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Best Quotes and Sayings about Life to Inspire You Today

These best quotes and sayings about life are what you need as a motivational factor to help you win in every area of life.

 Best Quotes and Sayings about Life

Life is a wonderful adventure that should be enjoyed to the fullest every day. The fact that life is a wonderful gift does not, however, imply that you always wake up ready to grasp the day.

We could all use a little inspiration and encouragement these days, whether it comes in the form of a humorous saying from a well-known celebrity or motivating advice about giving it your all from a successful businessperson.

Allow these life quotes that are motivating to offer you more energy anytime you need it. Keep a copy of these inspirational sayings saved on your computer or phone so you may access them whenever you need a little boost.

Unique Best Quotes and Sayings about Life

Here are the best motivational quotes and sayings about life that will motivate you beyond limitation to strive for greatness in achieving your life purpose.  Unique Quotes on Life That Can Keep You Motivated

[1]. When your thought becomes evil in taking the very life that you can't give then know that there is a reward if not now but later. Remember that vengeance is of the Lord and a man who takes others' life without giving a thought about it will forever live in silent regret every moment of his life. 

[2]. Remember that life is so precious in the sight of Him who created us all. And a life taken can never be replaced. 

[3]. In all, you do remember life is so precious. And when you think evil in taking others' life remember that you have done the worst evil by taking that which you cannot give. 

[4]. Value life and you will be valued, devalue life and you will never be valued.

[5]. Anyone who lives in fear has an undertone of evil within his thoughts. And there is something about evil wherever you run to such will always find you if not now but later. 

[6]. Striving to do good is the only way to get a pleasant reward. No man who engages in evil has ever gotten a reward that will be favourable to him and his generation. When you do good, good will follow you but if you choose to do evil definitely it is evil that will follow you. 

[7]. In all of your dealing, make sure you are on the right path with men. Remember that your reward from men and your heavenly Father is what will bring to you peace of mind when you do good and not evil. 

[8]. Let no evil thought cross your mind for it is something that will never bring any positive thing but rather it will bring negative things that will destroy not only you but your generation after you.

[9]. The path to evil is destruction. And an upright man will always do well no matter the temptation to do evil. 

[10]. When you build a family, build it within the essence of truthfulness and learn the value of trust. 

[11]. A cunning heart will never produce any positive results but rather will always produce negative results that will indirectly consume such a person. Your values are what will leave after you and not your cunning attitude. 

[12]. Life is a choice so make the choice to be upright in all that you do. When you are upright people will always leave to value you but the moment you think that becoming cunning is the right way to leave just remember you have lost the value that makes life worth living.

[13]. Where you are born is not the matter but the value you made out of your birth is what matters. Program your life in such a way that it comes with positive vibes. 

[14]. When you encounter any problem see it as providing a solution. It is the impact that you have on a life that will bring you the needed result that will turn things around. 

[15]. Let positive vibes be an attitude that you cultivate right within your mind. It is what would add value to your life and also prompt you to achieve all that you ever seek to achieve in life.

Best Powerful Quotes and Sayings about Life

The Power of Risk Taking and the Braveness of Heart to Achieve Your Purpose in Life. “Go, gather together all the Jews that are present in Shushan, and fast ye for me, and neither eat nor drink three days, night or day: I also and my maidens will fast likewise; and so will I go in unto the king, which [is] not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish.” – Esther 4:16

There is no need to dwell on the person of Esther because the Book of Esther actually dwells on her person and how her brave heart of risk-taking went a long way to deliver her people from the hand of the wicked Haman.  What actually tripped me is her ending statement in Esther 4:16, “… if I perish, I perish”.

There is something about life that I have come to understand that our destiny is not in the hands of men but in our own hands. But what marvels me sometimes is that we seem not to have a deep understanding of this. As long as you are satisfied where you are, there is nothing heaven can do about it but the moment you reject and react to that situation, then heaven will act according to your word.

“Where you are at the moment can never be the best place for you even when you thought you have arrived.”

In life, all that we want out of it, we need to go for it with a determined heart of braveness. Sincerely, all we ever need in life, we got them through a determined heart of braveness. Just like Matthew [11:12 KJV] said, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force”.

Being violent here doesn’t mean taking someone’s life or being greedy in other to gain what will never last you a lifetime. It means taking action where you should and staying focused till you achieve that desired dream and that will come if you are brave.

“Braveness is what gives us the `I Can Do’ spirit that helps us to actualize our dreams.”

Remember that you can never kill a lion by becoming soft at heart but rather by becoming brave with a will-heart that it can be done no matter the risk at stead.

“A man with a brave heart is a man who will always conquer his world.”

It was through the braveness of heart that spoken words, in the beginning, became a reality of what we have today as planet earth. Actually, life gives us the heart to try. When we try, no matter the challenges ahead, we in the end would always win. Trying we should not forget is the risk that brings winning.

“Men who dare impossible things are the men the world considered to be responsible.”

Take it this way, it is like saying you want to settle down without daring to go out there and talk to the person to whom you have a likeness. You can less be assured that if you procrastinate, within your very eye, someone else who is more daring will take up the challenge and before you know it, the smile becomes perfect and as for you, you keep mourning over some ill luck. Stand out with a brave heart to take what so ever you want. 

“The desire to be responsible is what actually drives us to take the needed risk to achieve our goals.”

Take a look at this. Growing up in a business and venturing into anything in life is all about taking risks. Starters in life are risk bearers. Some people only stand by the sideline watching and making gestures. Actually, to be responsible, you must learn to take risks because any responsibility without risk can never be a term to be responsible. Do not go the way of speculating about the right stock but never actually buying them. They give you all the right analysis but never dare to take any responsibility to endure some action.

As long as you watch by the sideline and never participate, you can never have a full dose of the action nor derived the innermost joy that comes with winning any challenges. Actually, foresight, uprightness and taking a calculated risk that brings about an up raise in performance, make a hallmark for responsibility. If you feel this is a lie, always watch to see the inner joy of any football player after winning any competition then you will discover what it feels like to be a winner. Like a football match, the fans would only celebrate with them at that moment but the team members alone are the people who savoured the victory years even after they won. They are the ones whose names will always be remembered.

“For every victory you have, you are the one who will be remembered.”   

Taking risks brings you fulfilment in life. If you feel that not taking risks is the best. Then you will live the rest of your life in one spot without achieving anything.

“Risk comes with commitment and the risk of commitment is nothing but what brings about winning.”

As we have said, to win in life is to take risks. This risk is a function of the braveness of the heart. Men with the risk factor are men with the braveness of heart. The braveness of heart I am talking about here is not the risk that comes with greed or that of going into shady deals with the intention to steal or make a living through deceit. Though the risk is calculated, it must come with an instinct and the burning desire in your heart. It is this burning desire that will enable you to hold on even when it seems at first things are not coming through.

“Risk is calculated within the instinct of your heart.”

Actually, calculated risk is the risk that is worth taking. This risk must come within the instinct of your heart which calls for braveness of heart. The heart of braveness I am talking about is the actual ability to overcome your fear by shunning procrastination and starting that dream project you have the desired passion for.

“Just start something no matter how hard it seems.”

Starting any of your desired projects is putting all in place to begin a journey that will take you beyond your imagination. This journey requires the braveness of heart. When you dare to start, then you have conquered your fear. When you conquer your fear then there is no limit to what you can achieve. It is this ability to overcome the fear that determines the heart of a brave man which is known from the number of daring risks he takes to succeed. Braveness is the keyword. It is the heart of men who knows their back from their front. Sincerely to overcome any risk in life, you need to have one heart. Be brave! Life is risk and it is the amount of risk you are willing to take that will bring you success. So to make life worth its salt, dare the impossible. 

“If you dare the impossible, you will get possible.”

Esther in the Bible dares the impossible and the result became a celebration for her kindred. In life, you can never be your best without taking risks. And when it comes to that, do not allow anyone to discourage you, if your mind is fixed on it. True champion sees beyond any limitation and all they do is strive with all the risk within them to achieve their purpose in life.

Success belongs to the risk-takers. A man who takes a calculated risk will always succeed at anything he does than one who refuses to take a risk. Look at it this way Esther did not believe in herself and failed to take the risk of approaching the King when it wasn’t her turn. Her kindred would have become a forgotten generation. But she dares to stand in for her people.

The power of taking risks should critically be accompanied by in-depth knowledge. If you have no knowledge of anything, there is no need to take any risk on it. You have to train yourself to master anything before taking a risk on it. A trained mind is a conquered mind whereas an untrained mind will make a failure of anything.

“Train you to mind to conquer any fear. If your mind is ready, then you can turn anything around.”

Remember, you just can’t jump to take a risk on anything you have passion for without first having a deep and convincing instinct about that which you desire to take a risk. It is good to test your competence before taking a risk at anything. If you are not competent enough, you wouldn’t have the expertise to overcome the outcome.

“Where you have in-depth knowledge, you can minimize the risk factor associated with that.”

If you are taking any risk at your given desired passion, go for knowledge on that. Get along with people who are grounded in that area. By learning from them, you minimize the risk factor associated with that risk. Though taking risks, will involve making mistakes but the mistakes are your learning ground to grow within it. Sincerely, if you refuse to take a risk, then you can’t make a mistake and if you make no mistake, you can never learn anything new from it. And when you make no mistake, you can never be the best at anything you set to accomplish.

“Mistakes sometimes are the delicacies that make us discover our route to success.”

It is good for us to know that there is a big difference between taking a risk and gambling. So many people gamble but few take risks. You shouldn’t gamble at any opportunity but rather put in place all the necessary machinery that will make you succeed at it. Risk takers spend time planning and preparing while gamblers moved without preparation. I know you would say gamblers also prepare. But is their amount of preparation worth the trouble of a broken heart when they lose?

If a risk taker loses his investment, at least the clean mind of trying and not playing it safe would count for his ability to try again. He would have it within him that the money was for a purpose and not that which was gambled away.

“If you want success, be ready to take risks.”

Gambling does not bring peace of mind because in the long run even if you win, you will lose. And losing brings with it all the amount of depression which can lead to other negative things that can destroy the morals and values of the mind. So the best way is to make a risk at that passion that would bring you success and the way you can do that is to take a risk for it. Do not play safe because playing it safe, is playing to lose.

“If you risk nothing, then you can never make anything out of it.”

In other to succeed in life, do not join the negative thinkers who want things to be on a platter of gold but join the positive thinker who wants things to be worth taking a risk for it. Remember that risk bearers are hardened winners. Defeats are never seen among them. If they risk and fail, they see it as an opportunity to improve and try again. So learn to take risks because winning is taking a risk. You can never win without taking risks.

[16]. Marriage comes with so many responsibilities. Remember you will never find a perfect being. It is out of imperfection that you will strive to be perfect. 

[17]. If you are seeking a perfect marriage then the cemetery is a place to go. We are all imperfect beings who only strive to be perfect. 

[18]. Perfection is a daily activity and as we strive within our hearts, we will find that perfection only if we try. 

[19]. It is good to know what you want and to go after it but also know that in between what you want lies many trials and temptations. Understanding is the key and trust is was builds up every relationship.

[20]. Prosperity comes through giving. When you learn to give, you are making a way to be prosperous. Stinginess diminishes. It makes you feel as if you have it all. 

[21]. When you give and keep giving, you are making a way for an open door not only for yourself but for your generation. 

[22]. Givers do not lack for they know that prosperity comes through the act of giving. 

[23]. Show me a man who is a giver and I will show you a man that never lacks. If you are seeking unlimited breakthroughs then learn to give and keep giving.

[24]. Nothing makes the heart merry like songs that bring joy to the heart. Let songs of worship find their way into your heart, your mind, your spirit and your soul. 

[25]. In times of trial and temptation, it is the songs of worship that will bring to you peace of mind. Songs of worship uplift and connect you to the Heavenly. 

[26]. It brings you closer to your Maker. And as you engage in deep worship it brings to you tears of joy. The joy that will make you withstand every challenge of life. 

[27]. Do not let songs of worship nor songs of praise depart from your heart. It is what will strengthen, encourage and uplift you in every phase of life that you come across.

[28]. Works of art have a way of making us feel the true essence of living. Art is life, it connects us to our environment. It makes us feel the wonder of creation and brings out the creativity in us. 

[29]. If you love art, you love life. Make out time to at least have a work of art hanging in your living room. Art comes with positive thoughts. It is one thing that lacks true definition. 

[30]. Connect with works of art and see a different you in your view of life and all that have to do with it.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Best Quotes and Sayings about Life to Inspire You Today
Best Quotes and Sayings about Life to Inspire You Today
These best quotes and sayings about life are what you need as a motivational factor to help you win in every area of life.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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