Poems for Akwa Ibom State

AkwaAbasi Ibom is my beloved State, our land of promise. I am an Iman Son, from Afaha Iman in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Way back I wrote some poetry collections for my beloved State.

Best Poems for Akwa Ibom State

AkwaAbasi Ibom is my beloved State, our land of promise. I am an Iman Son, from Afaha Iman in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Way back I wrote some poetry collections for my beloved State. I crafted words on our culture, our hospitality and about some of the places that make our homeland the centre to behold. These Nature Poems For Akwa Ibom State is something you would love and want to be associated and connected with. Akwa Ibom is on my mind and here we are doing it the Akwa Ibom way with these uniquely crafted nature .

Uyo is the State capital of Akwa Ibom State where Ibom connection our centre of peace is located. There is something magnificent about Ibom connection, it connects near and wide. It is like the symbol of unity that brings about peace. There is no way you would enter Akwa Ibom State without passing through Ibom connection. This nature poem is celebrating our centre of peace. Motivational Poem and Words of Inspiration for Onofiok Luke

Ibom Connection

In the heart of Akwa Ibom State,
You stool as the centre of unity;
To difference routines,
You are connected roundabout;
As a springboard to every node,    
And crooner of our promised land.

Symbol of a magnificent edifice;
In the hospitality of Akwa Ibom people,
You are crown as a symbol of our collective unity;
And tolerant for a peaceful co-existence.

Nsikak Andrew

Akwa Ibom State is the land of promise rich in many natural mineral resources. It has amazingly accommodating people. The hospitality of AkwaAbasi Ibom State is second to none. If you desire good delicacies, certainly Akwa Ibom is the right destination.

Akwa Ibom 

Akwa Ibom,
Our land of promise;
In you,
We found our fulfillment.

Our precious land,
That flows with milk and honey;
In abundant deposit of black-gold,
Is the heritage of your soil rewarded.

23rd day of September, 1987 was your birth,
Even before that day, you were alive;
In the heart of the people that you endeared,
With the hospitality that you enthrone.

Land where the swing of hips are your glory, 
Your dialects a pride in the mouth of your own; 
How your delicacies are a delight in celebration,
Your land, I am proud to be a descendant.

Land of the earliest intellectuals,
In abundance; 
You have produced pacesetters,
That your land and beyond celebrates.

AkwaAbasi Ibom,
Home to the Ibibio’s; 
Home to the Annang’s,
Home to the Ukpabang’s;
Home to all who bears your root,
For in peaceful co-existence you reign.

Nsikak Andrew

I love to craft words on our culture, our hospitality and places that made our homeland a place to behold. Overlooking The River is a look at the Ikot Abasi women’s riot against colonialism to which their victory is a source of joy to the history book till today. Poems and Inspirational Quotes about Life

Overlooking The River

From this route they came,
Women of vision, prides to behold;
Freedom fighter who mobilized to resist,
That act of tax the colonial master bestowed;
From here they came,
The route of the river they follow;
That history would bear them witness.

Stories of their conqueror,
Are now told centuries thereafter;
Women who fought the Ikot Abasi women riot,
But see how history seeks to place them wrong;
Didn’t they say it is Aba women riot?
But where was it fought?

Come to Ikot Abasi,
Ask of the Independence Park;
For there you would see the Obelist,
For the victims of the women’s war of 1929.

Nsikak Andrew

The thing that brings us joy is nothing like coming to appreciate our heritage. For the Ibibio’s in Akwa Ibom State, Asan Ibibio is the ground that began their civilization. Like the Efik from Calabar who has their Efik language translation, the Ibibio also has Ibibio language that is also translated into English. This nature and heritage poem is something you would love and want to be connected with. Feel free to share in the joy of the Ibibio's.

Asan Ibibio

A bend from Ekom Iman Junction,
There a virgin land sprung with a virgin history;
Here it was our forebears first set their foot upon,
As they journey across from Usakedet in the Cameroon’s.

Centuries have passed by,
Yet our virgin land have not weathered away;
But have become our virgin hope of birth,
A rallying point for all the Ibibio’s.

Our sanctuary of strength,
From here begins the spread of Ibibio civilization;
For in unity our forebears found one voice,
That voice that still preserved our values and heritage.

Arise descendant of Ibibio race,
In hands let us join our Ifim Ibom Ibibio;
Yes, our Supreme Council of Ibibio Traditional Rulers,
That we shall build our treasure home – Asan Ibibio.

In our ancestral home – Ikot Oku Ikono,
There our Asan Ibibio would ever stand;
A collection of our ancestral artifacts would be housed,
And the needed information about our race will be there.

Come let us join hands,
Come let us extend love;
Come let us build our treasure Asan,
Come let us cultivate, nurture and practice,
Ima, Mboho and Eduek;
That our children yet unborn would tell our story.

Nsikak Andrew

Akwa Ibom on my mind and here we are doing it the natural way with this uniquely crafted poem. Ifim Ibom Ibibio is the traditional stool that is meant for the traditional ruler. When you are in love with a culture, you need to respect that culture and learn to live with the norms of that particular people. History teaches the way of the people, it is something that generation should come to appreciate. Here we are telling part of the Ibibio symbol of traditional authority through the Ifim. Inspiring Poems about Learning and the Value of Education

Ifim Ibom Ibibio

The scare stool;
That only our Royal Majesties could sat down,
What does it symbolize?
The cradle of our civilization.

From the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria,
Her descendants came in unity from wide and near;
With a royal blessing Ifim Ibom Ibibio was born,
The Supreme Council of Ibibio Traditional Rulers.

The hub of Ibibio unity,
Our traditional custodians;
We salute your brave courage,
For in our root you have come to identify,
That we shall build our treasure Asan;
Where our children’s children will accord,
The spread of our journey.

Show me a man with a future,
Then I will show you a man that knows his root;
Show me a man that knows his past,
Then I will show you a man that knows his future.

Nsikak Andrew

We are celebrating the Ibibio’s with this nature inspirational poem about their roots. The Ibibio’s are a blessed people. Come share in their joy with these natural poems for the delight of the Ibibio’s.

The Ibibio’s

In the silent of nights,
In the blossom of morning;
In the harshness of sun,
In the coldness of evening;
Our forebears whelms the forest,
Without a fear of the beast that governed.

Across the lakes,
Across the mountains;
Across the rivers,
Across the narrow paths,
The foots of our forebears did not weary;
A journey across the forest they migrate,
In search of a virgin land for their descendants.

From Usakedet in the Cameroon’s they set-forth,
In Ikot Oku Ikono – Uyo they foot were not in vain;
Posterity was the light that guides their path,
For the land that flows with promise and fulfillment;
They made their first home of rest,
Today, you are the bride every tribe court’s in envy.

Great achievers of Akwa Abasi Ibom State,
The pride fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria;
The first to agitate for state creation,
Land whose son was the first soldier in Nigeria;
The first M.Sc holder in Agriculture,
The first black Cardinal in Nigeria;
The first black Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria,
The First born of Akwa Abasi Ibom State;
The first in virtually all spheres of life.

Your land is pride in black gold,
Your soils are pastures that shames hunger;
Your water are blessing that breathes life,
Heritages of your forebears you uphold in high esteem;
Your maidens are pride that uphold the family values,
None would ever fault your reign;
For the globe, your descendants bestrode with might.

Descendants from Usakedet, the Ibibio’s we are,
Like a true son from the Ibibio tribe;
I salute in the dialect of our ancestors,
For it is said, a warrior greeted in the dialect of the warriors;
Shall ever regain his strength as a warrior.

Ibibio isong o!
Ibibio isong o!!
Ibibio isong o!!!

Nsikak Andrew

The Annang man is a brave and proud man. If you love raffia craft, Ikot Ekpene is the birth place. Enjoy Ikot Ekpene the Raffia City, a nature poem just for the love of IK. Inspirational Poems about Life Lessons

Ikot Ekpene The Raffia City

Ikot Ekpene
Land of the Annangs
Centre of raffia craft.

Ikot Ekpene
Land of skilled craftsman.

In beauty of slopes
You surround yourself.

In richness of culture
Your heritage is blessed.

Land of the Annang’s
The main centre of raffia craft
A town within the land of promise
Skilled craftsmen preserved your heritages.

In the extract of raffia palm frond
The hands of your craftsmen
Have amazed the world.

Raffia belts, hats
Raffia shoes, handbags…
Are the skilled hands of your craftsmen.

Ikot Ekpene! You are called by name
But by `Raffia City', your alias is known
In the tradition of your ancestors I greet.

Annang mma!
Annang mma!
Annang mma mma de-o.

Nsikak Andrew

The Ibibio and Efik are one tribe you would always fall in love with their dance. The dance of our maidens is to display the rich cultural heritage of this unique tribe. Here we are with this nature poem for the delight of all who respect the values and customs of their land.

Dance Of Our Maidens

Every season awaits our maidens
For the pride of womanhood
Shall unveil her true colour
Colour of her swinging hips
Colour of her moving hands
Colour of her moving lips…
Yes… colours that tells her story
Of whom she is and where she comes from.

Mboppo dance shall unveiled her colours
So shall Ndok Ufok Ebe add hers
Asian Ubo Ikpa shall be there
So shall Asian Mbre Iban
These, Akwa Abasi Ibom shall rejoice.

Mboppo dance shall unveiled her colours
On Udua Mboppo day she shall come to town
Her confined freedom she must celebrate
That the men folks would take a look
For a life partner they would choose.

Ndok Ufok Ebe shall add hers
For once in a year she would choose her date
In folk songs of dance and complain
She would alert the entire community
The plight of maltreatment by her husband

Asian Ubo Ikpa shall be there
So shall Asian Mbre Iban
In combined colour of songs and dancing
They would shared in united of purpose
A word in songs they came to remind
We are beautiful and eligible
Let the unmarried young men take a look.

Dance of our maidens, guided in our cultures
Colour of our dance, displayed in it richness
Our maidens has found their unique voice
To tell our heritage in the pride of their displays
Just the way it is.

By Nsikak Andrew

Come enjoy the splendid serenity of Ibom Hotel, Golf and Resort, Nwaniba in Akwa Ibom State. Terrain At The End is a thoughtful nature poem for the hospitality that this environment gives to the peace of mind. We shall be glad if you would love this poem. Inspirational Poems about Attitude in Life

Terrain At The End

Your glory song sang
Sang beyond our shore
A promise of good life is guaranteed
How we await thy magnificent completion.

Hotel of our collective dreams
Joy of our fulfilled hope
Seated at thy vest terrain
Are mouths full of nature’s paradise.

Our new holiday resort
Nature is your towering glory
For your land is full of evergreen slopes
That Tiger Wood shall rejoice to pot some holes.

Ibom Hotel, Golf and Resort
At the old trade beach of Nwaniba you sat
How your glory song sang aloud
For pre-colonial reign, you nurtured at your domain.

Our history mixed in colour of modernization
Come share this wonder of Ibom hospitality
Le’Meridien Hotel is the place to be
For truly, our true dream is realized.

By Nsikak Andrew

The culture of any region should be respected. It has to show the way of life of such people. Ekpo Masquerades is part of Ibibio traditional heritage for their forebears.

Ekpo Masquerades

Spirit of our ancestors
Rekindled in the living being
Among the raffialites you evoked your root
That the womenfolk would dare not your superiority.

Living sacred culture of our forebears
Him whose birth is guided in mystery
Among our ancestral belief you were founded
For death, you belief is not the complete end of life.

Ekpo… ancestral spirit of our forefathers
In the image of a dreaded mask you’re covered
With bared painting of charcoal you’re clothed
That him who sees you will fright with terror.

Around the waist, you ring a bell
Guided by an enclosed knife you tight
A band of blacken rags shield your nakedness
For in raffia ferns you covered your head and torso.

In wild twist you move about
Like a fury wind you roared
Casting fear in the heart of onlookers
As you swing those mysterious aesthetic steps.

Ekpo… ghost of our ancestors
Roared with a Matchet at hand
Savour the mysterious drums of your initiates
For in the guided mystery of our forebears
Your appearance shall always rekindle.

Nsikak Andrew

Every culture has its own tradition. Ekpe Masquerades are enjoyed by the Cross River and Akwa Ibom State in the South-South part of Nigeria. Have a feel of this nature poem. Love Marriage Relationship Poems for Building Love

Ekpe Masquerades

In galaxy of mixed colours
He swirl his costume
Within a circle
He moves side to side.

Like a possessed goddess
He found his gyrating foots
As the drums of the initiates
And their chanted songs
Evokes the spirit of its ancestors.

Suddenly, he turned right and left
Then like a wounded bull he charged.

Around his waist, a bell is fastened
For each sound his swinging waist rungs
Are messages only the initiates could interpret.

On the ground, on the wood
Even on the body of the initiates
Her sacred secret writing – Nsibidi is written.

For every singing, dancing, walking
Or movement of the body made by an initiates
Are signs only a highly-ranked member could read
And interprets what the message meant.

On his hands, he holds a bunch of leaves – Oboti
To the sky he waves as a sign of respect
That he might reverence the Almighty
As the Supreme Being above all begins.

Sacred traditional institution of our forefathers
In the olden days, you served as an instrument
That enforces our traditional authority laws
And order you carry like a guided light
To teach the moral value of our traditional heritage.

Your oath of secrecy are swore to by members
To keep the rules and regulations in secrecy
Defaulters are not found among your midst
For fear of repercussions are better imagined than said.

Nsikak Andrew

Still enjoying the culture of the people of South-South Nigeria. Ekpe masquerades are a delight to watch them displace during the festive period. If you have an eye for culture, enjoy this piece.


From the Leopard skin you derived your name
For your masks and masquerades are fashioned
To look like the skin of a Leopard.

Everyday is no day
For seasons are your times of rising
On Christmas days
On traditional coronation
During the demise of a faithful member 
Or on the day of new initiates
Your sacred display are fashioned in steps
That arisen your ancestral valor.

Your initiates are in their festive best
Spotted in the wrapper they tie
Adorned in a white tail-shirt
With a staff and cap to match
Taboos are the wearing of trousers!

Around and around they sang
Dancing and rejoicing in their secrecy
That has become a way of life
For the riverine dwellers.

Ekpe masquerades…
The sacred prestige of the Efik and Ibibio’s
Glow in your towering glory
For centuries to come shall ever feel your present.

By Nsikak Andrew

Every tribe has its culture and their type of delicacies. Hate it or love it, food is a way of life of any tribe. Ibibio delicacies are to showcase the rich delicacies of the Ibibio’s of the South-South region of Nigeria. The Akwaibomite to be precise. If you love good food or you are a chef, make these foods one of your choice preparations. Best Couple Relationship Poems for Trust in Marriage

Ibibio Delicacies

Blessed people of a blessed tribe
Him whose strength is a symbol of her delicacies
Celebrated in their diverse sumptuous meals
That other tribe seems to envy with pride.

Great descendants from Usayedet
I tapped into the strength of your love
My mouth couldn’t resist a taste of your strengths
No wonder they say you have the key to a man’s heart.

For the sake of posterity I shall unveil your secrets
That others who seeks wisdom would benefit
For the efficacies spiced in your delicious delicacies
Are lessons whose aroma prolongs life.

If you must learn their guided secrets
Then tapped your feet to her traditional coronations
Let your eyes witness their Usoro Udo
For there, gathering of Ibibio delicacies are on display
As an old-maiden unveiled their efficacies to the body.

Afang Soup – Weekend’s special
Prepared from shredded afang and water leaves
Spiced with fresh pepper and assorted ingredient
That a plate served is a call for another.

Edikang Ikong – Everyday blood tonic
Cooked in combination of pumpkin and water leaves
For him who seeks revitalization, a sure recommendation
Now a global recipe serves in major restaurants around the world.

Abak Soup – Aroma of our old-maidens
Made from cooked oil palm fruits
With addition of Atama leaves
Her traditional strength is arose
She is a major test a maiden must pass
If truly she must be certified fit for marriage.

Efere Etike – Sample of a spider net
Spiced from Okro Fruits and pumpkin leaves
A quick drop feeds a hungry stomach
But be careful or else you stain your cloth.

Efere Ikon – Yellow mixture
That extract from the melon seeds
An addition of bitter leaves
Gives a bitter-sweet taste
That puts vinegar to shame.

Afia Efere – Holder of traditional ceremonies
That chilly combination of spices served with pounded yam
Now makes her the toast of traditional ceremonies
Surely, an august visitor would always remember you.

Iwuk Ukom – Nine months evidence
Cooked from unripe plantain and pumpkin leaves
Served with a splash of palm oil
Sure energy booster, the men folk knows thy reward
For you set the tone of laugher that puts Viagra to shame
Now our maidens could coin sweet names…

Ekpan Nkukwo – Replenisher of our nursing mothers
From the tubers of coco-yam and coco-yam leaves you are made
An addition of periwinkles swells your aroma
For you revitalized the body of our nursing mothers
And restore their shapes for all eyes to see.

Iwuot Ebot – Pride of fun seekers
You’re our local salad made from goat head
Your chilly smell is an appetizer that runs our nose
Surely the ladies knows thy worth
For no fun is complete without a taste of you…

How could I forget you – Iwuk Edesi
The joy of our hinterland children
Our own local jollof rice you are
For in combination with crayfish
And palm oil, you are cooked
That what they missed in fried rice
Are the health strength they habour in you.

How my journey is about to end
But I can’t go without giving out our appetizers
That would holds down the heart
As our revitalizing delicacies smoke from the cooking pot.

Edita Iwa our appetizer made from cassava tubers would do
Do not forget Ukana seed, a gift from Ukana tree
Who would forget Ibong, our own African Kola
For he who brings him, they say brings life.

The little our hands could touch we have learned
Let him that must know, knows
For no one tree makes a forest our wise elders would say
The Ibibio are blessed, for their delicacies are their pride
If you must have the key to a man’s heart
Go learn this secret “Good cooking”.

Nsikak Andrew

The mother of all drums, Eka Ibim is the ultimate. If you love the beats of any traditional drum, then you would love this.

Eka Ibim

Eka Ibim!
The mother of all drums
Calved from the hardest wood
And covered by the thickest animal skin.

Eka Ibim!
Companion of the town-crier
Your re-echoed beats
Announces the King’s message.

Eka Ibim!
Cultural dancers, traditional masquerades…
All needs your rhythmic praises
To detect their choreographic steps.

Eka Ibim!
Modernization has stolen your ancestral root
That your fame has gone beyond our shores
Now your beats are heard in every song that is sang
That all might come to embrace you as the giver of beats.

Eka Ibim, Oh Eka Ibim…
Forever carry yourself with pride
And let every piece of your heartbeat
At all times define the line of a song
That we shall always celebrate you as the mother of all beats.

Nsikak Andrew

Centre of connection to every part of Akwa Ibom State. I remembered sitting close by and putting down this Ibom Connection poem. Ibom connection in Akwa Ibom State is the centre of peace that connects to almost all other local governments within and sometimes the leading route to the States. Unconditional Love Poems and Relationship Advice for Friends

Connection Of Connection

Hot afternoon,
The sky rejoices in it brightness
To celebrate your reign.

Calm evening,
Sparkle of lightening gathered
In praise of your beauty.

Every passing day,
Roll of cars, troupes of Okadamen
Beehive of feets…
All add praises to your towering might.

In evergreen pastures,
Species of nature cloths your nakedness
In a combined beauty of flower-attires.

Roundabout your enclave
An ounce of nature’s water claps
To chant your victory
As the centre of connection.

Rejoice former Uyo Circuit
For the coming of Ibom Plaza
Has rechristened you – Ibom Connection.

Rejoice! Oh rejoice,
Centre heart of Akwa Abasi Ibom State
For you shall ever stand
As a symbol of unity in our land of promise.

Nsikak Andrew

Every village, state and nation has their national heroes. Light out of the tunnel is in celebration of one of the Akwa Ibom State nationalist. This nature poem is for historical purpose. It is to remind the yet unborn generation that there were people who fought gallantly to give us a better society that we now live in. Celebrate with us here the Nsom of Uruan.

Light Out Of The Tunnel
(Tribute To Chief The Hon. Nyong Essien, 1892 – 1976)

In the dark age of colonialism
A candle lit in the tunnel
As a guiding light to emancipation.

In the robe of our nationalist dream
A candle rode among our great nationalists
With one voice to seek for our independence.

A true son of Uruan Inyang Atakpo he was
Him whose root couldn’t deter
Who says the Ibibio are minorities?

For when his peer were far asleep
He arose like a towering Iroko tree
With a foresight that buried colonialism.

Father of Nigeria Legislature
The power of laws you uphold
That we shall ever be one entity.

Founder of Ibibio State Union
Our land you filled with the educated
For your thoughts, we have seen the light.

First President Eastern Regional House of Chiefs
Our traditional customs and values you supersede
That our past, we shall ever tell in the future.

The Nsom of Uruan
Among your people you accepted their honour
For an illustrious son they say
Is known by the honour in his land of birth.

True son of your father’s land,
Akwa Abasi Ibom says sung sung-o
Nigerian says thank you
For the faith you kept makes us one nation.

Nsikak Andrew



Poetic Messages: Poems for Akwa Ibom State
Poems for Akwa Ibom State
AkwaAbasi Ibom is my beloved State, our land of promise. I am an Iman Son, from Afaha Iman in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Way back I wrote some poetry collections for my beloved State.
Poetic Messages
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