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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister from another Mother

You are sure to find here the best emotional birthday wishes for sister from another mother that you can send to your friend who is a true sister for life.

Emotional Birthday Messages

You are sure to find here the best emotional birthday wishes for a sister from another mother that you can send to your friend who is a true sister for life.

Truly there is no greater compliment than wishing a true friend the best on her birthday.  

These happy birthday sisters from another mother quotes are the best birthday lovely messages for you to send to a sister friend who is a blessing to your life. Birthday Wishes for Sister and Bday Quotes for Friends

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Sister From Another Mother

Happy birthday to my sister from another mother is an inspirational birthday message for my sister. Let a true sister feel these deep birthday wishes by sending them to her to make her special day feel so amazing and wonderful. You are My Angel and Priceless Jewel Love Messages for Her from the Heart

[1]. The lines are falling for you in pleasant places! Heaven is lifting you to unimaginable heights! You will be favoured and blessed! The Lord will enlarge your coast and grant you the desires of your heart. Happy Birthday, Sister!

[2]. Age more in good health. Wishing you all round success in the years ahead. Happy birthday my very dear sister!

[3]. Happy birthday, my sister, may your new age bring you open heaven. I wish you many happy returns today and always.

[4]. May God bless you. Wishing you a long life and property with good health. Happy birthday my sister. More grace upon you and your family.

[5]. I rejoice with you, my sister. God bless you. Congratulations! May your new age bring a lot of joy, happiness and major breakthrough to you and your family.

[6]. Happy day of birth my dear sister God's blessings, protections, sound health and many more fruitful years I am wishing you.

[7]. All I wish you is happiness that has no end. Continue to shine in God's Glory. Enjoy the best of God now and always and endless congratulations.

[8]. I wish you more fruitful years ahead. Congratulations! Best wishes great woman. You shall flourish in this new age.

[9]. I prophesy long life and good health into your life. So shall it be, take it and receive it by the special grace of the Almighty God. Glorious years, long life and prosperity to you always.

[10]. Happy birthday to you my sister, age with grace and favour of God enjoy it's your day. More blissful years ahead.

Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister From Another Mother

These sweet happy birthday wishes for sisters will put a smile on the face of your true-born friend who has become like a sister to you. Go ahead and share these emotional birthday wishes to a sister with whom you cherish your friendship. My Heart Belongs to You Love Messages for Couples

[11]. Have fun my dear and enjoy your day. God bless your new age. Higher and greater heights in all your ways. Congratulations on your special day. May you graciously!

[12]. Enjoy your special day. More success in all your endeavours. I wish you more fruitful years ahead. Happy birthday sweetheart, God bless your new age.

[13]. God bless you with loads of blessings as you mark your day. Happy birthday my big sister, l wish you all the best in life as you age with grace.

[14]. Happy birthday to you. More blissful years ahead. May God bless your new age, bigger you I pray. Wishing you more wisdom, grace and all the good things that life has to offer in this new age.

[15]. You have been a great blessing to everyone around you. God continues to bless, protect and favour you. Happy birthday to you pretty sister.

[16]. May the Good Lord continue to be with you, protect you and bless your new age. Happy birthday my sister. More grace and mercy on me!

[17]. Wishing you all the best in life with long life and prosperity. God bless your new age. Happy birthday to you, age with plenty of grace cheers.

[18]. Welcome to your season of laughter and celebrations. Happy birthday dear sister. God bless you with many more peaceful years.

[19]. You are indeed a blessing. My family celebrates you now and always. I heart you. Goodness, mercy, favour, honour, long life, good health and much more are my prayers for a sister like you. Happy birthday to you, a sister like no other.

[20]. Happy birthday to you Ma. May the dreams closest to your heart come true as you celebrate your birthday.

Best Inspirational Birthday Wishes To Sister From Another Mother

Send these best inspirational birthday sayings to wish a sister a happy birthday. The birthday messages are birthday wishes for sisters quotes and happy birthday big sister quotes for friends. Romantic Relationship Poems about Unity in Marriage

[21]. Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister and friend. Greater days ahead to you a beautiful role model to us women. Wishing you long life and prosperity.

[22]. Big babe, I celebrate you. May your days forever be merry and bright. May lines continue to fall unto you in pleasant places. Happy birthday beautiful lady. May God bless and keep you.

[23]. You've always been an inspiration to me while growing up. I pray the heavens continue to smile at you as you gracefully. Happy birthday beautiful woman. I celebrate you, Ma'am.

[24]. Happy birthday my gal! You stand tall among your peers. Keep shining darling. May God continue to bless you.

[25]. Evergreen queen, blessings continue to follow a fine woman. We love you and celebrate you. God bless you real good. Happy birthday darling Big Sis and true friend.

[26]. Happy birthday my Superfine Sister. Thank you for offering yourself to be a blessing to mankind wherever you find yourself. God bless you plenty always.

[27]. Wishing you many happy returns. Happy birthday to you great woman of substance. God bless your new age.

[28]. A priceless gift cherished Sister. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman both in character and appearance. I am proud of you.

[29]. Happy birthday my most adored Sister and friend. Wish you many more years of God's abundance of blessings.

[30]. Glory be to God in the highest long life and prosperity more of it's in Jesus' mighty name. Happy birthday dear Sister.
Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister

Here for a real Sister is one of the best collections of heart-touching birthday messages to make a Sister from another mother feel so blessed to have you as a true friend. Sweet Words and Promises to Tell Your Wife

[31]. Congratulations beloved Sister. The Lord bless your new age and prosper all that you do. God bless you and increase you on every side.

[32]. Happy blessed birthday of God's divine grace, favour, good health, long life and prosperity all the days of your life my beloved Sister from another mother.

[33]. Happy birthday, my Sister, I wish you God's divine protection, long life and above all good health to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

[34]. May God bless your new age and continue to make His shine upon you all day, Amen. Happy birthday Sister, age gracefully. God bless you today and forever, Amen.

[35]. Happy birthday, Sisterly, I celebrate you especially, with more grace and hearty cheers to you. May God bless you and make you a blessing.

[36]. Happy birthday my friend, may God Almighty continually light your pathway. God bless you and keep you always. I celebrate you wholeheartedly, stay winning my Sister.

[37]. You are a good Sister. May God keep and strengthen you. Hearty cheers Sis. May the days ahead be the fulfilment of God's will in your life and may God preserve you in sound health, wealth and wisdom.

[38]. Happy glorious birthday Sister of the people. God bless and keep you, as you continue to do His good works. Better days ahead Sisterly.

[39]. I celebrate you today as always. God bless you for all you do. May God bless you richly. May His grace continue to find you. Age gracefully my Sister.

[40]. To a cerebral Big Sister. To a Sister who won't allow official times to exclude her from socialising. To a Sister who believes in the youths. To be a role model for many. To a Sister, woman and wife. You deserve the best life has in stock. Thanks for being who you are in all senses of friendliness. Happy birthday! May your days be long. Keep up the good work.

Thank You Birthday Messages To A Sister From Another Mother

For the love of a Sister, here are some of the best thank you birthday wishes for a Sister who is a sure blessing to other Sister friends around her. Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

[41]. Happy birthday Sister, you are good and a great Sister. You deserve this day and best regards to your wonderful household. Congratulations. It can only get better. Cheers!

[42]. Happy birthday Sis. Thank you for all the value you have added to many lives. I wish you God’s continuous choicest blessings. Rise and become more significant in the years ahead.

[43]. Happy birthday, Sister, you are the shining light of our generation. More grace, more inspiration, more breakthroughs and showers of accolades on you. We love you always!

[44]. I thank God you're leading by example. May God bless and keep you safe. I pray for good health, divine protection and above all, may God continue to elevate you. Happy birthday to a Sister like no other.

[45]. I wish we had more people like you in our society, it would have been better. Thanks for your love for the less privileged. God bless you more. Happy birthday to a Sister of the people!

[46]. May God in His infinite mercy continue to bless, protect and increase all your endeavours. To a Sister who is a shining Star, we wish you all the best as you celebrate your special day. Happy birthday always!

[47]. Happy birthday dear Sister. Thank you for always showing compassion to humanity. You are compassion personified. God guides and protects you for us. We love you so much!

[48]. God will bless you as you bless other people, and more blessings to you as you celebrate. Happy birthday my Sister.

[49]. You're a God sent to help people and we pray to the Almighty God to continue to enrich your pocket and bless you abundantly. Happy birthday dear Sister from another mother.

[50]. May God continue to bless you my Sister for the help you always render to your fellow Sister, and more money to your account. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Happy birthday, dear!

Best Birthday Wishes To A Sister From Another Mother

These nice collections of birthday wishes for a sincere and friendly Sister from another mother are one of the best amazing birthday wishes for a true Sister who is not only a leader but someone you can call a true friend.

[51]. Happy birthday to you my dearest friend. Wishing you many more beautiful years to come. Enjoy your special day!

[52]. Beautiful birthday wishes Dear, age gracefully. Greater height I pray for you. More grace more wins.

[53]. May the heavens be gracious to you. Bless you, baby girl. Have a fantastic year. Happy birthday beautiful Sis.

[54]. Happy birthday my beautiful and amazingly hard-working friend. The desires of your heart are being met as we speak.

[55]. Happy birthday dearest Sister. Keep smiling, keep shining. Your God is awesome. Cheers my friend!

[56]. A delighted birthday and many more returns to my favourite girl. Have a great birthday sweetie and keep soaring. Love always.

[57]. Happy birthday my Sister. May God continue to bless, protect and grant you greater heights in life with the fulfilment of your dreams. Keep soaring God got you.

[58]. Happy birthday my Sis. Lots of love. May your day and year be as fabulous as you look. Again happy birthday dear, God bless you.

[59]. Happy birthday to you beautiful. May God bless you all the way. Grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God!

[60]. Happy birthday to my lovely Sister, Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity.

[61]. Happy birthday, my Sister, I wish you more blessings and many fruitful years ahead. God bless you more.

[62]. Happy birthday beautiful lady, God's abundant blessings upon you dear. Wishing you continued grace. May this day bring you all the blessings you desire.

[63]. Beautiful you with a sweetheart. God bless your added year. May the glory of God continue to sparkle in your life. Happy birthday, dear.

[64]. Wishing you many happy returns in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday, dear. God add more wisdom and more money to this new age.

[65]. Happy birthday sweet Sister friend of mine. May His joy and blessings never depart from your domain. May you live to fulfil the purpose of God in your life today and always.

[66]. The hand of God is visible and undeniable. We thank Him daily for His grace and glory. Happy birthday my dearest Sister. May He perfect all that concerns you forever in Jesus' name!

[67]. Birthday blessings to you my dear friend and Sister. May your Heavens remain open today and always in Jesus' name.

[68]. Words may fail me if I begin to put my feelings into writing in describing you. You are a rare friend, mother and wife. I celebrate you my Sister from another mother. May your days continue to radiate like a diamond while fulfilling your purpose in life. Toast for many years with Good health and long life!

[69]. Happy birthday my special Sister, God bless your new age in good health and all-around breakthroughs in Jesus' name. Congratulations my dear friend.

[70]. Happy birthday Sis, best wishes, this is just the beginning of great things in your life. May God’s love and divine protection encompass your new age! Again, happy birthday beautiful woman with a good heart.

[71]. Happy birthday to you dear. You are indeed an example. Keep doing good. God bless you today and always.

[72]. Happy glorious birthday sweet and beautiful heart, age gracefully in good health of mind and body, may line fall for you in pleasant places, may God bless your day with heavenly blessings, and make sure you have fun to the fullest today because it's your day.

[73]. Happy birthday my Sister, wishing you heaven's best on your special day.

[74]. I wish you long life and prosperity, divine favour in areas of your life! Happy birthday my Sister. Best wishes on the occasion of your birthday.

[75]. Happy birthday to a woman with a beautiful heart, God bless you always. May the Lord do new things in your life in Jesus' mighty name.

[76]. You're special in so many ways. Welcome to your season of endless joy and total peace. Happy birthday to you my Sister. 

[77]. May your life be ripe with opportunities and happiness. May God never stop blessing and keeping you. Happy blessed day!

[78]. Happy birthday to you kind-hearted woman. The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord causes His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you in Jesus' name, Amen!
[79]. Happy birthday my beautiful big Sister. I call you this because in you I found a Sister and a friend. You have been my travel buddy, a good Sister to us. You’ve looked out for us in numerous ways and thank you is not enough. I pray that this new year brings you unending happiness and blessings. May the Lord bless and preserve all that is yours, Amen!

[80]. We give God the glory for having graced you with good health to witness another year added to your life. Our wish is for you to live to see more healthy years. Happy birthday my Sister!

[81]. HBD to my lovely sister from another mother, more years of celebration my dear.

[82]. Happy birthday to you my beautiful sexy sister and many more years to come happy for you. Congratulations dear!

[83]. Wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with good health and God's blessing. Have a blessed day.

[84]. Wow! Happy birthday Sis. Wishing you all the best. May God grant your heart's desires both now and always.

[85]. Happy birthday my darling sister. May God bless your new age, and give you all your heart desires. I wish you more celebrations in Jesus' name.

[86]. HBD beautiful and gentle lady, may all your prayers be answered in Jesus' name. God bless you and grant your heart's desire.

[87]. Happy birthday my lovely sis, more glorious years. May God bless your new age. May the Lord fulfil all your heart desires.

[88]. HBD my lovely and cool sister. More grace as you celebrate. Congrats!

[89]. Happy birthday, dear. Divine favour, grace and sound health in Jesus' name. God bless you more!

[90]. Happy birthday dear and wishing you God's favour and new testimony in your new age.

[91]. Happy birthday to you beloved. May God continue to enrich you with His wisdom and knowledge. Age graciously. Congratulations!

[92]. Happy birthday to you my beautiful sister, may God bless your new age.

[93]. Happy birthday to my beautiful angel, may the good God bless your years. Age with the favour of God. More happy years ahead

[94]. May the good Lord continue to add more and more favours upon you as you mark your birthday today.

[95]. Happy ageless birthday dear sis. Many more glorious years ahead. Birthday blessings sis, live long and prosper.

[96]. My beloved sister, happy birthday to the queen. You are lifted beyond measure. Wishing you the best of life.

[97]. Happy birthday sweet girl, more beautiful years filled with God's all-around blessings. May the Lord do something remarkable in your life today and always. Love you scatter!

[98]. Happy bday sweetheart with a good heart, I wish you the very best dearie. Cheers!

[99]. Happy birthday my sweet sister, may the Almighty God continue to guide and direct you, and may you live more to see more of your day, Amen. hip, hip, hip, hurray. Enjoy your day!

[100]. May this growth open to you greater opportunities for fruitful increases in all standards and more blessings in every situation. May it also bring to you the ability and every potential to move forward in life, grow stronger in all capacities to face challenges and overcome them all to achieve more blessings that await you in life. Keep moving Sis! Don't wait for anyone. But build your foundation and make it strong enough to carry all your weight. And you will see all those challenges behind you in no time. Once again, happy birthday my dear Sister!


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister from another Mother
Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister from another Mother
You are sure to find here the best emotional birthday wishes for sister from another mother that you can send to your friend who is a true sister for life.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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