Heart Touching Encouraging Poems for Dad and Happy Father's Day for all Dads

These poems for dad and father's day celebration are combination of poems for dad who passed away and other poems to celebrate all the amazing dads.

Best Encouraging Poems for Dad and Happy Father's Day for all Dads

Taking a look at all the sacrifices made by fathers for the welfare of the family, it is something that can never be equal. The love of a father is something we should cherish. A father goes all out to make sure that the family enjoys the best of things even his own health and well-being.

Celebrating the love of a father is something we shouldn't ignore, a father's love goes all out to make us strong and be the very person that we want to be. If you have not done it right no matter what, celebrate your father while he is still alive. 

When searching, and within our scoop, found some of the best poems to celebrate a dear father on or after Father's Day. These poems are so encouraging and touching with emotion as we celebrate the deep love of a father. Indeed these encouraging poems for Dad and Father's Day for all dads celebration are one of the best combinations of poems for dads who passed away and other poems to celebrate fatherhood for all the amazing dads around the world.

Best Encouraging Poems for Dad and Father's Day for All Dads

These poems are associated with celebrating the love of a father who goes all out to make their family a pride to behold. It recognizes the role of a father in making sure that the family is well taken care of. Let the love begin with these amazing poems for the love of a father. This poem for Dad who passed away is a poem that will get you emotional about the deep love of a father towards their children. Love Messages for Her and Romantic Quotes for Her from the Heart

Missed You Dad

My Dad passed away when I was only 8 
but my impression of what a father ought to be 
was great thanks to all those loving memories with my dad! 

I also happen to have a real-life hero 
who doesn’t need a superhero badge or cape. 
He also happens to be my brother 
who is a proud single Dad to 3 gorgeous kids.

He survived a tumultuous marriage 
and fought legal battles just so he could get custody of the kids. 
So when this doting Dad is not jumping on trampolines with his kids 
or giving them hugs for no reason, 
what matters is that he is such a positive influence in their lives. 
I feel happy knowing that my Dad would be so proud of him today.

Anisa Khan

My Hero in Heaven

My Dad was the coolest and strict at the same time. 
He taught me that you should always reach for the sky 
and achieve your goals and when you do, 
be humble at the same time. 
No amount of money should change you for who you are. 
He was a successful businessman who passed away 
in a tragic accident on 5 May 2017. 
He also taught me values, morals 
and always said I should ask myself 
when wanting to buy something, 
ask myself if it is a NEED or a WANT... 
always save for the rainy day and be who you want to be...
he was my HERO and IS MY HERO IN HEAVEN. 
He made sure we were never short of anything 
and sacrificed everything for us.

Arusha Singh

My Husband

My Dad passed away 
so I would like to nominate my husband 
he is the coolest Dad because 
he has been hand when our babies were born 
up until now, he is patient, kind, loving 
and shower our boys with never-ending love 
and teaches them to make food 
there is never a dull moment 
always fun-filled moments.

Evarencia Padayachiey

Heavenly Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad! 
We might be separated today 
but one day I will get to see you again 
and it's going to be the best catch-up ever! 
May you keep strong, stay safe, 
and take care of yourselves. 
I miss you!

Portia Chidi

These poems on father in English with rhyming words are the best Father's Day poems for the dearest husband who is a superhero to the family in all its ramifications. Short Romantic Text Messages for Someone Special

Sweetest Husband

My father passed away when I was only three years old, 
but God blessed me with a loving husband who is a sensational Dad, 
a quiet and gentle soul who touches the hearts of so many, 
living his life as an example for his children. 

Being a good father can easily go unnoticed, 
yet it is one of the most valuable assets to a family. 
I can't thank him enough for holding my hand during labour 
to remind me how strong I am and how proud of me he is. 

The only thing better than having him by my side as my husband, 
is having him as our children’s father. 
Our values align with our goals to raise our children with compassion, 
respect, determination and most of all, to be good and kind to people. 

To know our kids are secure in his love is a gift. 
Knowing they will always understand the love of a father 
will have eternal rewards to them.
The truth is that I couldn’t be the mother I am today without him. 

Life smiles at me every day with him by my side.
I’m blessed to call him my husband and the father of my children. 
I’m so grateful to be sharing life, love, 
and parenthood with a wonderful man like him. 

I appreciate his HUMILITY, 
his LOVE and his CARING and LOVING spirit. 
I fell head over heels in love with his HONESTY, 
his MORALS and the very essence of who he is. 

I'm grateful for his patience and his never-ending support. 
He is the frame that holds this entire house of love together 
and reminds us daily that chivalry is alive and well.
He's the best father I know.

Zimkhitha T Dintwa

Fine Gentleman

My Dad is the most gentle and serene individual I’ve met. 
A godly man who understands what life and faith mean 
especially in loving my kids. 
I only hope to be half the man he is
I’m a shoe in to heaven if I can accomplish that.

Demaronso Nkuna

I Love My Dad

My Dad is the coolest Dad 
because he is a man of integrity 
and he single-handedly raised me 
and my siblings and he showed 
us unconditional love. 

My Dad showed to us a good balance 
between his demanding work 
and home life looking after us by himself. 

We grew up in the care of my Dad 
and our Dad had a special way to raise us 
that made us forget that we lost our mom. 

My Dad was my Mom, teacher, 
caretaker and my best friend. 
He stepped up in place 
of the mother who was no longer there. 
There were no "taking turns" 
in the middle of the night. 

Over the years 
my Dad has been my own personal saviour 
he juggled the role of being a Dad 
and a mother to me and my brothers.

Leonard L Madzunya

These inspirational Fathers Day messages are short captions for father, father quotes from daughter and dad quotes from son. Dads are special because they love everyone unconditionally regardless of their background. Sweet Romantic Love SMS for Your Sweetheart

Best Time With Dad

My father is the coolest Dad ever 
because all his life he dedicated himself 
to provide and take care of his family.

He is so kindhearted, special 
and he loves his grandchildren a lot.
My favourite moment with him was on this day,
he was celebrating his 70th birthday 
and I feel blessed to have managed 
to capture moments like these with him.

Phalanndwa Junior Kone

Daddy's Love 

He is caring and kind, 
understanding and supportive. 
My Dad is the coolest Dad in the whole wide world. 
He is a man of his word. 
Who wants nothing but the best for his children.

Idah Morapama

Best Daddy Ever

My father is my pillar of strength, 
He works hard to provide for us in the family, 
He knows his priorities and responsibilities as a man 
and the love he has for his family is extremely extraordinary. 
My father is my big deal we have been through a lot together
I recommend him as my superhero because 
he is my remarkable heroine and daily inspiration. 
He is one of the people who helped me to be where I am today.

Matsoba Rae Mphahlele

Forever Grateful

Whenever I was down and out
He’s the one that lifted me up
Whenever all hope was lost
He would help me regain my strength
He’s always helped me triumph against all odds
And for that, I will be forever grateful
I’m truly blessed to call you DAD!

Kumaren Naidoo

These poems are one word for father love, dad inspirational quotes, father poetry in English 2 lines, funny dad quotes and proud dad quotes for all the best dads in the world. Sweet Love Messages from the Heart for My Sweetheart

My Dad Forever

My Dad is the coolest Dad forever and this is the reason 
I don't have a biological Dad my Mum left me alone in this world 
when I was 2 years old, I was adopted from the hands of the welfare 
by this kind angel sent in my life Dad never left me feeling out
he was always there like a real father he sent me to school 
and saw to all my needs before his, he took care of everything 
from primary school to high school and tertiary level 
till today my Dad does everything although I am working 
he still treats me like his baby girl 
I wish to be his daughter birth after birth 
Dad is a super Dad not forgetting supercool 
cause he sacrificed so much for me 
my first love my Dad thank you Dad 
happy father's day, 
love you, Daddy, you will always be my inspiration.

Shantal Chunder

Phenomenal Father

My Dad is the coolest Dad 
because he raised 2 girls after my mother passed away, 
he made sure we didn't lack anything 
and that we are truly loved and never 
feel neglected in any kind of way. 
He's such a phenomenal father.

Botlhale Ramorula

My Hero

My amazing Dad, 
my pillar of strength, 
my hero 
He is the best father in the world.
I know you’ve always done, and always do, your very best.
I think God put us in each other's lives even before I was born. 
He knew I needed you long before I did. 
Maybe God knew you needed me too even before you did.

If there was one sentence, word or expression 
I could scream that would let you know 
how lucky I am to call you “Dad,” 
I’d yell it with joy from the highest hilltop. 
I’d post it on the fridge, in the bathroom, 
on the front door, on your car mirror, 
on the back of your phone and maybe, 
just for fun, even on my forehead.

You’ve helped me see who I want to be 
one day if I’m lucky and God continues to bless me.
You’ve taught me patience, wisdom, and how to care for others. 
You’ve taught me a lot about caring for ourselves too, 
although I know there are still plenty of lessons to learn.
You are the best father in the world. Thank you, Dad, I LOVE YOU!

Nicoletta Moatlhodi

Amazing Daddy

My Dad is the best Dad 
because he makes me feel safe, 
protect his children from getting hurt
and knows how to keep the bad guys away 
and always listens to Mum.

Thembi Nkulube

Super Dad

My Dad is the coolest Dad 
because he is always going out of his way
to help at my home even though he doesn't live with us.
He helps with picking up my kids from school 
and extra activities.
He is super kind. 
Has a heart of gold. 
He is my husband's best friend.

Nicolaas Goosen

These collections of my superhero, my dad poems are dear dad poems from my daughter, my superhero my dad status, my dad my superhero, I love my daddy my superhero and my dad is my superhero song. Love Messages for Him or Her

Understanding Man

I nominate my husband 
who is definitely our kids coolest Dad 
because he never gets mad, 
he totally understands 
and he is extremely glad 
when has a cup of coffee in his hand, 
he is the best Dad FIRSTHAND 
as he is always glad to be smart as Iron man, 
strong as Hulk, fast as Superman 
and brave as Batman, 
he is our Rad Grand Coolest Superhero Fab Dad 
and we love him with all of our hearts.

Jackie Naidoo

Love You, Daddy

My father is the biggest blessing I can ever get. 
He’s my rock and without him in my life 
I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 
I love him to bits and he’s always been there for me. 

Treasure Ndzalama Baloyi Sondlani

My Father-in-Law

We all want to believe in Superheroes 
and we know this is just a figure of someone's imagination, 
But my Father in law is a true-life SuperHero. 
I look up at him so much as I see the daily love 
and compassion he showed raising my wife, 
for that, I'll be ever grateful!

André William Pretorius

Best Hero

My father has been the pillar of my life, 
without him, life would have never been the same. 
Loved how he taught me how to drive 
he was patient and gentle with me 
and that makes my Father the coolest Dad. 

Sibongile Soefa Rebecca

Here are funny Dad quotes that are some of the best funny poems for Dad and father's day quotes funny. These poems are for the best hero of a father who makes you smile and laugh out loud. This is to the coolest dad on the planet because he's selfless, generous and kind. Cute Love Messages for My Sweetheart

Funny Man

My Dad is simply the coolest Dad in the world 
because he understands me very much, 
we are so close in such a way that you can say we are friends. 
He raised me to be a woman of Love, Respect and Kind to the people I am today. 
The bond that he and I have is very special 
and I came first and he guided me in a respectful and spiritual way.

My Dad is very funny and as his Firstborn he spoils me to a point 
that you can think I am still a young girl. 
He supports and encourages me every day, when my days are dark 
he always steps in and brings the light to it

My Dad is sweet, his family is his first priority.
THE COOLEST MAN I EVER KNOW, my best friend.

Mothosi Tpm Nana

Humorous Dad

Dad is the coolest, full of humour, 
caring, loving and always fun. 
He is the entertainer in the family, 
always keep us on our toes. 
His the best braai master, 
best fisherman and best at surprises.

Anusha Govender

Funniest Dad

My Dad is the coolest 
because he has the best sense of humour, 
there is never a dull moment when my dad is around. 
It is such a blessing to come back home 
to a person that just lifts up your mood effortlessly 
and makes you forget all about your problems.

Thembisile Mncube

Current Dad

My Dad is the coolest Dad 
because he wears sneakers 
with jeans and sunglasses.
On the trend Dad!

Schantelle Botes

Laughter Always

My Dad is the coolest 
because he makes sure 
that we get everything we need 
and also when we are busy 
he makes sure all the house chores are done.
Mostly he makes us laugh!

Grace Nkadimeng

These best dad words that start with dad are a wonderful husband and father quotes, hard-working husband and father quotes, fathers day messages from wife to husband, happy fathers day message to husband funny, message to a good husband and father, to my husband and father of my child, my husband is my second father, best words to describe dad, best words for dad birthday, best words for mom and dad, best words to describe my dad, other words for best dad, which of the following words best describes dad and words to describe the best dad in the world. You Are My Sunshine Love Messages

A Father Like No Other

The older I get the more I realize how amazing my Dad is. 
My Dad is the bravest, fiercest, and most kind person I know. 
I don’t tell him enough about how much he truly means to me. 
This post sums up exactly how amazing my father is. 
I am so thankful that the good Lord picked you as my Father! 
We may not always be perfect and have it all together, 
but together we can conquer anything. 

Words can’t even start to describe how thankful I am, 
but I’ll try anyway.
Thank you for teaching me to be strong, 
independent and how to stand on my own feet. 
Thank you for always being a listening ear 
even when I am being beyond ridiculous. 

Thank you for loving me through the tough times 
and for picking me up when I fall. 
No matter what life has thrown at me 
my Dad has been by my side through it all, 
even when I don’t deserve it. 

Thanks for making it look easy even when 
I know it’s been a struggle. 
Thanks for making so many sacrifices for 
us even though I know they weren’t easy. 
I could go on and on about how amazing he is 
and if you know him you know exactly how amazing he is. 
Everything that I am and all that I hope to be I owe to this man.

Thank you Daddy for everything! 
To all the Dads out there killing it in the game, 
I commend you! 
You all deserve a gold medal! 

There’s a little one out there who appreciates 
and loves you, even when it may be tough 
or you feel like life is a mess. 
To your littles you most definitely are Superman! 
So keep on killing it in the Daddies game, 
they’ll appreciate it one day!

Mabongi Barbie Sithole

Personal Coach

My dad is caring, 
loving and supportive. 
He is my soccer coach 
even if he doesn’t want to be, 
and you think he wants to be
well, my Dad hated being the coach. 

He only did it 
because our first coach quit out of the blue. 
We were a terrible team. 
My Dad did his best 
and I’ll always love and respect him for it. 

If a father does something selfless 
for his child and their friends, 
this is how they can tell 
he really cares about them.
My Dad is the coolest Dad 
ever on the planet.

Letoa's Lilly Mokibelo

Gamer Dad

A gamer dad, 
He is one of the best father 
because he is always willing 
to engage in TV games 
and another sporting 
activities with me.

Lwana Shadung

My Dad Love

My dad is the coolest dad, 
he makes up time. 
His endless patience and love. 
His steady guidance and wisdom 
that continues to be the foundation 
upon which I built my life. 
He is fun and spoils me 
and always gives me a warm hug.

Naomi Mmabatho Mokele

Phenomenal Father

My father Gustovo Macuvela a hard-working man 
has taught me the most powerful life lessons,
always be consistent in what I believe it,
to nurture my dreams and stand firm to my aspirations 
he gives me valuable advice 
on how to get through life's most difficult times.

My dad has taught me to always dedicate myself 
to family and embrace my uniqueness
I am because he is, for he strives to provide 
and care for his family
And I'd like to take this time 
to show appreciation for 
the remarkably phenomenal father he is,
exuding so much strength with grace!

Somila Pinzi

My Father, My Father

He sang he laughed, he mimicked on silly notes 
just to dissolve the scary changes that made me sad.
He was never complicated, 
he never imposed his struggles or decisions on me, 
but equipped me with the skills 
that would make my life less complicated.

He gave me a perspective on everything. 
A view of what the world is like, 
but at the same time pushed me away 
from the mollycoddled state to see it with my own eyes.

His belief in me was unwavering, 
his love for me was unquestionable.
He never taught “what to think” 
but he always showed “how to think”.
He never told who deserves respect, 
but he showed “how to earn respect”.
He never showed who is worthy and lovable, 
but he showed how to be lovely and worthy of being loved,
He never bragged about his achievements 
and sacrifices but he guided how to achieve through hard work.

He never explained what is happiness, 
satisfaction and faith, 
but he showed me the way I can find it around.
He inspired me to blossom,
He walked with me keeping me safe,
He made me the woman I am today.
I love you, Papa!

Teekay Jones

Forever Awesome

Shout out to my Dad 
for raising 3 strong independent women. 
We lost my Mom at a young age 
and he played double duty for us.
He was a Mom and Dad to us. 

My Dad sacrificed his happiness 
to give us the best life possible 
I'm so grateful and appreciate my Dad 
for everything, he has done for me. 

Even though I'm an adult now 
My Dad still spoils me. 
He is my hero.

My best moment is when my Dad 
booked us a surprise vacation 
on the 6 May 2022 at the Wild Coast Sun. 

Everything was booked and paid for 
because my Dad is the most amazing person
I have ever come across 
we went to celebrate my granny's birthday. 

It was so awesome. 
We also visited the wild waves park 
for a fun day in the sun. 

We played in the casino, 
went for a boat ride, 
ate in the most delicious restaurants. 

We were spoiled and for fathers day 
I just want to give thanks 
and appreciation to my Dad 
for being one in a million.

Kumeshnie Govindsamy

My Best Friend

Behind every great daughter is truly an amazing Dad.
MY DAD, My Hero, My Inspiration...
F - Fantastic
A - Amazing
T - Tender
H - Honest
E - Extrodernary
R - Remarkable

My Dad is amazing 
because he gave me the best things in life.
he gave me his time, his care and his love.
I'm truly grateful to have him in my life.

My Dad's my best friend and he will always be.
I have said it before but it's absolutely true
My Mother gave me my drive but my Dad gave me my dreams.
Thanks to him, I could see a bright future ahead.

When my Dad didn't have my hand, he had my back,
the most beautiful memories
With my Dad was hearing him cheering me 
on in my sports and graduation, 
seeing the proudest smile on his face was priceless,
he always saved me from danger.

I love those bond fire moments 
at the lake over braaied Marshmallows,
he made sure we enjoy the best of everything,
even when we hardly had much to go by,
he would do his best in a difficult times,
I love the fact that he stood by our side
in good and bad times, 
he never complain nor did he shout or get angry,
he stood up and played his role as a husband 
and father so perfectly well.

I'm the woman I am today because I was raised 
by a strong, bold, amazing man called my Dad,
with him in my life, I'll always have a friend 
who will be with me till the end,
a shoulder to cry on, a rock when I'm weak 
and my happiness when I'm sad.

I feel my Dad has been my motivation throughout my life,
I'm proud of the man he is and I love him dearly,
I thank God for blessing me with the best Dad ever,
and I'm proud to be his daughter, 
it's because of him I've reached my goals in life 
and I will forever love, care and respect my pups,
I love you tons...

Padmani Moodley

Amazing Forever

Every parent is special and amazing.
But boy o' boy my father is amazing 
He is my Superhero saving my life in different ways, 
but we don't acknowledge anything much in front of each other, 
we fight really bad sometimes, like school friends 
and brothers do, we never agree with each other, 
he hesitates to hug me, some kind of male ego of his? 

I never understood that behaviour of his, 
I think we have hugged maybe once or twice in my entire life, 
that too me going and hugging in a public places, 
but what makes my father so special is, 
he had given me birth and he has saved my life quite literally.

This incident was told to me by my relatives, 
my mother has gone to her parent's house 
to deliver her second baby, my baby sister. 
I was three years old, and my grandparents 
and my father, me, aunties their husbands 
and their children, everyone had gone to pilgrimage.

We were at a spiritual place 
and I was with my Aunties, 
mostly everybody from my father's side was present, 

My Aunties had taken me for a holy dip or something, 
and I slipped and fell into the gushing river, 
my father was at distance but very alert, 
ran through the banks of the river, 
they say I was playing even when I was going away 
what a horrific scene it must be for my father, 
oh heavenly God bless him.

My father jumped and swam for quite some time 
and saved me, maybe that was his first hug to me lol, 
not just me if it was any other kid that day, 
he would have done the same thing, 
he is spectacularly amazing.

I remember him coming home in a pool of blood one day, 
no that was not his blood, 
a truck had hit a man on the road 
and my father carried that man to the hospital, 
he is amazing inside and out.

So me giving anything in return is nothing, 
I just try to give as much love as possible, 
but nothing can compensate for parent’s love, 
they have literally given us life 
and they are amazing forever.

Michael Van Wyk

I Love My Husband

This Father's day 
I have to nominate my husband Stephan Janse van Vuuren 
for this incredible prize 
and also as the father of not only the year 
but of a lifetime 
both our dads have passed on.

The adventure of daily lives
He has proven over 
and over again that nothing gets him down, 
or discouraged. 
When things get tough 
instead of feeling sorry for himself 
he uses that as encouragement 
to push back harder 
and I absolutely love that of him.

3 years into this horrible pandemic 
and we're living, 
we're smiling and we're happy 
all because of his refusal to give up.

He is the kind of father 
who sat 3 hours outside a hospital theatre 
waiting to see if our daughter is okay 
after cleft repair surgery.

He is the one-in-a-million kind of husband and father, 
definitely, the best I could've asked for. 
He is our rock in life and our kids' superhero for sure
We are blessed to have him and call him ours
We are proud of him in every sensible way 
and we appreciate everything he does for us daily
We love you!

Cindy Janse van Vuuren

We got inspired by the comments from the Typek South Africa post about the coolest Dad. 



Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: Heart Touching Encouraging Poems for Dad and Happy Father's Day for all Dads
Heart Touching Encouraging Poems for Dad and Happy Father's Day for all Dads
These poems for dad and father's day celebration are combination of poems for dad who passed away and other poems to celebrate all the amazing dads.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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