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Inspirational Poems about Life Lessons

Life comes with the inspiration to face challenges that will bring forth your victory. When you consciously decide to give life a chance to succeed, then definitely you will find success along the pathway of life.

Inspirational Poems about Life

Life comes with the inspiration to face challenges that will bring forth your victory. When you consciously decide to give life a chance to succeed, then definitely you will find success along the pathway of life. If you are seeking for the best motivational poems, these inspirational poems about life inspiring lessons are like the manufacturers manual you need as a guided words of motivation for a successful life lessons.

When you have the value of contentment, nothing will put you under undue pressure. Contentment comes with a peace of mind. It is what makes life go round. This short inspirational poem about the value of contentment is for your best motivation.

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The Value Of Contentment

Contentment brings happiness,
Just like discontentment brings unhappiness;
It is in your discretion to choose which suits you.

What gives a peace of mind is contentment,
If you’re contented, you will eliminate envy;
And hatred shall be far away from your doorstep.

Unhappy people are discontented people,
And all they do is to blame others for their unhappiness;
Discontentment brings along emotional pains,
It makes you feel deeply depressed;
And invite others to have self-pity on you.

Suicide sometime comes as a result of discontentment,
If you’re contented, you will realize that no matter;
The turbulent of the sea, there is always a calm day,
That would always have a truly smooth sail.

If you see a man who is dissatisfied with everything,
Such will never be contented and all he does is strive;
To be like others and at the end has nothing to show for it;
But rather, poor health might drive him to his early grave.

It is lack of contentment that makes us feel disheartened,
Anytime we see or hear the good news of others success;
Instead of rejoicing with them, we feel our hearts with hatred,
That would only succeed in keeping us at the bottom;
In as much as we remain discontented with others progress.

Contentment gives us the ability,
To see opportunities that otherwise;
Would have eloped us in a moment of discontentment.      

Nsikak Andrew

Whatever you seek outside, if you sincerely look inward, such would right there be waiting for you. Think home, think about yourself, if you believe in yourself, that for sure is the starting point towards finding success. This encouraging poem about not forgetting your roots is what would give you the right attitude to think about home.

Gold Around You Backyard

Before you make the very mistakes others made,
Home is home and there is no place like home.

Even when a Prophet is not known,
In his home land but still know;
That charity begins at home,
You cannot build another man’s land;
And expect others to build yours.

What you go in search of in another land,
Is right behind your backyard;
All you need is patience and persistence,
To discover what you’re looking for.

Foreign land is one place to groom yourself,
But to release your full potential;
It would only be appreciated,
In your backyard which is your home.

To your home,
You’re their treasured gold;
And to the rest of the world,
You’re just a diamond. 

Nsikak Andrew

Opportunities indeed are sometimes clothed in rags. It takes a visionary eye to discover the hidden beauty in every opportunity. Inspiring Poems about Learning and the Value of Education

Many Clothes Of Opportunities

Opportunities are clothed in rags,
And looks like hard work;
But her end is what brings,
All the fortune we need.

Every difficult task has an opportunity,
To discover the hidden route to your greatness;
All you can do to get there is never,
To turn back the hand of any opportunities.  

Do not follow the multitude,
When it has to do with opportunity;
Because the one you might reject,
Could be the one that would drive you;
To your very desired goal in life.

Opportunity knocks but once,
And a better way to recognize it;
Is to grab it with both hands,
It’s when you do this;
That many other doors would open. 

Nsikak Andrew

It takes a brave mind to actualize the call of destiny. If you know you have a call to fulfill destiny, then you deserve a brave heart to overcome the many challenges of life.

Brave Mind And The Call Of Destiny

Never be limited to the call of destiny,
Destiny belongs to the brave mind;
It is them that will possess their possession,
In the flourishing land of the living.

Braveness is no child’s play,
You have to consciously build your mind;
At all time to become brave in other,
To overcome life many turbulent times.

You can never kill a lion by coming soft at heart,
But rather becoming brave with a will-heart;
That it can be done no matter the risk involved.

Brave men looks for many battles to conquer,
But the lily-liver looks for the slightest fault;
To make an already mountain look mountainous.

A brave man’s perception is to go all out,
And win no matter what, but that of a lazy man;
Is to complain even when he sees the opportunity to win.

Great mind are never bordered about the many sorrows,
That comes their ways but all they do is worry about;
How to overcome them no matter the price to be paid. 

Nsikak Andrew

Get this positive inspiring poem that will bring about a paradigm shift in your thoughts. If you make friends with negative thinkers, all they will do is draw you down to their level of thinking. Resist negative thinkers they are like poison that will destroy your ideas for success. Poems and Inspirational Quotes about Life

Positive And Negative Thinkers

Think positively and act positively,
Then you will be become;
What you want to be in life.

Losers think negatively,
Act negatively and live negatively;
These in itself never allowed them,
Amount to anything positive in life.

Never sit among negative thinkers,
Because if you do, their pattern of thinking;
Wiould rob on you and you will become like them.

A positive thinker sees the opportunity,
That a negative thinker calls impossible;
A negative thinker’s mind always thinks of defeat;
Why a positive thinker always thinks winning.

Negative thinkers want things,
To be on a platter of gold;
Just as a positive thinker wants,
Them to be worth taking the risk.  

Nsikak Andrew

The moment you try to live for others who never care nor reciprocate your gesture, then you might never have the needed time to accomplish your destiny. Family problems would always be there. Solve those you can and if you can’t let nature take its cause.   

Don’t Kill Yourself Living For Others

Never make a disadvantage of your life,
While trying to make others happy.

Let family problems to be by their self,
If you must solve it, let it be at your time;
If you carry them as your problem,
You might live never to solve yours.

It is not everybody you should carry along,
Those who agreed with your ideals you should carry;
But those who don’t find a way to keep them off.

Every problem from home, let them be at home,
And those at the workplace, let remain there;
If you seem to carry them all along,
Then remember that you’re digging a slow grave
That might in the long run consume you in no time.  

Nsikak Andrew

This short nature inspirational poem is about our environment. Truly the environment we grew up has a way of shaping us to be who we actually should be in life.

Our Environment And Growing Up

The environment we grow up,
Has an indirect way of affecting us;
Either positively or negatively,
It is left for us to choose which other way;
We want them to directly or indirectly affect us,
Our environment is one factor that shapes our attitude;
Towards how we response to issues affecting us,
If our environment is right, our responses will be right;
But if wrong, ours will be wrong,
Honesty is imbibed in the environment;
We grew up just as dishonesty is the same. 

By Nsikak Andrew

Be motivated by this famous poem about behaviour. Your character has a way of affecting you either positively or negatively.    

Experience And Our Behavior

The behavior we have is as a result,
Of the many experiences we passed through in life.

Our experience with people goes a long way,
In shaping our behavior to anyone that comes our way.

No matter the experience you have in life,
If your behaviour is always in doubt;
People will tend to disassociate from you.

A good man is not known by his years of experience,
But by the behaviour he puts across to people.

Always be of good mannerism,
In that you can win the heart;
Of him that seems to hate you. 

Experience might advance you,
But it is your attitude in behavior;
That will take you there.

Nsikak Andrew

Change is one thing that we can’t resist. To make progress in life, believe in change. 
Believe In Change

Never resist change if you do,
You might remain in one spot;
For the rest of your life.

Change is an unforeseen hand,
That changes our destiny for good.

Change your attitude,
To change your destiny;
Change will only come,
If you believe in yourself.

Nsikak Andrew

One life lesson we should learn is to believe in yourself and take responsibility for your actions. The true mark of a worthy leader is to accept responsibility.      

Accept Responsibility

The worst you can do,
Is to blame others;
For your misfortune.

If you keep blaming others,
You might never have the time;
To discover where the problem,
Is actually coming from.

Every fortune or misfortune,
Is at first our direct or indirect making;
This is so because we either see,
Or fail to see where it all started.

Taking responsibility for our actions,
Doesn’t seem to make us a loser;
But rather it makes us stronger,
To avoid other such mistakes.

A man of foresight accepts responsibility,
Without passing the blame to others. 

Nsikak Andrew

Forget the past and concentrate on the future. When you keep dealing in the past, you might never have the rightful mindset to face the future. This short poetry word of inspiration is the right thought in the right direction which is an advice to forget that which is in the past.   

The Past Is Gone Forever

The only thing,
That can bring back;
The past is nothing.
Living in the past,
Is the only option available;
To die before your time.
Those who live in the past,
Are never known in the future.
If the past is gone, let it be,
You can never bring back;
The past, trying to live in it.
Moving forward is the only option,
That is available to forget the past.

Nsikak Andrew

A positive outlook in life is what you need to achieve your desired goal in life. When your focus is on the positive side of life, you will definitely go a long way in life.

Build A Positive Outlook

Just like habits are formed,
Building a positive outlook is also formed. 
The reputation you build around people,
Is what will help you attain your height later in life.
Desire to be a positive person,
And you will find yourself reaching;
Your desire goal in life.
Never look to find fault in others,
But look around for the positive side.
It is these sides in them that will enable,
You discover the true person in you.
Let your focus always be on the positive side of life,
This will go a long way in helping you,
Build trust around all you do.
Whatever you see, is what you will get,
If you keep finding fault;
That is what you will get but if not,
You will get what you find.
The best way to build a positive outlook,
Is to invest in others.
The amount of time you invest in others,
Is what will make others invest in you.

Nsikak Andrew

Do not be with one who is a pessimist about life. The worst thing is to be a pessimist. The rightful way to grow is to be with an optimist. Birthday Wishes for Father from Son

Pessimists And Optimists

Living around a pessimist,
Is the worst thing that can happen;
To a jolly good fellow,
The only thing they have;
As stock in trade is complaining. 

Optimists are sets of happy people,
Who surround themselves;
With positive life pattern,
That makes them over-comers;
No matter the ups and downs.

An optimist never thinks of himself,
But love to think of others;
And see how it can be done to improve them,
Mistakes are never his worries;
He takes them and makes no show of them.

Nsikak Andrew

Procrastination never brings anything good. It is what makes one keep today’s work for tomorrow. If you want to succeed, do not live a life of procrastination. 

Procrastination Is A Killer In Disguise

Never keeps today’s work,
For tomorrow because if you do;
You will never find another tomorrow,
To accomplish today.

Anyone who lives,
In doing today’s work tomorrow;
Never live to do the same.

Procrastination is like one step forward,
And two steps backward;
It never takes anyone anywhere.

Procrastination makes us forget that life,
Is too short to waste our time waiting;
For tomorrow instead of starting today.

If you must succeed, never procrastinate,
The same idea you procrastinate about starting;
Will within your very eyes be taken be another.

Anyone who keeps making excuses,
For anything shouldn’t be taken seriously;
The future belongs to those,
Who never give room to procrastination;
Anyone who procrastinate will ever,
Remain at one spot no matter how he tries. 

Nsikak Andrew

Attitude is what brings gratitude. Key into the life of showing gratitude and your life would never be the same. Love Poems from the Heart

Attitude For Gratitude

A heart of gratitude is feels,
With the attitude that bless each of his day.

Learn to count your blessing,
And never your problems;
It is in counting your blessing ,
That your troubles will go away.

Do not let any situation in life,
Makes you forget to be grateful;
For the air you breath,
As little as the air is, it is all you need;
To be in the land of the living.

Learn to give thanks in all that comes your way,
It is in giving thanks that all will be well;
If complaining is more than gratitude,
Then we’re living an uncertain kind of life;
That makes depression our best friend.

Nsikak Andrew


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Inspirational Poems about Life Lessons
Inspirational Poems about Life Lessons
Life comes with the inspiration to face challenges that will bring forth your victory. When you consciously decide to give life a chance to succeed, then definitely you will find success along the pathway of life.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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