Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Man and Woman of God

These happy silver jubilee wedding anniversaries are the best marriage anniversary messages to a man of God and his wife.

 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Man and Woman of God

Celebrating the silver jubilee in your marriage is something that is so special to do. These Christian silver jubilee wedding anniversary messages are religious wedding anniversary wishes to congratulate a Man of God on his 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

It is so special and rewarding to wish others well. And when it has to do with a wedding anniversary, such is an amazing thing to do. You can share these religious anniversary messages with your mentor, spiritual father and Christian leader who is celebrating his silver wedding anniversary. 

Is it your minister or any of God's servants you admire his ministry celebrating its wedding anniversary, share with such happy 25th wedding anniversary messages to a great man of God. 

Happy Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Spiritual Parents

We bring to you some of the best collections of great wedding anniversary wishes for a spiritual leader and mentor. It is time to appreciate the grace of God upon the life of a great servant of God with these silver jubilee wedding anniversary wishes and sayings.  Birthday Wishes for Father from Son

[1]. It is indeed a blessing from God. May God continue to be the centre of your marriage and family and may He continue to protect and use you as a unit to witness to those around you the love Christ has for the Church. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary.

[2]. Always been a source of inspiration to me. Your marriage is a model I prayed for and God granted my request. I pray that the bond of love and joy reigning in your home will last forever. Happy 25th wedding anniversary to a great man of God whom I really love and appreciate. 

[3]. I celebrate you Sir and Ma, I pray for a new level of grace to be released upon your lives as you celebrate your 25th year of togetherness. Happy anniversary!

[4]. I pray that God’s unending love and His glory will continue to overflow in your lives, your children and your ministries in Jesus' mighty name. Love is the greatest and that is all we have for you two. Keep rejoicing in your God. We love you two. Congratulations and happy 25th anniversary.

[5]. I pray to experience this milestone with my wife. I really admire you! More grace and anointing for impact. Thanks for your exemplary lives. Happy silver jubilee anniversary. 

[6]. More blessings and grace to impact generations! I tap into this Grace! Happy silver jubilee marriage anniversary to you Sir and Ma. Best wishes!

[7]. Congratulations very dearly and exceptionally highly esteemed Pastors on the silver jubilee of your marriage. We celebrate you, Sir and Ma'am. 

[8]. Happy marriage anniversary to God's general. You both have experience and celebrate silver, it will go beyond silver to golden and many more celebrations in God's grace and mercy. Once again, happy married silver jubilee celebration.

[9]. Congratulations Mama and Papa. God bless you for all you do.

[10]. Happy wedding anniversary to you, God's general. May the Lord continue to knit you together from strength to strength.

[11]. Congratulations to our inspiring spiritual father and mother on your wedding anniversary celebration. We love and celebrate you both deeply. You are such a unique gift to the body of Christ. All nations will call you blessed by the Lord. May the Lord crown your union with more bliss and love.

[12]. You're an epitome of a great leader and a caring husband and a loving father. Your life is an example to us all, how you make out time for your family even with your busy schedule, and how you show love, care and affection. I pray that God gives you more wisdom to continue to carry your family and the Church without stress. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma. 

[13]. I tap into these marital blessings and pray that sooner than later my own turn shall come. May God continue to bless and keep you both. Happy silver jubilee anniversary! 

[14]. You have impacted your world in an immeasurable way and may the Lord continue to shower you with many more years full of strength, wisdom and legacy-building. Congratulations! Happy anniversary to my Pastor.

[15]. You bring so much joy to the world through your project and programme. More importantly, you bring smiles to your master God. May He continue to keep you in His love and renew your wine always. Happy wedding anniversary. 

[16]. The beautiful people of God. Happy wedding anniversary. I join the host of Heaven to celebrate you and thank you for allowing God to use you to impact our world positively. Much love and admiration from me!

[17]. Wow! This is a great day that Heaven and earth are rejoicing over the special elects, I join the host of Heaven to celebrate you both. You are a blessing to our generation. Happy marriage anniversary and more celebrations.

[18]. The grace of God will continue to abide even as we look forward to celebrating more anniversaries with you. May God continue to shine His face on you. Congratulations on your silver anniversary. 

[19]. It's my prayer that both of you should see beyond the golden jubilee in your union. Happy silver jubilee in your union Papa and Mama. 

[20]. God is still using you to bless my life and so many others. I celebrate your anniversary with you Sir and Ma. Happy silver jubilee!

[21]. I tap into your marital blessings. May God continue to keep you both in good health. Happy silver anniversary Papa and Mama. 

[22]. More grace to fulfil God's purpose in marriage and the blessings it carries you will never fail. Greater grace and God's inheritance. Happy wedding anniversary! 

[23]. May the Almighty God who has chosen and blessed your union continue to strengthen and revitalise it. You are such wonderful spiritual parents to us all. May God keep uplifting you more and more. Happy 25th wedding anniversary great man of God. 

[24]. Mentor couple, we wish you unending love and unity, keep showing us the way of loving and home-building, we love you. Happy wedding anniversary.

[25]. You've been good mentors, coaches and teachers. A lovely family, ordained by God and made from Heaven. May God grant all your secret wishes. And yours will be an everlasting bond. Long life and good health to you and your family. Happy wedding anniversary to you both. 

[26]. You have impacted our world in a very positive way through your inspired teachings and transformed many lives. May God continue to bless this union now and always. Happy anniversary, a great servant of God. 

[27]. Happy wedding anniversary, you will continue to blossom to the glory of God and your ministry will continue to make many more impacts in the life of many around the world.

[28]. God's unending love, peace and abundance be your lot. Grow in strength, anointing and fulfilling the purpose as you both expand the kingdom of Heaven here on earth. I love you both sincerely. I am bold to say my life has been impacted by your teachings. Hearty congratulations and happy wedding anniversary! 

[29]. Your ministry has been a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ. God bless your home abundantly in return. Happy marriage anniversary to you Pastor. 

[30]. You have been a source of inspiration to our generation. More fruitful years ahead. Happy anniversary to you Sir and Ma. 

[31]. May God Almighty refill your horn with new and fresh oil that shall continue to burn and glow till the very last day. Happy anniversary to you dear man of God. Congratulations on this milestone. 

[32]. Happy wedding anniversary, God will continually keep your home and guide you jealously like never before.

[33]. Thank you for being an encouragement to the younger generation and the body of Christ at large. Happy wedding anniversary. 

[34]. May you experience what eyes have not seen blessings this added year together. Thank you for being such a tremendous blessing to our generation. Happy wedding anniversary Papa and Mama. 

[35]. Congratulations my mentor and Pastor, and happy silver jubilee in marriage, may God continue to keep your home and make it an example for Believers

[36]. Wao, 25 years. That's great. May God continue to strengthen your marriage and may peace and joy never cease in your home. Congratulations. Happy anniversary.

[37]. Happy anniversary. On this silver jubilee may all things become new and brighter!

[38]. Sir and Ma, happy twenty-fifth wedding anniversary to both of you. Wish both of you more blissful years ahead.

[39]. Happy wedding anniversary to an exemplary couple. More love and more wine!

[40]. Happy anniversary great couple. May your silver jubilee mark another milestone in your journey of destiny.

[41]. Congratulations and happy wedding anniversary. God upholds both of you till the end. You shall never lack oil.

[42]. Happy anniversary and congratulations Sir and Ma, I know that this is the beginning of greater things to come in your home and ministry. Something great is about to happen. Love you Sir and Ma.

[43]. Happy golden jubilee, diamond jubilee, platinum jubilee and ruby jubilee in advance Sir and Ma. You both rock!

[44]. Happy silver jubilee wedding anniversary to God’s generals. The Almighty God will continue to bless and protect your home. I pray to celebrate more than that too when I get married.

[45]. Congratulations to our icon and an anointed vessel for such a time as this. I celebrate you, Sir. Happy wedding anniversary and many more years to come.

[46]. Happy marriage anniversary Sir and Ma, may God continue to be the head of your home and may your heads never lack oil.

[47]. Happy wedding anniversary to God's own generals, may the glory of God continue to shine in your home and the love of God reign more in your home.

[48]. Big congratulations Sir and Madam, and happy silver anniversary in your marriage. May the grace of God that has brought you this far be increased to take you to your marital destiny in good health and sound mind.

[49]. Happy wedding anniversary Papa and Mama, the grace of God will continue to lead you both in the journey of life and you will never lose your relevance in your journey of faith. Congratulations!

[50]. You two have been a great inspiration to many. May God do for you what only He can do in Jesus' name. Happy anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to you Daddy and Mummy, may God keep you and crown you with long life and prosperity with extraordinary fruitfulness and dominion for excellence as you celebrate another year.

[51]. Happy silver anniversary Daddy and Mummy. More wins in Jesus' name.

[52]. Happy anniversary to both of you. Keep waxing stronger in your love for each other in Jesus' name.

[53]. Happy wedding anniversary, Pastors. More wisdom, more grace, more strength and more victories I pray for you in Jesus' name.

[54]. Happy silver jubilee marriage anniversary Papa and Mama, more sweetness in your marriage now and always.

[55]. I respect your marriage for not always making the headlines, unlike others. Happy silver jubilee.

[56]. Happy anniversary, may God continue to make your home blossom in all areas and you will continue to serve and work for Him in joy, good health, love, prosperity and all the resources and divine help you need to continue to succeed.

[57]. Happy 25th wedding anniversary to the man and woman of God. Your union will continue to be an example to many out there. Blessings, favour and celebration will never depart from your family in Jesus' name. Congratulations!

[58]. Congratulations and happy marriage anniversary to this awesome family that has been a blessing to the body of Christ. More wins in your marriage and ministry.

[59]. Happy wedding anniversary beloved gifted, an inspiring family of God. Am not only celebrating the anniversary of the God-lifted couple, but I also celebrate grace. Celebration will not cease in your lives.

[60]. Happy marriage anniversary and silver jubilee celebration in Jesus Christ's name. May the good Lord of Heaven continue to back you up as you journey in love and strength in Jesus Christ's name.

[61]. I just love your union and ministry. Thank you for showing me Jesus in all you do. May our good God cause you to reap and enjoy the fruits of your labours with long healthy lives.

[62]. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you, may the Lord continue to make your marriage sweeter than ever in Jesus' name. Love you both.

[63]. Happy anniversary to my mentor and Mummy. We will celebrate the golden jubilee in a grand style also by God's grace. You have truly been a blessing to us, your children and products of the grace of God upon your lives.

[64]. Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma. Thank you for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to millions of people around the world. Wish you another glorious 25, 50, or 75 years in marriage if Jesus tarries. Congratulations!

[65]. Happy wedding anniversary to one of my favourite couples, mentors and spiritual leaders in the world. Congratulations! More blissful years.

[66]. Happy 25th marriage anniversary Papa and Mama. Your love for God and each other God will uphold. New wine forever.

[67]. Wow! I'm grateful to God I learnt under your wealth of knowledge. God bless your marriage, my mentor, my teacher, my coach and my role model. The dynamism and weirdness of your experience is unmatched! Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma!

[68]. Congratulations on the occasion of your silver jubilee anniversary, you are both loved and cherished. Keep the fire burning Sir and Ma.

[69]. When handsome meets beauty, that spark is everlasting. Happy hearty anniversary to you Sir and Ma. May the wine of this blissful union get richer, sweeter and better in Jesus' name. Congrats!

[70]. Every love story is special, unique and beautiful. Happy anniversary my Pastors, we celebrate you.

[71]. Happy wedding anniversary to you Sir and Ma, your home will not lack new wine, the work of God in your hand will germinate and your seed will not be wiped off. Congratulations.

[72]. Happy wedding anniversary Papa and Mama, you have been a source of inspiration to our generation of more grace and happiness.

[73]. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma. May the next milestone anniversary be filled with more joy, more grace and a greater elevation. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit never cease in your life and ministry.

[74]. Happy wedding anniversary, wishing you many more fruitful years of celebrations and togetherness forever in good health and sound mind.

[75]. Papa and Mama congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary, more grace, more strength, more wisdom and understanding in every decision you both made concerning your lives and ministry. Cheers!

[76]. Happy wedding anniversary to you my Pastor and wife. More wine in your union in Jesus' name. we celebrate you Sir and Ma.

[77]. Wow, wow, wow. Happy wedding anniversary! The strength of God will continually grow stronger in your marriage, your home will become sweeter and all God's blessings keep radiating in your lives in Jesus' name. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma!

[78]. Drums rolling. Happiest anniversary Papa and Mama. Thank you for the example you show. May you enjoy more amazing years together in good health, wealth and a life of greater impact.

[79]. Happy wedding anniversary to the best couple in the whole world! You both make marriage look so beautiful. May your love last for all times.

[80]. Happy marriage anniversary Pastor, eyes have not seen what God had prepared for this blessed union yet, more blessings.

[81]. Happy silver jubilee to this great and awesome family that has been a blessing to our generation. May God continue to bless your union and grant you more understanding in His vineyard.

[82]. Happy wedding anniversary to you. It's your season of uncommon selfless commitment! I declare and decree that the increase shall envelop you in all ramifications. Your marriage shall be a much more blessing to many as you remain together in love, peace and harmony.

[83]. Wow, indeed God is the matchmaker that knows how to bring the right people together. May the good Lord bless you richly, grant the desires of your hearts speedily and empower both of you to cross the age of seventy with ease in Jesus' name, Amen. Congrats, wishing you many fruitful years ahead.

[84]. Happy blissful and exquisite marriage anniversary my Father and Mother in the Lord. It's a rare opportunity to join you both in celebrating such a milestone. It's noteworthy to say that marriage is like wine, the older it gets the sweeter it becomes. May you always enjoy the bliss of marriage. 

[85]. May God continue to strengthen and nourish the inseparable bonding between the duo. Their spiritual mentorship and development in all facets of life affairs can't be over-emphasised. They worth being a parent, motivators, counsellor, and vision builders. Happy 25th wedding anniversary my dear Pastors.

[86]. Wishing you Papa and Mama more nuptial bliss for the rest of the days of this union. Happy silver jubilee wedding anniversary celebration to you today and always.

[87]. Happy wedding anniversary to Papa and Mama. The next 25 years will definitely be sweeter. Continue to bask in the aura of God's grace, love and peace. I love you, Papa and Mama. Thank you for infecting our lives with the spirit of excellence.

[88]. Behind every successful Church is a selfless Pastor willing to give himself fully to the flock. Pastor, your ministry has been one of sacrificial love through the years. Thank you for all you do and happy wedding anniversary.

[89]. I celebrate you too, you inspired me. We also rejoice with you as you mark your silver jubilee. Congrats Sir and Ma, you have been of tremendous blessings to us. We celebrate the grace of God upon your life.

[90]. Happy wedding anniversary, more grace, glory and anointing wisdom and love.

[91]. Happy wedding anniversary to two of these gorgeous servants of God. May God continue to keep you two in peace and joy and increase His anointing upon your lives and ministry in Jesus' name, amen. Continue to enjoy God's blessings in your union. Congratulations!

[92]. Happy anniversary Sir and Ma. You are an epitome of a great leader. More grace and anointing for impact.

[93]. Happy wedding anniversary Pastors! Wish you many more blissful years together ahead! Enjoy your day!

[94]. Keep enjoying the goodness of the Lord. Happy wedding anniversary Daddy and Mummy.

[95]. Happy wedding anniversary Sir and Ma! More glorious and blissful years ahead together as one. God bless you both richly!

[96]. Congratulations and happy wedding anniversary. God will continue to bless your union and fresh anointing from above for you.

[97]. Happy 25th wedding anniversary to a wonderful couple. Almighty God richly blesses you with many more blessed years together. Congratulations!

[98]. Happy wedding anniversary to you Sir and Ma, may God Almighty continue to bless you and your family and give more strength and grace to bring more souls into God's kingdom.

[99]. Congratulations beautiful couple. God will continually bless your home. More of God's love, success and goodness of life in your marriage.

[100]. Congratulations Pastor. Wishing you a happy 25th anniversary, many more years of sound health and increased favour of open doors in all areas of your life.



Poetic Messages: Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Man and Woman of God
Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Man and Woman of God
These happy silver jubilee wedding anniversaries are the best marriage anniversary messages to a man of God and his wife.
Poetic Messages
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