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Sweet Poetic Love Messages and Romantic Verse Love Poetry for Your Sweetheart

Here are the best poetic love messages that are breathtaking love poems for him or her and poems that will make him or her fall in love with you.

Poetic Romantic Love Messages

These collections of poetic love messages are indeed, love little notes you can share with the one that is so special to you. The messages are what would make the heart want to live forever. Hey friends, just take the time and scoop from these poetic love poem collections.

Indeed when you feel the appearance of the one you truly love. The thought and feeling are something that words sincerely lack her true definition. Let the appearance of your soulmate send that shivering love thought that would always make you smile with joy always. Best Love Messages   

If you are hooked on love, remember it is what would make your heart recount her days. That special feeling that brings pleasure to the heart is something you would always want to long for. Here for your sweet delight are the poetic messages of love for you to share with the one you love. Poetic Love Messages For Her

Your Appearance

Your alluring appearance,
Mesmerized my mind;
Your towering beauty,
Elevated my soul;
And your love,
Makes me long for you.
Now a day is incomplete,
Without thinking of you.

I Am Hook

I am hooked,
T o the pleasure;
That your love bears.
The same sensual pleasure,
That has made my heart;
Recount her days.
Now I can’t dream,
Of none else but you.

To The Throne

To the throne,
Of your love;
I have fallen.
May I be guided,
In the charming beauty;
That your love possesses,
That I might taste of none else;
But the beauty of you,
That has made me strong.

Nsikak Andrew

There is something about the inner mind that propels the force of success. If your mind keeps hammering on a particular thing, as a conscious being, you need to take note and listen to that still small voice within you.

"Your pathway to success is hidden inside that innermost thought."

If you listen to others, please trust your mind. Anything that tells you and gives you a thousand reasons why it is not possible to achieve a given goal; to me is the voice of failure looming.

To make a success out of your life, give in to your mind through deep meditation. It is in the process of doing this daily that you will find and discover that which is your purpose to fulfil destiny.

When I Love You

When I love you,
And you seem not to care;
All I would do,
Is to love you the most.
More and more,
Would I love you;
For I can’t imagine,
Loving someone else but you.

Bring To Me Your Love

Bring me your love,
That I might be strong.
Give me your heart,
That I might be energized.
Bring me your love,
That I might never want.
For all I need is nothing else,
But your love makes me strong.

What Your Words Are

Your words are like the charm,
That weakens my heart to surrender.
Anytime I heard your voice,
I found my heart just succumbed.
For in the power of your love,
I make my bed with emotion;
To be there for you today and always.

Your Love

Your love,
Stirs my desire;
And makes me,
Want you more.
I thought I could,
Only have you;
For a day,
But now I know;
That I want you forever.

Nsikak Andrew

These deep love poems for her that will make her cry are romantic poems that seem to speak to the heart of love. It seeks to answer the very question of truly love exit.

The Double Dice

Games are played to be won
But what happens if the centre doesn’t hold?
Cry your head out or blame your misfortune on nature
Nature has been so kind to some
To others, it has been a step to misery.

Who do you blame when you had to
Smoke away two packets of cigarette
Or drink too drunk just to relieve an emotional stress
The stress of realizing it too late
That you had been fooled up.

I wondered why love exists
How did it come to be?
Could it be wrong to call it an unseen spirit?
How does the mighty turn jellies on sighting love
With all the educational development and advancement
Nor had found the perfect cure for a lovesick fellow.

The time they say heals a wound
Even if it heals, does the heart forget?
In love, everybody is learners
No one claims to be a perfecta
In love, everybody’s hearts are broken
Some are healed.

To be in love, you must have a heart of double dice
Do not expect a Double six throwaways
To perfect the art, learn the coin philosophy
Head you win or tail you lose.

Nsikak Andrew

Who Could It Be

A madman has a friend – goes the saying
An ugly woman does have friends – the idolised
A true friend is in the beauty of the heart
Not the outward appearance – they say.

Who could it be,
So tenderly,
So lovely,
So accommodating----
Someone who could love without blemish
And undesirable love in return.

Someone whose natural aroma is felt through the air
Someone whose present springs surprises
Someone whose smiles melt a king’s heart
Someone whose presence bore not a soul.

They’re full of energy,
A natural giver,
Always thinking of others
And denying itself some comfort.

One who pleases
And ones to see the best in other
If you have a heart for others
Then, you could be that friend.

Nsikak Andrew

I smile within myself because I have gotten the key. You know that innermost joy that comes along when you make an unusual discovery. The one that makes you shout wow! 

If I must be frank with you, let no one deceive you, the pride to your fortune is within your hand and not entirely on any other person. 

"What you can get from others is only help but the right process to make it work, is your sole responsibility."

If you hold the key to your fortune, then why put your entire hope on others who within themselves are seeking for those to help them?

Your friends, parents, relations, and others are not the one who owns the key to discovering your fortune, my dear. 

It is faith in your Creator with positive confession, believing in yourself, and putting in the necessary hard work that will bring you to the light of making a fortune.  

What Are Friends For

They come in different shapes and sizes
They profane all manner of love
Give them 6 by 12 inches
And discover their chameleon colours.

They cover you when discovered
What to parasite from you
They proclaimed you the greatest,
A God sends to mankind.

You are their Saviour
As far as cash is in your pocket
When the cash drops
You’re in a world of your own.

Isn’t it said that a friend in need is a friend indeed
Why are friends, betrayers?
Why are friends, backbiters?
Why are friends heartbreakers?
Why and Why---

A friend should be there for you
One who overlooks your weaknesses
For the world not to see
One who gives you love and peace of mind.

Who could be that friend?
Who can give you the reasons
To smile from the depth of your heart.
The heart knows.

Nsikak Andrew

Like A Wind

The cocky voice, the tip-tat-sound
Emanating from the Mahogany tree
Blends perfectly with the gentle cool breeze
That strolls out from the balcony of the tree
As I took a lonely stroll by
I was carried away by its gentle scenery.

Life is a wing that blows one in a season
Its appearance blew off my mind
Living a sweet memory of her gentle touch
Its sexy touches split my heart
One in a lifetime, my kind of wing
How do I get over her?

The creamy skin I adore
Its smiles melt a soul's heart
Its dentition is a perfect piece of art to behold
Anything I would do to hold this pretty wing
Close to my heart forever.

Nsikak Andrew

Here is one of the best short love poems for a wife that would make her feel the bliss of love that burns within her heart for you. If you feel the love of your wife, let her share in the love that these poems embody.


Today, I make this vowed
To love you and always
Only if you will care.

Today, I laid a solicit foundation
For an everlasting relationship
If only you would give it a try.

Today, I promise a piece of my loving
Only if you let me be the one
You could trust and count on it.

Today, I give my kneel down
Your hand I need to lift me up
And show how tender and loving
You could share your love with me.

Nsikak Andrew

My Everyday

My heart renews
With a strong passion
To love you.

I waited so patiently
For your soul-healer
That keeps me going.

Thought of you
Sends sweet memories
Across to renew my weak heart.

Little by little
You’re becoming
A greater part of me.

I see the air
Waves your sweet smell
That bounds my heart.

I see true love
Renewed in my heart
To love you.

Nsikak Andrew

Who told you that you’re nothing? Who made you feel that success is the birthright of some selected few? If I must tell you, equal measurement of success is what we all have at birth. But the bottom line is what we do with the one in our hands.

"The ability you have is the natural gift you’re born with which is right within you."

Many imitate others and in so doing, forgot to develop their given talent. Whatever you dream to become, it is solely your responsibility to achieve that purpose. 

If you are searching for a job and refuse to write an application, there is no miracle about that. No job will come to you on a platter of gold.

Discover who you are and become that which is within your desire. 

Tears For Love

Tears drop from my eye
As the heart holds her thoughts
Making me feel the power
That bound true love together.

As the tears drop
Her power refills my heart
With unusual thoughts
That word might never explain.

Oh! Chastise me
Oh! Embarrass my being
Now that tears had awoken love
May the Lions beware?

Nsikak Andrew

Perfect Wind

Just like a perfect wind
You blew through my mind
With an irresistible touch
You set my heart dreaming.

Who are you?
The beautiful wind 
That splits my heart 
And keeps me longing for your touch.

Once you blew
Forever you disappear
Leaving me a lonely soul
Guessing when you did blow again.

I search around 
Hoping you will blow someday
To calm my heart with your touch
And dry the heats that stress my soul.

Dear perfect wind
Wouldn’t you blow my way again?
Your gentle touch I can’t resist
To calm my soul for eternity.

Nsikak Andrew

These inspirational poems for your husband that will make him cry are the best motivational friendship poems that are so loving and inspiring for the one you love. 

Nature Is Life

Halt the air, live to die
Stay indoors, live in self-prison
Refuse to make friends live on a lonely Island
Nature is life.

Inhale the gentle morning air, live to life
Open your heart, as the morning rose
Live a satisfying life.
Rest like an eagle, and live a life of no fear
Nature is life.

Hear the chuckle cry of the insects,
The reverberating drums of the elephant grass
Survey the baritone cries of the owl
Nature is life.

If nature is not life, then live in stress
If you want to kill boredom, stroll through the moonlight
If you want to clear a worried soul,
Take a walk through the seashore
If it doesn’t give you a piece of mind,
Then nature is not life.

Nsikak Andrew

Givers Never Lack

Learn to give
For it is a sure way to abundant

Loose to give
And be ready for a life of lack.

Those who give
Their heart is filled
With inward satisfaction.

So give 
And live a life 
Of unending abundant.

Nsikak Andrew

If you want success, get out of your comfort zone and go work for it. Why should you expect others to sweat it out and all you do is go beg for change? 

"Achieving greatness is not a day’s job neither is it an avenue for lazy-minded foes."

If you want respect, kill within you that begging spirit. It might only take you for a while and even if you succeed at it, without any given skill, you will always go back to a zero level. 

To rule your world, learn a trade you have the desired passion for. And keep on reinventing yourself within the line of that trade. Whatever you do with a determined heart is what will always bring you the desired fulfilment of purpose.

The Coin Philosophy

Games are played to be won
If the centre doesn’t hold, what happens?
Cry your head off or blame nature for the misfortune?
To some, nature has been so kind
To others, it has been a step to misery.

Does true love exist, I wondered
How wrong to call her an unforeseen spirit
The mighty turned to jelly on sighting her
In all the world’s advancement
None had found a perfect cure for a love-sick fellow.

Time, they say heals a wound
Even if it heals, does the heart forget?
In love, everyone is a learner
No one claims to be as perfecta
Some hearts are broken, and others are healed. 

To be in love, you need a double dice heart
Don’t expect a Double six throw always
To perfect the art, learn the coin philosophy
Head you win or tail you lose.

Nsikak Andrew

Life Is Sharing

Show me a rich man
And I will show you
A man that shares his knowledge
To life, what have you given?
That you expect so much from it?

Gifts are for sharing
Why buried your gift
On the sand of time
Show me an untapped talent
And I will walk you 
Through the cemetery.

Your gifts are for life sharing
Share all you have to share
Reveal all you have to hide
Help save a dying generation
For, life is all about sharing.

Nsikak Andrew

To make love worth its salt, you need to dig deep, and these love poems that rhyme and make you cry are inspirational poems that would make you have a positive impact on life.

The Beauty Of Life

Though life
Might not give to us
All that we desired
But we can
Get all that we want
Out of life.

Life is beautiful
So we should make
Beauty out of it
So our life's
Would become
A beauty
For all to emulate.

If we respect
Our life's
The way we are
So shall life
Respect us
The way it should
But where we fail
To make it so
The same for us
Should we expect?

Life is like
The law of Karma
To her,
That which you give
So shall you
Receive in return
And not
The other way round.

The beauty of life
Is to be upright
All the time
Standing where
It needs to be
And where
It matters
And keeping
To the right track
Where it is possible
But never
To disrespect the days
Of little beginning.

If you skip from it,
Dwell not
In blaming yourself
But rather get up,
Move up
And keep skipping
For it is
In your dare determination
That life will accord
To you the beauty
Of her many trophies.

So keep up,
Live up,
For life will ever
Accord to you her beauty
If and only if
You keep to her beauty
Which only 
The beauty of life can give.

Nsikak Andrew

Love Ballad’s

Love bites
Love hurts
Love stains.

When it bites
It keeps a wound
For remembrance.

When it hurts
It makes provision
For healing.

When it stains
It lives a long time smell
Of invisible desire.

Nsikak Andrew

Most times we come face-to-face with tension and the sweat even in an Air conditioning room seems to be noticeable. Sometimes, people drive us crazy while we go wild nagging and killing ourselves over 

At every moment of tension, we should be concerned about our health and also have in the back of our minds what tension could do to our health in the long run.

"Tension will never bring you good but rather a bag load of worries and all its negative effects."

Notice when you are under tension, you are bound to make terrible mistakes that sometimes can cost you a fortune and ruin your reputation.

Learn to relax when you are faced with undue tension. Smile when it seems like the whole world is on top of you. One way to overcome tension when it arises is to relax the mind. And please, smile to yourself. 

Just a little smile; is all it takes to relax the mind and drive tension away.

Now That I am Wrong

In the fall of the night, I came
Heavily I feel a deep down
In my heart.

Nothing in my mind I could say
That would change the mood
Of your heart.

I did hurt you – that you felt
Saying `am sorry 
Could it make sense?

Nsikak Andrew

St. Valentine’s Blues

On St. Valentine
I saw her
On St. Valentine
She told me her name
On St. Valentine
I have not been the same again.

Needless of beating the drums edged
When the centre could produce
The needed sound
I long for her around me.

With her, my life could be happily great
Like Oliver Twist, no need to ask for more
Show me you care a little
And helped heal a broken heart.

Nsikak Andrew

Love calls for sacrifices and these love poems for her long distance, are words of romantic love that would make her feel special even when you are far away. 

Closer For Real

To every man
There is a woman
You’re my kind of woman.

Every chance meeting
Brings one closer
Closer to his heart's desire
You’re my heart's desire.

It was a pleasure meeting you
It was a pleasure chatting with you
It was a pleasant feeling about you
You’re my soulmate.

Many would flatter
Some would tell lies
Lies that don’t float on water
For to win your heart
To you, I promise all my love.

The smile,
The look, 
The simplicity,
The tenderness I adore
For, to be closer to you
In love for real.

Nsikak Andrew

Beauty In The Wind

Clouds are for mystery design
Spots the beauty in her mound
The morning radiates hers
The daytime flame hers
Burning the earth with her heat
The evening cools hers
Keeping the surface chill
Like the mind that had found a new love.

See how beautiful the wind could be
The cloud waves till it snows here
Like the cocky smoke from a white winter
Her design is a perfect interpretation
To different pupils who do harbour
The creative mysteries of the mind.

Watch the wind
See how it splashes the cloud
Creating a perfect work of art
That, only the mind could find her interpretations
To the wind, we own the cloud 
She surprises our world with her beauty
Which shapes our being
For a lifetime of romantic beauty.

Nsikak Andrew

Loneliness is a slow killer that many might not want to accept. And to make it worst, nothing brings depression to the mind like loneliness. The worst that can happen to anyone is to become or feel lonely.

One worst thing about loneliness is that we seem not to see it coming. At times, we feel like just want to be left alone but sincerely, when you are alone with a depressed mindset, in that situation, you can never reason for anything good.

To make a good life out of loneliness, learn to love those who are around you. When you are not on talking terms with everyone around you, then you are creating for yourself a state of loneliness that would affect your entire well-being and your state of mind. 

Love is the key to all acts of deep happiness. Find for yourself what gives you joy and make sure you are at it all the time to help you fulfil your purpose. When you do the things you love, you will find yourself withdrawing from the things that can make you sad and as a result, brings about happiness.

And as you advance in life, make sure you build the wealth that will extend to the next generation. Remember there comes a time when your youthful strength might not carry you anymore. And if you have achieved the purpose, then there is nothing to fear as all you would now do is to give back to society and your generation.

Trust in your Creator to overcome every act that brings loneliness. You shouldn’t take this one for granted. It is all you need to drive away loneliness. I would say it is the ultimate. Learn also to meditate daily; it is one of the weapons to overcome loneliness.

“Life is too short for you to live in loneliness”.

Hope From An Anchor

Do you have hope?
Where does it hang
See the anchor
As small as a piece of metal
Suspended to hook 
On the bottom of the sea
Holding an Ocean-liner
With peace in the calm atmosphere
It holds back the liner
Never to be destroy
Nor sink inside the sea.

Hope on God
It should be your object of desire
Like the anchor
Let your faith hope on
Never to be destroyed by a difficult time
Always have hope
And it shall be well
Trust in God 
And never forgets Him
For the living, there is hope.

Nsikak Andrew

Flower’s Thought

Flower brings love
Flower brings peace of mind
Flower brings sweet romantic smells
Flower keeps true love burning
Flower shapes our heart
And brings out her true colour
Flower harbour no harmful thoughts.

So tenderly, so lovely, so accommodating
Her love is without blemish 
Her natural aroma the air can’t ignore
Her present springs surprises
And bode not a soul
O!, her smiles melt a king’s heart.

She is full of energy
A natural giver,
Always thinking of others
And denying herself some comfort
She pleases and loves to see the best in others
Her heart she shares with others.

She is sent like a loving comforter
To renew the strength of a weak-love
And ring the bell that words can’t express
O! How meek and gentle she is
To comfort a heart that had lost love
If for this purpose you sent her
Then, you’re my lasting flower.

Nsikak Andrew

Thank you so much for spending time here on our site to go through our collections of love poems and inspiring messages. This collection of creative thoughts is free for your use provided that the author's name [Nsikak Andrew] and our website, would appear beneath the poem.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Sweet Poetic Love Messages and Romantic Verse Love Poetry for Your Sweetheart
Sweet Poetic Love Messages and Romantic Verse Love Poetry for Your Sweetheart
Here are the best poetic love messages that are breathtaking love poems for him or her and poems that will make him or her fall in love with you.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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