a listening ear to is idleness. There is more to idleness than we can imagine. Some feel it is a part-time thing for relaxation. But what we don’t seem to know is that it is time-consuming and makes us give up on putting our valuable time to good use.

“Idleness only contributes to backwardness and increases in us the ability to envy others.”

Like they say an idle mind is the devil's workshop. When you are idle, you are wasting valuable time. If you look around, those who are idle seem to blame others for everything that comes their way and they also find time to engage in daily gossip. Sincerely, the worst you can do is to blame others for your misfortune. If you keep blaming others, you will never have the time to discover where the problem is coming from. And gossiping has nothing to offer you but rather saps the energy in you that should be used in productive thinking. Taking life casually and giving in to too much relaxation is another thing that makes us give in to the waste of time.

“The “I don’t care attitude” makes us forget that what we don’t care about can sometime turn around to affect us.”

When you take everything just anyhow it is one function that contributes to not achieving any goal when we should at the time we should. Too much relaxation and not taking anything seriously brings about laziness.

“Laziness is a waste of time, it takes our mind out of the real thing we should do and makes us feel it can be done later.”

If you look at it “the latter” is never done and the idea which would have been made for creating wealth is delayed through laziness and not wanting to put in the effort to give it a try. The power that comes with laziness is complaining all the time without knowing that what we complain about is what others make a success out of it. Looking at life, sometimes, it is full of regret but all we should do is never let that get into our head.

“Living in regret is nothing but a waste of time and what will draw us backwards without any gain in it.” 

If you allow life defeats you, you would spend so much time mourning your defeat. And guess what, you waste precious time which incidentally will affect not only you but your health and the good people around you. What you cannot change, there is no need to mourn over it like forever because if you keep mourning your defeats, victory will never come your way.

“When defeated by life's many challenges, that is the time to brave up and put in a good fight to overcome those challenges.”

The waste of time in mourning is a delay in the time to actualize your dream. So when faced with challenges, brave up and move on. Sincerely, braveness is no child’s play you have to consciously build your mind at all times to become brave in other to overcome life's many turbulent times. It is through the heart of braveness that you can stand to overcome any defeat of life. I know it is not easy but it is sincerely the way to overcome that which would put you down and make you a loser if you keep wasting time mourning what you cannot change. The very time you lost hope that is the very time you should keep the faith going. If you quit, you have lost all but if you press on, then you will sing a new song of victory forever.

“Living in past glory is a setback that wastes time.”

If you keep dwelling in the past, you might never think of the future. If you have a past failure, keep your mind off it and move on. And if you have gotten some victory, it is not a good idea to dwell on that singular honour because men of great importance break new ground and achieve more results. Those who dwell on their past glory would always find themselves stuck with the changing time. And meeting up with the changing time becomes a problem where energy is wasted trying to figure out the next step to follow. If you keep living in the past, sincerely, that is one option available that can make you die before your time considering all the headache that comes with thinking of your past losses. Again I need to sound this, if you are faced with past failures or successes, do not live with them but rather, ignore them and look for new ground to conquer because your ability to change with the changing time is what will ever keep you at the top all the time.

Criticizing is a serious option available for the waste of time if it is not constructive. Remember this; people who have no work will always criticize. It is their part-time work and if you join them then you will never make anything good out of your time. People will always criticize either good or bad and if you want to succeed, never be distracted by any critics for their part-time job is to find fault in others. You should learn never to give ears to hear-say but always make an assessment before you take your decision. If you do, then you will never lose but win all the time. Winning should be your ultimate goal when dealing with the issues of life.

“You don’t need to waste time on people with a negative attitude to life.”

If you come across people who are like parasites, keep off from them because they will never do you any good if you are down, they are never ready to share your pain but rather to sap you and make life miserable for you. You know a miserable life cannot contribute anything good to your health and all that it has to do with you but rather waste your time and draw you back from actualizing your dream. 

Habit counts a lot in the waste of time. If you are too slow that is a bad habit. Too much talking is a bad habit. Indulging in bad habits would only make a mess of your life and perpetually keep you on the low side of life all the time. So to actualize your dream, learn how not to keep bad habits. And to make it work, keep off from bad influence especially peer pressure whose ways of action are never in conformity with the trend that can contribute positively to make your life a better one. If you have a friend that cannot contribute to your life positively, like I said, do away with such a friend. Remember you don’t have all the time because all you have is a limited time to fulfil your destiny.

“Your destiny can only be fulfilled through positive thinking and keeping up with the right people and not losers.”

Losers feel they have all the time without knowing that we have limited time here to fulfil the purpose for which we were created. If you know, their thoughts are a setback. It will never make you progress but rather will set you back a thousand times. Remember your time is so valuable and it can only progress when you get along with the right people.

Check your attitude. If it is of bad influence on others, you might be drawing the right people your way. Do not feel you know it all and wouldn’t need people around you. An attitude problem is a limiting factor and time wasting. If you should know, one thing limiting us from our breakthrough if carefully checked is our attitude but the problem is at times we actually do not seem to know that we have it.

“If you refused to take correction that is an attitude that wastes precious time.” 

This sincerely will allow you to make one mistake many times and over again. If you learn to take correction, you will succeed no matter the obstacle. Taking corrections eliminates the waste of time and makes you achieve more in less time. Apart from all that I have put down as some of the reasons that call for waste of time, to every problem, there should be what brings about solutions. For me, one major thing that we should consider as a solution to the waste of time is to have a positive mindset.

“A positive mind is a self-esteem mind that can stand the valley of depression any day, any time and overcome them as there comes.”

When you are positive in all you do, you eliminate the power of negative thoughts. And when this is eliminated, you found yourself surrounded by the forces of thoughts that will propel your spirit man to be a goal-getter. This in itself gives you a merry heart to withstand every challenge that comes your way. If you change your belief that is from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, indirectly, what you have done is to change your life for the better but if you keep to your belief without a total change in life, then you will remain at one spot also the time.

Remaining in one spot is a sure way that wastes time. In all, if you carry the mentality that you were created to be the best; then you will be the best at all times. In other to succeed and eliminate the waste of time, we should cultivate an attitude that draws people around us. When you have people who believe in you, then it is easy to get any task done at the right time.

Here I would say, you shouldn’t try to get everything done by yourself. Get people involved where necessary. Do not be a one-man General. Remember time is of the essence to get things done and every second counts.

“Time so counts that you don’t need to waste it because every time wasted can never be recovered at its actual state.”  

In other to manage time, you need to be disciplined. Discipline calls for order. If you are unprepared, you lose time. Learn to be prepared in all you do. If you do, you will win and if not, you will lose at all times. Losing makes you look unserious. And talking without putting it into practice is nothing but that which wastes valuable time.

“A million talks without one single action are like building a castle in the air.”

Do not be in the habit of talking too much but let your action be seen in the little words your say. Give everyone a reason to believe in your dream. And what will make anyone believe this, is what you have put on the ground which is action without delay. This can only be achieved through discipline. And if you are not disciplined, you give in to anything as long as it satisfied your quest in a short time without thinking of the implication in the long run.

Lastly, keep to time and prepare your mind at all times. Walk with the right people and handled your affair with a clear mind. Make time for your best friend and learn to plan your day. Do not wake up every day without a definite plan for that day. Cultivate the habit of focusing on whatever your mind is set to do. Do not be distracted by other people's influence. Be determined in all you do. Keep reinvesting in yourself and change with the changing time. Be among the right people with proven records of success in moments of despair. Remember all you have is a limited time to achieve the purpose for which you were created and if you fail, you fail because of ignorance. All that you need to make a success of your life is at your fingertip but you need time and the power of focus to achieve that within the best possible time which incidentally is short.

“Keep faith with time and you will grow beyond your imagination.”     

[4]. The Value Of Contentment. Contentment brings happiness just as discontentment brings unhappiness. It is at your discretion to choose which suits you. What gives peace of mind is contentment. If you’re contented, you will eliminate envy and hatred shall be far from your doorstep. Unhappy people are discontented people and all they do is blame others for their misfortune and unhappiness. Discontentment brings along emotional pains. It makes you feel depressed and invite others to have self-pity for you. A man that strives to be like others will in the end has nothing to show for it but rather, poor health that might drive him to his early grave. Contentment gives us the ability to see opportunities that otherwise would have eloped us in moments of discontentment. It is a lack of contentment that makes us feel disheartened anytime we see or hear the good news of others' successes. 

[5]. Build A Positive Outlook. Just like habits are formed, building a positive outlook is also formed. The reputation you build around people is what will help you attain your height later in life. Desire to be a positive person and you will find yourself reaching your desired goal in life. Never look to find fault in others but look around for their positive side. It is this that will enable you to discover the true person in you. Let your focus always be on the positive side of life. This will go a long way in helping you build trust around all you do. Whatever you see, is what you will get. If you keep finding fault, that is what you will get but if not, you will get what you find. The best way to build a positive outlook is to invest in others. The amount of time you invest in others is what will make others invest in you.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Motivational Quotes for Work Success to Help You Achieve Your Goals
Motivational Quotes for Work Success to Help You Achieve Your Goals
Here are the best motivational quotes for work success which are motivational quotes about success and achievement that will inspire you.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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