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Short Romantic Poetic Love Poems Messages in a Few Words for Her from the Heart

These short poetic love poems are messages in a few words for her, poems to make her melt, short love poems for my wife, and classic love poems.

The one you love deserves these Short Poetic Love Poem Messages which would go a long way in fueling the passion for love in your relationship. Love Poetry Messages in English

Here are the best short love poems from the heart for her and someone special. These poems are indeed true love poems for her. Now that you have found that special soulmate of yours. The one that makes your world go round. Why not woo her heart more with these romantic love poems for her? She would forever cherish you and feel so special to have someone like you who cares about her feelings. For your wife and that sweet soul of yours, indeed she deserves these poems of romantic love messages.

These collections of poetic love poems are full of loving words of affection that would always make the one you love keep thinking about you always. Poetic Love Messages for Him

The Cutest Of Your Love

Your love is so cute and attractive.
On her would I build my nest,
That I might discover the secrets;
Hidden in your heart.
You give me love and now,
I am complete in your love.

So Wild

I go wild when I found your love.
My heart erupts when I see you smile.
For me, your love is perfect,
And anything I would do;
To cherish every moment of my life.

The Love You Bring

The love you bring into my life,
Is like a million stars that shore.
I found you and found,
The brightest part of my life;
Your love is a shining gift to my heart.

My Air

My air breathes nothing,
Except for the aura of your love.
Like a wild smoke of ecstasy,
Your love had consumed my breath.
Now all I smell is that sweet savour,
Of your undying love that was made for us.

Alluring Walk

Your captivated walk,
Allures my soul with pleasure;
Your smile mesmerized me with desire.
Your love cripples me to surrender to you;
And now, all I need is you to live for.

My Breath, My Body

My breath gaze anytime you appear,
My body quakes anytime you talk;
My imagination the thought of your control,
And now, I am so addicted to loving you.

The Ecstasy

Your love sends a grip of passion,
And my heart couldn’t control the ecstasy.
Now I desire you the way a child would love cake,
Your love is my cake anytime I taste it;
I am happier to live my day in happiness.

Nsikak Andrew

Short Love Poems from the Heart for Her. Here are sweet love poems and sweet poems of love from the heart for that special person in your life.  

Word Words
Can your soul hear those words?
Words are spoken from your heart
For it came like an angel
With no blaspheming clues to ponder
I heard those words
And my heart gladdened
I heard those words
And my heart opened.
Fragrances of those words
Mesmerized me like a love song
You made promises of care
Vows that would rethink a soul.
I tripped, and I trembled.
I freeze, I surrendered
But now I know
That words from the mouth
Are not the same as words from the heart.
Nsikak Andrew
Worthy Princess

She whose voice resonates
She whose head the crown fits
A worthy Princes from Uduan Inyang Atakpo
She is whose heart accommodates all.
I had tested her kindness
So I could tell beyond reasoning
She is a gift whose heart transcends boundaries.
Years have gone by
Yet her beauty blossom beyond ages
She is the same, the way she was.
I am talking about her
She, they called “Phonetic”
Her, that was one-time crown “Miss Akpoly”
I saw her some months passed
Still, she was carrying that same pride
The same pride that defines a true African woman.
An embodiment of help I would say
For out of her way she could go to help others
These virtues are only reserved for a Princess
She is a princess that goes by the name – Uduak Ette-etim.
Nsikak Andrew 

Men of class, choose their words. They don’t talk just for talking. Talk is cheap that is what you should know. Anytime you are out there among people, do not talk because all are talking.  

"When you learn to choose your words, you will be in control of your mind." 

If you jump into every talk, know for sure you will embarrass yourself by communicating out of point. Real men choose their words, they communicate with the finesse that has a grip on every line of words they speak.

If you desire to go their way, then build yourself up with books; learn every topic that will give you an edge. And most of all have control of your speech mannerisms.   

Nature Work Of Art

Crested in the wall of my heart
Is a perfect work of art beyond description
Mona Lisa was painted
But here is “Mona” beyond the “Lisa”
A perfect work of art created from above.
Words are so hard to search
That which befit her alluring beauty
Lips in the glory of praise
Legs in shame of the Campbells
Hips that dethrone the J-Lo’s
Body, any right sense could die for.
My nature work of art
Rest in my deeper thought
Let the beauty of you refresh me
Like the blossom of the morning rose
For I shall rest in the thought of you
Till the day we might walk down the aisle
To say I do, my nature work of art.
Nsikak Andrew 

Short True Love Poems from the Heart for Her. For the one you love, here are true love poems which are deep and meaningful poems about love to make her heart melt.

Fadeless Treasure

Years after her reign
Yet the traces of her beauty reign
Who would compete with her?
One created after a rested day.
She has been
And she has seen them all
Now she can tell
These secrets, that keep her age.
What are these secrets?
I peeped into her thoughts
With the imagination of an instinctive mind
I could tell the answer within a glance.
I was born with a smile,
I have a heart that knows no hatred,
Then I live my life for all
These, I heard the secret voice whisper.
Nsikak Andrew 

My Lonely World

Alone here in my lonely world
Thoughts of you control my imagination
The woman whose words are true
She is that I trusted to a fault.
Alone here I sat,
With thoughts that awoken your glory
The woman who took my shame away
With that meekness of her silent touch.
Alone here I walk
With lonely thought that roar
The woman whose thoughts consumed me like wildfire.
Alone here I sleep,
Thoughts of you calm me like a gentle breeze
The woman whose love gave me peace of mind.
Alone here in my lonely world
I could see a brighter light
The light that guides the path of two stars
Two stars that might become one.
Nsikak Andrew 

A lot is expected of you if you don’t know. There is no need to sit on the fence and lament over any misfortune in life. When a demand is placed on you and you can’t deliver, you belittle not only yourself but everyone that looks up to you.

"Like it or not, everyone within his environment is expected to blossom and show forth the glory of his Creator."

Everyone in this world has a family. Your loved ones are your family. They may not be the members of your immediate family, but in all as long as you exist in a given society, a lot is expected of you as a creature. 

In anything you do, carry with you the consciousness that there is an expectation on your head to do right and contribute your quota towards the development of yourself, your family, and society at large.

Do not live like you have nothing at stake. Live every moment with the faith that no matter the situation of things, you will get there. The moment you believe, you will find the courage to face life squarely.  

Remember The Day

I remember the day I saw you
The day you walked with a lonely thought.
I remember the day when I halted you
The day I sang the sweet tune of love.
I remember the day when my friend saw you
The day he begged that I should exchange you for him.
I remember the day when I held your hand
The day I wish never to let you go.
I remember the day I kissed your lips
The day my heart roams like a wild wind.
I remember the day when I scent your swell smell,
The day your fragrance rules the air with romantic pleasures.
I remember the day on which we made L.O.V.E.
The day you took the shame of my nakedness away.
I remember the day when you cry
The day you weaken my heart to surrender.
The remember the day on which I would have vowed 
The day you ran out on me with tears.
I remember the day I saw you again
On that day I wondered “Could things ever be the same again”?
I remember the day to which…
The day…
Nsikak Andrew 

Paradise On Gold

Oh! What a sweet morning
I woke up a happy man
Just going through your sweetest notes
Those heartfelt words I capture
“Paradise on Gold”
“I feel like I can trust you
I don’t know why because I just met you
But I feel like there is something special about you
That I haven’t yet found in other males,
And that is the fact that you are sincere,
Nice-looking and trustworthy all at the same time”.
You wrote those words that crippled my being
And elevated me to a mini-being
My head swells with delight
I dreamt of love cast from above
But now I understand that words
Are like stones, thrown on the surface of a river.
Nsikak Andrew 

Short Deep Love Poetry for Her. Tease the heart of someone you love with these sweet collections of deep love poems for her.  

Tears For Love

With no care in the world
I see it drops freely
Hot and gentle it came
That it seeks not to be controlled.
What is going on?
I couldn’t question my heart
But there it was
Flowing like no end to come.
How could this be?
Questions that answers couldn’t find
It has rolled out
Who could put her back?
It drops… how it drops…
That which yearns to be loved
It drops…
That the heartfelt, her pain in question.  
Don’t you know what the heart feels?
When it loves, it drops tears
Tears that no hand of time could turn.
Tears for love,
That’s what I came to share
Tears for love
That’s the message I bring
Tears for love,
Have you ever love
That tears drop down your eyes?
Nsikak Andrew
Lonely Night

Lonely night
with lonely thoughts
Yearning heart
breathe your name.
Shock is the heart
that feels your presence
For the night I dream
All I could remember was you.
Nsikak Andrew 

Stop making excuses. I keep preaching this term but never put it into practice, but an event that occurred in the office some time ago reaffirms my thought on this. 

3.15 p.m. on a hot afternoon, it started like a movie. I was asked to take salary payment to the bank in town which was very far from where the office was located.  I made an excuse that it was not possible considering the time, that banks closed their door to customers by 4.00 p.m. Naturally, this was not possible considering the traffic on the road. 

Hey! After making my excuses, my Boss said, Go! That was all I heard, typical of him, no excuses. Anyhow, I moved with the driver and we made it at exactly the time. By the time I came back, he gave me some valuable lessons about life. Never make excuses and give a thousand reasons why it can’t be done. Always, first, give it a try when that is not possible, communicate, and try the next day. Now I know. Maybe I should have known better than a winner’s mindset never accommodates excuses. 

"Excuses are the bedrock on which failure lies."

If you want to remain successful, never ever believe that excuses exist.

Weaker Vessel
Nature said she is a weaker vessel
A submissive role she plays
So she could reclaim her victory.
Nature said she is a weaker vessel
A tenderer of her vineyard she must play
So she would claim her victory.
Nature said she is a weaker vessel
A weaker vessel she should be
But how nature never said.
In between her weaknesses
Lies that weaken the strength
That could destroy any that she wishes to.
Nsikak Andrew 

Short Love Poetic Poems for Her from the Heart. Love indeed is universal in nature. Love unites and makes you feel special for the one you love. Make her feel the essence of loving you with these short love poems from her heart of hearts.
Could We?

Though we might never be, 
But in the sincerity of purpose,
My heart flows like a river of joy
That never ceases.
With smiles to my thoughts,
I looked into the sky and wondered,
If the day could ever be without sunshine
I looked again and smile in deep silent
As my heart began to flow with good tidings.
For a call to honour the clarion call,
In the land of the Omo Oduduwa, I met her
A strong black maiden from the tribe of Queen Amina
She, I would call a warrior daughter of Zion
For the value of virtuousness was clothed in her humility.
I longed to pour out my heart's thoughts,
But my faith made me a pretender
For that which I saw, I ignored to speak
But in stroke silent my heart burns
A silent punishment I couldn’t run away from. 
Years have gone by,
But the charm of her calm voice
Resonant on every breath of the air
Now, thought of her,
Gladden, my heart to be alive.
Who will bail my thoughts from this that I feel,
For her, my daily thoughts are consumed with a dilemma
Guessing and thinking in wait
Can we? Shall we? Would we? Could we ever be?
The puzzle only her heart could solve. 
Nsikak Andrew 
This Dream

Spark my heart
With the beauty of your loving
Cast the spell that dethrones my braveness
This dream, I wouldn’t let go of.
Dot my heart
With the strings of your lines
Let the rhythm slows me down to ponder
This dream, I wouldn’t let go of.
This dream, O! This dream
My heart harbours her like a cherished treasure
Never in a haste would I let her go
This dream O! This dream is you. 
Nsikak Andrew 

A man of honour knows beforehand that the easiest way to fall from grace to grass is to let pride set in. What makes a man proud, what makes him feel that all he has will last forever? 

"When pride sets in, it brings along one valuable lesson for remembrance; destruction." 

In every opportunity you have, do good. All you have will not last through eternity. The only thing that will last is the amount of time you invest in the life of others. 

I look around and see pride dripping away from our strength. And making us feel we have all when actually, we have nothing. Pride never comes with anything good but with a bag load of envy, ego, and all other unnecessary display of stubbornness. 

To kill pride, learn the virtue of humility. This is what will drive ego and the fake reality it brings away.    
Ghetto Love

Born in the ghetto
Share more love for the ghetto
Make it real with my homies
We got love to give back to the hood.
Ghetto love, my ghetto story
If you have never lived it
You will never know it
Early we wake and late we sleep
No discrimination for in one love we’re bond
Living for others, like others lives for us.
Ghetto love my ghetto story
In the strength of love
We hustle to survive
No dull moment we never slack 
Everything we do, we keep it real.
Ghetto love
The smile goes on
Ours is like a storybook that ends well.
Nsikak Andrew 


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Short Romantic Poetic Love Poems Messages in a Few Words for Her from the Heart
Short Romantic Poetic Love Poems Messages in a Few Words for Her from the Heart
These short poetic love poems are messages in a few words for her, poems to make her melt, short love poems for my wife, and classic love poems.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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