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Famous Poetic Romance Poems and Inspirational Words of Wisdom to Inspire You

Romance in a relationship is created by the feeling that shows how genuinely you care about the one you love.

Poetic Romance Love Poem Messages

Romance in a relationship is created by the feeling that shows how genuinely you care about the one you love. Loving someone makes you give your heart to that special person no matter the circumstances at hand. When you find that soulmate that was meant for you, life becomes so fun and easy to relate to. Making your love count here are the best collections of romantic love poems and words of wisdom that are inspirational to inspire you to greatness.  Romantic Love Poems

 All the sweetness in romance has one thing in common; it must be necessary to show the other person that you truly care enough to find out what is meaningful to them. 

These short poetic romance poems and words of inspirational messages are sincere words of love that express how you feel for that special person in your life. Love Poetry Messages In English

Within Your Love

Your love,
Knows how to please;
Your love,
Knows how to care;
Your love,
Knows how to love.
And me,
I would stay;
To love you back in return.

The Depth Of Your Love

The depth of your love,
I can’t imagine.
I tried to determine its depth;
But the more I tried,
The more I’m falling for you.
I shall try no more,
For the depth of your love,
Has given me the heart to love again.

The Fire Of Love

Your love emerged,
Like Venus from the wave;
I looked and I couldn’t resist it.
The flaming fire it carries,
Burned my heart with the desire,
To want to love you forever.

You Came Like A Dream

You came like a dream,
And change my world.
I’m astounded at your beauty,
Which is compared to none.
For the love of you,
I shall always live forever.

When I Love You

I risked everything,
Just to have your love.
Now that I have you,
I know the value it bears.
It’s a treasure,
That money can’t buy.

When I Heard Your Voice

I heard your voice,
And I couldn’t resist wanting you.
You blew my mind,
And make me fall for you.
If love is a voice,
I rather have yours for a keep.

Your Smile

Your smile cast a spell on me,
Infectious as it is;
I have been infected by it,
And nothing can cure this infection;
Except for the melody of your smile.

Nsikak Andrew

Love Poems for Her and Inspirational Messages for the One You Love. These are deep collections of love poems for her and inspirational messages for the one you love. The words are encouraging and inspiring poems. Here are love poems and inspirational messages, poetry quotes about love and relationships, inspirational poems about life, deep love poems for her, love poems for him, romantic love poems, poems about life and love and friendship, inspirational love poems for him, and love poems for her from the heart. These are deep collections of love poems for her and inspirational messages for the one you love. The words are encouraging and inspiring poems and quotes for someone that is special in your life.

Where Does Love Go From Here

Like tears drop from rainy snow,
I feel the pain of the cool breeze
Blowing so hard to rekindle my heart
Oh! Where does love go from here?

It is love that keeps the heart longing
It is love that certainly destroys the heart
I found love, I hold love
Just when I thought it will last,
I feel the presence of love blew away
Oh! Where does love go from here?

I thought love was lost
Destroy in the battle of selfish lusts
I kick my heart off her words `love’
I decided to live in my lonely world
Only thinking of love as a weapon to destroy the soul
Where does love go from here?

I see love, dream love and forget love
Love is real, I keep rekindling 
Love is sweet; it’s just time to reveal her true colour
Rewarded in her shining light
Where does love go from here?

I thought love was lost
Till I see her breeze my heart
Like an unforeseen hand
Telling me to be calm
I asked dear love
Where do you go from here?

You elope me over so many years
You make my life miserable
I thought you were gone,
Leaving me like a lost child
Inside a deep forest
I cried my way to an uncertain path
Oh! Love, now that I have found you
Rekindle in an uncertain region
Where does love go from here?

Nsikak Andrew

Web Angel

Crossed by your nice flows
Represented in your thoughtful attitude,
With a sense of sufficiency,
I began to see a dream world
Thought only by the wireless circuits.

Wireless flows and we are connected
Dropping words that never represent our presence
Our hearts only keep hoping,
Dreaming of our web angels
That might never represent our thoughts.

Her words are like mixed chocolate
Typed only on the surface of a creamy keyboard
So sweet are her words 
That she makes the heart pump up
As she drops her thoughtful lust.

Angel of the web
I behold your beauty painted only in words 
Your attitude only in keying
When will I hold the thoughts? 
That represents your sincere heart?

My heart you burned
With those dreamy thoughts, you dropped
If only I could touch you
Will I see those dreamy thoughts?
Unfolded into realities my angel of the web? 

Nsikak Andrew

Love Poems for Her from the Heart in English. The one you love truly deserves every moment of sweetest romantic special words that would always make her feel unto of the world. These loving words for her are a love poem that would forever build your relationship and make your marriage feel the best romantic bliss.

Sweet Beautiful Dream

How beautiful is your love,
That her unending story is, 
Like the stream of the river that never ends.

The puzzle to my heart's many worries,
You answered with a gladdened heart,
That reawakes my soul to love you the more.

A sweet dream that reassures my heart,
With the consciousness to love you forever,
This dream of you is all that makes meaning to me. 

Nsikak Andrew

Under The Street Light

The chill colour I adore
Which splash her gentle touches
To reveal the hidden beauty
That the heart holds dear.
So dark that she is deserted
But rejoiceth in the unveiling drama’s   
That brings her to reality.

Cars flash pass,
People stroll through
Smiling into the air
Like a dry land that finds a randy day
The beauty of their shadows
Reveals in the secrets
That is their mind's thoughts.

Every wrong seems to be right
If you could find the street light
Say the words your heart feels
And the light will reveal their meanings
It is the heart that knows 
Which sees the beauty in her actions?

I find the streetlight
And holds the secret of beauty
I wish to make my prayer to her
She is a rewarding beauty
Who lights my heart with her feelings
That the street light can’t reveal.

Nsikak Andrew

Inspirational Quote of the Day. The daily inspirational messages are quote of the day inspirational messages about life and motivational quotes for the one you love. These inspirational messages are motivational quotes for work success, inspirational quotes about life and struggles, motivational work quotes, motivational quotes for working hard, Friday motivational quotes for work, super motivational quotes, motivational quotes for employees, and motivational quotes for success.

The existence of life is in creation. It is when we realized the essence of our creation that we can make meaning out of our life. A life without a purpose is never a life that will bring the bearer of that life fulfilment. If there is one thing you should do; it is to find and discover the purpose that is your life. When you have an understanding of what your life is meant to be, then you will find in it the joy to fulfil your purpose.

To make our creation worth its existence, we should accept the emptiness that is us from the beginning. It is when we accept ourselves just the way we are that we will begin in us that thought process that would redefine our person and take us to that height in life that will bring about a positive result.

It is through the consciousness of us realizing our person that we can begin to act on things around us based on our knowledge of understanding. The ability to realize ourselves will help us proclaim words that will bring things into existence in our life.

If you want to be guided by the light that illuminates, then let your spoken words carry power. The power to communicate in a positive way is what will create your world. Remember that the world we live in was created out of spoken words. And that power of the spoken words is what you have within you to also create your world.

To make your life worth living, you must as a matter of fact define what you want out of life. The power to define what you want is what will bring about a steady mind that will help you in actualizing your given purpose in life. Do not live your life to chance, say what you want and it shall definitely come to pass.

The act and the understanding of the division of labour are what will contribute to your long existence in life. Do not claim to have a monopoly of knowledge but rather learn to share what you have for the benefit of all. Life is unique and so you should make it much better by contributing your portion towards making it worth living.

When you have the ability to coordinate things, you will always have a better result. Life is all about orderliness. When you are disciplined in your approach towards how things should be done, then know for sure that you will ever make progress in all that you set out to achieve.

The process of redefining the person that is you requires your conscious effort. Learn to ask yourself definite questions that will provoke your thought in order to discover the purpose to which your creation is centred. When you know your purpose, you wouldn’t struggle over other things that would make you become desolate and lose focus on achieving your given purpose in life.

Let everything you do in life have a definite purpose. Do not act in a way that will make you lose the essence which is the definition of your life. When you become definite on what you want to achieve, you will find the grace and unusual strength to strive at all times to make meaning out of what you want in life.

The meaning of life is gotten when you plan. Planning enables you to ease out and discover the path that can lead to failure. Do not embark on any venture without first having a plan on how to bring your ideas to their full manifestation. When you begin a journey without planning for it, then failure actually is what might await you.

Deep Love Poems for Her from the Heart. A sweet little romantic love poem for her is enough to open up her heart to love you like never before. Your choice of romantic words matters and this is what makes it so special. Share this love poem with her and watch how your love would ever glow. 

The Day We First Met

The day we first met is the day I would never forget,
The joy of that day shall ever be a memory to remember,
How you swept me off my feet and make me feel special,
That memory of our first meeting, I shall cherish for life.

How do I recount this thought of you,
That moment I said I care about you,
The same you felt I was just one of them,
But now see how time proved us so wrong.

This love of ours is a blessing to my soul,
How we met shall always be a mystery,
But I felt it was predestined for us to meet,
So we can experience this faithfulness of our love.

Nsikak Andrew

Feast Of The Dead!

Slow killer,
How shall we resist you?
Our soul you bind
With a thought of resistance
Thrashing the world
With your powerful tool
That feeds us to death.

So sweet are thou
That we test
And never look back
Till we’re suffocated
From the lust, you radiate
Which engulfs our soul
Like a burning forest.

For thy sake we’re insane
Naked like the beast
For the period you lasted
From the passion that you feed
Never caring about our integrities
Nor the status that we occupied
But obeying the feast that you governed.

Your feeding table rejects no living soul
That desire to feast from you
The wise feast
And propagate their generations
The fool feast
And lay the foundation
For their remembrance ceremonies.

How do we escape you?
Oh! Feast of the dead!
Tho’ you bless our world
With the lusts-passion that you feast 
But always, 
You waited like the undertaker
For the next funeral to arrange.

Nsikak Andrew

Deep Motivational Messages for the One You Love. These inspirational messages for the one you love are short encouraging messages, words of encouragement for a man or woman you love, inspirational messages for loved ones, and how to inspire someone you love with quotes that he or she would love.

Whatever that you need to make a success out of your life on earth, is provided right in your environment. It is not your location that matters but what you do within your location. You need to activate your reasoning mind to make it yield the needed fruit that is the thought within you to bring out that idea that will make you conquer your land.

When you speak into your existence, then it has no other option than to produce the yield that will bring about a change in your life. The earth is full of abundance but for it to become a part of yours, you have to go work for it. When you become lazy in discovering your purpose, then for such, you will live a life that makes you struggle all the time.

The day and night have twenty-four hours to produce its yield. If you waste any of it time, you may find it difficult to meet up with your expectations. To make progress in life requires that you move with time. When you have the consciousness of time, you will achieve more in less time.

Life answers to the spirit of orderliness as everything in life has a purpose. When you recognize the progress that should be followed in doing a thing, you will be able to organize your life in other to meet up with the challenges that can break you down. 

Let everything you do have the right way of getting it done. When you have a cunning attitude in not following due process, in there you will always have a disorganized life which will never do you any good. Those who think that things could be done anyhow always end up achieving nothing and even if it seems as if they are having it at the beginning, always be patient enough to see the final result in the long run which is always disastrous.

Life's purpose is not achieved through unhealthy competition. The only person you should compete with should be yourself. When you have the understanding that it takes the person that is you to achieve your life purpose, you would give it all within yourself to achieve that. When you begin to compete with others, you will never only lose focus but would find within you the purpose not to fulfil destiny.

The purpose of your creation is that you should be the light that would lead others out of their dark tunnel. And if you cannot provide that ultimate calling of yours, you would not only fail yourself but others who looked up to you. Do within yourself all that it takes to be the light that blesses others for it is the only way that you will feel fulfilled and accomplish your purpose.

The law that is embedded in the day and night should be duly observed. The day is for you to work and the night is for you to rest. But know for sure that real discovery of purpose comes through the night. If you should rest, do not be lost in it. Let your meditation at night give you the balance in life to discover the purpose of your creation.

Every day has its purpose for the fulfilment of life. When you walk within the purpose that is when you will fulfill destiny. Fulfillment of purpose be it as it may have its challenges but if you hold on to your belief you will make it no matter the obstacles surrounding you.

The abundance that you will find in life is a result of your persistence, dedication, and patience in growing the little seed in your hand. Your idea is your little seed that needs to be nurtured into what will create your abundance.

Friends or Foxes

Who is a friend?
And who is a fox?
A question only the heart knows.

Friends are never in doubt
But a journey to their heart
Is a lesson that proves her reward.

Friends! They came when the star is bright
And disappears immediately it becomes dark
Oh, friend! Life teaches us a lesson.

Well! Never bothered about them
If you keep your heart to their ways
You will live to become nothing.

Guard your heart with your hands
And work out your salvation without trembling
Because life to all is nothing but a game of choice.

Nsikak Andrew

How Deep Is Your Love

The sea, so deep
That it houses the fish
The sky, so high
That the birds could reach
The forest, so wide
That it harbour all creature
How deep then is your love?

The nectar,
A feeding place for the butterfly
The nest,
A resting place for the birds
The web,
A protector for the spider
Where do you place your love?

Your mouth,
Does it reflect your heart's thoughts?
Your foot-steps,
Does love, direct her?
Your action,
Does it show love?
Think more,
How deep is your love?

Nsikak Andrew

Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Life. Here are touching words of wisdom, wise words of advice, inspirational words about life, words of wisdom about life, words of wisdom about life with explanation and words of wisdom for success.

The art of creativity adds in no small measure towards making life a living testimony. When you are creative with your ideas, you will never run dry of wisdom. Creativity is like a trend that goes on within any generation. And when you are creative in what you do, you will always have that satisfying and rewarding experience that will give you an edge over others.

Every seed in your hand is for multiplication. When you multiply the little in your hand, you create wealth, but when you make that in your hand become stagnated by not seeking to multiply it, you stop the flowing process of abundance. Multiplication is what creates the law of abundance. Let nothing in your hand become stagnated but rather seek to grow the little you have for in it you will come to plenty and a blessing to others.

If there is one thing that you should do is to make every day count for you. Though every day might not be the same, for you, it is to make every day seem the same and it should be to your advantage. It is what you accord to any day that the same day will deliver to you. If you keep saying that your day should be well with you, for sure you will have what you say but if you speak negative words into your day, then do not expect it to deliver your right kind of day.

Light will always beget light. It matters to the right kind of people you share your life and thoughts with. If your circle of friends can’t share your belief, be sure that such will influence you negatively and for sure this is not the right kind of person that will encourage you to fulfil your destiny. Let your light always be that which shines along with those who share your same kind of belief system for it is in it that you will find good success.

The art of perfection is not in our calling but rather we should use our imperfections to create our perfect life. It is when we seek not to make perfection our watchword that is when we can actually become the perfect person that we seek to be. Remember that for you to have a perfect world; you would experience the art of imperfection. Those who make an impact in life are those who see themselves as imperfect being who only have the privilege of their imperfection to make their life perfect.

Man is a god to himself who has the authority to alter the destiny of his life. When you realize the power that is you, you will change the perception of things that seem to hold you down so as not to accomplish your purpose in life. You have the authority and power to become who you ever want to be if only you will take that authority which is embedded in you to be that which you want to be. 

Our creation is to give glory to God our creator. We are living to begin because God cares to make us one. If you doubt the existence of God, then you have doubt in your very creation. There is no need to argue this existence. God is supreme and there is nothing any man can do about it. When you recognize His supremacy, you will find this in-worth peace of mind that will become a blessing not only to your life but to all things that are found around you.

You need the blessing from God to overcome every disgrace in life. And this blessing you will access if you accept Him as your Lord and personal Saviour. There is no need to shy away from the truth, a life in Christ is a life in peace. Though you will encounter obstacles in your way in all you will always have rewarding victory if you put your trust in God. Trust in God at all times for you will have your way made prosperous.

The earth has all you need to make you live your life in abundance. But to make this so, it is not all that comes your way that will lead you to your abundance. Discipline yourself to know what is right for your body. When you consume all that comes your way without giving in to what is right for your body, there in it you will expose your body to that which will bring you ill health which eventually if not checked on time might lead to the destruction of your life. Jealousy guides what comes into your mouth for in it you will protect your life to have a resounding health and body.

Food is of the essence but you need to know what to eat that is in conformation with your body system. You don’t eat for eating sake but you eat to have life. When you eat the right way without abusing your body through food, you have a sound mind that will become a productive mindset that creates the needed tools to help you become the person you ever seek to be. The moment you make food a priory, then you have defeated the creative mind that is your life.

A life well lived is a life that fulfils its purpose. And to make this so, you have to humble yourself and obey the law of nature. Life has its principles that should be followed. When you move in line with the processes that make life worth living, you will always be in line with what will give you the blessing that makes life great. Do not be in a hurry, take a step, one after the other, that is how it should go in your process to discover who the person that is you is and in line with what follows after that to fulfil destiny.

Encouraging inspirational Poems. Here are short poems to uplight and encourage which are personal poems that would always make you feel the essence of life.

Let Me Clear My Throat

I hate publicity
Anything that has to do with it
Certainly, count me out
Come to think of it
How could you accomplished
A God-given talent without
Falling in love with publicity.

I thought publicity is for those
Who wants to create an environment
For them to be noticed, but hide as you may
The golden fish has no hiding place
I have hidden for too long
Now is the time to clear my throat
And get busy with this fun
I cherished it so much.

I realize many have talents
But how to express them becomes a problem
Many allowed their talents to die in them
Some do not believe that they are worthy
Of their precious given talents
Some envy others' talents without knowing
That theirs are greater than those they envy.

Some are just follow-follow
Everything they see others do
They want to do that
Tell me, were you born on the same day?
Why not be yourself
Being yourself is only how
You can discover and achieve your talent
Stop being follow-follow.

Nsikak Andrew

Simply Kissan

Do I need an intro
For the curious souls
You need not search further
To many, I may mean
A different thing to them.

To some ‘am Skilful 
To others ‘am Shaker
To some ‘am De-angel
To others ‘am Simple
To some ‘am Teasean
To many ‘am Kissan
To me ‘am Wilnettes
You can call me Nsilife.

Now ‘am Kissan
It feels good to drop a kiss
That touches gently the two souls
Licking it off with the saliva
That creams the mind
And live a lasting stigmatic breath
That warms the heart
Like the dew drops from the snow.

Nsikak Andrew


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Famous Poetic Romance Poems and Inspirational Words of Wisdom to Inspire You
Famous Poetic Romance Poems and Inspirational Words of Wisdom to Inspire You
Romance in a relationship is created by the feeling that shows how genuinely you care about the one you love.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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