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Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends and Loved Ones

Selfless love is indeed an essential part of life that grows a relationship. These unconditional love poems and relationship advice for friends are collections of some of the best unconditional love poems and advice that you can share with the people you love.

Unconditional Love Relationship Poems

Selfless love is indeed an essential part of life that grows a relationship. These unconditional love poems and relationship advice for friends are collections of some of the best unconditional love poems and advice that you can share with the people you love. Relationship Poems for the People You Love in Your Life

Love Is Unconditional

When it comes to love,
so many things are involved
but the bottom line
is the one clear statement
that defines the meaning of true love
and that is, it must be unconditional.

“When you seek to love, love unconditional.
That is what will make love retain its true meaning.”

Loving someone means you dedicating your heart
towards making that relationship work.
As the saying, what you love you cherish
and wouldn’t want to see anything bad
happen nor harm that person.

It was the same unconditional love
that God had that He gave His only begotten Son
for the sake of the perishing human race.
It was this same unconditional love
that our Saviour had for the same mankind.
This was the same that made Him say,
father I will go, that your work might not perish.

In our quiet time, do we actually sit back
to reflect on why our Savior could love us
this much even unto the point of giving up His life
for us when actually He had an option
to have allowed us to perish after all,
He could still create another being
just the way He created us?

Love was the reason
and that same love He asked of us
to love one another even
as Christ loved the Church.
But do we adhere to this?

Do we follow in the footstep of Him
whom we seek to be His disciple?
Christ is love and for love,
He gave His all just to make us
have everlasting communion with His Father.

Living without the iota of Christ’s love,
is like living for nothing.
No matter what we pass through,
we have a Father who cares.
We shouldn’t seek to gain all the mansions
of this world and yet think not of our eternity
after our time here on earth.

“Have that communion with the one who created you.
And your life will forever be better for it.”

Love in its purest form is unconditional.
Anything attached to it is not love.
When you seek to love, you seek not
to find any fault in the person you love.

Any of the faults of that person
is what love seeks to cover or eliminate.
Love is life and love is divine.
It is a commandment for us to love.

We are to love unconditionally.
Having this at the back of our mind
will go a long way in giving us the enabling foresight
that when we seek out love,
we should love in its purest forms which is unconditional.

You should be able to give
to the one you love a piece of your heart.
It should be a token of all that is within you.
This is a direct way to feel
and free your mind of any doubt
that may come in to make you feel otherwise.

Give your heart no matter
how hurt you may doubt to feel.
You shouldn’t consider the hurt even if it comes,
if your mind is made up in love,
you wouldn’t feel the hurt
too much even if it eventually comes.

“True love sometimes hurts deeper.”

Love is love, hurt or without hurt.
Sometimes the love that hurts is the love that is real.
It helps us to understand the person we love better.
It makes us know that after all, we are human.

And the spirit to forgive is divine
when we are hurt by the one we love.
Our ways at times hurt the One
who created us but in spite of it,
He still loves us without comprehension. 

“Love is strong, and if you seek
to kill the bond embedded in love,
sincerely you are wasting your time.”

Love counts for creation;
love makes the world go round.
Love reconciles us to Our Maker.
Love gives us all that we need
to make life a beautiful place to live in.
Love is all and love would ever be all.

“Learn to love unconditionally and with no strings attached.
It is the best you can do to your spirit, body and soul.”

When you love unconditionally,
you would find in between you the heart
to cherish what you love
and make it a worthy treasure
that only the gift of your unconditional love can behold.

Love and love with all your heart,
when you love, you destroy hatred
and made everything around you
to be at peace with you and all.

“Love is all and without unconditional love,
the world and the human race are doomed.”

Nsikak Andrew


Relationship Tips For The One You Love

These romantic relationship tips for the one you love are romantic relationship advice that are strong relationship tips you can share with the one you love. Short Romantic Text Messages for Someone Special

[1]. Hold On To Your Peace Of Mind

Every relationship should be the one that gives you peace of mind. If you spend more time arguing with the one you love rather than having great fun, it is time to question the direction of such a relationship.

[2]. Get To Know The Root Of The One Your Love

If you are in a relationship and the one your love, refuses to take you to see their family, be curious. And when such a person does, the next they demand is sex. Ask yourself if this is just a flirt or what would last forever.

[3]. Love Is Not Business Like

When the text messages you receive from the one your love are more or less business-like, this for short shows how such values your feeling and emotion.

[4]. Make Room For No Flattering Words

It is not every word you hear that should trip you. Some words are just to flatter you so as to get what they want from you. From the start, it is good to define the relationship before you get hooked wrongly.

[5]. First Date And Your Expenditure Saga

If you take a person on a first date and their demand seems to exceed your expectation and your budgeted expenditure. Remember, such a person is out to make you bankrupt.

[6]. Mind What You Put On

If the one your love says they don’t like what you put on, do yourself a favour and change to something else. Your person is for your adoration and not what others should make some continuous and uncomplimentary pass upon.

[7]. Your Body Should Be Respected

The one your love should respect your body and wait for you till you are ready. If such can’t share your moment of distress, such wouldn’t be the one around all but a product of the one who wants to get what they want.

[8]. In Togetherness Love Grows

If both of you kiss but refuse to make use of each other toothbrushes, then there is something strange about your togetherness. When you love, you have to give all and hold back nothing in return.

[9]. Prepare Your Mind To Be Hurt

When you are deep in love, you are bound to do some crazy things especially if you are hurt. Love like you are going to be hurt so that if you are hurt, you would be able to pick yourself up and move on with your life.

[10]. Time To Realize That You Are In Love

When you skip the things that matter to you just to be with that special person in your life, it is time to accept without holding back that you are falling deeper and deeper in life.

[11]. When Love Is On The Way

If after a date and within a month without knowing it, all you do is talk about that special person you met even among your friends who have not met them. It is time to tell yourself that you are falling in love.

[12]. True Love Comes With A Big Challenge

Sometimes, to find true love, you have to block your ears to what people may say. Your happiness should be the thing that is paramount in your mind. Please know for sure that what will last does not come easy.

[13]. Determine Where Your Relationship Is Heading From The Start

When you are able to determine the way your relationship is heading from the start, you will be able to control every wrong signs that may arise in time without losing focus.

[14]. Money And Beauty Would Fade But Not The Peace Of Mind

Do not go in search of money and beauty from the start. But go in search of the one that will give you peace of mind. If you found such, money and beauty would be the thing that would never fade.

[15]. Communication Is What Builds A Relationship

The more you communicate, the more you break the barrier of doubt. If you must grow in love, learn the art of communication. It is one thing that will make your relationship a delight for others to envy.

[16]. Painful Decision Is What Builds A Relationship

A strong relationship is sometimes built on taking painful decisions and not on sentiment. When the person you are involved with understands you, such a person will always stand by you no matter the decision.

[17]. Sex Is Not True Love

If the one you love says it is either sex or no relationship or marriage. Look straight into their face and tell them it is not you they value but your body. Sex is not what will last forever but mutual trust and understanding.

[18]. Do Not Force Love On Anyone

Do not force anyone to love you. If you do, you are closing the door to the one who will truly love you for who you are and not what such a person might derive from the relationship.

[20]. Do Not Let Anyone Take Your Relationship For A Ride

In a relationship, where one partner is cool, the other should be outspoken or vice-versa. If both are cool, people would take advantage of them and could treat them like their foot mats.

[21]. Decide What You Want In A Relationship

There is no relationship that is made in Heaven. To make Heaven out of your relationship, both partners have to decide from the onset to make it work no matter the challenges that might come their way.

[22]. A Little Word Of Appreciation
 little romantic text, a little words of appreciation. A little word that says, “I care”, I love you”... that is what matters most. It is what will keep your relationship fun-loving day in, day out.

[23]. Negative Word Hurts

The right words at every moment are what will melt a hardened heart. If you want to make your relationship a long-lasting one, choose the right words and say no to the negative ones that could destroy your love.

[24]. Indecision Is What Kills A Relationship

When anyone finds it very difficult to make a decision; commitment in a relationship to such a person is a waste of time. If you come across such people, it is better you distance yourself from them or else, you will make yourself a victim of circumstances.

[25]. When All You Hear Is Their Future Plan Without You

When all the one you love does is talk about their future career without you in place, it is time you know that you are not the one that preoccupies their mind or else if you wait, you might wait forever.

[26]. When You Find No Encouragement

When you tell the one your love your future plan and then you look around without seeking any encouragement. Sincerely, such a person seems to see their future without you.

[27]. Manage Every Conflict Of Interest

Relationship sometimes comes with conflict. If you are with one who cannot manage some little conflict, you will have a big challenge when you settle down with such a person. Pray that such a person never puts a blow to your face.

[28]. Do Not Hide Your Relationship Away From Your Parents

Anyone who avoids getting to meet their parents is definitely not seeing their future in you. If you want to determine who has your interest at heart, first pop that question up and see their reaction.

[29]. When You Feel Not Valued

When the one you love is around friends and seems to downplay your person. Such a person sees nothing so special in you but merely sends a signal that you are not up to being that special person in your life.

[30]. If You Are Not Appreciated, Keep-Off

If every little effort of yours is criticized and never appreciated, take it or leave it, you would never be appreciated no matter how you try. Simply call it off and find another who values you no matter your mistakes.

[31]. When You See The Romantic Text Keeps Coming

When you start seeing unwanted romantic text messages at every moment of the day coming into your phone, relax your mind and smile because that special person in your life is beginning to fall in love.

[32]. When His Calls Are Unbearable

When the one you love calls every moment without actually saying any reasonable thing. Need I tell you that love is found in you? Hold on a little and behalf as if you do not know what is on the ground. Believe me; it is worth the wait if you care about the person.

This true season of love poems is true love poems from the heart and passionate love poems for him and her. Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends

Relationship Love Poems

True Season Of Love

If I may ask,
“What actually should be the true season of love?”
I know you might have one and a million answers
to this simple but logical question.

your answer as I know will all depend
on the side to which you view
the question but basically one truth is paramount –
“Every moment should be the true season of love”.
Agreed or not? But if you do, let me hear you shout it out,
“Love is life and life is love!”.

Love is life,
the very life wire to which we are all connected.
It is like the air we breathe.
It gives life to every part of our body.
If you are not feeling it, it never means it does not exist.

Love is all we need to make the world
a better place for all to live in.
So if you want a longer life,
love without hating but make room for hate.
And to keep love going, learn to share it.
When you share,
you open your heart and it becomes renewed
like the blossoming of the rose flower.

“True love is shared every moment
your heart feels the essence of that love.”     

I bet you again,
some may still disagree with this.
You may say what happens in the moment of despair?
To this I say;
that moment is what defines true love and makes it stronger.

Moment of despair is what actually adds value
to make love worth its salt.
If you are seeking a roller-coaster-kind-of-feel-good-love,
then I will say you have not yet started.

A true test of love is seen in a moment of challenges.
It is when the pain becomes stronger,
that love seems to manifest itself.
And if you can hold on to it,
then you can testify to its awesomeness.   

“Love a time comes with pains
that make you gain her crown.”    

In gaining the crown of love,
there are many things involved.
If you have heard of these words;
long-suffering, meekness,
perseverance and all the kind words
that have come to define love,
then you will understand
that love embodied them all in her kitty.

It should be known that love is love because it is love.
Love is not hate and harboured no hatred.
It is kind-hearted and you can feel her gentle touch
when you hold on to it.

Sincere as this statement is,
people seek to go the fast lane
when searching for love.
We seem not to want her pains
but rather seek her crown
which we in there missed the essence of.

“Love may not be a bed of roses a times,
but it is worth it in the long run that is if you hold on to it.”

If you hold on to love,
I would say believe in it.
When you believe in love,
you will have it back in return
but when you see it doesn’t worth it
then it will never be worth it.

Love is so precious
to the heart of the beholder.
It radiates an inward smile that beatifies the soul.
It makes living glorious.
It gives to our life what money can’t buy.

But to make it worth it,
we must cherish it in its purest form.
Remember what you love,
you cherish and when you don’t, you never will.
So learn to appreciate the love
and hold on to it because when you do,
you will always find love.

“When you appreciate the value of love,
love will appreciate you in return.”

Now I know your heart
may still be harbouring the thought,
when is the true season of love?
Well, some will say Valentine.
And there I would say,
Valentine normally comes and goes.
Many people during that day
actually had one thing or the other
to do concerning what Valentine was meant to be.

Looking at Valentine,
we all have come to see it
as the season of love apart from Christmas.
These seasons
have been seen as the right time
to send gifts of various kinds
all with the tone to express our love.

To me, it is all good as long as you believe in love.
But I still believe in this line in my mind.
“There is no specific time to express love,
love should be expressed in every moment of the day.”    

Above all, John [3:16]
gives it all to the true meaning of love.
“For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in Him
should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Nsikak Andrew


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends and Loved Ones
Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends and Loved Ones
Selfless love is indeed an essential part of life that grows a relationship. These unconditional love poems and relationship advice for friends are collections of some of the best unconditional love poems and advice that you can share with the people you love.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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