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Christian Poems of Encouragement and Strength

Our faith gives us much delight in the things of God. These Christian poems of encouragement and strength to live a life of righteousness and holiness are Christian poems on being an instrument of God.

Christian Encouragement Poems

Our faith gives us much delight in the things of God. These Christian poems of encouragement and strength to live a life of righteousness and holiness are Christian poems on being an instrument of God. When we abide in faith, it strengthens our belief in God who created us to fulfill His purpose here on earth. 

You can consider these collections of Christian poems of encouragement to be power of prayer poems, famous poems about prayer, prayer poems for strength, short prayer poems, Christian poem about prayer, prayer poems for healing and poems about spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Trust in the Lord Your God shows a delight in the things of God. Just like Psalm [37:4] said, “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart”. Our delight should be in the things of God for right there come our peace of mind. Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends

Let this Trust in the Lord Your God poem which is an inspirational poem about God's love gives you the greatest pleasure you can experience in life which is the love of a Father who adores us. Poetry Love Messages for Someone Special

Trust In The Lord Your God

The way of the Lord 
is the way of perfection, 
And he who walked with Him 
shall never see shame.

Let your delight 
be in the law of the Lord,
And His words 
be your comfort day in day out.

When your ways 
are in tune with His ways,
You shall find favour in His side 
all the days of your life. 

Delight not yourself 
in the ways of the ungodly,
For their ways are 
like the sand the wind blew away. 

Oh, put your trust 
in the Lord your God,
For Him alone can deliver 
a righteous judgment.

He alone knows 
the way of all men,
And He alone will guide 
your path unto righteousness.

Nsikak Andrew

This inspirational poem about trusting God is a motivational poem on how to reference God and commit your plans to the Lord and He will make your paths straight. When you reference God and commit your ways to the Lord, He in His mercy will direct your path. This poem is about God walking with you and directing your path if you reference Him and put your trust in His words. Birthday Wishes for Sister and Bday Quotes for Friends

Let Your Thoughts 
Reference The Lord

Let not your heart 
imagine vain things,
And your mind wanders 
in deceitful thoughts. 

Strives not 
to speak ill of the anointed,
Nor join in 
the condemnation of His prophets.

For this is a sure way 
to draw the anger of God,
And make your life 
a pathway to destruction.

The Lord God Almighty 
is our awesome God,
He alone rewards 
the secret thoughts of our hearts.

When He speaks in anger,
Who is he that can withstand His wrath?
Oh depart from iniquity,
And fear the Lord that created all. 

He is kind to the humble at heart,
And merciful to them 
that called upon His name.
When He decrees a thing,
Who is him that can challenge His words?

He alone rewards a faithful heart,
And break asunder the enemy 
that seeks after your life.
Oh put on the garment of righteousness,
And taste of the goodness of the Lord. 

Let your thoughts reference Him in truth,
And your life, a living testimony of His glory.
In this you will find favour in His vineyard,
And His grace will give you the strength to go on. 

Nsikak Andrew

O Lord I live for You is a Christian poem about faith. It is a short poem about praising God, sa poem about God's love, poems that glorify God, and a poem about God walking with you. When you experience the many turbulent times of this world and you feel like giving up. This poem of supplication is what you need to hold on to your faith. Best Couple Relationship Poems for Trust in Marriage

O Lord I Live For You

Lord in your hand,
I commit myself,
Let not my enemies
have their ways over me.

Let not those who says
we have gotten him,
Have their ways to plug me
out of your Mighty hands.

To you O Lord,
my eyes look up to your grace,
Oh, deliver me not
into the hands of my enemies.

Hear me O Lord
and let my cry found favour in you,
Lift me up and set me on a hill
so high above my enemies.

Let those who seek my life
behold your beauty in me,
And let them say indeed
that the Lord God Almighty is with you.

You are my rock of ages
and the lifter of my soul,
In you will I never be afraid of them
that seeks after my life.

In you, I put my trust in your grace
that appeared unto me,
Your hands of grace I believed in
that destroyed the works of darkness in my life.

I will live for you
O Lord God my Father,
For your love for me
is the love that is incomparable.

Nsikak Andrew

When the love of God is the song that you sing. When you experience unmerited favour and you know that your life is in His hand, it gives the feeling that you are secured in Him. This Lord You Are The Song Of My Life poem is about God’s love and faith for trusting in the Lord. Christian Inspirational and Motivational Poems of Encouragement

The Song Of My Life

O Lord let not your face
be hidden away from me,
Nor let me wandered around
like a sheep that has no Shepherd.

I know some of my ways
might have gone against your will,
But in you will my trust ever be
a song of worship unto your name.

I believe in You that has set
my soul free from bondage,
And have given unto me
the joy that is your love towards me.

Here, I stand in awesome praise
of your Holy name,
You have done for me
that which no man can ever do.

You are the joy that is my salvation,
To you will I offer the sacrifices
of praise forever more.

Oh I will sing,
sing a new song unto the Lord,
The Lord God Almighty
who is the lover of my soul.

My heart is filled with your goodness,
Day after day, I see the handiwork of your hand.

You are the one,
who blessed even in trouble times,
And made a way of escape
even in our moments of despair.

Nsikak Andrew

Hearken Unto My Voice O Lord is a poem of encouragement and strength. It is a prayer of supplication poem and that of a Christian poem about faith. Just like the Psalmist called upon the Lord to hearken unto his voice. This poem is touching poem Marker of Heaven and earth to hear the cry of His children when they called upon Him. Poems And Inspirational Quotes about Life

Best Poems of Encouragement and Strength

Hearken Unto My Voice O Lord

Lord, let not your ears
be far away from my supplication,
And your eyes depart away
from me in every moment of distress.

Hear my voice when I call
upon your Holy name,
For you are my all in whom
I put my entire trust upon.

Let my voice be like
a sweet smelling savor unto you,
And my cry a song of praises
that magnified your name forever.

O Lord, let not the wickedness
of man plug me away from you,
Uphold me in righteousness
and make me dwell in your love forever.

I know my ways sometime
do not conformed to your desire for me,
But Lord, in my weakness as human,
let your mercy be my portion.

I look unto you with the heart
that fears the Day of Judgment,
That day our works shall be revealed
in the nakedness of truth.

O Lord, deliver me not
into the hand of my sinful thoughts,
But make my soul live
in the mercy of your gracious love.

Save me from my wrongful imagination
that do not glorify your name,
And protect me from the hands
of those who seek to make a prey of my life.

Let your faithfulness encamped me
all around in every days that I live,
And let not the wicked have a way to perfect
their evil imagination concerning my life.

O let their evil thoughts
concerning my life turn to nothing,
And their devilish manipulations
never find it root around my life.

O Lord, let those who put your name
to shame be ashamed of their deeds,
And the righteous, give unto them
the desire of their heart in time of distrust. 

Forsake not those
who put their trust in you,
And let their trust become the song
that exhausts your Holy name.

Nsikak Andrew

This poem The Lord God Almighty, He Is My God is about words of encouragement and strength in the work of God. It is a poem about life and a Christian prayer for healing from wrongs. This is a heart touching Christian quote that shows a heart of commitment to live for God and Him alone. The poem is to uplift and encourage one to live a life of righteousness. Christmas Best Poems and Inspirational Christmas Messages

The Lord God Almighty, 
He Is My God

My eyes are fixed upon your words,
Let your mercies guide me in love.
look unto You with a heart filled with pains,
Let not my thoughts hinder your blessing away from me.

O Lord, chastise me not away from your presence,
And let not my weaknesses become a source of my downfall.
Protect me in your everlasting love,
And let your grace deliver me away from my wrongs.

Now that I see the breath of a new day,
Let not my song to Thee become a shadow that drips away.
I am in deep tears that needs your mercies, O Lord!,
Make a way for me even in my moment of distress.

Oh, let not Your anger destroy me in my wrongs,
And let not my enemies rejoice in their quest to destroy my soul.
Oh Lord You’re the source of my strength,
My faith in You will ever be the song that I sing.

I will look unto You even when all hope seems to be lost,
For I know You are with me at every moment of my life.
Let it be told among all the nations that the Lord God Almighty,
He is my God, He is my redeemer, and He will forever be my all in all.

Nsikak Andrew

This Christian poem for youth is about how God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble. It is a Christian poem song to glorify the name of the Lord. When we pass through moment of trial and temptation, this poem should be a song in our mouth that we shall overcome. And victory shall be ours if we trust in the one who made for us a way where there seems to be no way. Motivational Poems about Life and Fulfillment of Purpose 

Lord You Are My Presence 
Help In Time Of Distress

 O Lord, my trust is upon thee;
Saviour of my soul,
Save me from the hands of those
who seeks my life for ransom.

Let not my enemies rejoice
in their wickedness over me,
And let not their evil manipulation
tear apart my faith in You.

Help me O Lord to be stronger
in every moment of challenges,
And guide my troubled soul
to reference you even when hope seems lost.

Protect me O Lord
with the mercy of thy loving kindness,
And give me a heart that will always
long for your righteousness.

Deliver not my soul into the hands
of those who hunt my life,
And let not their persecution
derail my faith from worshipping your name.

O Lord, lift up a standard
against my enemies and sent me an helper,
I need your grace more than ever
to guide me through this mountain of distress.

Help me to stand firm in your love
that is made sufficient upon my soul,
And blessed me beyond every imagination
of those who seek my life for destruction.

O Lord, judge me with the grace
that abound in the beauty of your love,
And forever let me live to worship your name,
King that is above all kings.

Let your righteousness enveloped me
in every moment of my life,
And let every wickedness of the wicked,
become like the dust of the earth.

Grant me the favour to always stand
for the truth even in time of distress,
For You are my defence, my refuge
and a sure place I found rest in trouble time.

Let my life become a symbol of honour
that You found delight to behold,
And let my trust in You become a song
of praise that glorifies your Holy name.

Even when the wicked seek my life for a ransom,
let the rod of your hand raise a standard,
And when such turns not away from their wicked ways,
O Lord, let your judgment be upon them.

Let them that prepared a pit for me
become the victims that found their rest in there,
O Lord keep me in your care
and let your heart of compassion forever be my daily guide. 

My God, make me your instrument of love
and a point of contact to be a blessing to others,
And let no mischief makers manipulate me
and turned my heart away from your everlasting love.

Let them that seeks my blood as the wine
that would filled their cup of wickedness,
Be like the grass that surrounds the graveyard,
if they fail not to repent from their evil ways.

And if they persist in their wickedness,
Lord let your anger rest upon their household,
And let them not find a route of escape
if the continuous thoughts of their heart is filled with evil.

Lord, I looked unto to You,
Lion from the tribe of Judah,
my rock, my fortress, my helper,
My deliverer, the One who destroy the enemies plan
and make for me the victory that is forever sure.

Nsikak Andrew

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This Christian best poem “I Blessed You, I Blessed You O Lord” is a short poem about God blessings, poem about God with rhyme, short poems about praising God, touching poems about Jesus, poems of praise to God, famous poems about blessings in life and poem about God love for humanity. This beautiful collection of best Christian motivational poems of praise is something that comes as an instrument that brings a peace of mind to our life. Birthday Poems for Husband, Wife, Friends and the One You Love

I Blessed You, I Blessed You O Lord

Lord I blessed You for all
that You have done in our life,
I blessed You inspite of the hand
that seeks to destroy our soul.

I Blessed You for You are God
and your love is forever more,
Thank you God, for You are a blessing
even in our moments of doubt.

Upon the earth the signs
of your wondrous works are so defined,
You are God and there is no definition
that can alter your awesomeness.

Who are we but a mere mortal
created by the works of your hand,
An imperfect begin whose life
is found in the breath that you gave to us.

Who are we that You are mindful of us
even when we go against your will,
Yet You still love us with an unconditional love
that brings us back to Your grace.

Even when the angels asked who is man
that You are mindful of them,
Yet You still accept us with that love
that made you die on the cross for our sins.

I blessed you O Lord,
for You have been our helper,
our redeemer, our rock of ages,
The only wise one of Israel,
the owner of our soul, our Saviour,
the one who is to come.

I honour You O Lord for the works
of your hands that is seen in all the earth,
Thank You Lord for your grace and mercy
upon our lives that which is forever made sure.

You are our God in Him we put our trust
and made our boast for all who live to see,
Your name is Mightier than the mightiest,
our excellent God that does impossible things.

Nsikak Andrew


  1. This is great. I love all these wonderful poems. Keep writing for the Lord. Well done to all the poets.
    In the world nowadays we see a lot of definitions of love. There are a lot of misconceptions of God. Poetry like these will be used by od to bring people back to the right track.
    By God's grace, I have been able to address the topic of 'crushes' in comparison to God's love in a Spoken Word poetry video called Distant Crush. Please be so kind as to check it out. Like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE for more uplifting poetry. Here is the link Hey, please checkout my spoken word poetry YouTube video on God vs Crush


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Christian Poems of Encouragement and Strength
Christian Poems of Encouragement and Strength
Our faith gives us much delight in the things of God. These Christian poems of encouragement and strength to live a life of righteousness and holiness are Christian poems on being an instrument of God.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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