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Sweetest Long Distance Poetic Love Messages and Romantic Poems for My Sweetheart

The best true love story is measured by how long you found a peace of mind loving the one you love. It all boils down to how patience you are in building your relationship.

Long Poetic Romantic Love Messages

The best true love story is measured by how long you found peace of mind loving the one you love. It all boils down to how patient you are in building your relationship. 

These all-in-one love messages for him or her, romantic poem messages for him or her from the heart, my love for you is an endless poem, love poem wishes that rhyme and make you cry when I say I love you poem messages, I promise to love you a poem and I love you poems for wife.

To keep spicing up your love life, here for you are some collections of Long Poetic Love Messages to melt the heart of the one that is your true love. Love Poetry Messages In English

The Meekness Of Your Love

I have tasted,
The meekness of your love.
And gone, I couldn’t go.
In your heart there would I be,
And by your side;
There would I make my bed,
That I would stay and love you forever.

I Look To You

Your love,
Is a goddess to my soul.
I look to you,
And I’m mesmerized;
By the beauty in you.
Your body, spirit, and soul,
Are thought of love;
My heart can’t ignore it.

The Voice In You

Your voice intoxicates me,
And makes me drink;
From the cup of happiness.
When I heard you talk,
My soul is blessed;
To see another day.

The Sweet Melody

I could remember nothing,
But the sweet melody of your voice.
It makes me dream of you,
And at the same time;
It makes my day.
Your voice to me,
Is a blessing to my soul.

The Throne Of Your Love

To the throne of your love,
I worshipped.
Though I might never possess you,
But your love would I bend for;
That your heart would guide me,
To love you the way I desire.

When Your Love Knocks

Your love knocks and I open.
Now all I have,
Is the bliss of romance;
That is hard to replace.
You bring me, love,
You bring me adventure
And now, I can’t be bored loving you.


I have fallen in love with you.
Now my eyes glow with passion.
Just look into my eye,
And you will see the desired feeling,
Of a want of your lasting love.

Nsikak Andrew

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So So Sorry!

So so sorry
So so sorry
So so sorry
So sorry, that I glance through
And saw you passed-by
So sorry, that I had fought so hard
To blank the memory of you
From my mind
So sorry, that each day
The feeling about you lingers
So strongly in my mind...
So sorry, for longing so much for you
So sorry, for realizing too well
How dear you could mean to me.

I realized how difficult it could be
To blank the memory of you in my mind
I tried to run away
From this responsibility of realizing
That I feel for you
I got so confused and so sorry 
Daring to share your private world
But I realize too well
For there could be joy in sharing our love.

No day goes by
Without feeling so strongly for you
Your love I realize is irresistible
It's like the sweet fragrance
That emanates from the morning rose 
It chills my heart
And makes me feel more.

How do I do without you?
I got so, so confused thinking 
It’s just to be closer to you
That is the only way 
I could do without you
Am just so sorry
For wanting you so badly
To be my love.

Nsikak Andrew 

My undying love is for you, the angel of my life. You love me beyond reason. And for that, I will stick with you forever.

Let your love erase my doubt and create in me a new heart that lives for you. Let it make me a new creature that I might search for none else but you angel of my life.

What I valued most about you is nothing but you. Now for the love of you, all that ever matters to me is nothing but you, the angel of my life.

Every day the single thought of you renews my heart with a strong passion to love you more. Now I know I have found an angel in you.

You are like an angel sent to brighten my day. Just sitting, talking, and seeing you smile, brings so much joy and happiness to my soul.

If others claimed to have seen angels, I shall never be bordered because since I met you, I have found the angel others are searching for.

I searched for an angel and found you. I searched for love and still found you. You are the angel and the love of my life that guides and protects me away from danger.

You Know

Girl don't you know - 
That, my love, is true - uuh - uh
And I may not have another chance - 
To prove my love to you.

Now that our relationship
Is waxing so strong
I realize the wild game
You want play
And I want to let you know
Before the hands of time
True love stands in the hands of time.

It is not what you see 
That should be a priority
But what does the heart have to offer
That should be the priority
It's so sad to realize
That our love is fading away
I tried my very best
To give you all I got
But you still doubt my love.

Oh doubt not, for my love is true
That which you need is a promise
That I shall provide them with all for you
Just give me that chance to show you
That all we need to prevail is love.

Nsikak Andrew 

Your worth and values are not replacements. Your care and kind-heartedness are priceless. Your love and smile are irresistible. Truly, you are a diamond that shall never fade.

Even if everyone glances through, they would be blind to see the priceless worth of your love. Your love is priceless and to it, I shall live for the rest of my life.

Honey is sweeter but your love is the sweetest. Gold has a price tag but your love is priceless. If I have to choose between both, I rather will choose you.

Your worth and values are irreplaceable. Your care and kind-heartedness are priceless. Your love and smiles are irresistible. Truly you are a diamond that never fades.

I think of the greatest refreshment in life and all I could think of is your love that is so refreshing to my life and that which is priceless with the worth that money can’t buy.

I prayed for a guardian angel who will guard me all the way and when I thought my prayers weren’t answered; you came like a guardian angel and swept me off my feet with the beauty that is your love.

If love is not blind, then how could we see? For love to be real, it needs to be blind. I am blind to any negative things that would diminish my love for you.

Your Mail 

I got your mail
And the content was well noted
But baby, am telling you
That thing can never
Be the same again.

Now here comes your reply
I needed not to have replied
But for old time's sake
When you felt,
You said to hell with me
You went to find love
Where it never exists
I told you, but you never 
Give a damn to listen to me
You kept preaching about how he is
Heavenly sent for you
But now, why come back
To the love you discard
I thought you said
He was the best for you
That only in him you
Would find happiness
Why come back now
To the love you once discard.

You never gave a thought
What life holds for anyone
Never despise a small beginning 
He has cars, you said
He built a castle, you emphasized
He is the best thing in the world you chorused
I did tell you all that glitters are not gold
Now see how miserable your life is.

You plead and said I should forgive you
And take you back as my girl
But baby, think this way
You left me a miserable being
For a long time, you never gave
A thought about how I felt
Now that time had to heal 
The wound you caused 
You appeared back from nowhere
Baby how would you feel knowing
That someone was there
To help heal the wound you caused
Even though I still love you
But things can't be the same again.

So, baby, we could be friends
Let's not pretend that things
Could ever be the same
Search for another life to live
Am now a happy man
Learning life in a beautiful way.

Nsikak Andrew 

The tenderness of your love brings smiles and sunshine into my life. These smiles will never be there as long as you stay and love me the way you do.

You are the sun, moon, and star I see. Above all, you are the love I have. Nothing can separate my love for you. You are my everlasting love.

I have and will always love you. You are my sunshine, my joy, my happiness, and my hope. Loving you makes me a happy person.

You are a gift hard to replace. Him who finds you, have it all. You're like a tree planted by the riverside, which flourishes without blemish.

If there is another day, month, or year. If there is another sun, moon, or star. There will never be another you. You are a gift that can never be replaced.

Even in rainfall or in the sunshine. I will always live to love you just the way you’re.

You have been a true friend. I will always cherish it. You bring sunshine into my life on this special day. I say may the Good Lord bless and favour you.

Two Wrong

I hurt you That I know - 
And saying I'm sorry
Wouldn't mean a thing
I don't deserve
To be called your man again
All I need now
Is your forgiveness
I know it's hard
Considering all I did for you
By messing around
With your best friend
I don't deserve
To be forgiven by you
But you got a temper
Justices with mercy
I know -

Two wrong can never
Make a right 
I know - 
But you got to
Give me one more chance
To really prove
My love to you.

Let me explain -
How the hold thing began - 
I tried to resist
The chemistry between me and her
But the more I tried
The more she keeps
Coming after me!
Nothing I said
Could change her mind
All she needed was me
I got so sick thinking about it
I know I made a big mistake
By hiding this away from you!
And now you found out
The mess I was in with
Then you decided
To end our sweet relationship
I know - 

Now I have realized my mistakes
And have made an amend to it!
It's you I need
Like never before
Baby, do remember
The wonderful promises we made
To be together to the end
I know I have treated
You so badly
But now that I realize this mistake
It's you I need and no one else
Just give me a second chance
To prove my love for you!
I know – 

Nsikak Andrew 

Each time I look into your eyes, I behold the beauty of heaven and each time I think of you, I have the feeling of paradise. Truly, you are the joy of the heavenly paradise I long for.

Each time I look into your eyes, I feel so closer to you. Your love brings me closer and closer to you. For the way you love me, I will always be closer to you

When I saw the smile on your face and the joy in your eyes, there my heart was satisfied for I know that this journey of ours in love has found a perfect peace of mind that shall keep us as one.

Every beat of my heart is a function of your love. You take me higher and now I can breathe again and again, all because you give me the reason to breathe again.

I stand within the river Niger Bridge to declare my love for you. Ever since I met you, you have become a pillar of strength and a blessing to me.

How do I explain to myself that the thought of you sends a shivering cold down my spine? You’re one cold that controlled my imagination.

The sweetest thing that has ever happened to my life is the day you gave your love to me. Each time I look back, I will always cherish that day.

Your Body

The hair
The natural face
The pointed nipples
The V-curve
Hanging on the silky
Nightwear you wore
Which mirrored out
From the light splash
Speared my heart.

Your body,
It makes me want to say
O - oh - oh - oh - ohhhh
Your body, oh!
It makes me want to do
So crazy things to you.

A perfect creation 
On a perfect day
Standing out like
An elegant station
Which cares not
About the happenings 
Around her environment 
Beholding that figure
Buckled my heart.

O! heart
Why can't you be silence
Why give yourself a sleepless night? 
Why drop sick just reminiscing?
Busted this feeling - `heart'
It's just a day's drop
Then you wouldn't figure out
That which sets your heart on fire.

I can't hold back this feeling
But all I want is you
I promise to give my very best
Making you feel like you have
Never felt before because of your body...

Nsikak Andrew 

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Your spouse deserves your praise. I inked some lines for my dear wife which I want to share in verses. Here we go! 

I bring to you the heart that loves radiates,
To you have I given without hesitation,
Take control of that which is my all,
For in the meekness of your tendered love,
Have I chosen to make the centre of my world.

Faith and the fear of the Lord, that is what I used to build my relationship. I know I am not perfect to be right at all times but be it as it may, I found strength in His grace to keep on keeping on.

Appreciate your spouse with kind words and see how your relationship will go from strength to strength. My wife is my hero, in the meekness of her tendered love, have I chosen to make the centre of my world. Loving thing... 

Still dreaming of love and I just want to wake up every day feeling love at all times. Here we go again with the other verse for my one 
and only. 

Sometimes, I feel the silent warm of tears,
The same that weakened my heart to love you,
This tear in my eye is nothing but the tears of joy,
The same that gladdened my heart every moment,
To keep on loving you just the way you are.

Do you feel tears when you love? I mean the innermost joy that weakened your heart with words that lacks explanation. That is the power of love and it is the feeling you should have for that special person in your life.

When you develop this kind of love, the fear of distrust is banished. Give back love to the one who shows you love. Even your enemy deserved some love.    

Take time to always appreciate the day you met the one you love. When you live to appreciate every unique moment, it shows that you are ever caring. What is love without caring? See the other verse.

I blessed the day to which I found you,
I adore the day to which you accepted to be mine,
The very day to which we walked down the aisle,
The vow we made is to me the echo bliss of eternity,
The thought of that day, makes me feel immortality.

Wow, you may say. That is what makes it feel good. A candlelight dinner for just two of you is wise. This keeps the fire burning while love makes it happen.

Immortalize what you love; there is no harm in it. 

Hope to close on this for now. But I wouldn’t do that without this last verse for my dear wife. It makes me feel good. It shows that it takes two to tango. 

Me, you have made me the best I could be,
My heart, you have nurtured with the gift of love,
And you, it is my promise to be there for you,
To make our dream a blossom house of treasure,
As long as I found the breath of the morning air. 

Whatever you want to achieve, pray that you find the right soulmate that will share your dreams, and visions and walk with you when others fail to believe in you.

When you get there, hold back and do not discard the vessel that stood by you in all the rainy weather. It is time to shower her with love, the best money can’t buy. If you are with me, then you should know what I mean.  


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Sweetest Long Distance Poetic Love Messages and Romantic Poems for My Sweetheart
Sweetest Long Distance Poetic Love Messages and Romantic Poems for My Sweetheart
The best true love story is measured by how long you found a peace of mind loving the one you love. It all boils down to how patience you are in building your relationship.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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