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Motivational Poems and Inspirational Quotes about Life that Will Challenge You

These Poems And Inspirational Quotes About Life are inspiring achievement poems for the people you love.

Poems and Inspirational Quotes on Life

These Poems And Inspirational Quotes About Life are inspiring achievement poems for the people you love. It is indeed an attitude-positive poem that goes a long way to show how we should relate to life and the people around us.

We shouldn’t let the gift within us die but rather we should do all it takes to make meaning out of every situation we found ourselves. Self-education is the key towards discovering your true identity. When you make self-learning a priority, you will achieve a lifetime of self-worth.

Egoism brings nothing good but sincerely comes with the disappointment of life which sometimes is so destructive. Be true to yourself and recognize your weaknesses. Let your strength be found in your weaknesses and this will humble you to be yourself always. Truly these words of encouragement poem about enthusiasm and more are indeed a weapon for the champion.

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Laziness breeds defeat,
Just as enthusiasm brings honour;
Eagerness to be the best,
Is what will actually make you the best;
Have a passion for whatever you’re doing,
That is the only way to be the best at it.

Nsikak Andrew

“The only way to be desirous of your gift is to let it out for the world to benefit from it.”

Ignorance Is No Excuse

Whatever you fail to know,
Is as a result of your fault;
And not the making of others,
Anything you feel ignorance about;
Just try to get an insight about it.

The only weapon yet alive,
That can destroy ignorance is self-education;
Ignorance brings along all the backwardness,
That makes life a pity state for you to behold.

Nsikak Andrew

“All you need to make a success out of anything is self-education. Education might not bring you wealth, but it will guide you to make your wealth meaningful.”

Productivity And Your Wage Level

The level of your productivity,
Is what determines your wage level;
Hidden talents are never rewarded,
In a school of no productivity;
If you desire to be the best,
Then be the best at whatever you do;
For it is the only guarantee to earn well.

Nsikak Andrew

“A trained workforce is a reproductive workforce. If you want the best out of your workforce, then make training your priority, it is in this, you will have the best and nothing but the best.”


Learn to ask questions,
And never make your ego;
Let you feel important,
Those who ask questions avoid mistakes;
And save their neck,
From unnecessary embarrassment. 

Nsikak Andrew

“A better person is remembered years after they are gone but the bad ones have a place of remembrance — they are forgotten immediately they are lowered down the earth.”

The Mind And The Body

Just like our body needs continuous food,
So does our mind need hers;
And the only way to feed her is,
To continuously learn one new thing a day.

The mind produces a healthy body,
So whatever you think or feel;
Let it be that which will enlighten your mind,
And at the same time develop your body.

Nsikak Andrew

“Be positive in all you do. This, in itself, will help you through every difficult time that comes your way.”

Weakness And The Inner Mind

Strength is a result of weakness,
Anyone who needs to gather strength;
Let him or her recognize their weaknesses.

Dwelling so much on negativity is a direction,
Of giving continuous weakness to the mind;
To build strength you need an inner mindset,
That is full of mental positive thoughts.

If you recognize your weakness,
Then you will find strength in overcoming them;
Do not pay more attention to your weakness,
Because it has a way of weakening your strength. 

Losers concentrate on their weakness,
While winners concentrate more on their strengths.

Nsikak Andrew

“Those who critics never amount to their best because the energy they put into criticizing others can be used to find the needed solution.”

Take A Dose Of Self-esteem

Give more concentration,
To how you feel about yourself;
It is you and only you,
That will tell you the hard truth.

A positive mind is a self-esteem mindset,
That can stand the valley of depression;
Any time, any day and overcome them as it comes.

The day you start feeling self-esteem within yourself,
Know for sure, that no crowd can shut you down;
The value of your worth is embedded in the amount,
Of the self-worth that you carried within yourself.

You lose a battle not because you’re not good,
But because you fail to carry along yourself;
The true worth is your self-esteem.

If your feelings and behaviour are at par,
Then know for sure that you have gotten;
The self-esteem to make the world,
Take a pleasant dance under your feet.

When you blessed others with your gift,
It makes you self-worth within yourself. 

Nsikak Andrew

“No one stands alone and makes progress except in the company of others.”

General Wellbeing 

Good health is as a result,
Of a change in your mindset and behaviour;
If you want to live long,
Learn to change with the changing time;
Remember the state of your mindset,
Has a way of affecting your well-being.

Nsikak Andrew

“A changed mind is a changed behaviour. One who feels he is right all the time can never change even when he is wrong.”

Trying And You

Trying is not a word,
That would profound solution;
But actually doing it is what would.

 Trying is like,
A joint word for procrastination,
It could take a lifetime;
Without actually having any achievement.

Run away from trying,
It shall and will never take you anyway.

If you see a man who says,
He is trying to do something;
Sincerely give him a long space,
For as long as he keeps to the word “trying”,
He might never take action to do anything positive. 

Nsikak Andrew

“An angry word to take action is a determined word that proves the action.”

What Are Your Reasons?

Reason without purpose,
Is the definition for nothing;
Always have a reason for doing something,
It is like a mission statement that guides;
And define your goals for achievement. 

Nsikak Andrew

“Never be taken unaware.  Be prepared and always be prepared.”

Joy Of Living For Others

The value of time,
You put in making others better,
Are like the hidden tonic;
That will give you inner joy,
And the peace of mind that money can’t buy.

Giving to others is the reward,
To live a healthier and happier life;
If you fail to live for others,
None might be so willing to live for you;
When your time of dispersal comes.

We all need each other,
To make this world a better place to live in;
You can’t do all you want by yourself,
And expect to make the world a place for all.

Nsikak Andrew

“Givers never lack and receivers never have. The hand that gives will always be on top of the hand that receives.” Inspirational Poems about Attitude in Life

Pal Pressure

A friend that takes you away,
From the reality of life;
And makes pretending,
Looks like true friendship;
Is never worth making,
Or contribute to your life;
If you want a better life,
Then keep them off!

Nsikak Andrew

“Togetherness is a weapon that destroys disunity.”

Lack Of Vision 

You can never discover yourself,
Except you make a run with your vision;
And make it become a reality that you want.

Vision brings your destiny to fulfilment,
Indeed a man of vision is never stranded;
When it comes to any event in life.

Nsikak Andrew

“If you lack vision, then you have killed your destiny.”

Mixing With Negative People

Do not mix with drawback people,
Because all they will ever do;
Is to draw you two steps backwards,
Their thoughts are a setback;
It will never make you progress,
But rather will set you back a thousand miles.

Mixing around people,
With a negative mindset;
Is like roasting a yam without fire.

Negative people with a negative mindset,
Thinking will never make you go far in life;
For words of encouragement are never found,
Around the people with a negative mindset.

No negative people,
Achieve anything serious in life;
Whoever you associate with,
You will become like them.

Who you mixed with will determine,
What you will become in life;
The moment you mixed with negative people,
You have brought yourself down to their level.

The character of a negative man is forthright,
If you mixed with them, you’re going;
To have your character become like them.

Nsikak Andrew

“A man’s true character is revealed in the dark where nobody sees.”

Lazy People And Their Songs

Lazy People’s song is complaining all the time,
Without knowing what they complain about;
Are what others made their success out of it.

Every lazy man seeks to pull anyone who seems,
To succeed with their thoughtful words.

The energy in laziness is spent on things,
That brings no glory to him and society.

Nsikak Andrew

“Go for information and act on it that is the only thing that will make you rule your world.”

Bad Habit And It Woes

Habits starts gradually and before long,
It becomes things that you can’t do without.

A little alcohol wouldn’t harm,
That is all it is said and you know what;
It harms even to the end of it.

Indulging in bad habits,
Would make a mess of your life;
And perpetually keep you,
On the path of low life all the time.

Nothing destroys your values like bad habits,
It makes you less human and destroys you;
The consciousness that is your heart.

Bad habits limit you,
And made others still reject you;
Even after you have gotten rid of it.

Bad habits become a character if not checked, 
What you hear has a way of influencing your thoughts;
And what you see, the mind has a way of storing them.

Nsikak Andrew

“In friendship, there togetherness growth.”

The Necessity Of Life

Life is not all about fun,
You have to do what is necessary;
To forever remain necessary.

Life calls for sacrifice in all you do,
It is the sacrifice for life that would bring;
A better reward to you.

Take life one step at a time,
And learn not to always make a rush;
It is the efficiency in taking your time,
Those counts and not how you hurry;
And fills all with mistakes that matter.

Nsikak Andrew

“We acquire common sense when we put ourselves to deep study.” Christian Inspirational and Motivational Poems of Encouragement

A Day At The Seaside

If you are finding time,
To cure the hurt in your soul;
Make a way to the seaside,
And all within your hurtful thoughts;
Shall be taken off one time after another.

Nature’s life at the seaside,
Is all you need to make the heart relax;
And calm in a way that brings joy to your soul.

Set your heart to think of good things.
It is all you need to make your health
a better one away from slow destruction.

Every day should be a day,
Fill with positive thoughts;
And never a pinch of a negative thought,
If you keep it positive as ever;
It will make your day worth living all the time.

Change comes with conscious afford,
To stay positive at every moment of the time;
No matter the challenges you encounter,
Sleep well to relax and you will be alright.

Nsikak Andrew

“Giving without seeking is deriving an inner joy that ever strives for success.”   

Be A Winner All The Time

Winners think before they act,
Just like losers act before they think.

A winner thinks of how to solve a problem,
Just like losers felt that every problem;
Is another invitation to more problems.

True winners do not make excuses,
They look for solutions where others made excuses;
Everything is possible within the mind of a winner,
And with losers, all things seem to be difficult.

Winners do not believe in the past,
But they look to the future with an amount of focus;
To overcome their fear and conquer their dream.

Winners are good team players,
They love to work as a team;
And does not take glory for the efforts of the team.

Nsikak Andrew


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Motivational Poems and Inspirational Quotes about Life that Will Challenge You
Motivational Poems and Inspirational Quotes about Life that Will Challenge You
These Poems And Inspirational Quotes About Life are inspiring achievement poems for the people you love.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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