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Sweet Romantic Love Poems and Happy Birthday Affectionate Poem for My Wife

Love truly is a beautiful thing to behold and cherished. For the love of my life these lovely collections of sweet romantic love poems with a birthday best poem for my wife are one of my thoughtful ways to let her know that she means so much to us than what any words can express.

Sweet Love and Birthday Poems for Wife

Love truly is a beautiful thing to behold and cherish. For the love of my life, these lovely collections of sweet romantic love poems with a birthday best poem for my wife are one of my thoughtful ways to let her know that she means so much more to us than any words can express. Though we have passed through many challenges, still we have experienced many bountiful blessings that have come our way. Love sometimes is something that is never so rosy but in all, you need to keep on pressing on till you get there. Ours is the storybook that would always be a sweet ending adventure of true love.

I sincerely thank the Good Lord for the dearest wife He gave to me; a woman with a heart of gold. Sometimes, I just wondered if this sweet love made me come to terms that in all its existence, there is indeed true love. Even though I may not be the best, I have gotten that which is the best. And this story of the best kind of love, I began to reminisce and there it started flowing in its natural romantic instincts. The words just kept coming with the joy that filled my heart with the best romantic words of love.

For the wife of my youth, I wrote these collections of wife appreciation poems just to let her know that she is the one and only true love of my life.  Thank you, my love, you are the woman of my dream for these thoughtful romantic poems which you inspired. How splendid is a man's love for his wife poem? When you adore the naturalness of the woman in your life, you will appreciate the gift of nature in her. Short Romantic Text Messages for Someone Special

How Splendid

How splendid is the minute,
That I saw the dawn of a new day;
How pleasant is the hour,
That I behold the dimming brightness.

How wonderful is the moment,
What an amazing breeze blew;
But all I heard through it all,
Was the echoed sound of your voice.

Splendid is your voice in my heart,
That the sound which comes through it;
Is like a love song that elevated my soul,
And made my heart live in merriment.

I adore the braveness in your voice,
That which has a way of melting my heart;
And made me smile with this deep emotion,
That only the lust of you can satisfy my ego.

Nsikak Andrew

The Beauty in my heart is the sweetest love poem for her from the heart. You can send this passionate love poem to her which sure would make her melt. It is indeed a love poem for the one you love. 

The Beauty In My Heart

The morning air radiates,
That beauty of your love;
Just as the afternoon sun,
Awoken by her pleasant smell;
And the evening breeze,
Calms my undying heart;
With these awesome thoughts,
That keeps longing for you.

Beauty in my heart,
That is what your love brings;
The same love that steadies me,
And build us a perfect home;
Where our Creator is the pillar,
The One on whom we anchor;
He that has kept us as one,
A family that is united in love.

My heart is at peace,
Calmed by your smiles;
And elevated by your care,
Now I found within me;
The reason to love again,
Again and again and again;
Loving you like never before,
My love, the beauty in my heart.

Nsikak Andrew

In Tears of Labour is a wife appreciation poem and truly a love poem for a wife from the heart. Remembering the moment that was to birth a new life. The pains, the tears and finally the smile that radiates through her face the very moment she beholds her bundle of joy. Happy Birthday Wishes to my Brother and Best Friend

In Tears of Labour 

There in the ward, I stood by her side,
Watching in agony as the labour prevailed;
With the tears of a would-be mother,
And all I could do was cry within my heart.

The echoed pains loaded in her voice,
Was all it took to redefine my consciousness;
And humble my thoughts about motherhood,
As I watched the travail that births a new life.

Tears as she walked around without a care,
My child please come and saves me this pain;
She cried pleading with the Lord to give her strength,
As I bowed in meekness asking for the same wish.

It was a pain having to see this but could do nothing,
Rather than praying and wishing for the best to come;
Why does the pain keep coming with unassuming force,
That weakens my heart with so many unseen tears.

Tears, I saw the joy in-between that bitter tears,
The first cry that awoken our silent thoughts;
There he smiles with the cry of an innocent child,
As we welcome our priceless treasure into the world.

Life how is it that you have to come this way?
The mystery that only the Creator of all can unfold;
Why a single seed planted in faith with hope,
Would become the joy that unites the family.

Blessed are you, the woman of my dream,
A pride of hope you are the mother of our children;
You have given to us that which money can’t buy,
Now we smile even when we feel this tear of labour.

Nsikak Andrew

You Steady Me is a short love poem for my wife. It is a sort of appreciation romantic poem that says a big thank you to the one who brought peace of mind to your life.

You Steady Me

Once in this hectic wilderness of life,
I found myself lost in its chaotic embrace;
And life for me was like a journey to no end,
But in between that loss, you came my way.

Let the truth be told with no strings attached,
I was like a man on a journey with no direction;
Till you came along and changed the person in me,
And now my world has a meaning with you in my life.

I blessed the day the Good Lord brought you my way,
I adore the day you accepted to be my one and only;
On that blessed day to which we walked down the aisle,
Is to me a memory that shall live with me till the end.

Looking around me, now I can feel the essence of love,
The true meaning of unconditional love that I found;
That love to which you have showered all around me,
Now I feel blessed to have you as the love of my life.

You steady me with all the love that you bring,
Every day to me is now a blessed day filled with love;
You are to me what the true definition of love should be,
I love you the strength of my youth, keeper of my treasures.

Nsikak Andrew

This priceless treasure poem is a short love poem for my wife. When you realize that she is worth more than what money couldn't buy then you will cherish the fact that she is a treasure without a price tag. Happy Birthday Messages for Boss and Mentor

Priceless Treasure

Gift without a price tag,
Love without an end;
Joy to my undying heart,
True love that I adore.

Woman of my dream,
What is life without you?
When in this dark world,
All I see is your comfort.

Love of my life,
You are to me priceless;
And all that is to your creation,
Is a perfect work from above.

Others may shine,
But you are the brightest;
Even in utmost darkness,
I could see your star shine.

Shine on my priceless treasure,
Live for His glory, my dear angel;
For I see the virtue of your worth,
Living in the heart of all who cares.

Nsikak Andrew

Take this heart of prayer for you poem to be a prayer poem for strength. This indeed is a beautiful short prayer poem and a thank you God prayer poem for my wife. It shows a heart that is dedicated to loving the one that is the bone of my bones.

Heart Of Prayer

Let the candlelight blossom,
And shine through my heart;
Let my soul awake in praise,
And sing to you a song of love.

Let every breath that I take,
Be to you the heart that cares;
And let the mercies of our God,
Forever keep us as one in love.

Let every day within my heart,
Find the grace to love you always;
And may the pleasures of this world,
Never take my heart away from you.

Let my days around you be a blessing,
And every word that I may ever utter;
Be a song of joy that blesses your life,
And make for you away at all times.

Nsikak Andrew

Loving you is all I do is I love you poem is for her from the heart that is dedicated to letting the one you love know that you are here to stay. This poem shows how I feel about you romantic wishes for her. Special Happy Birthday Dear Brother and Sister Messages

Loving You Is All I Do

Just like yesterday when we made the vow,
My heart still holds on to the promises I made;
The promise to love you even in rainy weather,
That same vow shall I hold onto as long as I live.

Loving you have brought so much blessing to my life,
The blessing that has given me the joy to love again;
And to smile from the depth of my innermost heart,
Which to me is a blessing that can never be denied.

Just like promises are meant to be kept at all times,
So shall I keep ours which is what gives me joy;
In all of my life’s challenges, I have gotten,
What it takes to withstand what comes my way.

Loving you is what gives me the strength to go on,
And what shall ever give me the hope to love;
It is what refreshes my heart to stand strong,
And forever, loving you is all that I shall ever do.

Nsikak Andrew

When you are in love, expect the challenges that will come. This stormy weather poem for wife is a deep word of encouragement that lets her know that in togetherness, we shall overcome.  

Even In Stormy Weather

From strength to strength, we have grown,
Even in stormy weather, we stood it all;
Life for us is like a beacon in stormy hope,
But through it all, we have found His grace;
To withstand every challenge in our way.

I appreciate the beauty I found in your love,
And honour our Saviour for His love for us;
He that has kept us together in His love,
And have guided our footsteps through it all;
That our eyes would forever behold His grace.

Mercy to our hearts that has found His love,
Though life seems to be a hope in waiting;
But we have gotten all that it will ever take,
To make a living out of our unpleasant situation;
The grace and mercy of our Saviour are our guides.

Thanks to you the one that was made for me,
Blessed be you the woman who stood by me;
I adore you in every meaning of this word,
You are to me what the meaning of love is;
A true meaning that has redefined my life.

Nsikak Andrew

Irreplaceable poems are all about you. They are irreplaceable messages and quotes that you can share with the one you love. When you have the one that gives you all the joy you desire, then you have gotten the special one that is irreplaceable. Love Poems from the Heart, Sweet Romantic Poems and Love Poems in English  


The glittered smile,
And that unique voice;
The irresistible look,
And my heart is hooked;
Hooked to loving you.

Forever you are a diamond,
An irreplaceable diamond;
That which steady my heart,
And made me feel the aura;
To love and be loved.

A gift beyond measure,
The diamond that never fades;
You are a blessing to my life,
And a blessing you will ever be;
A blessing to all around you.

So irresistible that I yearn,
With the heart that longs for you;
So irreplaceable that I feel,
The tenderness of your love;
With a touch that is irreplaceable.

Nsikak Andrew

A Bed Of Roses poem tells more about your sweetheart who means so much to you. You can take this love poem to be one of the anonymous poems about the beauty and nature of the one you love. 

A Bed Of Roses

I made a bed of roses in my heart,
And guess who has the key to it?
You know without a mix of words,
That you are the one that has it all.

As flowers were meant to blossom,
So does my heart glow in want of you;
The rose that awoke the desire in me,
And made me feel the touch of true love.

You are to me what others couldn’t see,
A treasure that awaits her day of purity;
Thanks, Good Heaven that holds our path,
And define for us a life worthy of praise.

Come closer to me the joy that is my heart,
And take my hand the love that is my life;
Let the beauty that is your love be my rose,
And let’s make for us a bed that is our roses.

Nsikak Andrew

Within Your Eyes tells more about the sensual pleasure you feel about your dear soulmate. This romantic poem is a famous poem about the beauty when you look into the eyes of the one you love. It is every time I look into your eyes poems for that special love of yours.

Within Your Eyes

Looking into your eyes,
Awoken the passion in me;
The tenderness to hold you,
And blessed the day that is you.

Looking into your eyes,
All I feel is the yearning in me;
That which defines my being,
Same that wants you like forever.

Looking within your eyes,
I could feel that sensual pleasure;
That which awoken the desire in me,
The very longing to be in your arms.

Looking within your eyes,
All I see is the burning passion;
The one that needs to be touched,
With the yearning that cries in silence.

Nsikak Andrew

Defining Love is the best definition of a love poem. It is a deep love poem that tells more about the unconditional love that you share with the one you love. 

Defining Love

What is love, if not the definition of you,
A pure heart that loves without sentiment;
Your love for me is the best I could desire,
Love so pure, love so strong, love so natural.

Defining love to me is the symbol of you,
A pure heart that cares for all around you;
One who loves to see the happiness in others,
While at times denying herself the joy of it.

What is love, if not the one I found in you,
A pure heart that sees to love in spite of hurt;
Always caring in spite of what comes around,
That sometimes hurts but still care.

Defining love to me is the treasure in you,
Each time I behold your heart of kindness;
My heart feels the meekness of your strength,
The power that defines your caring heart of love.

Nsikak Andrew

Whispers Of Passion is a deep beautiful poem for him or her. It expresses your heart’s desire for the one you love. When you crave that special feeling which can only come from your sweetheart, this romantic love poem is all it takes to feel the essence of that true love. Loving Words for My Wife

Whispers Of Passion

My love, my heart,
Give to me your ears;
And let me whisper,
The desire within my heart.

I feel a touch within my soul,
That which the warm of the air;
Blew within my tempest heart,
To calm my troubled mind.

Craving, I feel the desire,
That wild passion that burns;
Longing for none else but you,
The desire that quenches my taste.

Nsikak Andrew

When You Are Not Around poem is a short missing you poem, a poem about missing someone you love, a sad missing you poem, a missing you poem for husband and wife, a short I miss you poem for him, a funny I miss you poem, I miss you a baby poem and can be seen as do you still want my poems. Share this poem with your sweetheart and rekindle the burning desire of missing someone special. 

When You Are Not Around

Life for me is so lonely,
Lonely when you are not around;
And so boring when I felt alone,
Just thinking of your return.

This to me is the scarify,
That which I have to pay;
So love could renew her glory, 
And rekindle her magic power.

Let it be told that I missed you,
On every minute of the single day;
That I found your presence not around,
Utmost misery is what I ever felt.

Loneliness with thoughts that weakens me,
Such it is that makes me shiver in return;
As I await your coming in endless silence,
Hoping and waiting for your appearance.

And when you appear with that smile,
Wow, how I felt the awesomeness of you;
That yearning in me that renewed my heart,
With the tenderness that forgets the past.

Nsikak Andrew


Birthday Best Poem For My Wife

November is my wife’s birthday month. And indeed it is something worth celebrating. The singular reason, that one is alive is something worth celebrating. When it has to do with birthdays, as one who loves; you would become filled with ideas of how to make your loved one’s special day become the talk of the town.

I am a very private person but very deep in thought. Just now it crosses my mind on a different occasion how romantic the idea to make her birthday worth its romantic bliss. In my own little way, I have done that which the heart smiles.

It is not until you break the bank that you can make the birthday of your true love feel special. Those little romantic words and a special birthday present are something that makes the heart feel so special.

I came to love and in the embrace of love have I found a special soul that makes me special. Words you would say that are so romantic. It comes when you set your heart to live in love. I found a soulmate that makes me feel the essence of true love. Trust is all that is to love. When that trust is in it, you would find within it the glowing of hearts. Happy Birthday Poems for Son from Father and Mother

Best Happy Birthday in Endless Poem

Happy Birthday In Endless

I saw the smile in the sky,
As the songs of praise were sung;
I could hear the shout of joy,
As jubilation continued endlessly.

Joy to the world,
For the gift of a new life;
Immortality the Song of praise,
Continued endlessly.

 Today was the day,
The day the Heavens;
Rejoiced in endless praise,
To celebrate the gift of you.

What a day to be born,
A day in the eleven months;
Filled with eleven hours miracles,
The fifteen days was that lucky gift.

Your gift of you is a blessing,
A blessing that blesses all;
You are to us a gift of joy,
A shining star that blossoms.

Today is your day,
Live it with countless praise;
And let the joy in you,
Forever be a blessing to all.

Happy birthday,
With many happy wishes;
And let so many happy returns,
Forever be your desired portions.

Nsikak Andrew


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In Moment Of Silent Truth is a relationship reality poem. It is like a silent confession of love. When you have true love that makes you feel special, such truly deserves this poem. Call it quotes about silence and truth in a relationship and you wouldn’t be far from the truth.

In Moment Of Silent Truth

Forget the outburst of our emotions,
Forget the uprising of our temper;
Forget the unnecessary word that flows,
Even though these seem to have their ways;
But deep in our hearts, we all know what we feel.

Forget that we are from different backgrounds,
Forget that our thought pattern is not the same;
Forget that we sometimes argued over nothing,
Even though these seem to have their ways;
But deep in our hearts, we all know what we feel.

This feeling that we have is what defines us,
A nature of imperfection that strives to be perfect;
Remember, love, was not destined for perfect people,
But rather its imperfection should make us perfect;
So we could live in harmony to fulfil our purpose.

Now take my hand and let go of the past,
Forget now the things that have led us astray;
We were meant for a purpose if you can see afar off,
The future's so bright but we need to stand as one;
Together in love, we can win that is if we live as one.

Nsikak Andrew

This Light a Candle poem is an amazing love poem that rekindles the deep feeling of love for your one and only true love. When you harbour that pleasurable thought that gives you joy and peace of mind, be assured that you have gotten the treasure that is priceless. Love Poem from the Heart for the One You Love

Lit The Candlelight

Ounces of pleasurable thoughts,
The desire that elevated my soul;
How pleasant is the thought of you?
That word seems so hard to express.

Come closer dream that awoken my thought,
In you I found the strength to face my world;
The world that the love of you endears to me,
A perfect world that blesses my day's struggle.

Lit up my heart, my candle that never fades,
Oh let your love forever endears my heart;
And makes me live in want of your love,
The perfect love that comforts my heart.

Oh look within the comfort of my soul,
There you will see your shining glory;
Lit of your candlelight written in gold,
That which forever lit up my heart.

Nsikak Andrew

One Step After The Other is an inspirational poem about life in building a relationship with the one you love. This inspirational poem about life lessons in marriage should be a guiding step one needs to succeed in a relationship. You can take it to be a poem about life struggles that redefine our attitude towards building a better home. Call it a motivational relationship poem for success or a poem about life and love then truly you are not far from the right track.

One Step After The Other

The journey of love begins with a step,
A step of faith that is beyond the present;
That which is a source that defines our future,
With the thoughts that we harbour in our hearts.

One step at a time; that is what will guide us in love,
The same will give us the grace to start all over again;
Even where we seem to fail, it will guide our steps,
With the right attitude to withstand our doubt.

A step is all we need to make love a living reality,
When we walk by faith and guide our utterances;
With the meekness of ever-increasing kind words,
Then our life shall ever be a life of testimonies.

Take a step of faith and give love a chance,
Love with every breath that is unconditional;
And never despise the days of little beginning,
When you do this for love, there you will smile.

Nsikak Andrew

The Emptiness In My World is a famous poem about feeling empty and alone. When the one you love is not around and you silently await their return with many thoughts of missing someone special running through your mind. This emptiness poem is a kind of I miss you poem. When you feel empty, just share this sonnet about emptiness.
Emptiness In My World

I feel my world empty,
When the aura of your presence;
Are like a thought in illusion,
That weakens my mind, to long for you.

I feel the scent of emptiness,
Every moment you are not around;
And the smells that come with it,
Is a tortured touch that misses you.

Depression is a burden,
That my heart has to cope with,
When the loom of darkness appears;
And there at my side, you are missing.

Oh, thoughts without an answer,
That which I have to bear in silence;
So that my reward in waiting,
Shall bring me a special surprise.

The surprise of your appearance,
That which is a pleasure to behold;
Silent thoughts with silent misses,
And the air is calm as you appeared.

Nsikak Andrew

Blessed Be You My Love is a blessing to me in my life poem, It expresses your heart’s feeling to let your sweetheart know how blessed you are to have such a one in your life. I am blessed to have you tell so much about the blessings you encounter in finding the one who shares your world. Valentine's Love Messages for Husband, Wife and the One You Love

Blessed Be You, My Love

Blessed be you daughter of Zion,
You that appeared within my world;
And cracked the emptiness therein,
With the magic that is hard to find.

Blessed be you angel of my life,
You that found a way to my heart;
My dream that becomes a reality;
And that is a better part of me.

Blessed be you my priceless jewel,
You that shone like a million stars;
And erased every single doubt in me;
With the tenderness of your love.

I blessed the day I found you,
I adore every minute that we share;
You are to be a blessing from above,
And a blessing you will ever be.

Blessed be you, love that cares,
You are the epitome of uprightness;
Him who found you have found all,
And I blessed my life for finding you.

Nsikak Andrew

Strength In Togetherness is a together forever love poem. It is a poem about spending life together. A truly we were meant to be together poem that would always melt the heart of the one you love. Share this together forever poem for her and see your love glow to another level.

Strength In Togetherness

Life has a reward for everything,
And my reward is the gift of you;
Standing here within my strength,
I now feel the power of togetherness.

Defeated by life’s many uncertainties,
Especially when you have to see a life gone;
And there is the uncertainty of all the pains,
There by your side is the one to give you hope.

They say it will always take two to tango,
Now I see the uttermost meaning in this;
They say it takes two to achieve more,
Now I am a living witness to this one.

Two they say can play this game,
I smile for I now understand it the more;
This game for two is a bond in togetherness,
And that is what produces the right result.

In togetherness, we achieved more,
And there are bound grew like a solid rock;
Keeping us in love and building us together,
That we will grow to fulfil our given purpose.

Nsikak Andrew

The Life Between Us is a short motivational poem about life and love. It is what would inspire us to be the best in our relationship. We should see it as a poem about life's journey that teaches us the very lesson of life that we need to overcome many struggles that come our way. 

The Life Between Us

Every chapter of our lives,
Has a purpose for its existence;
And that purpose is for us,
To make it manifest in our life.

We are created for a divine purpose,
To make our world a living testimony;
That all who come around us will feel,
The essence of the One who created all.

Between us is a bond to change our world,
And live a life that is worthy of emulation;
A life that can make others feel the love,
To be an agent of change at all times.

And how would this come to be,
When we seem to live in disagreement;
And forgetting the first commandment,
Which is to love one another as ourselves. 

Between us is the commandment to love,
Just as love is the key to breaking all hurt;
And free our narrow minds from all hatred,
That takes us away from whom we ought to be.

Nsikak Andrew

A Brighter Day will always come when you have faith in it. This short poem about a brighter day is an inspirational poem of encouragement about holding on till the light at the end of the tunnel shows forth.

Brighter Days

Though it may sound rough,
And friends might mock you;
Though it might look discouraging,
But hold on there is a brighter day.

Though life might not give you all,
That you desire from her embrace;
Though you may wish it never was,
But hold on there is a brighter day.

There is a brighter day for those,
Whose faith holds on to their dream;
With a determined heart of braveness,
That neither the thorns of life can deter.

Hold unto that which you desire,
And never let anyone discourage you;
For you are the products of your destiny,
The one alone that will fulfil your dream.

A brighter day is here, so shall it always be,
If you can tell yourself the simplest truth;
By connecting your mind to deeds of hard work,
Then be sure that your brighter day is ahead.

Nsikak Andrew

This My Love, My Heart, My Joy love poem for her from the heart that rhymes for her is a romantic poem for your wife from the heart. When your admiration for her tells a story that only the heart understands. Share this deep sweet love poem for her.

My Love, My Heart, My Joy

My admiration for you tells a story,
The affection I found in loving you;
Is something that puts a smile on my face,
And the same is what makes me a happy one alive.

How I miss the warmth of our togetherness,
Each time you are not within the consciousness of my side;
I felt like breath for me was no more to live for,
So terrible! So disheartening! So confusing for my heart to bear!

You fill my thoughts with the pulse of your heartbeat,
Your voice to me is a soul healer that erased my doubt;
And my worries are nowhere to be found,
Every time you stare at me with that unassuming look.

I desired to always feel this love of yours,
Love that comforts me without limitation;
I crave your kisses that reawaken my being,
To always long for you without a care in the world.

My love, my world of ecstasy,
In your arms I felt a different me;
Warmth by the touch of your embrace,
This feeling drove my heart to paradise.

To behold the beauty of you,
Is to admire the flash of moonlight;
So natural with her aura of freshness,
That edifies my soul in her pure sense of purity.

I shall live for you no matter the weather,
To your warmth and laughter shall I lay my bed;
So I would forever smile with bliss,
As you fill my heart with joy that is your love.

My one and only true love,
You who is the desire of my heart;
With you, there is neither doubt nor regret,
But this awesome feeling blesses my daily life.

Today and always I want the world to know,
If there is anything I adore, that is you;
Love that renews my strength,
With the vigour to love and be loved forever.

My heart, my joy eternal,
I wish you will understand my silent thoughts;
If you would look to the sky this very moment,
There you would see the stars singing your praise.

To me, your love was sent,
That I would ever be your guiding light;
To love you with all the breath that I take,
And never hurt your feelings in whatever way.

The promise to love you I have kept,
And all my best I'll ever do in the same manner;
Even if it seems we disagree at times,
That for me is what my emotions shall always control.

My joy, my God sent,
Above every other thing, you are so amazing;
A pride to behold, a joy to cherish,
The love to keep forever.

Beauty is a part of your name,
I adore every moment we share together;
Those moments are to me a lifetime of contentment,
True happiness I will never exchange for anything.

In and out you are your true self,
No matter how anyone sees it;
You are never deterred by anyone’s comments,
This to me is a plus that endears my heart to you.

I praise your kindheartedness,
That heart of kindness which cares for others;
While taking everyone as equal without pride,
With this humbleness that exposes your meekness.

Each time I look at you, I see a special soul,
One with a heart of gold that shines brighter;
Without an iota of hatred for anyone that offends you, 
But rather strive to bring everyone to an understanding.

Forever know this, I will always love you,
This promise of love is what I will hold unto;
To love you without blemish,
You, my love, my heart, my life.

Nsikak Andrew

What Your Love Means To Me is a deep love poem for the one you love. This for sure is you have no idea how much I love you poem that you can send to the one you love. Do well to send this forever love poem for her and love poem for her from the heart. Birthday Poems for Husband, Wife, Friends and the One You Love

What Your Love Means To Me

Your love touched my heart,
And my mind rekindles like the smile of the new birth;
See how you changed my world within seconds,
And now I have found a treasure so dear to me.

I wished you knew what your love means to me,
Such a gentle angel that has made my life flourish;
To be the best that anyone can ever dream of,
The very best I shall ever be to love you forever.

You mean so much to my life,
My heart whose love endears me to shine;
You never would know what you have done to me,
But be rest assured that there are all for good.

The endless love that showers me with care,
Your affections are incomparable to anything;
You are to me what the true definition of love is,
So gentle, so warm, too humble and of all so unconditional.

For loving me the way you do,
You have made my life so meaningful;
For comforting me the way you do,
You have made me a star others seek to emulate.

If I have to say it, then I will have to shout it out loud,
You mean so must to me, love that is my life;
Each day without feeling the warmth of your love,
Is to me a terrible nightmare I wish never to have.

You are my world, the centre of my joy,
You are the love who stole my heart away;
You are the one I fall in love with,
You are the one who makes so much meaning to me.

Nsikak Andrew

This You Are My Soul Mate is a soulmate poem for a best friend. When you find the one who gives you peace of mind, you have no other alternative than to feel loved all the way.  Send this I found my soulmate poem to your wife to keep rekindling your love always.

You Are My Soulmate

Love that was created as one,
My shining star you have become;
A soulmate that keeps my mind at peace,
My blessing is that is equal to all.

Nights are your glory in splendour,
Today as I lay down in bed;
All I felt is the whisper of your voice,
Telling me in silence that I am all you got.

The soul mate of my lifetime,
Your breath is a song of joy in my heart;
Each time I felt your breath,
I see my world renewed to love you the most.

Thank you today and always,
Even though fate brought us together;
Now I know it was for a purpose,
To fulfil our bond as soulmates.

Together in life, I will always love you,
Promising to be here for you at all times;
As long as I found my feet to walk in faith,
So I will keep my vows to you till the very end.

Nsikak Andrew 

I See It In Your Eyes is every time I look into your eyes poem. It is a poem about her eyes and smiles that gives you joy. Nothing is breathtaking as feeling the essence of true love when she gazes at you passionately.  

I See It In Your Eyes

The heart that beats as one has one thing in common,
Feeling that is so infectious for the eyes to behold; 
I see it in you, I see it around your eyes,
This feeling of love is wide beyond imagination.

When I lay down to sleep,
My sleep is deep with thoughts of you that reign,
I see it in me; I behold it in your eyes;
This touch of your love is sensual beyond my comprehension.

Amazing dream,
I see it sparkled with the stare from your eyes,
My song, my glory, my comfort, my joy beyond limit;
I see it in your eyes; I behold it in my imagination.

Nothing compares to the gaze I saw in your eyes,
The brightness of her looming elevated my thought,
Now I am comforted like the calmest of the morning storm;
Peace in stormy weather, cold in the summer period.

I smile at the beauty I found in your eyes,
The very moment you stare at me;
I got lost for joy knowing that next,
The morning shall arise with songs of conquest.

Forever I see,
Let your eyes shine the pathway,
May the direction it leads keep us together in love,
For that which I see in your eyes, I am at peace with my soul.

Nsikak Andrew

My True Love is a poem about loving someone unconditionally. It is a true love poem from the heart that expresses how deeply you feel for the one you love. This is a true love poem for her and a passionate love poem for the one you love.

My True Love

The true love that I cherish,
You alone who is the centre of my dream;
Life without you is like a walk in darkness,
You bring me joy so hard to deny.

My safe harbour when the storm of life beckons,
You arise with love that quenched my doubts;
My shining light that glows like a million stars,
You are the sunshine that makes me happy.

The joy that is beyond my imagination,
Like an eagle you soar through my mind;
Living in me the desire that craves your touch,
Like a rainbow would do after showers of rainfall.

Here I am, thinking of you my true love,
How I long to hold you in my arms like I always do;
This feeling of you is something so special to me,
The same I felt every moment I am with you.

My dream that comes true,
Come by with your smile that melts my heart;
Let us sing to the sky a song of love,
Songs that will ever bless us to be in love forever.

Nsikak Andrew

Me, My Heart And You are how you make me feel poem for her. It is a deep meaningful love poem for her. Are you feeling the essence of true love for her, then this is the way you make me feel poem for her is a poem about how you feel about someone you love.

Me, My Heart And You

I bring to you the heart that loves radiates,
To you have I given without hesitation;
Take control of that which is my all,
For in the meekness of your tendered love;
Have I chosen to make the centre of my world?

Sometimes, I feel the silent warm of tears,
The same that weakened my heart to love you;
This tear in my eye is nothing but the tears of joy,
The same that gladdened my heart every moment;
To keep on loving you just the way you are.

I blessed the day to which I found you,
I adore the day to which you accepted to be mine;
The very day to which we walked down the aisle,
The vow we made is to me the echo bliss of eternity;
The thought of that day makes me feel immortal.

Me, you have made me the best I could be,
My heart, you have nurtured me with the gift of love;
And you, it is my promise to be there for you,
To make our dream a blossom house of treasure;
As long as I found the breath of the morning air.

Nsikak Andrew

Mkpouto meaning my treasure is a romantic love poem to my darling wife. It is I love you with all my heart poem for my dear wife.  This could be taken as a wife appreciation poem to express how you feel about the one who makes you feel special. It is my wife's best friend's poem for her who makes you feel the bliss of marriage. Falling in Love with You Romantic Messages


The beauty of you,
Is like a song of praise;
Sang to the Most High.

How in the splendour of beauty,
You’re cloth like a royal priesthood;
I behold your beauty,
And the shame of my shyness;
Was cast into the abyss.

Like a price, you’re worth living for,
Incomparable and irreplaceable;
Those words are too minute,
To rival the throne;
Of your kind-heartedness.

You’re a blessing to every generation,
Will seek to live with;
Beauty beyond comprehension,
You’re like a tree planted by the riverside;
So flourishing with gracefulness,
And so abiding with unconditional love.

You walked in humility,
And stole my heart with your meekness;
I am now like a King,
Whose pride of honour;
The beauty of your love has honoured.

Let me abide in the love of you,
And make my bed in honour of you;
I shall forever be satisfied in you,
For the love of you;
Have given to me the heart,
To call you Mkpouto;
My treasured house of peace.

Nsikak Andrew


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Sweet Romantic Love Poems and Happy Birthday Affectionate Poem for My Wife
Sweet Romantic Love Poems and Happy Birthday Affectionate Poem for My Wife
Love truly is a beautiful thing to behold and cherished. For the love of my life these lovely collections of sweet romantic love poems with a birthday best poem for my wife are one of my thoughtful ways to let her know that she means so much to us than what any words can express.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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