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Heartfelt Prayer Poems to Stir the Heart of the Believer to Always Trust in the Lord

Prayer is the key to open the doors of impossibilities. When you communicate with God through prayer, then living a victorious life even in challenging times are secured.

Prayer Poems for Believer

Prayer is the key to opening the doors of impossibilities. When you communicate with God through prayer, then living a victorious life even in challenging times is secured. These prayer poems to stir the heart of the believer are the thoughtful inspirational prayer of supplication poems to boost the faith of a believer whose heart is set apart for God. Love Marriage Relationship Poems
This Marvelous Is The Work of Your Hand poem is a song of praise poem to God for His marvellous work. We as His creation are living testimonies to the wonder-working hands of the Lord. Relationship Poems, Quotes and Messages for the Family

Marvelous Is The Work of Your Hand

My soul, praise the Lord and let all
that is within me magnify the name of the Lord,
Praise Him for He is worthy of our praises,
He who sits on His exhausted throne.

The works of your hands are so marvellous to behold,
even the blind can testify to your handiwork.
I shall sing and be glad, my soul shall rejoice in you,
for my life is a living testimony of your awesome love.

Even when my enemies are at their evil plans
seeking for the destruction of my soul,
I know that You are at your throne,
laughing at them while making a way of escape for me.

I rejoice for Your love has no equal
and Your grace a beacon of hope to the hopeless,
You are an impartial judge, my Redeemer
and my Saviour who judged with an open mind.

I shall live to honour You, my Saviour
who did not deliver me into the hands of my detractors,  
But stood in defence of me even when I did not merit
the awesomeness of Your grace upon me.

My heart is glad, and my soul is lifted up
and my praise shall always be
a song of adoration to Your name,
You deliver me when all were against me,
You catered for me,
when my hope seems lost around me. 

Lord, You are my living God,
the strength on which my life
is anchored till eternity comes,
My Saviour, You will ever be,
even when all is lost in sorrow,
my life shall be a dedication to Your Holy name. 

O Lord, when Your day of judgment
shall come to all men,
forsake me not in the embrace of Your love,
Let Your grace O Lord,
make me a living partaker of Your Kingdom
that I will dwell with You in eternity.  

My hope is upon You deliverer of my soul,
I seek Your Kingdom, my sure house of refuge,
When trouble of this world shall seek their defeat in me,
You, it is that shall be my joy of salvation.

Your name will I forever uplift in Holiness for You
are my strong tower of refuge when trouble comes, 
I will live for You and I will praise Your name forever,
I will sing a song of gladness to You, my Saviour.

O worship the Lord you that is my soul
and let all that is within your breath
magnify the name of the Lord,
For the Lord have been so good unto you,
He has uplifted you and shamed
those who seek your life for destruction.
O sing a new song unto the name of the Lord
and let your days live in gladness
in every moment of your life,
Forsake not the benefits that the mighty hands
of the Lord brought you out of the land of desolation. 

Let Your mercy be my portion in all that I do,
and let no challenges of life
that comes my way defeats me,
Uphold me in the sanctuary of Your love,
and deliver my soul from the shadow
that lets to untimely death. 

Make my life a testimony
of Your awesome power
and guide me away from every hand
that points at me for evil,
Oh, deliver me from the hand of my captors
and make a way of escape for me,
that my soul shall ever be glad in You.  

In the gates of Your righteousness
shall I sing of your praise
as long as I live to behold the dawn of a new day,
My life is now a living testimony for You have clothed me
with the garment of praise that took away my shame.

Oh, tears are no more my portion,
sorrows are no more my habitation
and illnesses are now a thing of the past,
My life is hidden in Your hands and that in You
I shall live, for You are my hope
of reward in all that I shall do.

Oh, even if the wicked swear with their blood,
that to me is the mockery of their precious life,
For I know You who has given to me
the crown of Righteousness
will forever uphold to prevail against them.       

My boast is unto You,
the deliverer of my soul,
my victory is upon You,
the King who reigns forever more.
I look up to You with a heart filled
with joy for out of my trouble time,
You were there to overcome them all.

Blessed be unto You, Lord God my Father,
You are my redeemer when all hope
is on the verge of destruction,
I will arise and shine in my life
is a gift that the love of You
prevailed against the work of darkness.

O Lord, judge me in Your righteousness
and guide my life to live in the beauty
of Your everlasting love,
Let even my enemies be afraid of my life,
and may Your love forever make me
a blessing to my generation.  

Nsikak Andrew

This Draw Me Forever Closer Unto You is a poem for strength to be closer to God. It is a prayer of supplication to God for His guardian against the works of the enemy in our life. Inspiring Poems about Learning and the Value of Education

Draw Me Forever Closer Unto You

In the darkness of my tempest journey,
O Lord draw me closer unto You,
Let my trouble time roll away with joy
and Your blessing overshadows my days of sadness.

If the wicked seek my life for a ransom,
O Lord, let not their thoughts derail my focus on You,
Even in their pride of wickedness,
let me not become a victim in their wick joy of celebration.

When they make their boast of unimaginable victory
in their deceit of drunken imagination,
O Lord, let not my name become their joy
in defeated celebration of their unforgivable victory.   

Even if the wicked shall swear with their blood,
and make a boast with their life to erase my lineage,
You are my God and Your ways are not that of man,
Your thought for me is to have dominion over them.

Even if they gathered in their wicked thoughts
and make a table before me, they shall forever be ashamed,
Victory is my heritage, for the anchor of my hope
have given me victory over them that seek after my life.

Even if the wick rejoices in their heart and vow
to make life unbearable for those
who called upon Your name,
O Lord, let their songs of joy become a bitter test
in their mouth and let them find no rest
till they repent of their evil ways.  

Lord, I know I may not be perfect but in Your grace,
I found the perfection to call upon Your Holy Name,
Forsake me not O Lord, even in my moment of distrust,
when I felt the pleasure of vanity is a blessing for eternity.

Lord uphold me and let Your awesome power guide me
away from every evil manipulation of the wicked,
Make me O Lord never to become a victim of circumstances
for my enemies to celebrate their victory.    

My Father in Heaven,
let those who seek my blood for destruction,
become like the dust of the earth,
O Lord, give me the grace to stand strong
and continuously sing a song of victory
to You who is my deliverer.  

Even in my secret tears,
let no words within me find any reason
to regret in calling Your Holy name,
I pray within my heart to be Yours
and Yours all alone no matter
the thorns of life that come my way.

O Lord, make me a vessel of honour
and a reference point for my enemies
to see just as You made Job Your servant,
Let my life become a virtue of humility
in Your presence and my walk with You,
a sweet-smelling savour.  

Humble me with the beauty of Your Holiness
and make my life an adoration
of service to Your Holy Name,
Arise for the sake of Your Holy name,
and lift me up that all who see
shall glorify Your name in Heaven.

When the wicked shall seek
for my condemnation before Your throne,
O Lord let their request be made fruitless,
Guide me away from their wicked thoughts
and deliver my soul away
from their stronghold of wickedness.

You are the Father to the fatherless,
the One who protects when all others fail,
a sure rock of ages,
In You, I put my trust,
in You, I make my boast,
for there is none like You
and none shall ever be like You

In You, I commit myself,
in You, I shall ever draw closer unto,
for Your love is the love
that supersedes all other love,
Your hand is Mighty to protect,
Your love is mighty to deliver,
Your grace is sufficient
unto all who call upon You.

Draw me forever closer unto You, O Lord,
make me a vessel of honour unto my generation,
O Lord, let Your oil of gladness follow me
wherever I go that men will see
and glorify Your Holy name.

In the land of the living
I will sing of Your name,
I will tell of Your goodness
that have given me all that I want,
You are my heart's desire,
You are the joy of my living,
my soul will forever worship You,
the King who reigns forever.

Closer unto You, I will forever sing,
Hosanna to Your Holy name
I will forever shout,
You are the awesome God,
Glory to Your name, the Mighty King
who deliver the oppress
and set them high above all principalities. 

Nsikak Andrew

This is a motivational poem about trust. When you have the all-seeing Father, you rest assured that your life is in His hands. I Put My Trust In You is a Biblical inspirational poem. Motivational Poems about Life and Fulfillment of Purpose

Best Prayer Poems to from the Heart

I Put My Trust In You

My trust is upon You
the deliverer of my soul,
O Lord, make a way of escape
for my weaker heart.

Protect me from the eyes
of the evil men that abound,
And make me a terror to them
that are waiting to take my life.  

Let them not destroyed my hope
that is in You, my Lord,
For You are my God, and forever
I will live for You and You alone.

O Lord, deliver me from those
who vowed within their blood,
To pay back evil for evil
from where there seems not to exist.

Let Your righteousness become
a camping ground for my life,
And make me a vessel unto honour
that all shall reference your name.

Rebuke me when my thoughts
are away from your grace,
But do not allow me to wander
away from your Mighty hand.

For your love is light to my feet
and your awesome power,
Is a guiding light to my soul
and it is all I need to dwell in You.

Nsikak Andrew

God’s hand of protection is what you need against the works of darkness. This prayer poem about God’s protection is meant to motivate you to seek the protection of your soul that comes from your Creation. Good Relationship Advice Poems about Depression in Marriage

Protect And Guide Me O Lord

Help me O Lord
for I am in need of your Help,
Guide me away from evil
and protect me away from danger.
Let your love be the strength
that keeps me going every day,
And let no words of men become
the force that determined my day.

Let my mouth not ceased
from praising your faithful name,
Even in my moment of disperse
let me not forsake your love.
When men shall speak vanity of your name,
let my lips glorify You,
For who I am is the making of You
and without You, I am nothing.

O Lord, let my thoughts praise You,
and let everything around me,
Glorify You the giver of life,
the one who is and the one that is to come.
Hallelujah to Your Holy name,
for Your faithfulness is ever sure,
Hosanna to the King of Kings,
your name is my deliverer at all times. 

You protect the rich
and even the poor You do not discriminate,
Every work of creation is Your hand
and all before You are made equal.
I worship You keeper of my destiny,
my sure proof of protection,
Even when other gods claim to protect,
your protection has no rivalry. 

Nsikak Andrew

This is a heartbroken poem to the Lord seeking to be free from the affliction of the enemy. It is a prayer poem for restoration. Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends

How Long Shall I Be Afflicted

Consider my cry
and hearkened unto me O Lord,
Hear me when I call upon Your
and deliver me when I cry.

O Lord, hide not your face
away from my supplication,
Lest my enemy rejoice
in their mockery chant of victory.

Let your light O Lord
shine through me,
And overshadow the snare
that encamped round about me.

Let those who afflict my life
be reduced to nothing,
And their evil manipulation
have no effect on my life.

O Lord let my trust
be upon You and You alone,
And make my heart rejoice
for the joy of Your deliverance.

Uphold me in Your love
as I see the dawn of a new day,
And make me sing the song
of praises that glorify Your name alone.

Nsikak Andrew

The reason we are alive is by His mercy. This is a poem of appreciation to the Almighty God who keeps us alive to live for His glory. Christian Birthday Greetings and Wishes for Brother

You Are The Reason That I Am Alive

Let not your heart deceive you
and make you, glory in your strength,
If you say there is no God,
then tell me about the mystery of creation.

If you hold back in your unbelief
and feel you are by your making,
Then look up to the sky and tell me
if you can turn the day into a night.

For the reason that you are alive today
is by His unconditional love,
He loves us without a reason
even in our doubt He still cares about us.

I shall testify of His glory,
my mouth shall sing of His marvellous work,
For our creation is a mystery
of His Mighty hand that worked miracles.

Awesome God, creator of the universe,
Him alone that there is no god like Him,
You live in Majesty, You reigned over the earth,
You alone are worthy of my worship.

Yes, I am not ashamed of the gospel,
for that is the breath that sustained my life,
I live in awesome glory, sustained by my Creator,
my Saviour, the living bread of life.

You are the reason that I am alive today,
You are the reason that I sing a new song,
Worthy is Your name, glory to You my Father,
I blessed You for there is none like You.

Nsikak Andrew

God’s presence is all we need for a lifetime of joy and happiness. The motivational prayer poem is a thankful heart poem for the joy one derives from dwelling in God’s presence. Birthday Poems for Husband, Wife, Friends and the One You Love

I Long To Dwell In Your Presence

My heart long
to dwell in your presence,
And to feast from the outpouring
of Your Holy Spirit.

In your presence
I would dwell in every moment of my life,
For in your presence life is sure
and there is a renewal of strength.

I behold Your glory
and I can testify to Your Mighty work,
There in Your presence
I see Your shower of blessing.

Oh, shine down on me,
the living words that refreshed my soul,
For there in Your presence
I drank from the living words of life.

My life is renewed;
I am a new creature living my life for You,
I am anew, changed by your presence
to be a living testimony for You.

Nsikak Andrew

Prayer of supplication with a sincere heart would always move God’s hand to action. This heart of prayer poem is meant to draw God’s hand towards us in whatever we seek from Him as our Father. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Best Wishes to Family and Friends

Hear My Prayer O Lord

Keep me in your care O Lord,
And make a way of escape for me.

Let not those who seek after my life,
Found in me their victim of sacrifice. 

Protect me away from evil,
And let me not be found in the wrong place.

Uphold me in the beauty of Your love,
And made me wonder about my generation.

My hope is upon You, my Father,
Make me a vessel of honour unto You.

Let my deeps fall in pleasant places,
That others shall be partakers of Your blessing.

May I not be a disappointment to myself,
Or a disgrace to those who called upon Your name.

Deliver me from the hands of mightier men,
Those whose thought is to do evil always.

Give me the grace to stand strong in You,
And may I never be moved by the circumstances around me.

You are my shield, my deliverer, my provider,
You are my Saviour, my God in Whom I put my trust.

Arise in Your Might and show Your presence in me,
That man would see and know that You are my God.

Nsikak Andrew


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Heartfelt Prayer Poems to Stir the Heart of the Believer to Always Trust in the Lord
Heartfelt Prayer Poems to Stir the Heart of the Believer to Always Trust in the Lord
Prayer is the key to open the doors of impossibilities. When you communicate with God through prayer, then living a victorious life even in challenging times are secured.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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