Heart Touching Messages for Someone You Love

These true love messages are the best heart touching messages for someone you love, deep love messages for him and heart touching messages her.

Best Heart Touching Messages for Someone You Love

A new year with a new glory that has within it a new level. When the heart connects for the purpose of finding true love, then there is nothing that can stop the flow of love between two soulmates that were made for each other. At least in every moment of the day, you need to make your partner feel the essence of your true love for him or her. 

Connecting with the one you love through words of love is something that would forever help in building your relationship with that special soulmate of yours.

To make your love count, why not try sending messages of love as text messages to your one and only. Let out these messages of love which are heart touching to make the one you love smile all the way. These romantic love messages are worth it, it is something you need to make your love count.

Best Heart Touching Messages for the One You Love

Here are touching love messages to make him or her cry, best heart touching messages, deep love messages, heart touching messages to make her smile and deep love messages for him or her from the heart. Sweet Words and Promises to Tell Your Wife

[1]. To the soul of your heart, had I made my love a path of height to guide your thoughts. Let it be a shining light that brings all the good fortune you seek. Let it bless your days and shame your enemies that you will know that my love of you is the charm that brings you good luck.

[2]. Your love enriches my life with the many potent blessings that it bears. I had found comfort in your love and for the rest of my life, this love of yours I would ever want to live for.

[3]. What is love without you? What is life without you? If you weren’t here for me, there would have been nothing to live for. You make me live and for you, I will live for.

[4]. With love, all my heart yearns for you. Here I am seeking to be your one and only. This is what my heart felt that it shall love you just the way you have given your love to me.

[5]. Doubtless is my love for you. Erase that doubt out of your soul, for if you can see through my heart, you will realize that all I ever wanted in totality is the passion that your love burns.

[6]. I stand here with pride in my face and announce to the North, East, South and West that I have found my treasure. That treasure is you, one who had loved me without a fault.

[7]. Like an alluring glance, your love entered my subconscious. Now every dream I have, and every breath I take is the imagination of all that you have done for me. There is love, affection and care. This is what I live for as I love you to the end.

[8]. To your love will my heart return. There it shall stay and build her rest that every taste of pleasure diluted in passion will be our emotional embrace as we celebrate our love with tenderness of cares.

[9]. That look in your eyes that looks so enticing with love that her fire burns within my marrow. I am alive because the touch of it sets me free. And your love is that enticing fire that I can’t do without.

[10]. Love that makes my heart pound anytime it thinks of you. Love that makes my knee bend anytime you embrace me. I am allure to this love of yours and I seek my victory in her that I would be yours as long as you make me real.

Inspirational Words of Encouragement

Your spouse deserves your praise. I inked some lines for my dear wife which I want to share in verses. Here we go! 

I bring to you the heart that love radiates,
To you have I given without hesitation,
Take control of that which is my all,
For in the meekness of your tendered love,
Have I chosen to make the centre of my world.

With faith and the fear of the Lord, that is what I used to build my relationship. I know I am not perfect to be right at all times but be it as it may, I found strength in His grace to keep on keeping on.

Appreciate your spouse with kind words and see how your relationship will go from strength to strength. My wife is my hero, in the meekness of her tendered love, have I chosen to make the centre of my world. Loving things.

Still dreaming of love and I just want to wake up every day feeling love at all times. Here we go again with the other verse for my one and only. 

Sometimes, I feel the silent warm of tears,
The same that weakened my heart to love you,
This tear in my eye is nothing but the tears of joy,
The same that gladdened my heart every moment,
To keep on loving you just the way you are.

Do you feel tears when you love? I mean the innermost joy that weakens your heart with words that lack explanation. That is the power of love and it is the feeling you should have for that special person in your life.

When you develop this kind of love, the fear of distrust is banished. Give back love to the one who shows you love. Even your enemy deserved some love.    

Take time to always appreciate the day you met the one you love. When you live to appreciate every unique moment, it shows that you are ever caring. What is love without caring? See the other verse.

I blessed the day to which I found you,
I adore the day to which you accepted to be mine,
The very day to which we walked down the aisle,
The vow we made it is to me the echo bliss of eternity,
The thought of that day makes me feel immortal.

Wow you may say. That is what makes it feel good. A candle light dinner for just the two of you is wise. This keeps the fire burning while love makes it happen.

Immortalize what you love; there is no harm in it. 

Hope to close on this for now. But I wouldn’t do that without this last verse for my dear wife. It makes me feel good. It shows that it takes two to tango. 

Me, you have made the best I could be,
My heart, you have nurtured with the gift of love,
And you, it is my promise to be there for you,
To make our dream a blossom house of treasure,
As long as I found the breath of the morning air. 

Whatever you want to achieve, pray that you find the right soulmate that will share your dreams, visions and walk with you when others fail to believe in you.

When you get there, hold back and do not discard the vessel that stood by you in all the rainy weather. It is time to shower her with love, the best money can’t buy. If you are with me, then you should know what I mean.  

Love and Peace! 

[11]. Let not my heart be restless, but find pleasure in your presence. Let not your absence cause me sleepless nights but a heart that yearns for your love. Let me be there for you as one whose soul, your love has touch with her magical whims.

[12]. My love for you is more dear than life. My heart for you is more precious than gold. My longing for you is more real than death. I could live and die for you only if you shall give me the whole of your love in return.

[13]. How could your love lay siege to my heart? How could it be the only breath that I take? How could I live and the reason for it is you? How could I love you this way and yet I lack a word to say.

[14]. I seek not to be locked in self-pity but to be aglow in the throne of your love. I shall let my ego be dissolved in the arm of your contagious touch. And my love shore in the brightness of your face that I would find favour to be that whom you love without reserve.

[15]. I let my guard down for the sake of your love. I let my ego destroy her pride; all that I will be yours. I see life now, from the eye of your love. I strive to be perfect because the value of your love has made me see that there is nothing to life.
[16]. Deeply in love have I fallen for you. Thoughts to retrieve myself make no meaning to me. I found in you all that I ever needed, the sincere and true love I have ever long for.

[17]. To your love my feet got swept off. And the tenderness that it relishes feels in my everyday thoughts like the smell of a rose flower. Nothing can do me well than the love you showed to me. I’m a new being all because you care.

[18]. A sane soul can’t resist the lure of your love. Every touch of your breath is like the wild wave of a turbulent sea. The wave of breeziness it rolls is one fierce comfort that the heart seeks to tame. I had found your fierce set of love, her pain had given me joy and to her emporium I bashed as long as I live.

[19]. For your love, I am now a better person. The dream I have, I see their realities coming like the dawn of a new day. I am glad I found you, for all the life I wanted to live, your love had brought me to them. Your love is my life.

[20]. You spread your net and I found myself captured in your trap. What capture? Is it your net or the nature you spread the net?  Something I see that trapped me in – that look of you and the love it frees. I was trapped into you that I would discover what makes your net thick.

Words of Encouragement to a Friend Feeling Down

Every day is not a holiday. If you are looking for a rosy day at all times; then go find it in the cemetery. When you are gone, that is when you have a rest from the surface of this earth. 

Your rest then will depend on the legacies you left behind for your unborn generation. If you must keep faith alive, do not look for a rosy day always. 

Some days are just out to make you feel so terrible and bad about life. Some will give you the go ahead to regret every moment of your life. If you must survive; do not give in to every bad day or make it sapped all the energy in you to strive on.  

“Make every day count even if it seems to be a bad day.”

Some day’s come with joy, some with sadness and some you cry to smile. What actually makes every day unique is some days are just like that.

The comfort of life makes some days unique as much as it makes other days unpleasant. It is what you speak into your day that will bring you the desired expectation.

“When others’ make a footstep of complaints, yours should be to bless and order your steps every day.” 

When you order your steps, you will always find the right direction to go. The right direction is what brings you success. And to keep on succeeding, learn to give a different meaning to what others are doing. I mean reinvent yourself with the style of others.  

To sum it all, there are some days you will live for the comfort of life. Some days you will wish tomorrow might not come. Some days you will see your dreams roll over you but know for sure that some days are definitely like that.

Some days come with a smile. Learn to smile with it and make the best of it. It is time to invest and gather plenty like the ants would do for the days of farming.    

“When you have what to eat, do not allow it makes you feel that lack might not come.”

Learning the value of investment is what will keep you far above your peers in line with wealth generation. Do not gather all your eggs in one basket. Multiple streams of income is what will guarantee you a steady flow of wealth.

If you keep to these, as far as life is concerned, there are some days that life will smile on you. There are days the miracle will seem unworthy. There are days you will feel the worth of life. Sincerely some days are like that.

There are days you will put much effort but still, you will find nothing to show for it. There are days you will put little or no effort but yet you will go home with plenty. 

“No one knows the mystery of the day; the day reveals itself bit by bit.”

Have you asked yourself why this is so? If the day reveals itself bit by bit, then you should learn to take time step by step. Learn not to hurry the day. 

Those who hurry the day later on will find out that there is some missing link which they did not take into consideration. As much as you want the day to give you all you need, keep it in mind that you will never have all you want.

Do your best and live the rest of the days without any struggle and without much effort. There are some when the sky is a blessing. Truly some days are like that.

I am longing for the day that all we shall have is surplus upon surplus. The day we shall all live to experience no lack; the day that everyone would want to share that which they have without any iota of suspicion.

Will that day ever come to pass? In any way you want to take it, keep your mind filled with the thought that it is not what you ask that the day will offer unto you without you putting in an effort to make it a reality.

“Every stage of life, just like the day, has its processes. Whatever you want, you have to follow its due process.”      

When you understand the processes of life, you can live every day to accomplish your mission. 

There are days you plant, days you harvest and days you live in plenty. Everyday should be like that.

Consider life to be a value existence; that which you have to sacrifice a lot to achieve a lot. Do not be shy of failure. It is what will give you the edge to achieve your aim.

A step in the process of life is to take every day as it comes but with a determined heart to make it happen. The burning desire I mean.

Do not be afraid of the many mountains that will come your way on your pathway to reaching your goal. Like I said before, they are necessary. No pain, no gain. 

“The value of existence is to live for something. When you live for nothing, be sure to achieve nothing.” 

Strive for the best at all times. Though it might be hard to put on. Remember there are days you should live for something and days you might live for nothing but take a dose from the days within a walk of faith. It is your faith that will see you through. Make everyday to be like that.

Days are filled with mystery. Days you will lack direction and wish everything ended at that moment. But the beauty of life is never to give up. It is just temporal and not permanent.

“When you come to a crossroad, look back and tell yourself that it is not over until it is over.”  
Make the sun smile on you. There is nothing anyone can do for you. People will only encourage you with multiple pieces of advice. To make it rain, that is your sole responsibility. 

Do not give in to defeat when it has to do with life. Anytime defeat stares you on the face; be brave and encourage yourself to win and keep on winning. 

To make a better go at life, remember that there are days when the sun rises, days that darkness comes and some days in a mixture of mystery. Some days are just like that.

Passing through life, you will come to halt someday. The day to make a decision that will alter the reason for your existence. 

Do not give in to sentiment at such times. Weight your options and go for the right choice. Every day, you should build yourself up to face challenges and make decisions when it has to affect your life.   
“There are two ways to victory, you either win or lose but to succeed in everyday’s endeavour, have a winners mentality.”  

Take a dive and face whatever outcome that it brings. Everyday is a battlefield which is not for a lily liver person. Take it or live it, you have to stand up every day to make it happen.

For your consumption, a day comes in both forms. You either have it plus or minus but never expect it to always be rosy. Some days are just like that.

Love and Peace! 
[21]. I heard the phrase, “head over heels in love”. I couldn’t envisage her true colour till I fell for you. Now, I have fallen head over heels in love with you.
[22]. That stunning looks, that captivating smile, there is the fascination that knocks me off. Your look is a blessing, your smile is a blessing and your love is eternal.

[23]. I shall not be taken in by your fierce attitude. But puncture it with kind words of love. I shall not be doubted by all that is to your aggression. For to win love, you must adopt a meek heart. So in the meekness of heart, will I follow all of your words that I might win the desire of my heart that is your love.

[24]. You took my breath away. And make me seek adventure in the gaze of your breath. Like a goddess, you make me seek to worship your beauty. One born with pleasure that seeks for the hand to treasure. Let me be your hero that I will give to you that which money can’t buy.

[25]. How could I let you belong to another? How could love so blind me that I know not of your inner strength but bashed at your outer look? Now that I see love through your inner self. I can’t deceive myself that all I wanted is you.

[26]. To you I will be all you want me to be. To you I will live for as long as I breathe. To you I will be your one and only. All these I will do for love. Take my hand and love me, that my vow for your love will ever be doted in lines.

[27]. Your love is like a flourishing city that creates her wealth. Benear the bottom of your heart, the hidden treasure of your love is found. It takes patience to dick her bountiful blessing. In patience I will dick that I will unveil this love of yours that is pure.
[28]. The venom of desire consumes me wildly, that I know not of when I surrender my ego to the throne of your love. Let it be that I took the step even if guided by your hand, I will still be glad that I did that, so I could discover the colour hidden inside your love.

[29]. Pleasure in pain, my heart roared to possess you. Even though you consume the imagination of me, I shall be comforted that all I went through was to taste the very turbulent water that love passes.

[30]. My lips dry with thirst that seeks to be wet by the water of your love. Let me drink from the cup of your heart that I might thirst for nothing but that which is the scarce treasure of your love that I seek for.



Poetic Messages: Heart Touching Messages for Someone You Love
Heart Touching Messages for Someone You Love
These true love messages are the best heart touching messages for someone you love, deep love messages for him and heart touching messages her.
Poetic Messages
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