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Short Poetic Love Messages and Best Birthday Wishes for Sister from another Mother

Here are the very best short poetic love messages, short love poems that rhyme, short romantic poems and passionate love poems for her.

Short Poetic Romantic Love Messages

Poetic Romance Poem MessagesThe one you love might sometimes drive you crazy but sincerely, that for sure is what makes you love that special soulmate of yours. Poetic Romantic Poem Messages

Come on, just show you care with these Short Poetic Love Messages to make him or her feel loved. Poetic Love Messages

The Cold

I am cold,
Because of your love;
And I am also warm,
Because of your love.
Your love regulates,
My body temperature.
It is your mood,
That makes me feel;
The way I am.

Love Is Life

The pleasures of life,
I found them in your love.
You love me and am so happy,
To find life so worthy to live.
Love is life, love is you,
And the pleasure of you;
Makes my world complete.

The Sparkle Light

Your appearance,
Is like the worth of pure gold.
You came with sparkling light,
That turned my world around;
Now, I can see love when I see you.

Mixed Emotion

I felt mixed emotions,
When I see you appear.
You came like the Cupid,
And with an open hand;
You ease my worried mind,
With your affectionate charm.
Now, I could still feel love,
When I see you right beside me.

Your Exotic Pleasure

I taste your exotic pleasure,
And my soul couldn’t resist your reign.
You’re a loving comforter to my soul,
And a magician to my broken heart.
How would love have been without you?

The Tame

How could I tame your love,
That is so wild with pleasure?
How I seek my greatness,
In the bosom of your love;
But the more I ever tried,
The more it seems to elope me.
Your love is wicked!


Slowing have I fallen,
Under the spell of your love.
Now the guidance I need,
Is the light through your soul.
You showed me, love
And now, I can’t resist loving you.

Nsikak Andrew

Short Deepest Love Poems for the One You Love. These deepest love poems for the one you love are a collection of love poems with inspirational love messages that you can share with the one you love. We are not mixing words when we say that this is the best collection of the deepest love poems for the one you love. These love messages are love poems for her, love poems for him, romantic love poems, short love poems, deep love poems for him or her, classic love poems, love poems for him or her from the heart, and love poems for someone special that will make him or her cry.

Rainy Day

The rain is about to drop its fading drops
Cast from the top-most cloud 
To hit the earth with her shadow drops
The wind is blowing so high
Like a big thunder,
That seems to destroy the earth.
Judgment day, judgment day.
It will come like a thief in the night 
When you didn’t expect, 
It will drop like a big wood 
On a dry forest 
Killing so a little tree that dears to live
Oh! Rainy day,
You that strike the roofs of our buildings,
Destroy the iron bars that took years to design
Your joy is known to the lovers 
Who keeps a better life?
As you drop cold breeze 
To make the room wet 
With your sweet romantic air
Oh, rainy day,
I feel your presence around me,
I feel a touch of your gentleness.
To keep me cool from the drops that you bring.    

Nsikak Andrew

You are a perfect work of art to behold. Words would fail me if I seek to describe you. But know that God thought of HIMSELF when He created you for me.

For all your patience, understanding, and love for me, you are more than a million stars to me.

The choice was mine to make you my number one and ever since I made you, I have no doubt nor regret about it.

In years to come, my love for you will never be the same because I knew from the start, that you were the one made for me.

You blessed me when I thought I was out. You give me joy when I thought I was down and made me live when I thought I was off.

All I do is complete when the thought of you feels my heart.

They thought I was crazy when I said I love you. Thank God I made that decision. Now I can tell who is actually crazy.


There was a time 
I thought like giving up
But at the back of my mind, 
I remember true friends who care!
O! How would the world be without you?
You give me the reason
To smile from the depth of my heart
You bring back joy to my heart
The way it has never been before
Am grateful no words can
Express how I feel
You're more than a true friend.

Every day I woke up
One prayer feels my heart
To meet people 
Whom I could share
My deepest thoughts with
Dear Lord brought you my way
And you have shown me
How a true friend could be.

You have not mocked me
When I make a mistake
But showed me a way out
You have dissatisfied yourself
Just to make me satisfied
Many times you have gone out
To protect me
When the fault was mine
You're more than a brother
A heavenly send
How best could I thank you
For being a true friend.

I promise to show your sample to others
Make them feel your presence in me
All the value you stood for 
I would try to uphold
Thanks for being a true friend
I will always be grateful to you.

Nsikak Andrew 

If love is not blind, then how could we see? For love to be real, it needs to be blind. I’m blind to any negative things that would diminish my love for you.

For what you are, I find no meaning to love you but for who you’re my love will forever be yours.

Just a little smile, a taste of your love and care, and I will forever be alright all the time.

A little smile, a little care, and an overdose of your love that is all I need to live for to see another day.

Sometimes I smile and dance behind a closed door. The reason I smile and dance is you. You give me the reason each time I realized that all I have is you.

Throughout the dark night, the thought of you engulfed my mind. All I do is stay awake and think of your love that makes me yours. 

Every day the thought of you sends sweet memories to renew my heart. Now I am comforted for I know I have found in you the love of my life.

Wild Web Love

The spider spread her web
Then rested in the centre
Waiting for her prey
To make a fool's walk.

Her web is a protector against enemies
And her powerhouse for engulfment
Ask the insects, a sorry story to behold
Love the web, a beginning of wisdom.

On the web, millions met
Even thou they haven’t seen
Hearts share a common beats
Just a mail away
Millions are addicted
Cut like prey on the web.

Who are you
A kinder kind of soul
You cross my world
Dropping an irresistible feeling
That wilds my heart to be webbed.

Let the communication flows
May the world bow for a king
On the web, we found
Our wild web of love.

Nsikak Andrew

The joy of loving you is one of the reasons that make me alive. You bring me joy that brings me life. If not for the love I found in you, life would have made no meaning without your love.

The joy of loving you is the tonic that erased my fear. Now all I do is enjoy the bliss that the gift of you brings into my life.

The joy of loving you is the reason that has kept me alive. I know I would have long been forgotten but since I found you, I know I shall live to love you till eternity.

Wherever you are, the thought of you brightens my day with a smile. Even though I have to wait for you, I know you are there for me as my one and only.

Every moment, your love puts a smile on my face. When I think of you, I feel your love. In every moment my happiness is sure because I have you as my love.

You put a smile on my face each time I think of your love. If it weren’t for your love, loneliness would have gotten a better part of me.

No bars nor chains or walls can separate my love for you. Neither them to separate us; it shall become like the pillar that binds us as one.

Open Your Heart

Baby, it's exactly one year now
That he is gone, 
Can't you differentiate
Between fantasy and reality
I know you love him
But baby, he is gone
And there is nothing you can do
To bring him back.

Now open your heart
Try to reminisce 
Over the good time 
You did share with him
Laugh and smile about them
It is just the only way
For you to be your old self.

Crying doesn't bring a dead man back
Nor does any good thing to anyone
If you cry till the earth comes down
You wouldn't see him no more
You would only hurt yourself the more
So baby, relax, smile and laugh
About the good old memory, you share.

I know he was the best father to your kids
The one you share your deepest secrets with
He gives you the best that life can afford
But now, he is gone with all the love
You could ever wish for to come true
Dear baby, am begging you 
You don't have to kill yourself mourning him.

Tell me, who will take care of your kids
If you commit suicide
No one . . .  
Tell me, who will give them the love their desire
No one . . . 
Now, open your heart and try to love again
Reminisce over the good time you did share with him
Laugh and smile about them
It is just the only way for you to be your very best.

Baby, am begging you
Just relax, laugh and smile,
Things will definitely be OK . . .
I promise you will find a man who will give you
All the loving and care you desire!
Just smile, laugh, relax and I promise
That thing will definitely be Okay!....

Nsikak Andrew 

Your love makes my life cheerful and my world beautiful. I am like a newborn child with a smile that makes me glow with joy inside me.

The hearts that love aren’t there like stars that shine? The hearts that care aren’t there like flowers that flourish? Your smiles aren’t there like the joy that never fades?

Hidden inside my heart are the blessings I found in your love. It has given me joy and all I live for is the epitome of your love that has erased my pains.

Though they say lovers are silly and that makes me smile. If you want to know anyone in love, then you will see actions that are silly. Let anyone say what they like, if love is silly, I shall walk her way to experience her silliness which is the joy that makes our love become one.

Your love to me is like the fountain of joy. It is like a blessed house set upon a rock where neither rain nor storm or wind could neither blow nor take away.

My splendid heart, my yearning mind, my vivid desire, my silent tripper, my conscience elevator, my soul dreamer, my heart keeper, and my sweetest look. You are my everyday joy.

Your love is like the gift of a valentine and your caring is like the joy of Christmas. I have tasted both and now I know I cannot be the same without the gift of you.

Cutest Birthday Poem and Wishes for Son. These cutest birthday poems for sons are poems from a mother to her son on his birthday and a birthday poem for a son from his parents. Here are birthday wishes from a mother to her son, heartfelt birthday wishes for her son, happy birthday wishes to my son, funny birthday poems for her son, free birthday poems for her son, and to my son on his birthday short poem.

Cutest Love Baby
Cutie! Happy birthday to you,
I know your parents are happy;
To see you celebrate your day,
Here is wishing you the very best;
As you live to shine and make your world,
A better place for all of us to live in.

Nsikak Andrew

Sweet Little Angel Birthday Poem for Daughter. Here is a short little angel birthday poem for my Daughter, a heartfelt birthday poem for my daughter, and a grown-up daughter's birthday poem. These sweet little angel birthday poems for my daughter are one of the nest heartfelt birthday poems for my daughter, beautiful birthday poems for my daughter, grown-up daughter birthday poems, daughter birthday poems from dad, birthday poems for little girl, daughter birthday wishes from mom and birthday wishes for daughter.

Sweet Little Angel
Little angel, see how time flies,
Just yesterday you were little;
But today you are growing faster,
You were born a star to shine;
And in every area of your life,
I pray that you will always shine;
Happy birthday sweet little angel,
May you always live to enjoy;
The blessing of the Lord upon your life.

Nsikak Andrew

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister. Here are the best happy birthday wishes and messages to my lovely sister for you to share with a true friend that is a sister to you. A lovely sister of yours who is a trusted friend deserves these sweetest birthday wishes from a sister from another mother. Go ahead and send a friend of yours who is now like a dear sister to you these religious birthday wishes for a sister. 

Happy birthday my sister's namesake! God's abundant blessing to you. Enjoy your day.

Wish you many more years of God's blessings. Hope you have a blast and many more blissful years to come I wish.

Happy birthday my beautiful baby sis wishing you many more years to come and in good health. Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday my star sister Queens. We always deliver no matter what we do. Let’s celebrate my star mate.

Wishing you many more blessings! May God cover you in His Love! Happy birthday my dear sister.

Happy birthday my beautiful one. Long life and prosperity.

Happy birthday to WOG! More grace, more anointing, more favour, more breakthroughs, more upliftment, more blessings, and many more years. You are beautiful inside and outside! May your prayers be over-answered on your birthday. Where is my cake!

Happy blessed birthday Pretty daughter of the Most High God. Wishing you good health and blessings. God’s abundant blessings.

Happily born day sis. Enjoy your day as you give thanks to God Almighty for the many blessings showered upon you. Wishing you abundant blessings as the year unfolds.

Happily born day sis. Hope you had a blast? Wish you more blessed and fruitful years.

Short Birthday Messages for Sister. Here are long-distance birthday messages for your sister that you can send to a friend during her birthday. Beautiful happy birthday wishes for a sister from another mother. These are long birthday wishes for a sister that you can share across to that sister friend of yours that is far away and celebrating her birthday.

Happy birthday! Wishing you many fruitful and healthy years ahead.

God bless you with good health, long life, and prosperity.
Happy birthday, sis. As you celebrate this special day, may God continue to bless you.

Happy birthday. May the good Lord grant you many more.

Wishing you a happy birthday full of love, peace, good health, strength, and happiness always. Happy birthday and age with grace.

Happy blessed birthday Queen! Wishing you many more happy years.

Happy birthday beautiful daughter of Zion. Wishing you many more blessed years. Enjoy your born day.

Happy birthday to you, mum wishes you all the best in your endeavors. blessings from above.

Happy birthday to you. You are blessed and highly favoured. 

With a grateful heart, I thank the Lord for making you see another beautiful year in good health. Happy birthday to you my dear Sister.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister. Here is one of the short happy birthday wishes for a sister specially written for you to send to a friend that is more than a sister to you. Make it simple, funny, and fun to read. It is one of the best wishes that would make her happy and have a blast as she celebrates her amazing birthday. 

God bless and keep you. Happy fabulous birthday to you Sis! 

Shine bright like a diamond! Happy birthday to you Sis!

May God's light continue to illuminate your life. Happy birthday best Sister.

Age gracefully. Happy birthday beautiful lady.

Happy birthday amazing Sister and more of His grace.

Greater heights. Happy birthday, dearie. 

I love you greatly and appreciate your thoughtfulness and good heart. Happy birthday Sis.

Your new chapter is gonna be amazing. Happy birthday my true friend.

Wishing you the best. Happy birthday ever smiling Sister. 

May the decades ahead of you yield their everlasting increase unto you on every side. Soar to greater heights. Happy birthday my dear beautiful daughter. 

Short Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister. You will love these short heart-touching birthday messages for your sister which would be a delight if you send them across to a friend who is celebrating. If it touches the heart, then you have got something nice going. A sister deserves the warmest birthday wishes ever. Send that best wishes and make her heart merry for the sake of it. 

God bless you on your birthday and always. Happy birthday to you my darling Sister. 

May God fulfil His purpose in your life. Happy birthday lovely.

Better years ahead. Happy birthday, dear. 

Wish you more supernatural shifts in life. Happy birthday blessed Sister. God bless you.

You are truly amazing, and always supportive. Am truly proud of you. May you always be happy, blessed, favoured, and in good health. Shine on dear. My friend for life, happy birthday to you. 

God's mighty hand surrounds you on every side in this new chapter. My beautiful friend and sister. Happy birthday, dear!

Happy birthday to you wonderful, ebony beautiful sister, sow higher. God bless and keep you.

More fruitful years. More WINS. Happy birthday, our amazon.

More glorious years of celebration. Happy birthday beautiful Sister. 

May God's blessing always surround you on every side. Happy birthday to our big sister herself! 

Birthday Wishes for Sister. Here are the best beautiful birthday wishes for your sister which you can send to that special female friend of yours who is always there for you. It is good to be happy and have fun on your birthday. When the best wishes you receive make you feel happy, sincerely, just know you are in for a blast. Let the fun begin with heartfelt birthday wishes for a sister.

Good health and wealth I pray! Enjoy your day. Happy birthday great woman.

Shine your shine and be blessed. Happy birthday beautiful lady.

A very happy birthday to you laced with every good thing that comes from God. Congratulations!

Wish you more fruitful years. We know already that your blessings await you.

May His mighty hand continuously uphold you. More of God's blessings upon you. Congratulations! 

I wish you more fruitful years ahead. Best wishes! May God beautify you more and more. Stay lovely!

May your new year be good to you. Enjoy dear. Happy birthday pretty lady. 

Happy birthday beautiful, wishing you blessings. God bless and keep you.

Soar on the wings of grace. Best of all life has to offer in Jesus' name.

Happy birthday great woman. Your later years shall be greater than the previous.


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Short Poetic Love Messages and Best Birthday Wishes for Sister from another Mother
Short Poetic Love Messages and Best Birthday Wishes for Sister from another Mother
Here are the very best short poetic love messages, short love poems that rhyme, short romantic poems and passionate love poems for her.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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