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Sweetest Love Poetry Messages and Classic Love Poems in English

These love poetry messages and classic love poems in English are poems about love and pain, short love poems for wife and true love poems.

Love Romantic Poetry Messages in English

Though these love poetry messages in English might be short it is so tenderly powerful that they would melt the heart of the one you love. Indeed, these classic poetic love poem messages in few words for her are poems to make her melt, short love poems for someone you love, romantic poems for her, classic love poems, and flirty poems for someone special.

Love is unconditional and here are poems about loving someone unconditionally. These collections of classic romantic poems are love poems for her from the heart. The poems are about falling in love with that special soulmate in your life. When you find the right soulmate, it is one of the greatest feelings of all time. If you have found that special someone, why not go ahead and share these best romantic poem messages with the one who gives you joy.

These best love poetry poems are perfect for your special soulmate. Come on, make someone feel so special by sharing these strong poetry love messages with him or her. Short Poetic Love Poem Messages 

The Way You Love Me

I feel loved and desired,
The way you love me.
You make me love,
The way I haven’t loved before.
Now effortlessly,
I love you like never before.

Every Moment Of The Day

I craved for your love,
Every night and day.
I long for your touch,
Every moment of the day.
I live for you,
Every second of my life.
I love you,
With every breath that I take.

Somewhere Inside Of Me

Somewhere deep inside of me,
Your love resides.
Every moment I think of it,
My heart glowed with a smile;
Like a newborn baby.
Now I could smile forever,
Just because you love me.

That Innocent Love

The innocence of your love,
Arouses my feeling.
Your love came like raw gold,
That knows no refinement.
I hold it and cherish it,
And now, I can’t do without it.

Drop Of Your Rhythm

The melody of your love,
Sang a song of affection to my soul.
Every drop of your rhythm,
Escalate my soul and all I do is wait;
That you will sing a song of love,
That makes me long to live for you.

Music To My Soul

Alluring is the music,
That your love sang.
It craved my soul,
And turned my day into night;
Dream into reality,
And love into undying pleasure.

I Am Lifted

I am thrilled beyond my bones.
I am lifted beyond my spirit.
I am glad to be alive.
All because when I see you,
I see the love;
That makes me what I am.

Nsikak Andrew

Classic Romantic Poems that Will Make Her Fall in Love with You Forever. Indeed these are love poems that will make her fall in love with you. Improve your romantic love life with these passionate love poems for her. This would show how caring you are to the one you love.

My Heart Beats For Her 

My heart beats for her
My mind drums for her
Her whole world I seek to conquer.

My heart longs for her
My mind yearns for her
Her whole life I seek to possess.

My heart breath for her
My mind lives for her
She has become a single part of me.

My heart, my mind
Can’t live a day without her
She, who makes my world complete.

Nsikak Andrew 

Avenue de amour 

Down the avenue of love were cupid's reigns 
I sang a song that the heart rejoiceth
“Love has found me and I have found love”
Love clothes in the majesty of royalty.

Down avenue de amour
Her gentleness has swept my feet
Gladdening my soul to sing
“Love is the answer to every hate that we bear.”   

Down this avenue of love
A cool soul has been found
That who values a worth.

Nsikak Andrew

When you seek to remain relevant, learn how not to reveal your mind to all and sundry. Keep your game plan to your heart and play it out at random.  

"Be a master of your mind, that is how to keep the enemies at bay."
When you reveal all you have, you are left with nothing to hold back. It is good to put down your thoughts but be careful when you are around wolves.

Life is like going to a battlefield. The strategy you have is what will guarantee your victory. When your enemy knows your plan, you are finished; it is as simple as that.

To survive life’s many hurdles, learn to reveal less and put more into action. Just let no one determine your next move.  


Shy by nature
She walks slowing
With submissive character
She epitomizes her upbringing.

I like her shyness
For the tension of the home
She will control in fairness
And I would be free
From the trouble of a worried mind.

Nsikak Andrew

Love Ballads

Love bites
Love hurts
Love stains.

When it bites
It keeps a wound for remembrance.

When it hurts
It makes provision for healing.

When it stains
It leaves a long-time smell
Of invisible desire.

Nsikak Andrew

Classic Love Poems from the Heart for Her and True Love Poems from the Heart for Her. Truly these are love poems for the one you love. If you have found the rightful soulmate, then these best classic romantic collections of love poems are for the one you love. 

Lost Mindedness 

Mind lost in thoughts
My heart dripped with emotion
Thoughts provoked to react
Today the angel must be happy
For a lost star has come home to rest
For months she was lost to uncertainty 
With lines of thoughts that pile
Gazing in breath 
What an embodiment of the hair
That the body could care. 
Cruel in thoughts the mind perplex  
With a weak desire to dominate
That which is the free gift of nature
How the heart rejoices in a conqueror story 
But the foolishness of illusion
Never keeps a reminder note of warming
For a night of flirting that seems right
Is an open passport to shame
Where her pride of honour
Are like the lilies' leaf that fades away. 

Nsikak Andrew

If you see the light every morning, do not think you are free from the eyes of those who want to see you go down. Even if you are a man-pleaser, they are those who just hate you for nothing.

"The boost you need to get to your success is the enemies' attitude embedded in their hate."

The worst of it all is that the enemies are those around you. Those you trust and can give your last dime to see that they make a value out of their lives.

As bad as this may sound as I said, an enemy has a role to play in your pathway to success. When an enemy keep-hating; that is when you have the zeal to strive towards achieving your goal.

Your aim in overcoming the enemies' hate; is to stay focused. When you are focused, nothing can distract your mind from making your dream come true. 

Heart Beat 

Save me the heat,
And give me the beat,
Let my heart tingle 
For my heartbeat twinkle.

Save me the tension
And give me the action
Let my heart mingle 
For my heartbeat yearns.

Save me the embarrassment
And give me the enlargement
Let my heart fraternize 
For my heartbeat liquidates.

Save me the emotion
And give me the motion
Let my heart journey
For my heartbeat wearies.

Save me the heart
And give me the life
Let my heart live
For, my heartbeat vibrates.

Save me, 
Free me,
And let me be.

Nsikak Andrew


In the bond of hope,
We were created to love
In the bond of friendship
We were meant to be one
Like a bunch of brooms
We were not to be separated
But be bound in togetherness.

Like two heads
We are better than one
But stronger than all
For in togetherness
We were meant to blossom
Like the pasture that never fades.

Nsikak Andrew

Short Classic Love Poems for the One You Love. These short love poems for the one you love are truly heart-touching. Here are deep romantic poems that express how you feel for your one and only sweetheart. When you find someone, you can share these deepest secrets of how you feel. 

I Long For You 

Woman of my dream,
The joy of my heart,
Days thoughts are incomplete without you
My heart is at peace for knowing you
Long for the day, I would hold you in my arms.

Nsikak Andrew

Feeling Of You 

Who are you
That takes my sleep away
From out of the blue you came
Without a second thought
You reawaken my desire
With lost in thoughts guessing
Is this for real?

Nsikak Andrew 

Why do people mistake love for weakness when it comes to relationships?

"The reason people let things be is for peace to reign and nothing else."

In this era of violence and misconduct, if you find the one who loves you without compromise, please do not kill the love with negative hurting words.

Love suffers no hurt even when a sacrifice has to be made to keep it alive. It is easy to hurt, but the wound is hard to heal. Even when it heals, the scar will always be there at some point to remind us of the wound.

As humans, we have feelings which are what love needs to grow. 

Learn how to appreciate the weak point of your significant other. Also, help him/her in prayer and supplication towards every noticeable wrong attitude. When you do this constantly, you will find out that they will overcome it in no time and you will be better for it.    

Heart Or Mouth 

Can your soul hear your words?
Words, spoken from your heart
For you came like an angel
With no blaspheming words in your heart
I heard those words and my heart gladden
I heard those words and my heart opened 
Like a rose flower in the morning breathe.
Fragrances of your words
Mesmerize me like a Love song
You made promises of care
Vows that would rethink a hardened soul
I trip, I tremble, I freeze, I surrender…
Now I know that words from the mouth
Aren't they the same as words from the heart?     

Nsikak Andrew 

Short Classic Love Poems For The One You Love. Good morning with love is all it takes to make your true love feel the better side of life. Go ahead and let him or her know that you truly care with these little confessions. These are famous love poems about life, Poems about loving someone, and romantic poems about life and love.

Little Love Note 

I shall forever respect you
Though I might be the wrong one
Trying to win the heart of a good girl.
You make me have 

A rethink over my life. 
Will we really be?
Do I really deserve you?
Maybe, just maybe, maybe not…

Nsikak Andrew 

Are You The One? 

So lonely am I 
So confused do I
Thoughts of you 
Is like the river of joy that flows.
Are you the one?
I keep asking.

Nsikak Andrew 

Dotted Agreement 

In totality, I agreed to surrender 
My undying love for you
To be guided in your arms
With the tenderness that you bring.

Nsikak Andrew 

There is no one alive that has no fault. Imperfection can only be made perfect at our fault.

"What you considered a fault to one is a blessing to another."

When we learn to take responsibility for our faults, that is only when we can humble ourselves to make amendments. 

Do not live like you know it all. When you feel you have it all, people will shy away from correcting any fault you have. With your safe righteousness, you might be heading towards destruction without knowing.

When you are wrong, admit it to yourself and seek possible ways out of that situation. The era of covering up our faults is over.

Be open. That is the only way to free your mind from unwanted nerves arising from conditions that might be detrimental to your health. 

Health is wealth, always have that in mind.

Lost Thoughts

There’s a collection I read
And seems to see 
Most of the traits in you.
I did love and sincerely wish 
To discuss it with you.
Give me your valuable time
It would be worth your time.
Let me know your convenience       
And when to meet you.

I never give a second thought about you
But in recent times, I imagine 
The little wonders I could do with your body.
Baby, you have the best body
I haven’t seen you in a while
I desire to care for you up to down
Till you scream my name.

Each of your appearances embodies 
A replica of the hidden treasure inside of you.
I adore your walking, your tendered face,
The stubborn way you carry yourself – 
Never in a compromise to let go
Of your self-esteem.

I am overwhelmed by your charms
Though you’re a little bit stubborn,
 It’s your style but yet in all,
You’re natural, loving 
And surprisingly elegant
To be around with.

I admire your neat handwriting
Painted inside my little diary
It’s like getting Madonna to sign 
An autograph for you.

Lost thoughts,
It is part of the secret I harbour
All for one, love that never fades
I sure shall ever long to be yours.

Nsikak Andrew 

Short Sweet Love Poems For The One You Love And Miss. Are you missing someone you love? These romantic poems are for you to share with the one you are missing. 

Little Confession

And we sat side by side 
While you were busy
Typing in PowerPoint.
A poem titled 
“To my Friends and 
Cronies around the world” 
I ask for your permission
To read through
Which you said I should.
As I read through
I ask, what is this call? – 
Pointing to the object 
In your hand.
It is a mouse you reply.
Doesn’t it bite? I ask.
Then you smile
And turn to see 
Who was sitting close to you?
I asked again, what is this? 
That you’re typing on called
The keyboard you did reply.
I did ask some little funny questions
Which you did answer
With so much radiant
And smile on your face.
I did tell you I was coming
To make inquiries for training
So as to be computer literate
Just like you.
I did say you will be my trainer
When I register.
You did agree 
I did tell you my name
And walked away
Promising to see more of you. 
I never came to be trained
I came to see you and
To have a word 
With this pretty lady 
That I have secretly admired.

My little confession is
I sincerely admire you
Every time I see you.
You have that distinct quality
That I can’t ignore
But my stress is I am so shy a guy
Even though I so much admire you,
I feel ashamed walking up to you
Save my heart this pain, 
Can we have a date?
A pretty woman who stole my heart.

Nsikak Andrew 

Before you criticize, pause and look back on your life. Ask yourself if your motive for criticizing is constructive or not. When your motive is not constructive, it is better to forget criticizing except you don’t have a conscience.    

"Criticism is like pulling the trigger. It either kills or leaves the person hurt for life."

It is so sad that some people’s daytime job is to criticize and make a 
mess of other people’s life. Maybe they derive joy in seeing to it that their criticism hurt others. When you hurt the feeling of others with your wrong choice of words, what actually have you derived?

Next time when you think of criticizing, remember that when you point one finger at a person, the remaining four are still pointing back at you.

A word for the wise is enough.   
Tonic To True Love 

Tight words,
Strong feeling, 
That’s the tonic our heart needs
To survive the storms for love.

I found you 
And found the perfect tonic
That cures my heart for real.

Nsikak Andrew 

Corner In My Heart 

At the corner of my wardrobe
Hung your picture
Each time I look at your smiling face
It tells me that someone out there
Give care about me.
Thanks for caring.

Nsikak Andrew 

Sad Love Poems For The One You Love But Can't Have. You love her deeply but can’t have her due for one reason or the other. Sometimes you should know that love might not go where it is desired. 

Words Fail My Lips 

Words fail my lips
For I now feel like a discarded pot
At the corner of a thatched hut
I long for a deep smile but…
Tears drop from my eyes
What’s a life worth?
If all that is to it
Is deceit and never 
That unconditional love
Which is all it takes 
To make life worth living.

Nsikak Andrew 

Word Words 

Can your soul hear your words?
Words, spoken from your heart
For it came like an angel
With no blaspheming clues to ponder.

I heard those words
And my heart gladden
I heard those words
And my heart opens…

Fragrances of those words
Mesmerized me like a love song
You made promises of cares
Vows that would rethink a soul.

I tripped, I trembled,
I freeze, I surrendered
Now I know
That words from the mouth
Aren’t like words from the heart.

Nsikak Andrew 

Love should be handled with the meekness of heart. It shouldn’t be what will bring us untold pain. It is so sad when the bliss of love becomes an instrument of lust.

"When you love; love for the sake of love and not to have any strings attached."

If I may ask, why should a scary vow be sacrificed on the altar of lust? Lust will do you no good. It is an avenue to kill the joy that true love brings. 

We should be careful of what we do when it has to do with love. Many for the sake of their selfish motive in love; have committed untold crimes that have sent others to their early graves.

When you make up your mind to love, stay put and love. Lusting will only lower your self-esteem and make no value of your real person. I rest my case.    

Fool For Love 

Love comes with many sacrifices
And same which is that defines our person
If you hate to love, then you will hate to live
And when you love, love without any condition.

Love celebrates the sacrifices it makes
Same it embraces humility
Without making herself feel disappointed
But rather striving to be the best at all times.

It searches to be the best even when it seems impossible
And to her kind-heartedness, many seek to emulate
But how wrong can our thought bear her everyday pains
That when we give our all, we are regarded as fools.

Never knew I was a fool for love
Oh! Thanks for making me realise that
At least I now know I mean nothing to anyone
That love I thought was real was nothing but a fool.  

Nsikak Andrew 

“If you have never tasted poverty, then you would never appreciate success.”


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Sweetest Love Poetry Messages and Classic Love Poems in English
Sweetest Love Poetry Messages and Classic Love Poems in English
These love poetry messages and classic love poems in English are poems about love and pain, short love poems for wife and true love poems.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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