Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Important Woman

These collections of happy birthday wishes and messages for a woman of important personality are birthday messages to wish a woman mentor success in every sphere of her life.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Important Woman

These collections of happy birthday wishes and messages for a woman of important personality are birthday messages to wish a woman mentor success in every sphere of her life. It is a heart touching beautiful happy birthday sayings for the most incredible woman in the whole world.

When you have someone who inspires you and that person means the world to you; it is important to remember and wish such a person a happy birthday on her special day. These thoughtful birthday wishes and messages would always make her special day memorable.

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Happy Birthday To The Most Important Woman Role Model

Here are heartfelt collections of happy birthday wishes to my favourite role model. These inspirational birthday wishes are charming and amazingly heartwarming for a special female personality. Sweet Romantic Love Messages

[1]. You are an amazing woman figure for us all to look up to. Happy birthday the role model to most young girls and women around the world.

[2]. You are an inspiration to me and so many. Happy birthday Mama. We love you so much. Thank you for always making us proud! Miss you tons!

[3]. Happy birthday to you Madam, you are the true essence of a Boss lady, mentor and role model. Have a great day. You are always the best!

[4]. Happy birthday to one of the classiest humans alive. Thank you for being an absolute inspiration to the entire world! Happiest of birthdays!

[5]. Happy Birthday to one who brings grace, beauty, integrity, intellect and encouragement to women. Love and blessings always!

[6]. You are a positive role model and an excellent example to our new generation, beautiful inside and outside. God bless you with many years of abundant blessings.

[7]. Thank you for all that you do and for being such an incredible role model. Happy birthday to the most incredible woman alive. We love you always.

[8]. Happy Birthday to you the finest of them all. You are an amazing woman who continues to be an incredible role model for all of our children.

[9]. You are a true lady with class and style! Happy birthday to the most real sweet lady ever. Have a blessed day! And may you always shine!

[10]. Love the way you continue to have fun in a stylish way. Thank you for the great mentorship. Happy birthday to our forever-intelligent woman with a class.

[11]. Happy birthday Dear, wish you all the best dear, I won't stop cherishing you because you are our angel.

[12]. My lady here is wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best for the coming year. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Cheers to many more.

[13]. Happy birthday to you sweet Mama. May God continue to show His blessing on you. You are forever celebrated from my end; on your birthday and always. Happy birthday and best wishes.

[14]. My very blessed Sister! My beautiful inside-out, Sweet Babe! To think I sat with you for four straight years in class and didn't realize how beautiful you are at heart. As you add another year to your years today; I pray that God blesses you some more and adds more beauty to your already beautiful life. 

[15]. May the Lord broaden your smile and enlarge your territory. I may not see or talk to you quite often but when I say I love you; I mean every word of it! Thank you for all you have been and will continue to be to me. Happy birthday my love. God bless you and yours.

[16]. My dearie, when it comes to you I get lost in words for expression. Baby love, Heaven knows I can't trade you for anything in this world. My true Sister, I deeply and truly love you. Thanks for letting me see you through your sincere love of friendship! You remain a gift to this generation! Happy birthday her Excellency.

[17]. Someone asked a question about why she sings. Some might be wondering about the reasons behind her praise. You see, this is a life put together by grace! My dear, your life is that of thankfulness, graced, blessed, happiness,  satisfied, got God living in you and blessed in the storm! Your smiles are endless! For you are like a tree that is planted by the waterside whose leaves wither not! My dear celebrates your new age for it can only be God. A happy birthday to you dear, yet again!

[18]. Happy birthday beautiful woman. Age gracefully and many more glorious years ahead. Much love!

[19]. Happy birthday pretty. God bless you more. May all that you wish for be granted to you in Jesus' name.

[20]. Happy birthday gorgeous. God bless you so much, Sis. Keep shinning. More blessings upon your life. God's unending love and grace we pray always. 

[21]. My Mama, a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart, Happy birthday to you my woman. God bless your new age and always.

[22]. Happy birthday to you pretty woman, I wish you God's divine favour. More of God's blessings on you.

[23]. Happy birthday my darling. Beautiful, shining, industrious, dutiful wife and mother. I cannot call you in-law but in love because you have only shown me, love, since we met. I love you and my desire for you is that all your expectations come to pass now. Live long and well in Jesus' name.

[24]. Happy born day Madam. You have started very well, please be as focused as you can be and the sky will be your stepping stone.

[25]. Happy birthday my beloved sister from another Mother. We don't want to argue about your age, but we're wishing you many more fruitful years ahead.

[26]. You shall be fruitful. You shall be victorious. You shall be celebrated. You shall be successful. You shall be favoured. You shall be blessed in abundance. You shall be prosperous. You shall have joy unspeakable. You shall have peace beyond limits. You shall make it in Jesus' name! Happy birthday fine woman.

[27]. Beautiful lovely woman with a Godly heart, you are blessed. I wish you many more beautiful years.

[28]. Happy birthday, dear, wishing you the very best as you celebrate today. The good Lord is your muscles in Jesus' name. Congratulations!

[29]. Happy birthday to you my sister. With long life and good health will God satisfy and bless you, again, happy birthday my Sister.

[30]. Celebration shall not depart from you. Happy birthday, dear. The Lord bless your new age with divine health, grace and favour.

Birthday Wishes For Respected Woman Personality

Sending birthday wishes to someone you respect is one thoughtful attitude that would make the person glad. These special birthday wishes to someone you admire and respect are wonderfully inspired birthday messages for a great woman mentor. Sweet Romantic Love Poems and Birthday Poems for My Wife

[31]. Thank you for all that you have done and still doing. You are such an amazing role model! Happy Birthday to the very best among women.

[32]. Deep gratitude and respect for an adorable woman. Happy birthday to a real role model. May you always be a blessing to your generation.

[33]. You are such an inspiration and wonderful role model for me and my children and the whole world. Happy birthday to the classiest, most awesome and point Lady of the class.

[34]. Happy birthday to the graceful, amiable, kind, exemplary and iconic woman alive. A quintessential woman of timber and calibre, a crowd puller, a woman of inestimable value, a visionary woman, a rare gem and above all, a sweetheart! May you always reign as the best today and always!

[35]. You make me smile! May you have a beautiful, fun-filled day. You are a great role model for women of all ages. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

[36]. Thank you for all you did for humanity. Thank you for all the dignity, class and honour you carry as a woman. You are an inspiration to many. Happy birthday to you!

[37]. You are and will always be an example of graciousness, intelligence, generosity and service. Happy Birthday to the gold star of a classic lady and the diamond of human beings.

[38]. So happy to see such a strong female role model demonstrating what happy and healthy relationships look like. This is how it should be for everyone. Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

[39]. Enjoy the celebration of your very special day! Wishing you continued good health and happiness!

[40]. Thank you for being an empowering woman and showing women all over the world how to be classics with intelligence. You are a super role model. Wishing all the best as you celebrate your special day.

[41]. Happy birthday Ma'am. May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best. Happy birthday, dear!

[42]. Happy birthday my Lady. May your years be blessed and blissful.  It's a new dawn. Wishing you the very best in your new age. We celebrate and appreciate you.

[43]. Happy birthday, dear. God bless your new age. May God continue to bless and keep you.

[44]. Happy birthday, my love, indeed you are blessed. More wins, more beauty and more money in your account. God bless and increase you gracefully. Love you, dear.

[45]. Happy birthday pretty young lady may God bless your new age. Have fun. You rock! Please where and when is the 2nd half!

[46]. Happy birthday dear, more glorious years ahead, age graciously. May you age with grace and bountiful blessings.

[47]. Happy birthday my love. God bless you now and always. May the Lord bless your years, months and days. Happy birthday, dearie.

[48]. Happy birthday cute Aunty. Age with grace. Do you see blessings? That's your heavenly assurance. Happy birthday my Boss lady. I proclaim the best of God in your life.

[49]. Happy birthday, dear. You are doing so well. I love your family, always cheerful. More grace and blessings in the years to come.

[50]. Happy birthday, dear. May God enforce His blessings on you and also may the Lord preserve you to celebrate many years.

[51]. Best wishes only. Happy birthday to a wonderful Sister. God bless and keep you healthy.

[52]. Happy birthday Ma'am. May Jehovah grant you the desires of your heart. More grace of God upon your life. Have a blast.

[53]. Happy birthday my dear friend, may you continually be blessed with all the good things in life.

[54]. The lady of life! Happy birthday my sister. May you keep winning in all you do in Jesus' name.

[55]. Happy birthday Aunty. Enjoy your new age with grace and favour. It's only God's grace that took you this far, and you'll go higher and higher in Jesus' name.

[56]. Happy birthday dear and welcome to your new chapter of greatness. How many times are you celebrating the year? Taught I wished you a happy birthday earlier in the year before? Keep being a blessing that you are to your generation.  

[57]. Happy birthday beautiful lady. The Lord bless and keep you. May God bless everything that concerns you and continue to prosper the works of your hands.

[58]. Happy birthday, love. May God bless you always. On this birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality and may good luck continue to visit your home today. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known.

[59]. Happy birthday sweet lady. May the years ahead be sweater and fruitful. Keep soaring!

[60]. Happy birthday to you great icon of inspiration, mentor and role model. Enjoy your new age.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Important Woman

Happy Birthday To A Woman With A Big Heart

When she has a big and accommodating heart, you owe her some words of strength and encouragement during her special day. These special happy birthday messages are for that person that inspires you to be the best no matter the circumstances of life that you are passing through. With a great woman mentor these special birthday greetings. Short Romantic Text Messages for Someone Special

[61]. You are so amazing. I love your simplicity and way of conduct. May God bless you and your generation. Happy birthday and thank you!

[62]. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman in every sense of the word.

[63]. It’s been an honour to witness your immeasurable grace, class, integrity and strength. Happy Birthday to the most influential woman of our time.

[64]. You are an incredible role model to young women everywhere. Your kindness, intelligence and grace are a true representation of the person that you are.

[65]. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman from a humble beginning. You are a fantastic role model.

[66]. Happy birthday to a soulful, fierce, classy dame! Hope you have a wonderful day! May your light shine brightly for years.

[67]. May you continue to have a positive impact on so many! Wishing you all the best!

[68]. You are a role model for every young woman. Happy birthday to an inspiring woman!

[69]. You are beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for setting the bar so high and for being such an incredible role model to women all over the world. I respect and admire everything about you. Happy Birthday lady of class!

[70]. I can’t be happier to know that a great woman was born on this day! Happy Birthday!

[71]. Stunning, amazing and beautiful. Such a great example of integrity and character. May you continue to inspire your generation! Happy birthday to a role model!

[72]. Happy birthday, fine lady, enjoy grace. Wishing you more fruitful years ahead as you keep ageing gracefully.

[73]. Happy birthday to you. Age gracefully. May you celebrate the happiness every day of your life.

[74]. Happy birthday my love. More grace and favour.  I celebrate you and most importantly your age!

[75]. Happy birthday, honey bunch. God bless you abundantly. May your paths always be illuminated with favour and good health.

[76]. Happy birthday to you Ma. God bless your new age. God has so endowed you with a great personality. Congratulations my dear Sister.

[77]. Happy birthday my ATM. Continue to shine and have plenty of money in your account.

[78]. Thank God for life, keep living and keep soaring like the eagle. Wishing you a brighter future ahead. Have a blast.

[79]. We can't stop singing praises to God for this is the whole duty of man. Congrats my bosom friend's heart.

[80]. Happy birthday beautiful one age with grace. More happiness. More money in your bank account and more of everything.

[81]. Happy birthday Sis, continue to bask in God's grace. May you live long and prospered.

[82]. My Bosslady, happy beautiful birthday. May your days be merrier and more fulfilling!

[83]. Happy birthday Sweetheart, more of God's blessings. May your year be one of greater success and victories. Have a glorious new year. God bless you.

[84]. Happy birthday her Excellency! Happy birthday my good friend. Let this celebration brings more blessings to you and your family.

[85]. Happy birthday to you. Keep increasing on all sides. We are proud of you. The light on your path shall not grow dim.

[86]. Happy birthday Yummy Mummy. Happy birthday, record breaking lady. May you works of your hand never run dry.

[87]. Happy birthday, dear. God bless you. May God continues to bless and uplift you. Live a long healthy life of prosperity and abundance.

[88]. Happy birthday, Sisterly, God bless your new age! May your days on earth continue to fill with joy and abundance. Today is your day, do shakara.

[89]. Happy birthday, diva. May God continue to prosper you and your family in Jesus' name. 

[90]. Happy birthday big sister, God bless you. May your days on earth be long and rewarding.

[91]. Happy birthday, dear. May your days be filled with the ecstasy of joy, illumination of good health and spiritual upliftment.

[92]. Happy birthday, girlfriend, you are blessed. In this new season, I pray that His mercies and favour be renewed upon your life in multiple dimensions. Many happy returns!

[93]. Happy birthday, dear. To God be the glory for added another new age to whom He has been blessed; honoured and favoured in life. Happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity and more grace of God in your life always in the years ahead.

[94]. Happy birthday my sweetie. May His countenance shine upon you in Jesus' name.

[95]. Today is the birthday of the only Diva I know. God bless you this day and always. E be like say this month na for correct people like you. May you never know a better yesterday.

[96]. Happy birthday, dear. I wish you God's blessings and many years ahead in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

[97]. Happy birthday fine woman. Wishing you more bright and successful years ahead. Wish I know where it was happening. 

[98]. Age gracefully dearie. Wishing you all good things of life, joy peace, long life and all-round prosperity.

[99]. Happy birthday sweetheart. Age with grace. May the Lord increase you in all areas of your life. Age righteously. We love you, my lady.

[100]. Happy birthday to you, beauty! God bless you. Wishing you better, brighter and fairer years ahead, I'm waiting for your cake.



Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Important Woman
Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Important Woman
These collections of happy birthday wishes and messages for a woman of important personality are birthday messages to wish a woman mentor success in every sphere of her life.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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