Long Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart

These love messages to my love are long romantic messages for him or her from the heart and touching love messages to make him or her cry.

Best Long Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart

To fall in love is the greatest feeling that will make you feel wanted all the time. It has self-confidence because you know there is someone who is about you even if others don't care. And finding that special someone is all you need to make your world go round.

When love is involved, you will always find the two hearts that beat as one. For that special person in your life, here are the collections of the best romantic love messages from the heart that you can send to that special someone who makes your life glow.

For the one you love, try to spice up your relationship and make it worth the time with these simple but true collections of love messages for the one who gives you joy from the heart.

Best Long Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart

These love messages from the heart are touching love messages to make him or her cry, deep love messages for him or her, long love messages for her or him from the heart, touching love messages for her or him, love message to my love, sweetest I love you message and deep love messages for him or her from the heart. Sweet Words to Tell Your Wife

[1]. Hear to the throne of my heart, there within my soul, you make me live for you. I shall let none have my crown for you it shall rightfully belong to. For love I will do this, just because you love me.

[2]. How could love always behave in a manner that even surprises herself? Who will ever think that I could find love with just the stole of glances. Love had gotten me with her hook – that love is yours. Hook line and sinker have I fallen for you.

[3]. Light of my heart, keeper of my soul. Your love glittered around me like gold. And for that, I feel fulfilled. You love me and make me one, for that, I am all yours.

[4]. Seize me in your arms, hold me in your breath and let me feel all that is to your strength. Make me a hero in your prower, that I might sing your praise in love.

[5]. The ripening of your love, longs to be savored, I held no breath again as I gaze into your pretty face. There my heart drops. What beauty you’re and what figure you carry? You’re a piece, my heart yearns for.

[6]. Lead me not astray in the arm of your love but let me find favour in the grace of your embrace. Make me a better person. For the hearts that love bears, I am so innocent. Lead me to this throne I dream of that I might bless the rest of my days for knowing you. 

[7]. Let suspense not be my birth or my breath. Let me not shade secret tears or weep opening in want of that which I can’t express. If what I taste is the true meaning of love, then your suspense has created a love portion in my soul.

[8]. The rest of the world fades away when I am in your arms. The world means nothing to me as long as I feel the warmth of your tender kisses. Let the earth burn, all I care is the love I found in you.

[9]. Let your love take a place in my heart. And her power subdues everything that seeks to hold me back. Let your love make a hole in my heart, that all I need to see through you, is that same spot.

[10]. I thought love was a forbidden fruit till I taste the passion of you and almost drown in the pleasure that your tenderness brings. Now that I have gotten my fix, my days are a treasure when I see your presence.

Words of Encouragement and Hope

Who knows the one million dollar feeling that gives you the heartfelt joy that the words of mouth can’t describe? If you have a family you love and happen to wake up every morning with them by your bedside, you will understand the joy of parenthood.

“Every morning should be a smiling morning. That is how to boost your day ahead.” 

When your family gives you the reason to smile from the depth of your heart, forget it, you can face every day with all that it has to offer. It was their smile that gave birth to these thoughtful words. 

I said good morning my love and she smiles,
I said good morning my son and he smiles too,
I said a big good morning to both of them,
And their smiles keep coming like showers of blessing.

Try the feeling and say a big good morning to the one you love, then see your day blossom like the awakening of the rose flower.  

Even when there is an argument the previous night, waking up to see another day should put a smile in your heart to say good morning.  

It takes nothing to say good morning. Saying it gives joy to the heart. And you know when the heart is happy, good health is sure. 

Make it a habit to say good morning to people that you come across. You never can tell what that could do to you and the life of the person to whom you greeted.

Saying good morning to my wife and son, I felt in me these thoughtful words which I penned down.
Their smile my joy, and their love, my peace of mind,
When I see their smile, I have hope for a brighter day,
What more can I say, I found their smile and found life,
And the reasons to say Lord thank you for all you have done.

A good morning smile is all it takes to have a pleasant day's rewarding experience.

Love and Peace! 

[11]. I burned to see you and feel the aura of your love. I long with a blue eye within my socket to feel the gaze that my breath has become. I thrill for the sake that your love will hold me to calm like a cold wave in the night.

[13]. Surprise sparkles her content in the image of your love. Why can’t I find a finger or clue to predict your love? You excite me with surprises, create suspense in my soul and with the awe of pleasure you set my marrow to burn. If love resides in suspense, then you have got a hold on me.

[14]. You make my head spin with fierce excitement. You make me burn with desire. All for love, you make me count my breath till the dawn of a new day.

[15]. How pleasant was the night you took me in your arms. How fulfilling the morning that I awoke in your arms. And how blessed is the day that your smile held me spellbound. Then how tendered it is to remember all the love you have shown to me.

[16]. How could I fall hopelessly in love, how could I let down my guard? How could I, but, what could I have done, when the feeling of you had destroyed every doubt in me and set me to your throne that I would be yours as you please.

[17]. I lose my will to the sweet alluring words that your love proface. I comforted my soul in the words that you spoke. Each of your words is like honey to my soul. It blesses me, it loves me and I could do nothing but love you back in return.

[18]. Gathering of rain that drops her cold in the throne of my heart. How would I overcome her fierce battle that makes my heart shiver? Cry not, I heard my soul said, for the love that is hers shall comfort you with the warmth of her cares that has the grace to tame your coldness.
[19]. I caught a glimpse of your beauty and my soul adores your kindness depicted in the colour of your aura. You’re graciously a light that could sparkle my soul. You won me over immediately and for love, I can’t resist wanting you for life.

[20]. Your love makes me go weak on the knees. It gives me a heart that beats for you. It makes me succumb to you like a honey would taste in the heart of a merry maker.

Short Words of Encouragement

Friends! Friends!! Oh friends!!! How will the world be without friends? If you want to live without a friend then be ready to put down your life to `exist’ within the most possible time.

“A friend can either make or break you but be it as it may, you can never do without them.”

Life is all about friendship. We all need a friend, possibly friends, to make our life and world go round. Friends will make you laugh, friends will make you cry and even make you regret ever knowing them but inspite of all these, we all need a friend(s). 

Friendship brings togetherness and still in friendship, their togetherness grows. Like they say, united we stand, divided we fall. When we unite in friendship, we can accomplish more, but if we stand aside, then nothing can be achieved. 

Togetherness is the key. It is the weapon that destroys disunity. Where the people unite in love with mutual trust and respect for one another, nothing and I mean no enemy can come around to destroy them. 

“Friendship in togetherness makes us achieve more.”

The bond of love, call it boundless love, it is what keeps friendship together. If you want to enjoy the essence of life, get along with true friends who keep your interest at heart. 

The joy of having true friends around you is like an unseen medication that heals the mind from every emotional sickness. 

If you want to make progress in life, never stand alone because no man is an island. Always remember that “No one makes progress except in the company of others”.

If your aim is to fly higher in life, then carry as many people along as you can because when you miss your track, it is the people you carry along that will help you get along with life and not to land on the bare ground where help might not be possible. 

Good as this advice may be, do always have it at the back of your mind that friends at times, if not always, are the ones that will bring about your downfall. 

“It is the kind of friends you keep that will determine if you will fulfill your purpose.”

Remember that he who knows you is the one who can easily harm you. No one knows you except a trusted friend who will secretly lead the way to your downfall.

“If you must trust any friend, keep in mind the benefit of doubt.” 

In overcoming this, learn to keep a part of your heart for betrayals. Again, remember that success can never come your way without betrayal from trusted friends. 

Sometimes, it is their betrayals that will propel the force of success to come your way. If a friend has disappointed you, bad as it may sound, learn to smile about it and put that behind you. 

Do not go in search of revenge. If you do, then, you have broken the law of love which is a product of friendship.

“Even in betrayal from a trusted friend, do not go in for revenge; leave that to nature to take its cause.”

Instead of channeling your energy seeking for revenge, I would rather say, channel it to something productive. If you seek revenge, you can never have it the best way it should be. 

Leave such a friend to his/her conscience. Conscience is the best punisher. It has in it the sweet revenge which had been written; we called it the law of karma. 

Karma might be slow in actualizing revenge but you know what, it gives time and when it finally comes, even the blind would know that this is the act of providence. 

Again, I would say to withstand this act of betrayals from friends,  always prepare your mind for the worst when dealing with anyone so that when the unforeseen happens, you will have an easy fortune; pick up the pieces of that occurrence of a broken heart and move on with life without looking back.

“It is the courage to give in a moment of betrayal that makes you a matured person.”

Though sometimes you would not have all that you might need from friends but you can do yourself this favour, do not let your friend choose you, choose your friends. 

In choosing your friends, you need to check out both their physical and inner strengths. How! You might ask. Do a SWOT analysis I say. Check out their Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Treat. 

If you can keep up with it, then go for it but if you find nothing in between the line, then like barbed wire, keep off.

“If a friend has nothing to contribute to your life, there is no need to keep such a friend.”    

Again, any friend that takes you away from the reality of life and makes pretending look like friendship; such a friend actually never worth the salt to be called your friend. 

Anyone you call your friend but cannot contribute positively to make you a better person in life nor share your dreams and aspirations, my sincere advice to you is stay off and again, keep off!

Friendship is to make you strong and not to make you weak. It is to make you better than when they meet you. When in friendship you do not find this, again I say, back-off.

“Anyone who is there for you when others keep off, that for sure is a true friend.”

A friend should make you better than when they meet you. The only way to get this done is not to go along with unserious people if your dream is aiming high.  

Aiming high should be your altitude in life. And fulfilling this means you must surround yourself with the right kind of people. 

People who see beyond you, people who can look you straight into your face and tell you the truth when you are going astray and not the kind of friends who will praise-sing you even when they know you are heading towards destruction. 

Like I said, if you want to stand tall and see beyond others, then you must stand among mighty men. In this case, it is the kind of friends you keep that will determine your achieving that greatness.

“True friends bring you to your greatness even when you seem not to see.” 
Another thing I should let you know is that the kind of person you are will definitely show the kind of people you will ever attract around yourself as friends. 

Like they say, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. You cannot determine the true character of anyone except when you meet them in the company of their peers. 

Remember, light begets light just as friends beget friends and the opposite line can never meet in a parallel direction. It is what you have that you can give, so is friendship. 

Like they say, “you cannot give what you do not have”. It is who and what you are, that the same kind of people will be attracted to you.

“Like birds of the same feathers, so do friends of the same weather, flock together.”  

If you must be a friend, be the friend who can be trusted. You should give your all and never expect anything in return. 

When you give your all, your reward certainly will be sure if not now, but in the future. You may or may not benefit from it but your generation yet unborn will ever live to partake of it. 

It is good to be a good friend because a good friend is like a good name which is better than riches. A good friend is better than a bad brother. 

So strive as much as you can in all you do to make an impact in the life of people that comes your way. 

“If you learn to live for others, others will learn to live for you.” 

Let your friends always have a good story to tell about you. And this story should be what will inspire others.

Permit me to add here that if your friends are not doing this for you, never count such to be your friend. So in choosing your friend(s), make such they come with inspiring qualities like one of my cousins Esther Daniel puts it in one of her Facebook posts. 

FRIENDS: Forgive you. Respect you. Inspire you. Encourage you. Nourish you. Defend you. Support you. 

If you found out that none of your friends have these qualities in them, I beg of you again, to keep off. And if you are a friend and you are not giving in to this definition of true friends as stated, then I beg to ask you what kind of a friend you are?

Love and Peace! 

[21]. Like a lit candle, I await the appearance of your love. Let that light, brighten the hidden beauty in you and bring to heart the love that you habour. For love, I shall be your shining light that warms your heart with pleasant pleases. 

[22]. Like a mirror, the very image of you reflexes in my heart. There you held me down and thrilled me with desire. And all I could do is adore the simplicity that is this essence of your love.

[23]. I shall live in want of you. I shall die still in want of you. Nothing makes me compete like your love that is so bold and daring. I love this love, it is all I need. Love me till I love no more.

[24]. I can think of nothing but you, I can dream of nothing but you. I can’t be for anyone but you. For you, I shall be your all in all. For love had found me in you.

[25]. More of you I want that I will live. Every bit of you I desire that I might be alive to worship your elegant. You’re and will ever be the object of desire that I ever will possess

[26]. Touch by your words and life maketh a meaning. How innocent are your words, that my heart is craved to your love without any ponder. You take a part of me away. Those words of yours are the reason I breathe again.

[27]. Let me be flattered by your words. And let the pride of my ego, dissolved like a melting iron. Let me live and worship your alluring words that have captured my soul with all the sweetness that is your love.

[28]. Like the cloud, your love shone in many colours. It wowed me with pleasure that I began to ponder in thought what colour this is. I feel love when I look into the cloud. And I feel you when my heart thinks of love.
[29]. My heart sang a chorus of love. To you, my heart sang her song. Love that is what it sang. You make me love; you make me right and to you my song of love will ever be.

[30]. I have never loved anyone as I love you. I have never melted for anyone the way I do for you. I have never heard my heart beat with shivered coldness the way it does for your love.




Poetic Messages: Long Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart
Long Love Messages for Him or Her from the Heart
These love messages to my love are long romantic messages for him or her from the heart and touching love messages to make him or her cry.
Poetic Messages
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