100 Feeling Love Quotes to Express Your Deep Emotions in 2023

These quotes are feeling love quotes to express the love you feel. If you called it missing you quotes, you are not far from the truth.

Best Feeling Love Quotes

The feelings that come with pain and joy at the same time. The feelings that bring about emotional thoughts that are so deep to explain. You found love, you live with it and when you thought it was going to last forever, you lose it.  

Sometimes we are left to think about the whole process of getting to let and also losing such love when we least expect it. Sometimes we just have to be grateful for all the love that found to be together.

These collections of feeling love quotes are some of the best missing you my love quotes for the one we did sincerely love till the end.

Wonderful Feeling Love Quotes to Express Your Emotions

These wonderful feeling love quotes are deep quotes of love to express deep feelings for the one we love. The quotes are emotional love quotes, romantic love quotes, feeling love quotes for her, strong love quotes, feeling love quotes for him, true love quotes, inspirational love quotes and very short love quotes for him. Absolutely breathtaking! Cool Love Messages for Someone Special

[1]. Last night I dreamt of my one-to-be, I saw him as his galaxy. He’s the most amazingly beautiful, bright and vibrant colour that I wish you could see. Now I know that’s how I’ll recognize when I see my one-to-be. I love and miss you dearly.

[2]. Love you so much, my one and only love, my true love, my one and only you. Thank you so much for your concern and encouragement. Thank you again, my husband, my soulmate. I miss you so much. Wish I could hold you tight one last time.

[3]. Yes, my sweetheart then there is you! Love you dear. Yes! You are the beautiful brightest full moon surrounded by many twinkles, twinkling shining stars.

[4]. You are my everything and my love for you will never stop, you are the only love of my life. My beautiful baby! That's right honey, I will always love you and I hope to see you soon love you always.

[5]. We may be stars for one another right now. A distant point of light in a dark world, sparkling like hopes and wishes like whispers that echo out of our souls. Darling, we beyond all things are still twin suns entangled and dancing together in the night sky and the universe is our stage it is glorious to behold when our flames meet and the darkness and the distance are never more my guiding and shining star.

[6]. Star gazing as I look at the very brightest star, I was hoping we are staring both at one star and that one star connects us as one despite the distance. I love you dear!

[7]. I see you remember my favourite star, the one I gave your name to. Every time I look at that star, all I see is you, my Queen.

[8]. I told you time and time again she is the only love I will ever have and if she never comes to me, then I will go to my grave loving her.

[9]. When it comes to love, they look beautiful on the inside as well as out. The flaws become beautiful, the little things become beautiful moments, and the moments leading up to memories and they are beautiful. Thank you for everything I wish, I could hug you right now and say the magic word. I love you dear.

[10]. You are the brightest star in the universe Princess. All the stars in the sky fail in comparison to your beauty. Others may shine but you are the brightest, my love

[11]. Love is everywhere but finding the right one out of many makes the difference. You are my everyday star, my true north. You shine brighter than any star!

[12]. You are still my favourite person, you are right here in my heart.

[13]. Love, my thanks are not enough for you. But my soul is satisfied in you only because you are the gift to me. My answered prayer from the Sacred Heart of Jesus that has Divine Mercy. Hoping in Him alone that we will be together and talk to each other.

[14]. It just works with you in a way that never happened before. Even on a few days when we quarrel, it still just works. Because magic stronger than anything happened between us somehow in the most unexpected ways which can be thought of. Love you always.

[15]. I used to tell him he was my favourite mistake and he'd always say I was his best backup. I miss you, my love.

[16]. To be in love is amazing but to be understood is everything. I love you, baby girl.

[17]. You are most definitely my favourite person and best friend, and I'm so in love, heart and soul with you.

[18]. So wonderful to have lived and loved with you. I miss you every moment of every day my best friend, my love. You’ll be my favourite person forever. I miss you beyond words.

[19]. I'm really sure we were meant to be because within, there has never really been anyone else I was so deeply in love with, it has always been you and you know how you are.

[20]. I think of something and you come up with the same thought. This is about you and me together darling, I’m sure it is darling. We were meant for each other, my heart.

[21]. Sweetie, I am sure where you are busy now, you do feel it because we are constantly in each other's minds. Love you!

[22]. My love, I felt it every minute, second, hour, day, week, month, even, every day and night, I love you dear.

[23]. My dear darling, our soul is connected by Him of course what you feel is the same as what I feel!

[24]. I knew it was not going to be easy, I knew what I was getting into but I do know how I feel about you. You are my true love.

[25]. I will always carry you in my heart. I love and miss you so very much, love you for eternity, miss you so very much.

[26]. I love you my soulmate for waking up everything in me that I buried down for years. 

[27]. True love accepts who we are and we are allowed to be more of who we are.

[28]. I start and end my days with you in my heart. I will always have your heart near mine, my love.

[29]. My love and heart will always belong to you forever. Love you baby.

[30]. You are of me, whenever we are near, we beat stronger than usual

[31]. Your heart and mine are forever, love you forever and always, you are my forever love.

[32]. I will always keep you in mind, heart and thoughts. Just be careful with my heart. My sweetheart, you are forever in my heart.

[33]. I know our hearts are one, and our love is stronger day by day. 

[34]. My love, my only one, our souls and heart are connected so that's why you feel what I felt. 

[35]. Someone told me whenever I miss you I'll just put my hand above my heart and close my eyes. Through that, I can feel your presence cause you'll forever be there.

[36]. You make me better every day. I have finally opened up my heart to love you. This is definitely true love. You are my soulmate, my better half. I love you. I will forever stand by you, respect you, love you, no lies, no games.

[37]. The love for our soulmate never dies. Even though a lot of people say it will. It doesn't there are just no feelings left.

[38]. When you love someone with your whole heart, you feel them hold you in the dark, they are there always. Now I know your love for me is real.

[39]. Those we love to live on in our hearts and minds. You will catch a glimpse of a passing butterfly or a touch with a gentle breeze on your cheek. 

[40]. I try to keep up with everything, but miss you much, I know that you are around. I wish I could hold you just one more time.

[41]. There is goodbye in the physical sense but they never really leave us. All those things that remind us of them are signs from them that they are still with us in spirit. Hugs to you my dear. I love you every passing day.

[42]. You are with me every single minute of the day. The love for you my soulmate has never died. 

[43]. I know you are with me all the time! I miss everything about you. Best God-made!

[44]. You are always there everywhere I go. You are in my heart and mind. You always reminded me in so many ways. Never in a minute that I never thought of you. I miss you so much that I wished you took me with you.

[45]. My dear sweetheart, I love you so much. I miss you only when I am breathing.

[46]. You are and always will be my soulmate, love you forever my love.

[47]. I do not believe in goodbye because at the end of the day, we are always somewhere or somehow or someplace we'll see each other again. I will see my loved ones again so no goodbye see you around one day in a different place.

[48]. A soulmate's love never dies. I always get signs from Heaven.

[49]. Love never dies. Our loved ones are always with us. I still smell your cologne. I miss you, my love.

[50]. You are always in my heart and soul and never far away. You are with me everywhere I go and I am thankful you are with me every day. Love you, my sweetheart.

All the Smiles

My smile is not irreplaceable. 
when I smile at you, 
it means I'm happy no matter who you are. 
Many guys are caught by my smile 
because my face smiles with you.
But this smile was only keeping 
my loneliness in my heart by this time. 
Hoping someday, 
someone will make me smile from my heart.

[51]. I can still smell the shampoo scent in your hair. Then I close my eyes and you are there just for a moment. Love you my sweetest love.

[52]. Love truth precious moments remain in our truth centre hearts when we return home from such a loving reunion. I love you, my sweet love.

[53]. I wish you were here with me because everything in this house is a reminder of you everywhere I look. I see you in our house because that's where you passed. I miss you so much.

[54]. When you love someone, everything is beautiful to her and she is the only one who has it. I love you, my love.

[55]. So precious, beautiful, love you more. The sound of your laughter is what gives me joy. I love you always.

[56]. You will always find my face even if I am lonely but I will smile enough to show I am happy to have found you as my true love.

[57]. I know you will be home anytime and then I will see that adorable smile again. Love you dear.

[58]. Your sweet smile makes my heart melt and your laugh is like the sound of angels' voices singing my only one, my love.

[59]. Watching you smile made me happy. That is why I love to watch you silently smile. You are always in my heart.

[60]. I keep looking at you everywhere I go out but still, I did not find you everywhere I go. You are with me in my thoughts and in my heart.

[61]. To find love desire longing under the sun is difficult. It's hard to believe. To love you is easy for what a love I can do. To find true love is not easy because you are real.

[62]. Yes and yes. No matter the distance, no matter where you are, on the moon I will follow you, my love, forever and will never stop, whatever you do to me, I am getting stronger in love with you, good night my love.

[63]. My sweetheart, you will always be my love of life forever, miss you my beautiful guardian angel until we join in internal heaven. Love you always.

[64]. To my husband in heaven love and miss you so very much love you forever miss you so very much.

[65]. I will never stop loving you. You will always be my true love baby. Never will I let you go but forever you will live in my mind and heart forever.

[66]. I will carry your heart until my last breath. And forgive me for everything that I've done.

[67]. I would never replace you, you were my heart, we'll be together again, hope it's real soon

[68]. If only I could every second tell how much I love you and miss you so much, love you forever.

[69]. I did always press replay, just to see you again if it was possible my love, from a long, long time ago. 

[70]. Not a day or a minute of a day that I wish I could live with you over and over.

[71]. It’s so hard to lose the love of your life! Just their touch, their smile, laugh. Everything. We all long for one more time, one more chance to hug. I will always love you, my love.

[72]. You are the best thing that happened in my life, thank God for the wonderful life we have together, also you were my best friend! I miss you so very much, I miss your companion, the jokes, everything! I will never ever erase you from my life! My love, I miss you very much!

[73]. I never want to erase my love. I love you and miss you terribly. I can’t wait until we are together again. Please stay spiritually by my side.

[74]. I would do it all again and again for you my love. I love you still today and always.

[75]. For you, my darling, you are so very special to me, since the moment our eyes met from day one!

[76]. I am forever grateful for your love. Miss you so much, love you and think about you every day, all day.

[77]. I'm at some point that I am so desperate to take me with you! Mine, I miss you so much, why? Until then I feel this pain, the fact that you've gone and you will not come back and it really hurts me.

[78]. I wish I could push the replay to the day we met. I miss you and I will love you forever. I miss your jokes and your laughter. I wish that we could hold each other again but I know you are waiting for me.

[79]. I go back to the day of our first date and never leave you. I think of the life we had together every day. I love you forever!

[80]. I could never have anyone else because my love for you is the best thing in my life. I know we will meet again and we will never be parted, love you so much.

[81]. How I wish I could rewind our time together. Miss you big time my love.

[82]. I give up. I don't want to replay everything. I give up. I can't go on like this forever. I don't think I will ever erase you. You have a special place in my heart.

[83]. Happy birthday in heaven don’t forget to share your cake. I miss you so much, my sweet love.

[84]. Yes, it's what I would do if I could. I would replay our lives together over and over. Love you forever!

[85]. I would go back just so I could be with you again and feel your love and kisses and stay in that time forever.

[86]. My sweetheart goodnight have sleep tight. Hugs and kisses. Sweet sweet dreams. I miss you and love you so much mine.

[87]. I’d go through all the pain again for just one more day. I love you always.

[88]. I only wish we met first, but the time was right and lasted not long enough, but coming to be with you when it's my time for eternity. 

[89]. My love, I miss you every second of my life always and forever.

[9]. Our hearts return forever towards embracing the love we share and each day we get to choose again to hold our kisses and cuddles between each other. I love you, my love.

[91]. So deep in my heart. I would go back in time to keep you alive. Memories of you make me miss you more every day.

[93]. You are the only one for me, I miss you every day, someday I will see you again and would love to hear your voice again.

[94]. My dear darling, I miss you more and more each day. Can’t wait to hug you tight and never let go.

[95]. I go back to bring you back, you were everything, and now everything is gone.

[96]. Your touch, your kisses, your smile, your beautiful brown eyes, your hugs, your heartbeat. Always and always will I love everything about you.

[97]. You were my paradise, miss you so very much love, you will always be in my heart.

[98]. So precious beautiful amazing love, you forever beautiful my love. 

[99]. You brought sunshine back into my life and gave me my sparkle back.

[100]. Wish I could hear you say it’s gonna be alright my love. I wish I could freeze those moments of love and oneness. We could call it life.



Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: 100 Feeling Love Quotes to Express Your Deep Emotions in 2023
100 Feeling Love Quotes to Express Your Deep Emotions in 2023
These quotes are feeling love quotes to express the love you feel. If you called it missing you quotes, you are not far from the truth.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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