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100 Happy Father's Day Coolest Quotes for Dad in 2023

These happy fathers day coolest quotes for dad are inspirational fathers day messages and happy fathers day quotes for dads that have passed away.

 Best Happy Fathers Day Coolest Quotes for Dad

You can use these amazing and wonderful collections of Father's Day coolest quotes, messages and wishes to wish all the affectionate Dads a very happy Father's Day today and always. Fathers are special and our Dads would forever be special in our lives. These inspirational day messages for the best Dads in town are shared along with our stepfathers and grandfathers and for all those who play a father figure in our lives.

When you remember to send a wish to your father, it is something that would always make you so happy and know that his labour of love to see us win is something that he would always cherish from the bottom of his heart.

Every year as Father's day comes along, do not forget to send out messages of appreciation for the coolest Dads around you. The collections of these Father's day quotes are some of the messages we went staking from some of the best sons and daughters who cared enough to send our messages of best wishes to their Dads during the Father's day celebration.

Best Father's Day Coolest Quotes for Dad

These heart touching Fathers Dad quotable quote messages for Dads are happy fathers day quotes, short captions for fathers, fathers day quotes from daughters, emotional father quotes, fathers quotes for husbands, happy fathers day quotes for dads who passed away, emotional fathers day messages from son, poems about absent fathers, missing dad poems from daughter and father quotes from daughter. Feeling Love Quotes for the One You Love

[1]. My dad is the best father. I remember how he used to make me breakfast every morning and take me to school. We used to sing and he would always tell me he loves me. He taught me how to drive and also how to take care of myself. —Bonolo Sefako

[2]. My dad was the most selfless man I knew, he was my first love and forever will be. He never asked for anything, never complained even in his last days he gave what he had to a little boy who had nothing next to him in the hospital. My dad was and forever will be my HERO. —Liezel Louw

[3]. My dad is phenomenal because even after falling pregnant whilst studying, he supported me throughout my studies until I graduated. I can now take care of my baby and him because of his grace. He is indeed a pillar of strength and a great father. —Yamnkela Mpini

[4]. Thank you for working as hard as you do every day to provide for us. You always make time for me when you're home from work and I love hanging out with you. I hope you have a fabulous Father's Day. —Magase Moela
[5]. My dad is the coolest simply because he is a hardworking man who really loves his family, especially our mother. There is nothing as great as seeing my parents loving each other no matter what. It gives me hope that there are still successful marriages. He is my superhero and will always remain one. —Naledi Mpho Malele

[6]. My dad is the coolest because that's how he rolls. I have yet to meet another human being who is so calm under stress that it's shocking. If we have problems and go to him, he handles us with the utmost sincerity. Dad is a leader by example and that's how he just flows! My dad is awesome! —Trevor Naidoo

[7]. My dad is the coolest dad because he is personally engaged in our lives, interests, hopes and dreams on a daily basis and curious. He shares responsibilities with our mom and contributes to our growth as his children's educational and well-being, it shows how his level of concern and commitment towards us is. —Sibongile Thomo

[8]. My dad is definitely a tea party Dad. With 4 daughters he made it incredibly special for us. My daddy even baked the biscuits for our little playtime tea parties. —Papago Masogana

[9]. My dad is the coolest on the planet because of how hands-on he is with all of us his children, we are proud to say that because not many have such a parent. We take TikTok and take a lot of selfies. —Tintswalo LadyMcgrace Ndobe

[10]. My father is my friend as well. I can discuss everything with my father, even those that I dare not speak about in front of my mother. I know that he shall keep it a secret and give me the advice I need. He is the one whom I can rely upon blindly during any issues in life. —Ashley Debideen

[11]. I think my dad is the coolest because he has always been there for me in my good and bad times, he is my hero and role model. He is so young at heart, he loves to dance and sing with me. He loves playing board games etc despite his old age. He is an absolute Gem. 
—Lori Naidoo

[12]. My dad is the best because he always makes time to spend with his family, especially his grandchildren and is always fun. —Baboo Sidaat

[13]. My dad is the best dad ever, he always shows us love and respect, and he always motivates us and he's a supportive dad that's why I always recommend him. —Eddie Mbongiseni Malumane

[14]. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our family and all the joy and love you bring into our lives. We couldn't have asked for a better dad! Happy Father's Day. —Phulana Maphankgane

[15]. My dad is the coolest dad on the planet because he teaches me to respect people and prepares me to know that I must earn respect. He treats every failure I have as a learning experience and allows me to fail. He gives guidance but does not let it interfere with me choosing my own path. —Amanda Molala

[16]. My dad has always worked so hard to provide for me; he always encourages me and supports me in all my endeavours; and he's always been the epitome of a responsible man and mentor. My dad is my courage, my strength, my role model, my protector, my teacher, and most importantly, my HERO, but what I am most grateful for is that he's always been there for me whenever I've needed him. Nothing in this WORLD could replace the number of sacrifices my dad has made for me. —Mokwatlo Sejhobere

[17]. To my dearest dad. You are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. Happy Father's Day, I love you. —Julia Ramaesela

[18]. My dad is the coolest dad ever because he taught me the value of discipline, hard work and perseverance, and taught me that this is the key to success. He used to say we can do whatever we want but stay humble and respect others. —Lidovho Tendani

[19]. My dad is the coolest dad on the planet because as I grow, I become less independent of my dad but still rely on his life lessons and invaluable advice such as acceptance, understanding love and patience. —Tintswalo N WA Maluks

[20]. Dad, you mean the world to me. There's no one else on earth like you. You care so completely, give so quietly, and love so deeply. As the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have a dad as wonderful as you. Happy Father's Day! —Klaas Mopono

Father Quotes from Daughter and Son

The best father quotes from daughters are fathers day quotes from daughters, quotes for father, emotional father quotes, one word for father love, father love quotes, proud dad quotes, father and daughter relationship quotes with images, messages from dad to daughter and father-daughter bond. Short Poetry Love Messages

[21]. My dad is definitely the perfect reflection of the best father figure. He's been there for me through thick and thin and I've learnt a lot from him. He has sufficiently taught me to stand my ground, be kind, and caring, maintain a positive mindset, protect my mental well-being at all costs, to respect everyone regardless of their age, status, skin colour or race. I'm forever grateful for his teachings which have shaped me to become a responsible and disciplined woman. —Boitumelo Clemy

[22]. He is the coolest dad because he stayed from day one of conception till I am this old. He loved me from the very first time. He cared, and he enjoyed being around me. He raised me to be this woman today.. TATA thank you for such an amazing experience of having a father. I love you today, tomorrow and forever more. —Lefiri Refentse Prince Gomotsegang

[23]. My dad is the coolest dad because of his generosity and good hard work. He always believes in others and is always willing to give a helping hand. —Jacobs Jac

[24]. My day is always there for us. I'm so grateful to have him in my life and I will forever cherish the great moments I had with him. He taught me to become a better person in my life and has given me a better example of what it means to be a godly parent. —Hope Kholofelo Baloyi
[25]. What makes my dad the coolest dad? Well, he always gives time and effort to express his responsibility as a father to us even though it is hard, he is always at our side, guiding and protecting us! I don't call him Papa, instead, I call him Tatay. Thanks, Tatay, I love you! He is my hero, my chef, my protector, my strength and most of all my biggest blessing. —Nivashnee Chetty

[26]. A dad is a girl's best friend and my daddy is way too cool. He is a phenomenal singer, and the best carpenter ever. He is level-headed, rational, and always knows the right thing to do. I’m lucky to learn from him. He's the coolest dad ever. —Ruweida Jafta

[27]. My dad is a superhero dad. My dad is not a superhero in a costume, but he flew to the extremes to get me the things I wished for and had the power to turn my sorrow into joy. He was always there to pick me up whenever I fell. —Atlegang Mokwatlo

[28]. My dad is the coolest. He showed me how wine is made with stinky feet. That's to say how bad it is, he showed me how to catch fish and hunt. He showed me that I am good enough for the world. He is my hero, he is my heartbeat but he is my dad. —Carol Stemmet

[29]. My dad is the coolest dad on the planet because he is supportive, he always encourages me to never give up on my dreams. He taught me how to be independent. He understands me more than anyone. He always sacrifices for me without expectations. —Mapontso Lekwadi

[30]. I love my dad for so many reasons, but what stands out the most in my heart is the way he has always believed in me, supported me, guided me, and loved me unconditionally. He has always encouraged me to just be me and to not suppress who I am for anyone and that is more than I could have ever asked for in a father. My dad is definitely the coolest in my eyes. —Lucinda Alexander

[31]. My father is the coolest because has been there for me through thick and thin. He played both roles of being a mother and a father in my life. I don't know where I would be without him in my life. I appreciate him for always being there for me when I needed him. I remember when I suffered from depression. Everyone in the township was gossiping and making fun of me but my dad was there for me, in every step of my healing process. He accompanied me to every counselling session. I love my dad a lot. He means a lot to me. Winning this voucher would be a great way to say thank you and happy father's day. —Fusi Eric

[32]. My dad is the coolest dad I know because of everything he has done for his family and his children. He was and is never an absent father, he loves quality time with his children and loves seeing everyone HAPPY. —Cornelius Neels

[33]. My dad Anil Singh is always filled with positivity towards life, he has such love for humanitarian aid and his community. Dad does not only play the role of a father but also of a husband, a best friend, counsellor, and therapist and not forgetting the respect that the community upholds towards him. He ensures that he makes our days (family) easier, including any persons that come to him for any assistance, at no specific time and cost! These are just echoes of what makes my dad the coolest dad and my best friend! Trust me, there's so much more that won't be able to be written. My dad, COOLEST G to me and to his community! —Shemona Singh

[34]. All the lessons he taught me over the years have added to the wonderful life I'm living today. He taught me how to drive and he also encouraged me to go back to school after giving birth to my firstborn. He provided our family with so much support, comfort and happiness. I will forever be thankful for the good deeds he has done for me. —Rivo Mathebs

[35]. My dad's sense of humour, love, humility, honesty and integrity are a few traits that make my dad oh so special. —Janel Sunderlall

[36]. My father figure is my granddad Shan Perumal. He has brought me up like one of his daughters. Always referring to me as his youngest child. He's my support system. This year he will be turning 74. And we're so happy that he is part of our lives. —Theshee Reddy

[37]. My dad is a Dog Whispers, our 2 dogs follow his instructions but when anyone else in the family instructs the dogs, they just watch you and wag their tail. —Sehludi T Sehludi

[38]. My dad is the coolest dad because he has the powers of love and dedication of raising us single-handedly. —Cynthia Mpangane

[39]. My dad loves me unconditionally and will never hurt my feelings. In my dad's eyes, I am beautiful no matter how I look. My dad is always my role model. My dad is always here for me when I get into trouble. My dad is my confidence booster. My dad understands what I want without saying a word. He is overprotective of me. I have found my prince but my dad will always be my king and I love him more than anyone in the world. —Yenkenna Vanessa

[40]. My dad is the coolest because he raised me alone without my mother's presence in my life. I'm blessed to have such a caring father who is overprotective towards me. —Lindelani S Magida

Emotional Father's Day Messages for all Dads

These emotional fathers day messages for dads are happy fathers day quotes for all dads, happy fathers day quotes for a baby daddy, happy fathers day quotes for all dads, emotional messages for fathers, inspirational fathers day messages, inspirational fathers day messages from daughter, happy fathers day wishes to all dads, spiritual fathers day messages, fathers day message to a friend, happy fathers day wishes in English and first fathers day message. Motivational and Inspirational Poems about Success

[41]. Whenever I would fail, you were there to pick me up and put me back on the right path. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today. Happy Father's Day Dad, thanks for everything. —Enough Moela

[42]. My dad is a tea party dad. All the trimmings, including the cucumber sandwiches and decadent cookies, were served splendidly in the finest tea set. —Danzo Madanzo

[43]. My dad is the coolest dad on the planet because since we lost our mom he didn't leave us alone at home. He always plays the part of mom and dad, he gives us full support and he always motivates us to work hard at school so that we will have a great future ahead. Happy Father's Day dad! —Mbulelo Clouds

[44]. My dad is a superhero, especially in our community whenever a person is injured or hurt, he will rush them to the hospital any time of the day, night or morning even if he's tired, he has saved many people's lives all the years in our community. —Minzo Micky Murgas

[45]. My dad is so inspiring and loving. Always willing to listen and help where and when he can. —Maritsa Pozyn

[46]. With your elbow grease and worn-out boots, you never failed to put us first. Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world! Step aside and let us do some of the work today! —Khutjisho Matlale

[47]. My dad loves colours and he is a "Painter Dad! He has shown me all the true colours all of my days, the colour of love, the colour of caring and the colour of great life advice. My father is all about colours. —LetonA MainGUY

[48]. My dad is the coolest dad of all, he can play soccer like a legend and doesn't easily get tired, he loves his family and always makes time to spend with us. —Shaleen Jacobs

[49]. My dad is special because he is a funny man, he is kind and cares for everyone, he taught me how to pray, he was my first love and I love my dad so much. —Simphiwe Dlamini Wilson

[50]. My dad is the coolest dad because he sacrifices everything for us to make sure we are happy and healthy. —Tegan Marais

[51]. My dad is a phenomenal dad; his loving, caring, supportive and an amazing mentor. —Refilwe Mo BinaTau

[52]. My dad is the coolest dad. He's raised us with morals and values. Selfless person and a good listener. —Tebogo Mohale

[53]. My stepfather, he is a phenomenon, he raised me and my siblings with love and care, and he also taught me to never depend on anyone, especially men. I will forever be grateful to him. —Lizzybaby Malahlela

[54]. My dad has good problem-solving skills and is good at with dealing different extreme behavioural issues while maintaining a good relationship. That's what makes him the coolest dad. —Lerato Lira Kgapetsi

[55]. My dad is the best, he is so humble, caring, loving and always there for us. He taught us how to love, forgive and stay happy all the time. He makes us feel free around him and be open about everything that is bothering us. —Dikeledi Mincute Dikgale

[56]. My dad is the coolest because he always has my back no matter what. He's always there to protect, guide and support me in everything I do. —Mhlongo Çømp Šipher

[57]. He’s our superhero! Always there to lend his ears and give us his shoulder to cry on. No matter how busy he is, our needs always come first! Whether it’s a punctured car tyre or a school DIY project, dad is always there to save the day! Our personal superhero! —Santhiyaa Naidoo

[58]. My dad is the coolest because he puts his children first, he loves this "father and children bond", and he's the funniest person at home. He still reads us the storybooks before we sleep and mind you, we are older than 18 years. —Maluleke Fikile Enelo Admire

[59]. My father is the coolest because he raised me with this powerful long standing advice "do not always allow yourself to be belittled by what the next person has". I love how he jokes around and my dad is always fun no matter what. —Thandah Gasa

[60]. My dad is our captain, he is kind-hearted, loving and very funny and now he is extending his love to our kids and his grandchildren. —Pretty Ndlovu Zuma

Dad Inspirational Quotes for Father's Day

These amazing dad inspirational quotes for father's day are the best dad words, every day is father's day quotes, fathers day quotes in English, fathers day quotes from son, inspirational fathers day messages, best happy father's day wishes and dad inspirational quotes. Sweet Words and Promise Messages from the Heart to Tell Your Wife

[61]. My dad is the best dad because he is loving, caring and supportive. —Letoaba Khomotjo

[62]. My dads the tea party dad. Growing up we only had my dad and being 3 girls you can imagine the dress-ups we had with my dad. —Skara Khabha

[63]. Sleepy dad, he's working so hard every day making sure we have a decent lifestyle and support. —Sharon Ms'Bïïshie

[64]. Maybe you would argue with me, but I am pretty sure my dad Benjamin Adeyemo is the world’s coolest father. He has given me more than I ever asked for and trust me, I’ve asked for a lot, he bandaged my scraped knees as a kid, and when the road of life has been rough he has helped to bandage my hurting heart. When I’ve felt unloved, he has loved me. When I was scared, he scattered my fears. When I was confused, he brought clarity. When I was selfish, he selflessly taught me what it meant to be more like Christ. —Don Corleon

[65]. My father is the coolest dad not only to me but even to my kids. He is supportive and caring. —Vero Mareletse 

[66]. My dad is the coolest dad on the planet because he has been a loving and caring father. He has always supported and encouraged me to pull through whatever I want to achieve and that I’m grateful for. —Kayla Nowandile Mashigo

[67]. My dad is the coolest, he taught me to ride a bicycle, helped me with my assignments and with revisions for exams and always remembered my birthday. —Happiness MartinaMaluleka LaLa

[68]. The category that best describes my dad is that he is a man of short words and you will never hear my dad shouting when he is having a misunderstanding with the other person. —Thema Dan

[69]. My dad is the coolest ever because he's not an anchor to hold me back nor a sail to take me there, he's a guiding light whose love shows me the way. —Kamogelo Kgosi Ditabo

[70]. My dad raised me to be kind, and curious, and love nature, food, family and friends. I always wanted to make him proud, as much as he did for me. —Pearl MaSthole KaJobe

[71]. My dad is a painter as he loves making sure that everything he paints turns out perfectly. —Sëthosä MSek

[72]. Maybe not all dads are perfect, but mine definitely is. My father is special and everything he does and says is special too. I like the way he dresses, behaves, moves and speaks. I am really proud of being his daughter, as I am a small present of the great person he is. —Dan Man Brothers

[73]. Because he is the best dad ever, he loves and cares for his children and he always puts them first. —Zama Matinise Xobiso

[74]. My dad is a hero to me because he shows me strength, he explains the bad choices he has made in his life so that I can make good choices. If it wasn't for my mom and Jesus, my dad wouldn't be who he is today. My dad is a man of honour to my Lord and Savior. —Mmatli Crew

[75]. My dad is the coolest because he tries by all means to feed us. He is approachable and helps where he can. —Beloved Paa Makgolane

[76]. My dad is so cool, I learnt how to be a great dad from him and it seems easier. —William Chuma

[77]. Terms and conditions agreed upon and accepted. My husband #TheoNaidoo is the coolest because he's the best dad to my 2 sons. He is willing to do anything and everything with them to make them happy. —Lynda Naidoo

[78]. A superhero dad who teaches us how to choose our life battles when it comes to determining something of value, be persistent how you see yourself is more important than how people view you, be kind, for you never know when it's your turn, lastly it takes time to build. —Tenia Tau

[79]. My daddy is a superhero because of the love that he has for the family, he always makes sure that we have food on our table. He always supported me and taught me to chase my dreams. —Lebohang Likoebe

[80]. My father did everything for the six of us, working alone but we have everything we wanted. —Thabang Mothopeng

Happy Father's Day Quotes for Husband and Dad

These best happy fathers day quotes for husband and dad are a wonderful husband and father quotes, hard-working husband and father quotes, fathers day messages from wife to husband, my husband is my second father, father's day inspirational message, daddy and me poem, emotional father quotes, proud dad quotes, father quotes from son, fathers day quotes from wife, happy father's day, happy father's day quotes for dad, happy fathers day quotes for my dad, happy fathers day quotes for stepdad, to my husband and father of my child, what to write to your dad on father's day, happy fathers day message to husband funny, message to a good husband and father. Best Couple Relationship Poems for Building Trust in Marriage

[81]. My hubby is the father figure in the family. He deserves a spoil. He's always there for me, my daughters and my grandchildren. He's a wonderful dad and husband, one in a million. —Brenda Fernandes

[82]. My husband is the coolest dad to our kids. From fun, lego builds to coaching soccer. I lost my dad 10 months ago, he was and always will be a legend. —Jolene Mandy Hayward

[83]. A Fathers' job truly goes unnoticed. Quinton Little you are truly the most amazing Superhero Dad, my best friend and my biggest supporter! I learn more from you with every passing year. Being a father means you have to think fast on your feet. You must be judicious, wise, brave, tender, and willing to put on a silly hat and sit down at a pretend tea party. When you didn’t have my hand, you had my BACK. The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself but for his children. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. Thanks for being the first guy in my life. I have truly won the lotto, to have been blessed with such an awesome Daddy. —Donna Gordon Little

[84]. My dad is and will forever be the coolest guy I know. He agreed to go skydiving with me. This man is 69! —Emlyn Gary Thomas

[85]. My Father is a giver of my life. He is a great person and my first soul friend. No one in the world can replace the deep love of my father for me. He is my role model. He has taught me all the values and norms required to be what I am today. He is my source of inspiration. And I have inherited many qualities of his — hard work, patience, humility, kindness, simplicity, perseverance, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding, farsightedness et cetera. These values are the strong foundation of my life. —Nkosazane Beyonce

[86]. My dad raised us single-handedly. He is always with us every step of the way, supporting us, encouraging us to strive more, and loving us selflessly and unconditionally. He never gives up on us even when things are heavy and I always admire him for that. He is the superman of our life. I will forever be grateful to God for giving us an incredible gift. —Angela Pear

[87]. My hero is my dad. He is my superman. He is my leader. My dad is a dad who motivates me and keeps me going, even when I want to give up. He is there for me when I don’t want to try anymore and he always keeps me going. Of all the heroes in the world, my dad is at the top of the list. —Alesha Breen

[88]. My father is the coolest dad on the planet. He used to tell us stories sitting around the fire, laughing and giggling. It used to be fun. He was not working but managed to put something on the table for his family. He has a chart to deliver us to school. He taught us to respect, love, and be patient because God's timing is perfect. —Ramatsimale Mabatho Makgolane

[89]. My dad is the coolest dad because he's a family-oriented man. He loves spending time with his family. A funny person, who's full of jokes. You can definitely laugh around my dad. —Mamabolo Bethuel Karabo

[90]. My dad is hardworking and phenomenal in so many ways. He always shows endless love towards his children. —Lefokisi Mokatlo

Happy Father's Day Quotes for Dad in Heaven

These happy fathers day quotes for dads that have passed away are happy fathers day to my late daddy quotes, short memorial quotes for dads, quotes for someone whose father died, poems for dads who passed away, missing dad poems from daughters, happy fathers day in heaven quotes, happy fathers day quotes for my dad in heaven, quotes about death of a father from son and remembrance message for my late dad. Love Messages for Her from the Heart

[91]. My dad was the best of the best, my mentor, my role model, I wish there was a chance to see him face to face again laughing, talking with and being advised about how life works, where are you daddy I miss you, you may be gone but not forgotten, your memory will always be in my heart. —Mokgakga Mpetse Nana Mello

[92]. A father's job truly goes unnoticed. When you didn’t have my hand you had my back. I learn more from you every passing year. The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself but for his children. You must be judicious wise and brave to put on a silly hat to a pretend tea party. And that makes you cool, make time for memories first. You can always make money, but you can't always make memories. That's what I learned from you. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. Daddy, you have been many things to me, my chauffeur, my financial support, a listener, a life mentor, a friend, a guardian, and my hero. But what I am most grateful for is that you have always been there for me whenever I have needed you. That is what makes you special. —Irene Slabbert 

[93]. My late father was the coolest of them all. Pantsula for life. He was full of love and warmth. I thank him for laying the foundation. For loving me just right and always affirming me. Today I carry all that you were to me with pride. I know who I am and my purpose in life. Thank you for being in my life. In another lifetime, I’d still choose you. You were my greatest gift from God and now my protector from the other side. What an honour and privilege it has been to be your daughter. I hope I continue to make you proud. Rest easy. —Llufuno Lhallu Khonza

[94]. My father is the coolest dad because he taught me how to be independent at a young age. He always advised me to start a small business, I remember when I was in high school he always made sure to bring a 10kg bucket of magwinya to school so that I could sell and get money for lunch. He didn't believe in giving a child money for free, he would say that you have to always work in order to get money from him. —Tintswalo Mlambo

[95]. He was and still is, our "Brisco", the nickname we gave him. He was cool but firm and our friend. Still miss him and may his soul rest in eternal peace. —Bheki Sibeko

[96]. My dad is the coolest because he is my number one best friend in the whole world. —Rannie Mrenzo Mapholo 

[97]. My dad has always been an outstanding example of a man of God and an awesome dad. He is a special education teacher and has devoted his career to helping kids who struggle. He raised my brother and me to be Christians and took part in our lives by coaching our sports teams, helping with homework, teaching me to drive and planning our annual family vacation. —Bianca Pearl Queens

[98]. My loyal and caring dad is the coolest ever, his advice turns out to be the best, especially when I think Google and I know all the answers. —Lisa de Kock

[99]. My dad was a superhero. He was always there for me from the day I was born until the day he died. He took care of me and moulded me into the man and father I am now. He anchored our family for as long as I could remember. Everyone went to him for advice and solace. —Nori Momo StressGiver

[100]. It's my uncle who played a father figure role in my life from an early young age until today. He groomed me with love, respect and guidance. I never felt the absence of my real father because of him. He had faith in me even when I failed. He hides his pain to make me smile. He is the greatest dad ever. —Viktor Mashaku

We got inspired by the comments from the Typek South Africa post about the coolest Dad. 


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Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!: 100 Happy Father's Day Coolest Quotes for Dad in 2023
100 Happy Father's Day Coolest Quotes for Dad in 2023
These happy fathers day coolest quotes for dad are inspirational fathers day messages and happy fathers day quotes for dads that have passed away.
Poetic Messages – We Made Words Sound So Poetic!
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