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Happy Birthday Poems from Father and Mother for Your Son on His Special Day

Children are our heritage from God. They are our blessing in old age if we take good care of them. Let this Cute Birthday Poem For Son find the rightful expression of love and care in the heart of your son.

Cute Birthday Lovely Poem for Son

Children are our heritage from God. They are our blessing in old age if we take good care of them. Let this Cute Birthday Poem For Your Son find the rightful expression of love and care in the heart of your son. Birthday Wishes for Sister and Bday Quotes for Friends

If there is one thing we should do, we need to celebrate them at every moment there is an opportunity to do so. Celebrating and sharing on their special day gives them the joy that is worth all that is to it. Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends

 Our Precious Gift

I wish I could expose your innocence?
I wish I could expose your smiles?
I wish I could expose your royalty?
That which defines the essence of your creation.

August, the month of your new beginning,
August, the month that I behold you in my arms;
August, the month I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy,
August, is the month the Good Lord brought you our way.

Our treasure, the pride of our youth,
Our joy, the gift that is beyond our imagination;
You came with the joy that blessed our life,
The same that keeps our home as one;
Words are so hard to express our feelings,
But know for such that we love you dearly;
We love you beyond what words can express,
Yes! Daddy and Mummy love you so much.

You are part of the joy our heart feels,
A blessing you have become to our life;
Indeed a blessing we shall always cherish,
Our Royal Prince, our handsome son;
The one that makes Mummy smile,
You are to us what money cannot buy;
A blessing you are that consoles our hearts,
We love you; we love you; we do love you.

Happy birthday to you, the strength of our youth,
On this day 21st August 2013, we heard your cry;
The first cry that lightened our hearts with hope,
Today and always we are grateful to our Saviour;
The One that gave you to us to be your parents,
His Will for your life we shall uphold in faith;
Looking up to Him to make it a reality for us,
That our reward shall be a blessing unto you.

Nsikak Andrew

Birthday Poem for Dear Son
Birthday Lovely Poem for Son

Best Birthday Wishes for Son on His Special Day. These collections of happy birthday wishes and best birthday messages for sons are words of expression of emotion and heart-touching birthday wishes for sons from parents.

Amazing Son

Happy birthday 
to my amazing humble son, 
I’m proud of you! 
You are an amazing young man! 
May your future shine bright 
and be full of many good times. 
I love you.

You Are Blessed

May your days be blessed, 
may your weeks be graced, 
may your months be favoured, 
may your years be celebrated. 
Continue living in God's divine glory. 
Happy birthday to you my amazing son.

Dear Son

Today should be declared 
a national holiday because 
on this day a king was born! 
Happy birthday, son.

My Baby

It can only be God, 
My baby is plus 1 today. 
Happy birthday baby of the house. 
May you grow in the fear 
and wisdom of God and 
live to fulfil your destiny in Jesus' Name. 
Thank You, Jesus, all praise to You alone. 
Love you, son.

So Proud of You

Happy birthday to my young man 
who I have loved unconditionally 
from the moment you were born! 
I will always be here for you 
and my love will permanently 
be imprinted on your heart. 
You are my sole inspiration 
and meaning in this life. 
I am blessed and proud to call you 
my son as you carry on the honour 
of our family name. 
Thank you for always making me proud. 
My little boy yesterday, 
my friend today, 
my son forever. 

Sweet Son

Happy birthday 
to my sweet son! 
Because of you, 
I gained the name “Mummy” 
and I wouldn't trade it for the world! 
Go be great my son!

Truly Blessed

On your birthday, 
I pray that the Almighty God 
will bless your life with everlasting peace, 
happiness, and prosperity. 
Have a truly blessed birthday, son.

Handsome Prince

Happy birthday my handsome Prince. 
I’m grateful to be your Mom. 
I’m so proud of you. 
I’m learning so much from you each day! 
Thank you for being my son, 
for your kindness, your beautiful heart, 
and your wisdom. 
Always follow your heart 
and just be happy. 
This is your journey. 
Enjoy it, and shine with your own light. 
Always remember you always will be our baby boy! 
I love you all the way to the moon and back. 
Have an amazing birthday.

My Sunshine

Today is the most special day for me. 
I became a mother on this day. 
Thank you for coming into my life 
and for fulfilling me. 
Happy birthday, my Prince! 
I wish every day of your life 
brings you new reasons to smile. 
Happy birthday my son.

We Love You, Son

Screaming to the highest mountain top. 
Happy birthday to our son! 
We’re so proud 
of the young man that you are today. 
May God continue to bless you 
with many many more! 
Enjoy your day! We love you!

Brave Boy

Always remember 
you are braver than you believe, 
stronger than you seem, 
smarter than you think, 
and loved more than you know, 
Happy birthday my son.

Awesome Gift

I remembered the day 
your water broke in my wife's womb, 
I was a bit scared and anxious 
about being our first child even though 
I remembered following your Mom (my love) 
to every antenatal she attended, 
it was an awesome feeling. 
On that fateful day before your birth, 
I couldn't understand myself, 
I guess I was in labour too, 
till the doctors announced a safe delivery to me, 
both son and mother doing fine. 
Till today I can explain the feelings 
I had become a Father, 
it was like I am in heaven already, 
when I held him in my arms, 
tears of joy flowed down. 
Happy birthday to you my first seed, 
you will always be a blessing to us.

How Time Flies

Happy birthday, son. 
Next year you will be on your own, 
age-wise as well as legally. 
The last one which you 
are celebrating under us as a minor. 
How time flies! 
I still remember seeing you for the first time; 
your first cry as a newborn is still ringing in my ears so fresh.  
You have been an amazing son, 
don't see boys like you so often, 
in fact, for that matter, your younger brother 
needs to learn a lot from you! 
Over the years as we bring you up and teach you, 
you are also an amazing support 
and a guide to us on many matters. 
Hope you will always remain like this, 
the most caring and understanding person. 
I feel proud to be your Mom and so is your Dad. 
God bless you with all you deserve and wish for. 
I know at present you are undergoing 
the most crucial phase of your life 
where important decisions 
and actions need to be taken, 
which will decide your future, 
but I have complete faith and trust 
that you will be a winner. 
Love you always and wish you happiness 
and good health for you. 
Many more celebrations to you. 
Work towards your goal, 
achieve them, stay humble 
and be a good citizen.

My Best Companion 

My adorable son, my best companion, happy birthday! 
Your smile gives me eternal peace, 
and your presence gives me unmeasurable happiness. 
May God enlighten the way of your life 
and make you the happiest person! 
Lots of love and affection for you, my child! 
Happy birthday, son! 
Love you to the moon and back.

Mummy Love You

Happy birthday my love. 
Mama loves you. 
May all your dreams and heart desire manifest. 
Enjoy your day and always know you're a rising King.

Joyful Gift

My son, you are the life of our family 
and the source of our happiness. 
Happy birthday to you! 
May The Lord bless you with a long, 
prosperous life ahead! 
I sincerely pray to the Lord 
to add more joyful days to your life 
and take away all the sadness and suffering!

My Heart Desire

Happy birthday, son! 
My dear son, 
today marks a major milestone in your life! 
It’s another year of your existence already. 
May this new phase of your life 
bring you open doors of God’s favour 
and abundance of all your heart desires. 
Happy birthday, son.

Forever Sunshine

I first thank God for not just another day 
but another year to celebrate life!
 Today is a day I share with so many 
but it’s extra special because I get 
to celebrate my one and only Sunshine.  
Happy birthday son, Mommy loves you 
and I pray this day means 
just as much to you as it does to me! 

Cute Boy

my cute baby boy is celebrating 
the first birthday of his life. 
The day you were born my son 
my life changed completely. 
It is your first birthday, 
wishing you all the love and blessings. 
Happy first birthday my little Campion. 
Love you.

Wonderful Son

Happy birthday to my wonderful son. 
No matter how big you get or how far you go, 
I’ll always be here, right beside you. 
We’ve watched you grow into an amazing man. 
May the year ahead continue to exceed your expectations!

Happy Birthday Poems to Son from Mom and Dad. Here are some of the best heart-touching birthday poems to an amazing son from Mom and Dad If you are looking out for what can I say to my special son on his birthday, then these short birthday poems are just for you.

My Glowing Son

Happy birthday dear baby boy. 
You turned +1 so fast, 
I still, remember the day 
when I and daddy went to the hospital 
for you to bring into this beautiful world. 
Keep growing 
and become the most amazing human being.

Love You Son

Dear son, every day I am grateful for you. 
You are a bundle of joy that brings nothing 
but happiness in our lives. 
Happy birthday, son, 
no matter how old you are, 
you are always Mummy's little boy. 
I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. 
Love you, son. 
May God continue to guide and protect you.

Abundance Blessings

Happy blessed wonderful birthday to our son. 
God blessed you our handsome, 
quiet but all so funny, don’t care about social media, 
smart, anointed, appointed, faithful, compassionate, 
a young man of valour that we’re so proud of. 
We’re so proud of all the things you’ve accomplished, 
your humbleness, the obstacles you’ve overcome, 
all the years you’ve sacrificed for us, 
and the love you show to us. 
We celebrate you. 
Love you son today and every day 
and pray 100-fold blessings to be yours always.

Gift from God

Happy birthday, son! 
You have indeed been a blessing and a gift from God. 
Sound in wisdom, knowledge, and in the Spirit. 
Bold, courageous, outgoing, and loving. 
Intercessor and a teacher of God's word. 
Always ready to take up new challenges, 
always at his best to beat the rest! 
Lively and hard-working. 
We cannot love you less son. 
May your light 
continue to shine brighter in Jesus' name.

You Complete Me

Words are simply not enough 
to express how amazing 
I feel to have you as my son. 
I love you, my son. 
You make my life complete. 
Happy birthday, son.

Enjoy Your Day

It's your birthday today little man. 
Happy birthday to you, 
we are so proud of the man, son, 
and father you are and have become. 
Everybody knows what it is 
when it comes to you, 
hands down our handsome boy, 
the world is yours. 
Today is special because it's the day 
we were blessed with you! 
Enjoy your day! 
Love you so much 
and am always proud of you.

Purpose Fulfilled 

Congratulations on your birthday, son! 
You are such an amazing gift from God 
and we are grateful for your life. 
These are our wishes for you; 
may you live long to fulfil God’s plans 
and purposes for your life. 
May the joy of the Lord 
be your strength always. 
Nothing will truncate God’s plans for your life. 
God bless and keep you always. 
You are unlimited! 
Happy birthday!

My Endless Joy

My joy in having you 
is something that can't be measured 
but felt with lots of hugs, kisses, and adoration. 
You bring endless wonder 
and love to everybody around you. 
My wish to you is. 
The Lord bless you and keep you, 
the Lord make his face shine upon you. 
And be gracious to you; 
The Lord lift up His counter piece 
on you and give peace. 
Happy birthday, my boy, 
I love you lots.

Most Adorable

Wish you many happy returns 
of the day of you my son. 
You are the most adorable 
and fun-loving child in our life. 
We are exceptional because of you 
as parents and blessed to have you. 
We wish you every day the best 
in everything in your life. 
Love you a lot, my son. 
Happy birthday, son.

Undeniable Love

Undeniable is my connection with you, 
unbelievable is how much I love you, 
and unbreakable is the bond 
that we have formed with each other. 
Have a wonderful birthday, son.

You Are Blessed

Happy birthday to you son. 
May God bless you with all the love, 
happiness, good health, wealth, 
long life and every good thing you desire for.

Amazing Love

My precious son. 
My handsome son, 
intelligent boy, 
my professor, 
my prayer partner, 
a foodie likes me. 
You will serve the Lord, 
you will fulfil your God-given destiny, 
you will be a trailblazer, 
to know who you're in the spirit, 
you will make a difference 
in the mighty name of Jesus. 
I cover you with the precious blood of Jesus, 
no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper. 
Mummy and Daddy and your sisters love you dearly. 
Happy birthday, son, 
my God is forever faithful, 
He's so good to us.

We Love You, Son

Happy birthday, son. 
We all love you so much. 
You are such a good and mature boy. 
As you are working so hard, 
may all your dreams and wishes come true 
and may you always know how much we all love you.

Beloved Son

Warm birthday greetings 
and lots of love to my beloved son. 
May God bless you with a long and healthy life.

Happy Birthday, Champ!

Our journey of parenthood starts with you. 
Thanks for choosing us as your parents. 
We will always celebrate you for what you are. 
We love you tons. 
Wish you a very happy birthday champ.

My Miracle Baby

God, I’m so grateful for blessing me 
with such a precious gift, my son, 
my miracle baby, 
my best friend who can’t keep a secret. 
He is one of my greatest gifts from above. 
He is just perfect to me.
Son, I am so proud of you. 
I thank God for you every day. 
Today we celebrate you, 
and may all your wishes come true. 
May God trace your path to become the man 
that He wants you to be, 
I love you son forever always and no matter what. 
Thank you for being a blessing in my life. 
Happy birthday my love, our Lil man, Happy birthday.

Be More My Son

Happy birthday, son! 
Words are simply not enough 
to express how amazing I feel 
to have you as my son. 
I love you. 
You make my life complete. 
Trust me, son, 
this birthday is the commencement 
of some of the most marvellous things 
that are about to happen in your life. 
It is my prayer that you always 
experience God’s love and presence. 
May God bless you with excellent health, 
long life, success, and happiness. 
May you have a life full of glories. 
Enjoy your special day to the fullest!

Great Man

Happy birthday God's own. 
Words are not enough 
to express how I feel 
to have you as my first seed. 
I love you to the moon and back. 
You make my life complete. 
You're kind, soft, intelligent and a superstar. 
You make motherhood easy for me 
as you are always ready to help 
and learn and your selflessness is out of this world. 
Thank you darling for being amazing. 
Keep living great man. 
We celebrate you, unending son.

You are the Best

Wish you a very happy birthday my son. 
You gave my life a purpose when I needed it the most. 
Mummy loves you so much. 
I am so proud that I am your Mum, 
but I am even prouder that you are my son. 
You are the best part of my life.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Happy Birthday Poems from Father and Mother for Your Son on His Special Day
Happy Birthday Poems from Father and Mother for Your Son on His Special Day
Children are our heritage from God. They are our blessing in old age if we take good care of them. Let this Cute Birthday Poem For Son find the rightful expression of love and care in the heart of your son.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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