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Sweet Romantic Love SMS for Your Sweetheart

Remembering those days we used to send short code text messages to the one you love. Here for you are the best collections of Sweet Romantic Love SMS For Your Sweetheart which you can also shorten to mean Sweet Romantic Luv Msg 4 Ur Sweetheart.

Sweet Love SMS Messages

Remembering those days we used to send short code text messages to the one you love. Here for you are the best collections of Sweet Romantic Love SMS For Your Sweetheart which you can also shorten to mean Sweet Romantic Luv Msg 4 Ur Sweetheart.

These SMS messages are sweet romantic love SMS for him or her and sweet love SMS to send to the one you love. The romantic messages are indeed true love SMS messages to show how truly you care about the special person in your life.

Sending sweet love SMS are one of the ways and time to show how much you love your sweetheart with some loving you SMS for your love. Right here are all the love SMS for him or her to make your one and only felt your heartbeat all day long. Enjoy these amazingly collections of short romantic love text messages that will make him or her want to be yours forever.

Sweet Love SMS For Your Sweetheart

You can consider these deep love SMS to be sweet love SMS for the one you love, love messages for someone special from the heart, sweet love text messages and one of the most touching love messages for the one who makes your heart beat as one. Tears of Love Romantic Text Messages for the One You Love

[1]. If I have wasted time, then I would b living my days in regret.

[2]. Thank God I found d courage 2 tell u how I feel. If not i would neva b experiencing dis bliss dat ur luv have given 2 me.

[3]. Since no one in dis world is perfect but luv, urs have made me perfect.

[4]. 4 luving u, I have found a perfect world 2 live in.

[5]. D will power 2 over look all d short coming, ur luv have given 2 me.

[6]. D shortcoming I found in u, is dat I luv u more than I can eva imagine.

[7]. I doesn’t luv u becuz u’r beautiful. I luv u becuz ur luv is beautiful.

[8]. Every passing day, I luv u more than eva.

[9]. If ur luv keep giving me d blessing dat I want so shall my heart luv u till eternity.

[10]. So faithful is ur luv dat it has blessed me with her faithfulness.

[11]. I am so blessed 2 find d luv dat is faithful as urs. 

[12]. I tried 2 define luv & got lost in it aura. If there is any true meaning of luv, urs is a perfect example 2 behold.

[13]. Our bond is strengthen by d aura of ur luv. U give same & I do same & our life have become a treasured house 4 us 2 treasure.

[14]. D best gift 2 d world is luv. U have given me urs & 4 it, I will cherish 4 d rest of my life.

[15]. A new dimension 2 my life, ur luv have added. It has taken away my shame & gives 2 me a heart of courage dat makes me glad 2 live 4 u.

[16]. Ur luv has taken control of my heart, body & soul. Now my mind is control by every beat of ur heart.

[17]. Plz don’t let ur heart stop luving me. 4 if it does, my world would neva b d same again.

[18]. If it weren’t 4 ur luv, I would have become worthless. Thank goodness dat I found u. Now am worthy 2 live for u.

[19]. Night & day r a glory & testimony of ur luving cares. I long 4 every moment of d day 4 in it have I found a perfect luv dat is urs.

[20]. Even in d dark of d night, I found ur luv sparkle like a million.

I Love You SMS For The One You Love

These messages of love are touching love messages for sweet love, deep love messages for someone unique from the heart, her, sweet I love you messages to your true love and long deep love messages for him or her.

[21]. Gently, ur luv guided me through many storms & now am glad dat I made ur luv mine.

[22]. Those sweet 4 nothing words u whispered in2 my ear had turn 2 a bubble dat now control my heart.

[23]. I am moved by ur words & now all I want is 2 hear ur voice so I would be in luv of u.

[24]. D mere presence of u, weaken me 2 surrender. U came in a special way & took my heart away.

[25]. All I live 4 is dat eva presence of urs dat made my heart shiver like for ur luv.

[26]. My whole world change d day u kiss me. I thought I saw paradise when u embraced me.

[27]. With ur luv, I can live d rest of my life knowing I have found d luv dat have change my world.

[28]. I go weak on my knee each time u touch me & gaze 4 breath each time u kiss me. Now my world is made anew each time u luv me.

[29]. When u luv me, my heart is like a green land dat flourished like rose flower.

[30]. Dis little seed of luv u sowed inside my heart have geminated in2 an oak tree. Now it has bear fruits of togetherness wrap in luvin u.

[31]. Every minute I spend with u, is enough 2 keep me alive far beyond d next century.

[32]. U r my fountain of joy, a blessed house set upon a hill. Neither rain nor storm can take u away 4frm me.

[33]. D joy of luving u is d seed dat has kept me alive. I would long have been a 4gotten soul but since ur luv found me, I know I will live 4u always.

[34]. If there is anything dat makes me feel alive, it is d aura dat ur luv carries.

[35]. Ur luv have taken control over me & there is nothing I will do without d luv of u.

[36]. It is u & only u dat makes me feel alive & if u leave me without ur luv, then I would live d rest of my days wishing I neva found luv in u.

[37]. If others claim 2 have seen angel, never would I feel bordered becuz I have seen u that is my angel.

[38]. Ur kind of luv have I tasted & now could tell d meaning of true luv. Ur luv would 4eva live & grow inside my heart.

[39]. Each time I heard d wind blow, I smile 4 I know it is ur perfect luv blowing my way 2 give me all d energy I need 2 luv u d more.

[40]. There say absence diminishes luv but urs have not done dat 2 me. Instate each time u’r not around my luv 4 u increases more and more.

Sweet Messages Of Love For Long Distance

You can use these love messages as long distance relationship messages for someone you love, inspirational love messages for long distance relationship, first anniversary messages for long distance relationship, love SMS for your sweetheart in long distance relationship, romantic words for a long distance relationship, long distance relationship texts for him or her and a good morning SMS messages for him or her in long distance relationship. Short Romantic Text Messages for Someone Special

[41]. My luv 4 u is like d lit of candle, it shore brighter than d star & calm my mind more than d morning air.

[42]. I thought it was impossible 2 luv someone whole heartedly but since I found u not only whole heartedly have I luv u but with every breath dat I take.

[43]. Completely have I luv u & continually will I do. 4 d luv dat is so bright as urs, will only b d one I will follow till the end of time.

[44]. Hidden inside my heart is d joy of ur luv. It has given me life & all I live 4 is d epitome of ur luv dat have erase my pains.

[45]. If ur luv was 4 money, I would have none 2 pay 4 it but since it is priceless, I can walk d surface of d earth knowing it has found me 2 b urs.

[46]. Each time I hold ur hand, my heart got engulfed in d beauty of ur luv & made me gaze 4 breath. If dis is what ur luv brings, then am satisfy in luving u.

[47]. Take me tenderly & softly. Let ur arm engulf my body. Make me a star in d throne of ur heart dat I might live 2 luv u 4eva.

[48]. Each time u told me those magical words; “I Luv U”, my whole world comes alive. I long 2 hear those words 4 there r d reason I will eva stick with u.

[49]. Each time I hear ur voice, my heart beat faster. Each time u hold & kiss me, I gaze 4 breath.

[50]. Ur voice, arm & kisses have become like d engine room dat gives me strength.

[51]. Tears drop my eyes each time u hold me. How I hold u so tight in ur arms just 2 feel d hidden touch dat is ur luv.

[52]. When u hold me, I c Heaven & when u kiss me, I c Paradise.

[53]. If luv is a feeling, then I have feel luv in u. Ur luv gives me d feeling dat live 4 u.

[54]. Every passing day, am falling in luv with u over & over again. D reason am feeling so is dat ur luv keep renewing my heart 2 luv u over & over again.       

[55]. If there is anything in life dat is so precious & so beautiful, it is falling in luv with u.

[56]. Ur luv gives me d strength & d joy 2 live 4u 2day & always.

[57]. I shall walk through life without any fear 4 in d many storms of life, ur luv have given me hope 2 walk through life without any fear.

[58]. In dis journey call life, I have found ur luv which have given me d strength 2 walk through it.

[59]. I shall match on with all courage 4 to win life battles. All I need is ur luv dat stands by my side.

[60]. In d matter of luv, d heart chose who 2 follow. Urs choose me inspite of all & 4 u would I want 2live d rest of my life 2 adore.

Emotional Love SMS for True Love

Emotional Love SMS For Your True Love

These love SMS can be used as powerful emotional text messages, long emotional love messages for love, most touching emotional love messages for him or her, long deep love messages for sweetheart and a heart touching messages for the one you love. Love SMS Text Messages for Him or Her

[61]. They say lovers r silly & I smile. If u want 2 know anyone in luv, then u will c actions dat r silly.

[62]. Let anyone say what they like, if luv is silly, I shall walk her way 2 experience d joy I found in luvin u.

[63]. I am so passionate about u. 4 I treasure d bound dat we share. It is a scarce secret dat I shall keep 4eva.

[64]. They say luv is not luv till u give it away. I gave mine 2 u & now am enjoying d bliss of it dat have bless my day.

[65]. Ur luv rings a bell in my heart with all d thoughtfulness dat it carry. Each bell it rung is a reminder dat it is here 2 stay.

[66]. Luv dat grows 4rm d heart they say is a perfect luv. I found urs & my heart is at peace with my soul.

[67]. Time is too short but 4 those who found luv, time is eternal. Thank God I found u 4 now, I have no worry of time.

[68]. Like a precious diamond in d sky, I c ur luv so shine dat it overshadow me.

[69]. With ur luv, I know I have found a brighter star & dat star is ur luv dat shines on me.

[70]. If there is anything so nice 2 find, it is d luv in u. It came in an unusual way & eva since, I am so bless 2 have you as d nicest thing dat have eva happen 2 me.

[71]. If u’r not in luv, then u will neva understand d heart dat luv carries. I thought I was going crazy when I found luv in u but now I know without ur luv I am incomplete.

[72]. If u must luv, it is now I know u must feel insanity.

[73]. When I thought of luv, I thought of u who is my perfect luv.

[74]. Ur luv is so perfect dat I found no fault in it. Even if there is a fault, ur luv have cover it all.

[75]. I wanted 2 relive my childhood again & then I found ur luv dat have taken me back 2 my youthful days.

[76]. It is so amazing what ur luv have thought me; blissfulness all d way.

[77]. To u have I fallen in luv with. I shall do same over & over again.

[78]. If there is anyone I would rather fall 4, it is u dat have given me d meaning of unconditional luv.

[79]. Ur luv inspires me beyond my imagination & made me c my dream land right in front of me.

[80]. I live in d world of possibility all becuz ur luv makes it possible.

Sweetest I Longing For You Romantic Love Messages

When you long for someone special, it has this feeling that only you can describe how it felt. These messages of love are truly a deep love messages for him or her, sweet love text messages, romantic text messages for the one you long for, caring love text messages, love messages for her from the heart and a beautiful flirty text messages for the one you truly love. Poetry Love Messages for Someone Special

[81].  My thought & emotion, longs 4 u. My mind is control by d power of ur luv.

[82]. All I do is complete when d thought of u fills my heart.

[83]. I long 4 u like d breath of new air & live 4 ur luv like d dawn of a new day. All my life, it is ur luv dat have taken over.

[84]. Longing heart dat gaze in wait 4 ur luv. Dis is a price I have 2 pay 4 luving u.

[85]. 4 luv, there is no sacrifice too small. As long as we luv, I shall 4eva make dis sacrifice of waiting 4 u.

[86]. Luv there say is no respecter of any person not age. When it comes, it sweeps like tornado. This is how it came & swept me off my feet.

[87]. Like a wild fire ur luv entered my heart & burned every doubt & fear in me.

[88]. I am so complete 2 luv u with every beat of my heart as I will not b complete without d luv of u.

[89]. U burned my heart with d power of ur luv; now d scar I carry is d sign of d power dat ur luv gave.

[90]. Let me bear dis bliss dat is d power of luv 2 which urs have given 2 me. I shall carry it on so I would live to enjoy d power of ur luv.

[91]. I am in luv let d whole world hear me. D architect of my luv is u the joy dat have given me d heart 2 luv.

[92]. D unity of d heart, comes under d embrace of luv. When u luv me, I could c d unity in our ways.

[93]. D very way we act & do things is a testimony 2 d luv dat we share. 

[94]. When we look in2 each other’s eyes, I could c d fire of luv burning. Each time we look, I know d tenderness of d fire dat burn would bring unity 2 calm our heart.

[95]. So bright with d light dat overcome my dark world. Ur luv came & took away my loneliness.

[96]. All I dream of is dat luv of urs dat took my darkness away.

[97]. Ur luv makes me sing a song of joy 2 d sky. I am so glad dat I found u 2 luv. Now my world is complete all becuz of u.

[98]. I shall sing of ur luv even in darkness. If I do, brightness will always overshadow every darkness dat have engulf my mind not 2 luv u.

[99]. In youth & in old, d language d body understand 2 live young is luv. I found urs & am so young dat I feel 2 live 4eva.

[100]. Water my feet with d shower of ur luv. Let her abiding power uplift me 2 my zenith. I shall live 2 tell of her story dat made me luv u d way I do.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Sweet Romantic Love SMS for Your Sweetheart
Sweet Romantic Love SMS for Your Sweetheart
Remembering those days we used to send short code text messages to the one you love. Here for you are the best collections of Sweet Romantic Love SMS For Your Sweetheart which you can also shorten to mean Sweet Romantic Luv Msg 4 Ur Sweetheart.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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