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Best Romantic Poetic Love Messages for Her from the Heart Long Distance

These poetic love messages for her are romantic poems for her to make her cry, love poems that will make her melt and poems to make her feel special.

Poetic Romantic Love Messages for Her

Romance is indeed the language of finding true love. Poetic Love Messages for Him.  It is a sincere way of showing the one you love that you really care about them. Poetic Romance Poem Messages

Love Messages for Her. Let these poetic love messages for her speak the words of love that shall always make the one you love feel special. Poetic Love Messages

The Spell

If love is a spell,
Then yours have cast one on me.
Ever since I met you,
A spell has been cast on me.
That spell is your love,
That I can’t do without.

My Mind

My mind,
Is preoccupied;
With your thought,
Where your love;
Has gained control over me.
Now all I ever do,
Is to think about you, my shining star.

I Surrender

To the will of your love,
I surrender;
That I might discover,
The secret is hidden in your love.
You came,
You showed me, love;
And now all I want,
Are you my one and only?

I Cherished You

I cherished our bond of love,
And the way you make me feel.
Your love has become,
My pillar of strength;
And I thank God that none else,
Took my love away but you.

I Feel Your Love

Your love gives me confidence,
It intoxicates me with desire;
And makes me feel sensual.
Now I am elevated all because,
You love me the way no one else ever does.

When People Asked

People asked me,
The secret of my charm;
 And I said it is the love,
I found in you.
For loving me,
You give me the charm;
That opened my heart,
To love again and again.

More Alluring

Your love,
Makes me more alluring.
It gives me confidence,
Beyond my imagination.
Now I see myself stronger,
All because you showed me;
The meaning of true love.

Nsikak Andrew

Enjoy these collections of one of the best short and sweet love poems for the one you love. These sweet love poems are deep love poems for her, poems that will make her fall in love with you, short love poems for her, love poems for him, love poems for her from the heart, short love poems for him, romantic poems for her to make her cry and poems to make her melt.

Every passing day, your love has become my renewing strength. I shall ever live in that strength that renews my heart l towards loving you till the very end.

Little by little you have become a greater part of me. Every passing day I see the sweet memory of you renewed in my heart to love you like never before.

They say absence diminishes love but yours have not done anything to me. Instead, each time you are not around my love for you keeps increasing every passing day.

Every passing day, I found myself falling over in love with you. The reason is that your love keeps renewing my heart to fall in love with you over and over again.

Every passing day, I love you more than ever. If your love keeps giving me the blessing that I want so shall my heart keep loving you till eternity?

Every minute I spend with you is enough to keep me alive far beyond the next century. I love you far beyond what words could express. Just know for sure that every passing day, you mean more than the world to me. 

Every passing day I see your love renewed in my heart to love you like never before and who am I not to yield to the love of you?

Life Is Not All About Sex

Even though I am right now down physically
But I still had to send this note out to you
How I wish you could see through my heart
Then you will see the signs that words can't express
Deep down, you gave me a different attitude to life
And elevate my reasoning to another level
If every person were like you, at least 
This world will be a better place to live in.

The life we should know is not all about sex
We shouldn't make it look like an everyday affair
Or make our sweet and gentle life centre around sex
I am not the kind of person that is so crazy about sex
Sex to me should come when it has to come
I feel a good and nice relationship 
Should overcome the lust of sex in it.

Thank you for appreciating me so real
You made me feel loved like I never did before
I like you because of the person that you are
And I see that you are frank about your opinion of me
For that, I will keep our relationship and value it as real
The love I know is the key and I must hold on to it if I am to love. 

Again I promise if you are real with me 
I did keep loving you
I really wouldn't want to flatter you
As I realized that I am not a kid anymore
I need someone that is so real with me
Even though you are far 
I do believe that love will bring us together
If there is one thing I need now
It is love and I pray I find it in you.

Again thanks for accepting me as a friend
I do value and shall forever cherish it
For you, I promise to be a gentleman
As you are so nice a person to be around with
I wish you knew how I felt right in my heart 
It was really so good that I felt on top of the world 
I really haven't felt this way for so long a time
And I couldn't believe you kept me chatting like that
Amazing how I felt this blossom of peace right in my mind 
Truly it seems you have a way around my heart 
I wish we can build a strong and solid relationship
That will overcome the lust for sex and make our love
A thing of pride for others to emulate.

Nsikak Andrew  

The aura you carry is a blessing to my soul. Every time I think of you, I am like someone who has found his lost treasure and you know what, you are that found treasure.

I opened my arms and the bliss of your love took control. In my heart of hearts, I saw the blessing you showered on me. I admired this love of yours that is so adorable to be and lived with.

Your love is a blessing and a tonic to my soul. I wondered how blessed I am to have your love as mine.

I am so glad I found you. What would life have been without the touch of your love, care, warmth, and smile? You are one in a million and all I can do is to keep blessing the day I found you.

Black they say is beautiful but I thought it was a lie till I found you. Now I can confess that you are a blessing among the blessed.

Your love is so real. There is never a dull moment around you. If I am bored, one place I know I can find happiness is to be around you. You are a blessing to my soul.

My love, the good Heaven will ever bless you for me. You have become a blessing for all your love and care. I will ever live to value you till the end of time.

Money and Love! 

Oh! What a refreshing day that you make me a happy man
Right now I know I have a real soul out there who cares
Our love will definitely grow into something deeper
Now that you have made me your special man
I did have to be special for you and work to make it a reality
So that you will have more trust in me as a person 
And for our love to blossom into something so special
That I now began to feel inside my heart and thoughts.

Need I say that you are like a cool morning air
That freeze my mind with thoughts about you 
I love what you are doing to my heart
You are making me the best
And also want to bring out the best in me
Even though money and love are two familiar strangers
But true love any day shall always break the yoke
That money can’t bring along the way
Deep down, you are like an Angel sent from above
And money can't replace your value
Mark my words, I say money can't replace your value.

I really do care and I will always believe in you
As long as you will believe in me
From the bottom of my heart, I say have no fear
You're down with someone who cares 
One you can always count on
Need I tell you again, I am so serious about you
Now that you have made the promise to be there for us
I would be there for you just count on me for that
Maybe the other person never looked at you with a sincere mind
All they ever wanted was your body and not your heart’s feeling
So bad of them to miss what a real relationship should be
You are a nice and hard-working person I did like to adore
Even though we are far apart maybe someday 
I might give you a surprise you would never hope for 
And would want to make you feel love only thought of in your heart
I know what you want, and that only shall I give to you
Respect and the essence of true love for your value.

Right here many came with their ways but I am not moved 
And when they realized that I am not what they thought, 
Off they went their separate ways
I did decide to keep to myself a long time ago
Not to go begging for love where it never existed
All I do is work hard and try to build a future 
And I know the one made for me would always be there for me
Destiny I know will bring us together for life
If this is the reality of my secret thoughts
I pray that I found it in you and you alone
As for my world, I would want to share it with you
As long as life goes on and maybe, just maybe...

Nsikak Andrew  

Tenderly you took me in your arms and the feelings I felt can never be explained. I long to be in your arms because I have found paradise in my soul.

My gratitude goes to you for staying and loving me when life for me was a challenge. Now that I have seen the light from the end of the tunnel, all my life I dedicate to loving you. 

I was asked between a million dollars and you. I wasted no time choosing you because I know deep in my heart that the value of money can never replace your worth. You are more than a million dollars to me.

When the meaning of love seems to lose its true meaning, I shall find solemn in yours that we shared. Your love is kind-hearted and an ever-sure blessing that has blessed my soul every minute of the day.

A brighter day with new hope, everything good God will make come your way. He has singled you out for blessing. May you find favour in His abundant grace that abounds.

The reason you were created was for me to love. Since I found you, I have no regret that the creation of your kind was all because of me.

Falling in love with you is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since I met you, I have found my treasure house of paradise in you.

The Word Words

Can your soul hear those words?
Words, spoken from your heart
For it came like an angel
With no blaspheming clues to ponder.

I heard those words
And my heart gladdened
I heard those words
And my heart opened.

Fragrances of those words
Mesmerized me like a love song
You made promises of care
Vows that would rethink a soul.

I tripped, I trembled
I freeze, I surrendered
But now I know
That words from the mouth
Are not the same as words from the heart.

Nsikak Andrew

Every smile on your face makes me a happy person. Whenever I see your smile, I have this special feeling of your love that has given to me the energy to love you till the end of time.

When I see your smile, I have this special feeling of your love that has given me the energy to love you forever.

Thank God I found the courage to tell you how I feel. For I will never be experiencing this bliss that your love has given to me.

Your love found me in my bare state of mind. When I was worthless, you took me as I am. Now that I am a better person, than you, I give it all.

Your smile is hard to replace. It is so sensual with an aura that has drawn me closer to you forever.

Your smile is one of the things that comfort me and your love, that which I live for. Let it be the only thing that makes me anew that I would ever live for you, the love of my life.

Your smile and love is the only thing that comforts me. It is the only thing that makes me feel new to live for you and nothing else.

Buckled Heart 

The hair
The pointed nipples
The V-curve
The natural face
Hanging on the silky nightwear
Mirrored out from the light splash
Speared a heart!

A perfect creation 
On a perfect day
Standing like an elegant stallion
Caring not about the happening around her
Beholding those figures buckled my heart.

O!, heart why can’t you be silent
Why give yourself countless nights of sleep
Why dropped sick reminiscing
Busted that feeling – ‘heart”
It is just a one-day drop
Then you wouldn’t figure out
That which sets you on fire.

Nsikak Andrew

This little seed of love you sowed inside my heart has germinated into an oak tree. Now it has bear fruits of togetherness wrapped in the love of you.

If there is anything that makes me feel alive, it is the aura that your love carries. It has taken control over me and there is nothing I would do without the love of you.

It is you and only you that makes me feel alive and if you leave me without your love, then I will live the rest of my days wishing I never found love in you.

Your awesome kind of love have I tasted and now could tell the true meaning of love. Your love shall forever live and grow inside my heart.

Even in your absence, it has given me the aura to want you more and more. Now if I feel your absence all I do is think of you and my heart is comforted to wait and be there for you.

I shall sing of your love even in darkness. For if I do, brightness will always overshadow every darkness that has engulfed my mind not to love again.

Love will find you when you open up your heart. Don’t close your heart to love even when you’re hurt. If you can open your heart, then love can find you.

In Coded Admiration

Peeled in coded tune
With an innocent surface
That drew no suspicion
Clash of two hearts now seeks
To find their way home.

In coded tune
They seek their admiration
Like the interpretation of a sign language
Their imagination is coded
Waiting for the day of harvest to come.

Let this secrecy avail
And the tucked of her tune coded
For we shall walk in this guided secrecy
Till the throne of the Most Highest prevails
Whether to be or not to be! 

Nsikak Andrew

Life is all about a fight. The right fight I mean. If you feel I am lying, then ask yourself, if any of the achievements you have at the moment did come while you were deep asleep.     

"Whatever you need, you have to go fight for it. No success comes on a platter of gold."

It saddens me when I see people sit back and wait for others to make a success of their lives and all they do is come around and want to claim ownership like they were the ones who understood and felt their pains on their pathway to success. 

To those who want to feel another man’s success, swallow this hook-line-and-sinker. When you have a vision and your instinct keep directing you to that path, then go for it, and never allow any person’s opinion to deny you of your right to make your dream a success.

This is what the people you feel are successful did and in so doing, found success.

I Promise

I don’t need to ask like Bob Marley
Is this love, is this love that I’m feeling
Yeah, it is love that I’m feeling
You came in a special way
And blew my heart off 
Like a cool morning breeze.

This blessed Thursday morning,
It’s your mail that shed more tears of love for me
And makes me feel the need to love again 
Am doing just fine 
Wishing and praying for a perfect love between us
I did trust you as a lady 
Who knows what it takes to love a man?

You’re one in a million
I feel like I have known you for years passed  
Oh, how love feels in my heart
And makes me wanna drink
From the fountain of your love
That may never dry.

Dear you can count on me
I did be there for you
I promise you that
You can have friends
But there is a `friend’
For every heart that shares the true love
I wanna be your best friend
One you can live for
And trust on
I will never do you wrong
Nor make you cry
If this will make 
Our friendship stronger
I promise.

Nsikak Andrew

These long-distance love poems for her from the heart are words of love that would melt the heart of the one you love. When you find that soulmate that is irreplaceable, share these short romantic words of love with that sweet romantic love of yours that cares so much to make you the one that is irreplaceable. For the one you love, here are you are irreplaceable love quotes, you are irreplaceable in my heart, you are irreplaceable in my life, you are irreplaceable to me, you are irreplaceable I love you messages, You are irreplaceable friend quotes and romantic words of love messages.

I wish I could touch the sky then I would have written your name on it so that the world would see and adore the beauty of your love for me.

No money in the world would I take in exchange for your love. Nothing rather would I want for your worth, money cannot buy.

One and all desire you but to me, you gave your love. I may not merit it but am worthy of it. To you, I will adore you as my one and only.

To love they say involves taking risks. Your love is worth taking a million risks. Those risks I would ever want to take as long as you love and care for me.

Even if everybody glances through, they will be blind to see your priceless worth of you. Your love is priceless and to it, I shall live for the rest of my life.

Your worth is irreplaceable. Your care and kind-heartedness are priceless. Your love and smile are irresistible. You are a diamond that never fades.

The value of your worth, your love reveals to me. It has been the strength that carries me along from one level to another.

Thank you so much for spending time here on our site to go through our collections of love poems and inspiring messages. This collection of creative thoughts is free for your use provided that the author's name [Nsikak Andrew] and our website, would appear beneath the poem.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Best Romantic Poetic Love Messages for Her from the Heart Long Distance
Best Romantic Poetic Love Messages for Her from the Heart Long Distance
These poetic love messages for her are romantic poems for her to make her cry, love poems that will make her melt and poems to make her feel special.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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