Christian Religious Birthday Wishes for Mothers

These christian religious birthday wishes for mothers are spiritual birthday wishes for a mother and birthday prayer for mom from daughter and son.

Christian Religious Birthday Messages for Mothers

This is a special collection of Christian religious birthday wishes for mothers which is what we have here for you. Wishing our mothers a happy birthday on their special day should be something that is delightful for us to do. If we understand the roles played by mothers to shape our destiny, we would do all it takes to make them feel special on their day.

Truly if your search online centres around what should I write in my mom's birthday card for Christians, how do you wish your spiritual mother happy birthday, what is the best Christian message for a birthday and how do you say happy birthday to a godly woman? Then these touching birthday messages to my mother, birthday messages for a spiritual mentor, best birthday quotes for my mother and Christian birthday prayer for my mother are right here for your delight to send across to a mother like no other. 

Big shout out to all the amazingly beautiful mothers who made us the person that we are today. Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for True Friends

Christian Religious Birthday Wishes For Mothers

These Christian religious birthday wishes for mothers are deep happy birthday wishes to a friend's mother, birthday wishes for a girlfriend's mom, Christian birthday wishes for a mother, happy birthday wishes to your friend's mom, and happy birthday message to a best friend's mom, happy birthday to my spiritual mother, birthday SMS to a friends mother and birthday quotes for your best friend's mom. Birthday Wishes for Sister and Bday Quotes for Friends

[1]. All things shall always be new. You have lived a life of impact. May you always make news. We thank God for allowing you to see another year. May you always live in peace, joy and harmony. Happy belated birthday.

[2]. Happy birthday to a gorgeous woman of faith.  I appreciate everything you do and I'm so grateful to be a part of the people you mentored. You are indeed a blessing to us all. We love you. I hope you have the best amazing birthday ever; you deserve it.

[3]. Grace is better than disgrace. Today grace will speak for you. Happy birthday! May God bless you with what you have prayed for that is good before Him. May He shine His face upon you at all times. Enjoy the best of your day. You deserve the best.

[4]. May the Lord reward you with what you worked for and grant you what you hoped for. May He pleasantly surprise you with what you have not asked for and make your life always delight someone.

[5]. Happy Birthday to the smartest, kindest, prettiest and dearest of all mothers! I hope and pray that this year brings you all the joy you deserve. Age in grace!

[16]. Happy Birthday to my lovely friend, a mother, my business partner, my motivator and lover of Christ! On this Day I wish you beautiful years ahead. God bless you and make your day special to celebrate. Happy birthday and many happy moments that are filled with joy and happiness.

[7]. Happy birthday dear friend and Mother, God bless your new age. I refuse to call you a friend because you have been more than a Sister and a mother to me. I'm grateful to God Almighty for giving you peace of mind and everlasting joy. As you celebrate your Birthday, I pray that happiness shall always be your portion today and always.

[8]. Happy birthday, I pray that God Almighty blesses you with long life and prosperity.  I wish you all the best. May your passion for the things of God grow more and more in Jesus' name.

[9]. Wish you a happy birthday, long life in good health and peace of mind with great accomplishments. May you age graciously in Jesus' name. And may your day be showered with happiness and bountiful blessings. Happiest birthday to you! Enjoy your day.

[10]. Wishing you many more years and much more happy return's in good health with long life and God’s grace with favours always. Congratulations and happy birthday to you. Enjoy God's love today and always.

[11]. Mama, you will celebrate many years with your children in health and in wealth in Jesus' Name. Thank God, the grace is released to you. Good health and prosperity on every side. Happy birthday Mama.

[12]. Mom received the same grace to be super healthy and strong. Happy birthday, mother. Ride on Mama!

[13]. Live the rest of your life in good health and heaven at last Mum. What more can we ask of God for you, mother? Greater grace to finish well and stronger in Jesus' name. Happy birthday to a mother like no other.

[14]. You are a pleasant mother. Peace to you more and more. Happy birthday, Mama, God bless and keep your mother.

[15]. Happy birthday to a blessed and highly favoured mother in a million. I wish you just what you wish yourself. 

[16]. Mummy, happy birthday to you Ma. God bless your new age in Jesus' name. I keyed into this wonderful grace of long life and prosperity enjoyed by you in Jesus Christ's name.

[17]. Mama, happy birthday. Increase in grace and impact with blessings. Experience His glory more and more. Congratulations!

[18]. Happy birthday Ma. God will continue to strengthen you. Age with an abundance of God's grace and mercy in Jesus' name.

[19]. Happy birthday, mother! Prophecy is being fulfilled in your lifetime. God bless you the most. More strength and grace for each new day. You will continue to enjoy good health in Jesus' name.

[20]. Happy birthday, mother. May God bless you abundantly. May God continue to use you in wreaking havoc in the camp of the devil. 

[21]. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day mother. I key into this order of longevity in Jesus' precious name. Your strength is renewed in Jesus' name. Congratulations on your new age.

[22]. God Almighty will bless your new age in Jesus' mighty name. The Lord will keep holding your hands till the end. I tap into this special grace. Happy birthday to a great mother. More grace Mummy!

[23]. Continue to enjoy God’s unfailing grace. Happy birthday mummy, more strength and good health as I tap into your longevity with good health.

[24]. Happy scintillating birthday Ma'am, Congratulations Ma, more grace. Cheers to all the family. Continue to live a strong and healthy life in Jesus' mighty name.

[25]. Your new age is blessed. Congratulations to you and the entire family. God's protection shall continually be upon you. Happy birthday, Mummy. Continue to age gracefully.

[26]. Happy birthday Mama. I celebrate you and the grace of God upon your life. Blessed art thou among women. Mama, receive greater grace for long life, good health, peace and prosperity in Jesus' name. Congratulations!

[27]. Happy birthday to a vessel of honour, continue to grow in the unfailing love of God and the beauty of every blessing in Jesus Christ, for you will finish strong.

[28]. Happy birthday to you, mother. Wishing you strength and good health in your remaining days on earth. More of God's strength and favour. Thank God for your life.

[29]. Happy birthday to you my lovely great mother, long life and prosperity, and age with grace, your maximum this year will be your minimum next year in the name of Jesus, we celebrate the grace of God upon your life. I love you, Mama.

[30]. Happy birthday dear mother. I wish you more grace, health, and strength. Congratulations, God will continue to increase your anointing. I pray for greater grace and glory.

Christian Birthday Messages for a Sister and Mother

Christian Birthday Wishes For A Sister And Mother

Truly, our Christian sister and mother deserve a lot from us during their special day. Birthday time is one rightful occasion for us to show how appreciative we are to them. Rightfully among other things, sending beautiful Christian birthday wishes for our sister and mother is one of the things we shouldn’t forget to do. These Christian birthday messages are religious birthday wishes for my sister, birthday blessings from the bible, inspirational birthday messages for my sister, birthday wishes and prayers for my mother, inspirational bible quotes for birthdays, happy birthday sister inspirational and excellent birthday wishes. Special Happy Birthday Dear Brother and Sister Messages

[31]. Looking fabulous always. Happy birthday Sister for life, have a great day! Beautiful sweetheart! May the Almighty Father bless you with many more blessings.

[32]. God bless you always! At every moment of the day, my prayer is that you will fulfil your destiny and also live to be a blessing to your generation. Happy Birthday Beautiful! Have a wonderful day.

[33]. Your kindheartedness is something that gives us joy. I join others to celebrate you today on this special day. May you live to enjoy many happy moments like this not only today but always. Happy birthday, beautiful butterfly! The one with a heart of gold!

[34]. I hope you had a beautiful birthday my dear. I wish I could have sung to you at the party like I did on the phone. You are indeed a true friend, a sister like no other. Happy birthday beautiful!

[35]. Enjoy your special day and live life fully to God’s glory. May each of your days be filled with beautiful memories of good tidings that would gladden your heart with gladness. Happy birthday, Queen!

[36]. I pray you never lack many good things in life. May you live to accomplish your purpose and may your day be days of testimonies. May you always be on top. Awesome Happy B-day Queen, enjoy your day.

[37]. Every good thing you desire shall be your portion. May you be celebrated wherever you shall set your feet upon. Have a lovely day today and always. Happy Birthday! Much more life to live and enjoy.

[38]. Happy birthday to my Sissy! May you experience joy unlimited. May you always shine far beyond your peers. Have a happy moment filled with lots of smiles.

[39]. My beautiful Sister, the best among equals. We appreciate you always for all you did for us as a family. You are a source of encouragement to us all. May your special day always bring you joy, happiness and peace of mind.

[40]. Today and always, we pray for God’s protection over you. You will be celebrated. You will achieve more and shall gain more. May you never be a victim of circumstances. Grow in grace and age graciously. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

[41]. Great the Lord has made you, and great you will remain. I celebrate the grace for longevity over your life. Age and flourish in grace Ma. Happy birthday to you, dear mother.

[42]. More life to your years. You still look so young and beautiful. I tap into the longevity of your life. Continue to shine Mama. I wish you a long life with perfect health.

[43]. More prosperous years in good health for our great mother. As your age so shall your strength be. May God bless your new age. We pray that God continues to keep you and bless you in all areas.

[44]. Blessed really are you amongst women, blessed also is the fruit of your womb. Many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday to you, beloved mother. Good health is your portion.

[45]. You shall eat more of the fruit of your labour. Age with more grace. Happy birthday to you mummy. May God's presence keep abiding in you. We love and honour you.

[46]. Happy birthday Mama and continue to enjoy God's grace and favour. I tap into your grace. The rest of your years shall be filled with joy. Age gracefully.

[47]. Happy birthday to the mother of mothers. You're a blessing Mummy. I pray you will not lose your eternal reward. More grace in the years ahead. God bless and keep you in good health. Congratulations.

[48]. Wishing you many more fruitful and pleasant years in Jesus' name. You will live long in sound health and happiness. Happy birthday, mother. The seeds of your womb are blessed beyond measure.

[49]. I tap into this grace of longevity with sound health. Strength, grace and overflowing joy in your old age. Happy birthday Mummy, may God continue to strengthen and keep you. Many happy returns of the day.

[50]. More years of graceful living. Happy birthday to you great and successful mother of a kind. Continue to age in grace. May your remaining years be eternally blessed.

[51]. Happy birthday Mummy, may you continue to enjoy the grace of the Almighty God and the fruits of your labour in Jesus' name. Longer life and good health. The rest of your life will be in good health and sound mind in Jesus' name.

[52]. Longevity without infirmity is her portion in Jesus' name. I celebrate you for love and life well deserved. I tab into your obedience and long life history in Christ Jesus. Happy birthday Mummy, more strength for you.

[53]. God's blessings, enjoy the fruits of your labour. Wishing you heaven at last. Happy glorious birthday Mummy, may God continue to protect and keep you for more years in good health and prosperity. Age gracefully.

[54]. Many more awesome years to come. Happy birthday to you, mother. God will endow you with more grace, sufficient strength, and good health to enjoy more benefits of motherhood.

[55]. Happy birthday, I connect to the grace that has worked for you. May the Lord prolong your years in sound health. Happy birthday to you dear mother and congratulations, age with the new grace, strength and power of God.

[56]. The remaining days shall be full of peace and health. May God bless your new age and grant you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to you mother, more grace and power to dwell in the presence of the Lord.

[57]. Your new season is already blessed in Jesus' name. Happy birthday sweet mother. Wishing you all the best of God in sound health. A very happy birthday to you.

[58]. God will keep you longer for us in Jesus' name. God bless your new age. We thank God for this longevity heritage upon you. Happy birthday great mother, and many more healthy and happy years to you.

[59]. May your strength be renewed. As your days so shall your strength be. Congratulations and happy birthday Mummy, may Heaven watch over your new dawn. The strength of the Lord will not cease in your life.

[60]. God bless your new age. As your years are, so shall your strength be. I wish you more glorious and fruitful years ahead and above all long life and sound health. Happy special birthday Mummy. More grace and strength for 100 ahead. 

Happy Birthday Best Messages for Mother

Happy Birthday Best Wishes To Mother

One of the most significant people in our life is truly the mother. Our mother seems to understand us the more because she was right there for us from the beginning when we made our first cry. If there is anyone who should deserve our best wishes, such for sure is our mother. These amazing birthday wishes for mothers contain the best deep birthday wishes for mom, happy birthday mom letter, funny birthday wishes for mom from daughter, birthday wishes for mother in English, deep birthday wishes for mom from daughter, happy birthday mom quotes, birthday message for mother long-distance and birthday wishes and prayer for my mother. Sweet Happy Birthday Poems for Friends

Mothers are indeed a gift from God to help educate us towards becoming better people in life. Her words of encouragement are words of comfort that truly seeks with all the amount of sincerity to make us become the best that we should always be proud of. Happy Birthday Messages for Boss and Mentor

Mothers should be celebrated on their special day. For the love of a mother, here are some happy birthday wishes for mothers. Christian Birthday Greetings and Wishes for Brother

[61]. To the most beautiful Queen in my life, my dear mother you are my very first best friend and everything I am today is all because of you.

[62]. You have always been my mom and my dad at the same time. And you fulfilled both responsibilities I am so proud of you today and always.

[63]. You taught me how to be a woman, adult and wife. You know when I am not alright and not at my best without having to say a word.

[64]. Your life is so precious to me and I love you more than words can explain. Thanks for being so helpful in my time(s) of need and always making time to listen to me. Happy Birthday my dear mommy!

[65]. Mummy, we love you more. We celebrate you more. And all the best today and always, we wish you many happy celebrations of a lifetime. May the Lord keep you strong and healthy. Happy Birthday our dear woman of faith!

[66]. Gorgeous Momma, inside and out! You deserved more accolades. You are indeed a mother anyone would dream to have as theirs. We thank God that you are alive to celebrate your special day. May you always live in good health. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

[67]. Happy Birthday to the reason I exist today, my beautiful mother. Your smile can light up the darkest room. You are one of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on, thank you for passing down your looks to me! I hope you have an amazing birthday.

[68]. I love you, Mommy! Thank you for showing me that with faith ANYTHING is possible. You are a blessing and a blessing you would always be. We celebrate you today and always. Our prayer is that you will live long to enjoy your labour of love in the land of the living. Happy birthday and have a wonderful time.
[69]. I pray that you receive the benefit of your labour. I pray that no works of darkness would take you before your time. May you always shine like the Star you are. I am so grateful for your life of impact which is a blessing to humanity.

[70]. On this day a Queen was born. Happy Birthday to the best Mummy in the world! May you always live your life according to God’s purpose.

[71]. You will continue to experience more joy over your children. You're blessed and highly favoured. May heaven continually smile on you. Many happy returns of the day with unlimited love and happiness in the name of Jesus Christ. Congratulations on your birthday, mother.

[72]. Happy birthday great woman and mother. Continue to be strong and be favoured. Good health and prosperity are your portions. God bless your new age. Wishing you the very best in everything.

[73]. I wish you all the best of life with the longest life and good health and God's blessings and protection. Happy birthday, big mummy. More graceful years ahead. Many more glorious years in good health and sound mind is your portion today and always.

[74]. I tap from the blessings of long life. I will live long. We celebrate you now and always. Happy birthday to you my dear mother. You are blessed amongst women to be mothers to many children. More glorious years ahead.

[75]. May God continue to keep you strong and healthy. The good Lord will continue to keep you in good health. Happy birthday dear mother, sickness shall be far from you, may your remaining years on earth be filled with joy, peace and healthiness.

[76]. Happy birthday to Mummy. Strength and health are your portions. We are grateful to God for keeping you. More years of glorious celebrations in Jesus' name. Happy birthday, mother! Age with grace.

[77]. Continue to age gracefully. More years to celebrate in good health. Your new age is blessed with an abundance of grace. Congratulations to you dear mother. Sound health and wellness are your portion today and always.

[78]. Happy birthday to you dear mother. Enjoy God the most and for long in Jesus' name. Happy birthday Mummy, more strength and all-around peace. More fruitful years ahead!

[79]. Happy birthday sweet mother, may God bless your new age with good health and longevity in the service of your creator and humanity. May you enjoy the fruit of your labour in the mighty name of Jesus. Enjoy your day!

[80]. God's right hand will be your portion. May the rest of your life be the best for you in the name of Jesus Christ. You are celebrated. Happy birthday, Mummy. The Lord renews your strength and keeps you to see more glorious years and sustains you in His grace.

[81]. Continue to eat the fruits of your labour. Age with the grace and mercy of God in the land of the living. Happy birthday, mother. May God's countenance continue to shine upon you.

[82]. May your strength be renewed as the eagle. Continue to age in massive grace. I tap into your blessing of longevity. God keeps you and blesses your new age. Congratulations dear mother and happy birthday to you.

[83]. May your remaining years be blessed with sound health. Happy birthday dear mother, more years to celebrate in good health and happiness. Your strength will not fail, your eyes will not go dim, and you will be blessed forever.

[84]. Happy birthday, big Mummy. Many more celebrations in sound health and peace of mind. Live long and prosper. The Lord keeps and watches over you in health. May you continue to shine in the Lord.

[85]. Long life, sound health and all prosperity. Happy glorious birthday mother. You shall enjoy the fruits of your labour in long life and sound health.

[86]. Enjoy the fruit of your labour in good health. You will continue to enjoy divine health. Happy birthday, Mummy, enjoy your day and continue to live Godly life as you have been up to the end of your long days in Jesus' name.

[87]. You are still this beautiful. May God continue to give you more years in sound health. Happy birthday to you Mummy. You will continue to spend the rest of your life in bliss in Jesus' name.

[88]. May the blessings of God rest mightily upon you. Age with abundant grace. Many more years in good health shall be your portion. Happy birthday, mother. I wish you heaven at last.

[89]. I join millions of people to celebrate you, good mother. Long may you live to eat more fruits of your labour in Jesus' name. Congrats and happy birthday!!!

[90]. Happy birthday, mother! God Almighty that preserves your life till this age will grant you everlasting unspeakable joy. You will not mourn throughout your lifetime in Jesus' name. Congratulations to you, a worthy ambassador of Jesus Christ.

[91]. More spiritual and physical strength. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman, Age with abundance God's grace. The good Lord will make you stronger and you will finish the race stronger.

[92]. May the Lord keep you continually. Happy birthday, remembrance mother. You are indeed the mother of nations. Blessed are you amongst the women. God bless your new age.

[93]. We celebrate you today and always. May you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Happy birthday dear mother, thanks for being a Blessing. I key into your grace of long life.

[94]. Still keep enjoying grace and strength on every side. Happy birthday, mother, you will eat the fruit of your labour in good health. Continue to experience strength, vitality, health, joy and prosperity.

[95]. Age with sufficient grace, great mother. Happy perfect birthday dearest mother, the Lord who is mindful of you has perfected all that concerns you. Your strength is renewed.

[96]. More grace in good health and enjoyment galore. You are evidently blessed beyond measure. You will finish strong in Jesus' mighty name. Happy birthday dear mother, more years in good health.

[97]. God bless you more and more, this is awesome indeed. To God alone be all the glory. Happy birthday dearest mother, wishing you many happy returns and more gracious years on earth. 

[98]. Happy birthday to you dear mother! You shall continue to be a joyful mother of children in Jesus' name. More glorious years to come. More years in health and vitality. Age with sufficient grace in Jesus' mighty name.

[99]. I celebrate God's grace and blessings upon your life. Happy birthday, mother. More grace, good health and safety always in Jesus' mighty name! God be with you now and always, enjoy your day.

[100]. You will use the remaining of your Iife in good health. Happy birthday to you big mummy, you will spend the rest of your years in health, strength, and sound mind. Many more glorious years. May you live long to enjoy the rest of your life.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Christian Religious Birthday Wishes for Mothers
Christian Religious Birthday Wishes for Mothers
These christian religious birthday wishes for mothers are spiritual birthday wishes for a mother and birthday prayer for mom from daughter and son.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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